What did you do to prep this week

Before we start with this weeks “What did you do to prep this week”, I would like to thank Jana M, Mark H and James W for their generous donations via PayPal. Thank you all very much.

If you ordered a copy of my “ITEOTWAWKI – And I Feel Fine” survival CD, I thought you would be pleased to know that those will be mailed first thing Monday morning and you should receive your copy by the end of next week.

By the way, I only have 12 copies left so act fast before they are gone for good… :clock:

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Folks, I’m sorry for the delay, but toward the cut-off date for entry, everyone decided to enter the contest at the same time ultimately, filling my inbox will a wealth of great articles. It will be worth the wait… 🙂

Okay, let me see what did I do to prep this week?

What did you do to prep last week? Tell us about it in the comments below… ?:-)

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  1. Gosh I hope it doesn’t sound like I’m using food from the school to stock up! I use my PAY CHECK to pay for fixing up the cabin and I raise my own food…I grow a huge garden and keep chickens (I don’t eat pre-packaged/processed food..well maybe a Quarter Pounder with Cheese once or twice a year). I only take items that have been throw in the dumpster by the janitorial staff. I actually park my pick up right next to it so it’s easy to load up.

    • Plant Lady says:

      Never even crossed my mind! I was just thinking how wise you are. My grandpa recycled all the food scraps from our sorta-local diner through his livestock before retirement with seriously tasty results, then wildlife after retiring. Would be a great idea for everyone to try to make arrangements with schools, restaurants, nursing homes, grocery produce depts., farmers markets, etc. now, because who can afford to turn down free livestock feed when that money could be better spent on preps you can’t get for free.
      Do be careful and make sure to wear rubber gloves…kids aren’t known for having good hygiene skills and can pass on nasty things. I am the eldest of 6 sibs…and the younger ones were always known collectively as “the little plague carriers”!

      • Sadly, the grocery stores will no longer allow folks to take the odd bits, and produce. Actually, most of the produce they throw out is almost perfect. Sad. Liability issues.
        My best source of good feed was a Golden Corral Restaurant that let me have the cuttings and scraps from the HUGE salad bar. I would get 2 large trash cans full every few days. I burned down. And they didn’t rebuild it. Boo.
        Like I wrote below, I am feeding only grass and some locally grown organic grains now. To all my food animals.

      • They certainly are “plague carriers”…I’ve been sick more since taking this job then I’ve ever been! Thank goodness for my homegrown honey and elderberry syrup…my plague only lasts a few days. I not only wear gloves, but I have been known to wear a mask…especially when I notice a bunch of kids absent from school…a sure sign sickness is amiss!

    • Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

      As a taxpayer, I’d rather know the wasted food is salvaged and used by a prepper like you than just go to the landfill. Carry on, so long as nobody from the school complains.

      • Lint no one dares complain. I think they think I’m a bit off of my rocker and I may scare them. First of all it’s not common in this area for most Farm Wives to hold employment off of the farm (unless they have professional careers…being a Cook at a school if you don’t have to work is grounds for being committed to the looney bin around here). BUT to dumpster-dive is REALLY an eye roller. We farm, so I don’t have to dive, but I’m telling you…all that food going to waste just makes me nutz! I figure I’ll raise the hogs…sell a couple and maybe donate one for a fundraiser for several of the non-profits we have…homeless shelter, food bank…I can’t donate the food, but I can donate the monies raised by a raffle.

    • LOL. I knew what you were talking about. I have done the same thing to feed livestock. I used to get the food scraps form schools and restaurants too. Now, my fuel costs outweigh the benefits and I have switched to grass feeding our meat animals as much as possible. But, you have it all right there! Sweet.

  2. I have to tell you guys my gamma lid story. A while back, I bought a large bucket of wheat. I couldn’t get the lid back on because it cracked, so I ordered gamma lids after reading about them here. Well the lids don’t fit the bucket that the wheat was in. So I bought some food grade buckets and came home and tried to put the gamma lid on. Well it doesn’t just go on. You have to take the lid apart and snap part of it on the bucket and THEN the lid screws on! DH had to bang it on to the bucket with a mallet. So now I finally have buckets that fit the lids ( I like to do things backwards) I am always learning something new.

