Wendnesday Miscellany

1. The West’s Debt-Bomb : “The amount of debt globally has soared more than 40 percent to $100 trillion since the first signs of the financial crisis as governments borrowed to pull their economies out of recession…”

2. Prepping 101: Water Storage, Purification, Filtration & Winter : “Water is the most crucial and diverse aspect of preparing for the breakdown of our society. Where do you get your water now? Is it from the city? Is it from an artesian well? A shallow well? Do you have lakes or streams near your house? Are those your sense of water security? Is your swimming pool an ever-available water backup? All of these pieces mesh into a fairly large body of possibilities, and points of failure.”

3. Common Core bill passes TN House 81-9 : “Legislation that would require any data collected under Tennessee’s Common Core standards only be used to track the academic progress and needs of students has passed the House.”

4. U.S. Electric Grid ‘Inherently Vulnerable’ to Sabotage : “U.S. officials and experts have increasingly warned over the years that the electrical grid could be a prime target for terrorists or others seeking to damage the country’s infrastructure and disrupt daily life.”

5. TN Senate passes bill allowing guns in parks : “Senators approved the bill on a largely partisan 26-7 vote. The measure now goes to the House.”

6. Tennessee legislature votes unanimously to nullify some federal roadside checkpoints : “A bill which would nullify federal “voluntary” checkpoints in the Volunteer State State moved another step towards law today.”

7. Snowden Says ‘Many Other’ Spy Programs Remain Secret, For Now : “Whistle-blower says U.S. missed Boston Marathon, ‘underwear bomb’ plots because NSA was ‘tied up monitoring online games.”

8. Making Cop-Worship Mandatory : “Get on the ground! Get on the ground! : “That demand is spat by police into the face of thousands of people every day in this country, many – perhaps most — of whom have neither been caught in a criminal act nor have been named on an arrest warrant. The refrain is recited by home invaders in paramilitary garb after they have kicked in a door, usually as a follow-up to an attack with a flash-bang grenade. It is often performed as a prelude to Taser strikes, baton blows, or other punitive violence used against people who refuse to render immediate and unqualified obedience. Once the victim is forced to the ground, the familiar liturgy continues as the assailants chant “Stop resisting! Stop resisting!” in counterpoint to punches, kicks, and other varieties of state-licensed criminal violence.”

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  1. #6, It would be hard to say no to $100.00 for a vial of my blood. Think of all the ammo 100 bucks could go tawards the ammo we will need when it comes time to remove those that would have you “voluntarily” pull over for Body fluid donations.

    #8, I would love to comment,but im afraid ghost will have another wreck with an 18 wheeler and I sure dont want to see his wife get hurt.

    • tommy2rs says:

      Say what you want to say and to h e double hockey sticks with anyone that doesn’t like it. Their opinion doesn’t count any more than yours.

  2. To all that are incline. Curly bulls sister is on her deathbed,not expected to make it through the week and some prayers for her painless journey home would, im sure be appreciated by curly bull and his family.

    • Sorry to hear that. Prayers and best wishes on their way.

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        My deepest sympathy to CB and his family. Prayers will be offered for the sister and all tge friends and family.

    • Done!

    • mindful patriot says:

      My prayers and condolences post-haste. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.

    • worrisome says:

      Added to my prayer list. So Sorry Curly Bull

    • Prayers sent!

    • Donna in MN says:

      They have my prayers, BC.

      “Let children walk with nature, let them see the beautiful blendings and communions of death and life, their joyous inseparable unity, as taught in woods and meadows, plains and mountains and streams of our blessed star, and they will learn that death is stingless indeed, and as beautiful as life.”
      ― John Muir, A Thousand-Mile Walk to the Gulf

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      Added her to my prayer list, along with Curly Bull and his family. Praying that God makes her easy.

    • Prayers for them all. For peace and comfort.

    • Draq wraith says:

      Have CB whisper in her ears its not her time try to heal up and flip off the doctor for me. See if it works.

  3. worrisome says:

    Copied the water storage guide, printed it and it is already in my notebook. Thanks for including it MD.

    • Me too. Water is one of the issues we are struggling with.

      • LittleAnniePrepper says:

        We’re struggling with water, too. Actually just me. Small creek behind the house (I feel) cannot be depended upon 100%. What if things hit the fan during the summer and the creek is dried up? I want to store water, but DH doesn’t. Sigh…..

  4. Tomthetinker says:


  5. Prayers sent B.C. PS this is why my son looks at you as a role model B.C.

  6. axelsteve says:

    #8 I bristle when I read this . I am a citizen not a combatent to be processed.

    • tommy2rs says:

      Now, now, cops are demi-gods and deserve to worshiped by those they deem serfs. Remember at all times that their little tin badges makes their lives more important than yours.

