Is The West Planning War With Russia?

I don’t put much into what Jones says… ever, without doing a lot of my own research into the issue… but Joul Skousen makes some good points…

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  1. JP in MT says:

    I get a kick out of these headlines – “are we planning a war with Russia?” That’s all we did from 1946 through the ’90’s. At least mid 09’s when I left the Army. That’s what the military does!

    Now, when the politicians start planning a war…..

  2. Northernwolf says:

    It’s not just Alex Jones but there are some others who are saying the same thing,and the news that is being with held from us can be found in other places.
    I hear about Facebook,Twitter and some search engines censoring stories that they don’t want us to see or hear.
    We are being push towards war by those who will gain from it, our not really the one in control and they are the aggressors ,putting Russia in a position of tying to protect them selves.just take a look at how many counties we are in VS how many Russia is in.and no I am not for Russia but why do we need so many troops all over.
    Sometimes it feels like I am seeing myself in a movie where I know what is going on while everyone around me is totally unaware of the on coming trouble with the news is blaring about all the conflict example an old one the day after about a doctor who knows something is bad, at the end he has lost everything is dying from radiation finds his way back to what is left of his home, sees another family there tells them to get out of his house then ends up all sharing their pain together after the man with the family offers the Doctor I think an apple.
    I am sadden that so many cant see what is going on

  3. Ronald Beal says:

    I was trained by the military in MI and served two tours in VN. Last 2-3 years was in the Pentagon, in a secure room in the basement. I have watched the push against Putin for the past three years by every avenue available to Obama. Obama, Biden, Kerry, McCain and Clinton have taken over Ukraine (where I have relatives living) and lied to the American people continually. The now disclosed plan was to use Crimea for a stratigent military base and missile site. If acquired, would place a shield over Russia for any missiles they might launch. Putin is not stupid- he could see their next move. But to attempt to gain use of Crimea, Obama’s Nazi Stooge as President of Ukraine, has shelled civilians for the past two years- April 2014 to the present. Crimes against humanity have been committed by all parties. Joe Biden, his first advice to the Nazi, was : “Get the army out of Kiev and start killed people or this will not work!” The prisons were emptied and prisoners were enrolled in the military. Women have been tortured, children crucified in front of their parents, young people burned alive- the stories are numerous. All condoned by the Obama White House. Putin will only be pushed so far, then all will be destroyed – in one hour, America will be a dead country- unable to resist in any manner. Then our enemies from all over the world will move in for the mop up and the final blow. I would predict prior to the end of this year, before the election- Obama will declare martial law, cancel the elections and remain in office indefinitely.

    • Northernwolf says:

      Anyone hear about the USS Cook, they had Russian planes fly over that knocked out the Cooks electronics.Tesla tech.

      • Thomas The Tinker says:

        USS Cook DDG-75. April 14.. Black Sea towed to Romanian port for ‘rewire’. USS Ross DDG-17 retreated in May of 15 after warning pass. March 2015 CVN-71 Teddy Roosevelt ‘retreated’ to the English coast and sat off shore until rewired. Teddy was allegedly run off by Sub ‘applied’ Torque Field. Photos and Video available. I read terms like “Tesla Field”, “Torque Field”, “Magrav Tech” …. ??? Interesting… My first impression was along the line of….. Does HARP/DOD really think they are the only folks with half a brain and good ideas?

        I mean comeOn……. did they not shut down Las Vegas with something like this in Oceans 11? (ack! humor)

        • Right is RIGHT-wrong is WRONG says:

          Paul Craig Roberts (on youtube”) talks about Russia using same “Torque Field” in Syria where two Israeli jets flew into it and could not communicate with Israel and were told to “scram” using some type of common radio signals. They went home immediately.

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