    • You definitely have to put the rings on first without the lids. And I know getting the ring on is tough, but at least you know they won’t come off! We found that warming the ring up a little by blowing on it with the hair dryer, it goes on easier. Then I use a hammer instead of a mallet but put an old dish towel over the ring, then lay a 2×4 on that and hit the 2×4 with the hammer, working my way around. I try to keep my weight on the board to keep it from popping back up. It IS a workout.

  3. BamaBecca says:

    Wow, Scout, thanks for the link. I’ve been reading the comments for nearly an hour and still am not half finished. The more articles we see like this….the more need for OPSEC is my thinking.

  4. BamaBecca says:

    I should have saved this one for next week, but I’m so excited! DH just built MORE shelves in the shed for me and my preps and lately a lot of his comments are geared towards prepping. In Wallyworld today, we were going through the sports/hunting section as we usually do….he picked up a pack of water purification tablets and asked, “Don’t we need some of these?” lol, I just said “Sure” and put them in the buggy fast! Then he went over to the toy section, looking at bicycles and wanted to know which one I wanted. We didn’t buy it, but its on his mind. Then on the way home he said that his next project was going to be to fix my plow that my daddy gave me and break up a spot for a garden. lol, sounds like I’ve about got him convinced, don’t you think Wolfpack??? Its taken months and months of me spending money on things he just laughed at….and reading articles and comments from this blog…and pointing out things in the news, but it has been worth it. I doubt if he will ever officially say he’s a “prepper” but I don’t care, lol….as long as he’s with me on prepping.

    SummerB, just keep at it, he’ll come around 😉 And welcome to the Wolfpack!

    • Copperhead says:

      That is exciting news, BamaBecca! It becomes so much easier when hubby and/or family is on board.

    • Thanks BamaBecca…..He is a good guy it just seems to take a lil longer for some people to catch on!!!! O and we are in Bama also,better watch the weather tonight:)

    • Becca,
      Woot Woot! You go girl!
      Try to give him a small research/ project to do. Something he is interested in. But, good for preps. For me, it was “Babe, do you think you can help me design and build a solar oven.” And then it was “Hon, would you help me build…well, he is still building stuff. He gets to butcher wood, and I am happy too.
      I was lucky. My hubby jumped right on board. Well, I convinced him in my own special way. Hhhummm. Not like that! He almost always agrees with what I think is best for the family,….thats why I married him!
      As I mentioned earlier he is a bit frustrated that he can’t get around all the stuff in the house and sheds, so he is building a new storage shed. Win~Win.
      Keep up the good work girls (Summer B, too). All will be well.

      • Good idea Mama J…..the hubs likes to build stuff,will try that approach !!!! Thanks

      • BamaBecca says:

        LOL, of course it helped things along that I bought MD’s “Dirt Cheap Survival Retreat”. Once I’d finished reading it, I put it in the bathroom for “reading material”. 😀

        • BamaBecca,

          Did you get any of that storm in your neck of the woods? From the news reports, it looked pretty bad.

          • Gayle, thanks for thinking about us. We got a good bit of rain and some thunder and lightning but no tornadoes thank goodness! We were under a tornado watch for a while but it was lifted finally.

            SummerB, its great to see someone else from Alabama here. I dont see many.

            Yall please say a prayer or 2 for me tomorrow. Its my big day @ the dentist…and I am scared to death! It may be a day or so before I can report back. I intend to be in lala land for a few days, lol.

            • Bama becca….saying prayers for you now!!!! I hate the dentist also,but the good Lord will see you through:) And yes proud to be a BAMA girl!!!!