      Now I have to go wash my hands with lava soap after typing that little bit of sewage. Maybe Body Count got it right way back in ’92

  7. Tactical G-Ma says:

    #2… Definitely good.

    #4… Definitely bad.

  8. Oldalaskan says:

    Another place to find water storage containers (although they wont be cheep) is RV supply stores. There you can find fresh water holding tanks with an inlet and an outlet already installed. You can also find 12V water pumps, fittings and hose and a host of other survival items.

    • Exile1981 says:

      Those tanks are very expensive, a non-RV one would be cheaper.

      A better way to get them would be to make friends with your local tow truck storage yard operator. The local yard here ends up with 3-4 wrecked RV’s in his yard per year. As the cops have him “tow” the remains off the highway near our town. Then they sit there for a few months till the insurance company decides they are paying out on the accident. At that point the yard owner usually gets it written over to him by the insurance company because they don’t want to have to arrange to have it hauled to a scrap yard.

      The scrap yard pays like $50 for a whole wrecked RV and Tow operator has to get it there so if you offer like $5-10 for the right to take out the water tank he will jump at the offer of extra cash. Just make sure your quick and don’t make a mess in the yard.

  9. #1. Our #1 prepping worry. When things get bad, we may run into the other issues as with “no knock”, etc., as the government, at all levels, looks to appease the general public. They will do anything to shift the blame to someone other than themselves.

  10. The 2nd link is blocked. Stupid network!

  11. Tomthetinker says:

    3700 gallon pool = 61.666 hours with a 1/2″ garden hose running 5 gallons a min. I think I got the math right. 55 mins. for the 275 gallon caged tote. Water Bob of 65 gallons … 13 mins. Does 5 GPM sound optimistic…?

  12. Chuck Findlay says:

    The current issue (Issue # 146 March April 2014) of Backwoods Home Magazine has an article on how to make a 1,100 gal water cistern out of corrugated road culvert for $300.00 to $400.00

  13. Water is always on my top worry list, since we are in the high mountain desert, doing what I can, but I will never have enough.
    the economy is ruined, and that is the last piece to everyone’s Teotwawki, we could handle the grid going down IF we had the financial resources to fix it, but we don’t. Not bad tow topics in one!

    Bad cops again, I know a few that prep, they are afraid of what they will be asked to do to keep the badge, and when it is time to walk away, they are very scared.

    common core is the tool of the devil, I have a customer that sells learning systems that use common core and/or common core compliant, he stuff is poison.

    the more states that slowly step by step say no to the fed. craziness the better. I just think it is too late.

  14. Exile1981 says:

    #2 – good article; But the one very important part of that article they miss is when they mention the small foot print 400 gallon tank that fits through doors. A 400 gallon tank will weigh about 4000lbs when full, you need to be sure that the floor in your house is rated for that kind of load. Most houses are not rated for that kind of small point load so it’s fine in a basement but not good in your attic.

    • axelsteve says:

      You could always install some xtra flooring jocies where you want to put that tank. builders used to do that for people who would put a safe in the master bedroom and things like that.

  15. Hunker-Down says:


    A non nuclear EMP device can be built from several angles. cost effective too. In a few years every teenager will have one.


    • tommy2rs says:

      Oh man, I know what I’m gonna be doing this summer. Unless the Boss catches me….lol.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      Thanks for the article. It was a reminder of technology that’s been around a long time.
      As the U.S. is perceived to weaken globally, there may be some looking to create further harm.
      Stand by. It might get very bad, very soon.

  16. having worked phone co for >25 yrs, I can say that phone co outside plant is in bad repair & central offices are almost totally w/o security, w/access granted illegals working for cleaning contractors & other such nitwittery….also, having overlapped w/power guys for many years in official capacity, their plant needs serious attention……

    • bobbo,
      I also worked in Telco for about 15 years, and locally our outside plant is in rather good shape, with nearly everything having been buried in the last 10 years or so, and additional of more digital shelves offering DSL. The physical security however is another story. My local CO is simply a small non-descript building, and a lot of the build out uses larger pedestals for housing digital shelves, DSLAMs, etc. The physical security on this outside plant equipment is virtually non-existent. I had an issue with some features a while ago, and the operator eventually routed my call to a tier 3 support person who was able to correct the problem remotely by making some data changes on the switch in the local CO. I suspect that loss of a pedestal would send an alarm; but, a well planned attack could take down a large piece of the landline communications before anything could be done to stop it. The only upside is that Telco equipment is available, while some of the power grid equipment is very long lead time.

  17. Okie in CO says:

    In our prayers CB. on water, cozerowaste.com has used food grade 55 gal barrells for $15. I have several. it is around longmont,CO

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