    • Repair Mama says:

      that rocksaaaaa!!!makes me so happy for ya!! score 1 for the team

  5. If this question has already been answered than I am sorry for the repeat, but I am trying to determine which would be better an air rifle or a BB gun? I know that it isn’t a 22 or anything, but taxes are coming and I would like to start the family out slow.

    Thanks for any input that I can get.

    • Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

      Air rifle.

    • cosmolined says:

      Just my 2cents NorCal:
      I started with a BB gun. BB’s are cheaper and you still learn the basics of aiming and ballistics. Pellets are more expensive, not reusable and come in smaller packs.

    • Chonte' in MD says:

      im glad you asked this cause i was wondering as well.

    • riverrider says:

      nc, well a good air rifle will actually kill something for food and a bb gun is hard pressed to do the same. in 22 caliber an air rifle is quite effective and quite quiet too:) frankly a good air rifle is as expensive as a good .22 firearm. on the other side, a bb gun is less lethal to learn on.

    • Nor Cal Ray, I would start off with a good BB Gun, something that has at least 800 fps that accepts both BBs and pellets.

      I used to hunt rabbits all the time with both BBs and pellets all the time and take it hunting its a Daisy Powerline 856 and came with 4 power scope. Its accurate and I have also drop skunks and opossums in the back yard from time to time since its quieter than my RWS .22 and my Gamo .177/.22 combo switchable barrels.

      When you get used to it and like it, then move up to the more expensive pellet air rifles.

      My 2 cents.

      • Thank you to one and all. I knew you guys would help me with my question. And as an aside I’m stuck in the Great Central Valley of Kalifornia.

    • Plant Lady says:

      I don’t know anything about BB guns…I got my first .410 when I was 5 and know I already had a .22 by then, so I can’t compare BB vs. pellet.
      But I have to tell you, we – and everyone who has shot it – just love our new air rifle! It is a Diana RWS 34 .22 breakbarrel…and it is awesome. Right on the money out of the box (no scope), very quiet and discreet and far more powerful than we had imagined possible. Won’t have any problem taking down small game instantly and could put a world of hurt on something larger with a good aim. Wasn’t cheap (about $250), but really wanted a quiet meat harvester…aside from the traps, snares, bows and slingshots. I have to do some research, but figure it should be possible to cast our own pellets come TSHTF…just have to figure out what we need.
      If you do get an air rifle (especially this one) figure out how many pellets to buy then multiply that by at least 10. It is just plain fun to shoot! That reminds me…need to order more pellets…again. Out here in the boonies apparently most folks have the .177 caliber, because no one local sells .22 pellets. Have to order them. Got the gun and pellets from Pyramyd Air – they were very helpful.
      There was a nice show on one of the DishNetwork outdoor channels called “American Airgunner” that had lots of great info on air guns – and they have a website.

  6. templar knight- let us know how you made it through the night. we had some bad weather here.

    • templar knight says:

      Whew…I was watching Channel 7 detail all the bad weather to the south of us, pam s. I was worried about you folks in South Arkansas. We only had more unwanted rain. Whoever had that rain stick out better hide it. Geez.

      Did you have any damage, pam? And did all the critters come through it?

      • mountain lady says:

        That would be me, and I put it away until it gets really bad out here on the left coast, again. I sure hope I did not overdo it.

        • Cliff in Douglasville says:

          Mountain Lady,

          Which coast is the left coast? I’m in Georgia but depend on which direction I’m sitting the left coast could be either side.
          I will say that it rocked and rolled last night and Alabama got beat up pretty bad. We got a lot of wind and rain and a lot of trees down because the ground is over saturated from the recent rains. Good luck where ever you are.

          • I believe the “left coast” is California/Pacific Coast…because of the liberal leanings…

          • mountain lady says:

            Cliff, Lynda is correct. I am in Northern California in the foothills for the Sierra Nevada Mtns.

            • Cliff in Douglasville says:

              Mountain Lady,
              OK, I’m going to turn my chair around and I’ll have a better perspective of where you are. I’m left handed and am always being told I’m using the wrong (left) hand but I still get most stuff done. My sense of direction is horrible. I’m in Georgia and if I leave home and hit ocean I know I’ve missed my exit. The key though is finding out if it’s the Atlantic or the Pacific or the Gulf of Mexico…….

        • templar knight says:

          Just kidding, mountain lady, but it sure seemed like you opened the spout when you pulled your stick out. I do realize that the rainy season was late starting in California. I sure hope you get the rain you need. As for me, it was drought this summer, and flooding now. My greens are sitting in a mudhole. LOL. Good luck, mountain lady.

          • mountain lady says:

            We did have 3 good storms pass through which should hold us for awhile. So sorry to hear about all the bad storms back east. I assure you my rain stick does not have that much power. Keep well.

      • templar-we came through it okay except a couple of tree limbs bit the dust. just worried about all of you up north. the weather channel said we are to have another round wed. take care

  7. BamaBecca says:

    I know I’ve made more posts than usual (catching up for lost time!) but I found a site I want to share. It has a lot of old, simple recipes and some real good “how to’s”.


  8. AZ Rookie Prepper says:

    Been another fairly slow week for me, although I did pick up some more dak ham, canned vege’s, and rice. Bought a little junk silver too. Still working on the wedding plans, my new family and I are heading to the beach in a few weeks for some well deserved R and R. Not sure if I mentioned before, moved a couple of my raised beds, slowly filling them in now with compost and fresh dirt. Really looking forward to this spring’s garden. Hope everyone has a great prepping week.

  9. ARK Prepper says:

    Got a copy of Storey’s Basic Country Skills to add to library has lots of good info. it is a practical guide to self-reliance. bought some more sea salt to add to pantry. had hand surgery done so I will be able and ready to plant garden this spring. Doing lots of reading and planning on things I need to do to get ready for what the future brings.

  10. Hunker-Down says:

    Markdown.com is selling “2 Sport Berkey Water Bottles”.
    Regular 49.98 on sale for 29.99 plus 3.99 shipping.
    Limit of one per customer.

  11. This week was a busy week. I took the test to get my Ham Radio License. I bought a VHF mobile radio. I bought a solar powered am/fm/shortwave/weather band radio with a crank in case the sun isn’t out. I went out to the retreat and cleaned up a few years worth of trash left by the previous owner. I had a controlled burn out in the back forty that will eventually be a 1/4 acre food plot for wildlife (hunting and such). AND last but no least canned foods were on sale (January inventory time is a great time to find bargains EVERYWHERE) so I bought another weeks worth of for for my family of 5 and stocked up on a couple more oil lanterns and wicks and took it all out to the retreat.

    • Cliff in Douglasville says:

      Ted D, congrats on joining the ranks of the Hams. There are fewer of us every day. Even though the FCC made the test easier and got rid of the Morse code requirement, a lot of people don’t understand the job of getting on the mich. and calling CQ CQ CQ DX DE callsign. I’d post mine but if I did and you went to http://www.qrz.com all my Opsec would be gone with the wind. As a Ham you might have to work a little harder making contacts than just jumping on “facebook” but in a grid down situation, you and your battery backed up station may be the only comms out of your whole town/city/hamlet.

  12. Cliff in Douglasville says:

    I just bought a used S&W 686 .357 magnum revolver in stainless from a friend. I’m getting more and more calls from friends that are in trouble financially and are looking to get out of their guns and I pay a lot more than the dealers or pawn brokers.
    Might be a good way if you are looking for a 2nd or 22nd gun to kind of let your friends know that you are in the market for something and there is no telling what may come across your path at a good price. If you do get something like that, please ask about the history of the gun since you don’t want to end up with something stolen and check it out carefully. As well as I can tell this pistol had probably less than a box or two of rounds through it.
    Don’t pass up a good deal on something used as long as you are sure of what you are buying.

    • Cliff, great buy on the 686, favorite wheel gun.

      On that note I can use some input: I was recently asked if I wanted to purchase a .50 Beowolf AR upper and 100 rounds. I’m trying to avoid another gun in another caliber and avoiding another caliber.
      Since I love to pig hunt, it would make a great pig gun, its only an upper and stock maybe the 100 rounds and buy a box here and there since its not cheap.

  13. Ok since I am new to all this sometimes it’s hard to know where to start….I have started small with some basics food,lanterns,camp stove,extra toiletries etc but I will have an extra 500 or so to spend next month so I would like some advice on the best way to spend it?

  14. Cliff in Douglasville says:

    Minor score I just wanted to share. Had to run to the vet to pick up meds for the dogs. While the lady was giving me changed she pulled out a half dollar and looked at it. I asked if I could buy it and she said “sure, I’m not real sure what it is” but turned out that of the 7 I bought 2 were the 40% silver ones and today they each have a melt value of $4.76 (or 9.52 for the pair). I guess as things get worse more people will be pulling out the coins they had put aside to buy necessities and you never know when you’ll pick up something good for face value.

    • SaratogaPrepper says:

      Nice score! I got a silver dime as change yesterday. I think you are right about people using those coins they had set aside. Keep your eyes and ears open. They definitely sound different when they clink together.

      • riverrider says:

        or it could be that theives are stealing them and spending them because they don’t know what they have. usually it is a relative that does it.

        • Cliff in Douglasville says:

          If I found rolls of them or several high grade pieces I might think that, or even a date run of silver coins but the intermixed way they show up it is more likely someone’s change jar getting used to pay the bills. I wouldn’t think that someone stealing coins would try to pass them off at the veterinary hospital. I did read where someone’s grandson stole grandad’s coin collection and dumped it all in to the coinstar machine and got something like 200 dollars for several thousands of dollars worth of coins. Granddad ended up getting his coins back and grandson went to jail.

  15. SaratogaPrepper says:

    Class M9 solar flare set to hit Earth starting at 0900 EST 01/24/12.
    That is a fairly large one. For those of you who worry about CME’s, now would be a good time to fill those EMP containers.

    • Cliff in Douglasville says:

      It’s not often that I read something that makes my butt pucker up but that just did.
      Good luck and hope we are all up and running tomorrow night after the event.

      • SaratogaPrepper says:

        I work for the electric company up in the great Northeast and we get these warnings occasionally. 99% of the time nothing bad happens, but never hurts to make you guys aware. Sorry about the butt puckering thing.

      • Vienna (Soggy prepper) says:

        I don’t end up getting every post sent to my email box, but I do get plenty. This one with the “butt pucker” came through so I had to follow it back and find out what the heck the thread was that this comment came from!

        • Cliff in Douglasville says:

          My butt has now unpuckered. Didn’t notice any serious problems last evening but was over on facebook and one of the prep blogers had posted asing about any interference. I had email connection issues off and on during the evening through the bellsouth.net system here in Georgia. Several other people reported some interference with electronic devices but I’m not sure any of it is related to the CME or just SOP (Standard Operating Paranoia).

    • MtWoman (N Central Texas) says:
    • I *think* this is the 3rd solar flare to hit us in the past week alone. What caught my attention is that in the email (I get solar flare email alerts from space weather) they said that the magnetic field is still
      reverberating from a cme that hit yesterday.

    • Hunker-Down says:


      Funny, none of our weathermen on 3 different channels mentioned it.

      So I guess the National Weather Bureau is a department of the Federal Reserve, or at least they use the same statisticians.

  16. Heads Up: Two Berkey Water Bottles for $29.99


  17. Another Heads Up: Publix has Campbell’s Soup 4-pack BOGO this week. So you can get eight cans of soup for $1.99.

    Whoot! Whoot!

  18. Coleman Co. is having a sale on thier CPX power gear 25% off with code TWCPXJAN at checkout.

  19. Last weekend I picked up two sizes of ammo cans from two different guys. 50 cal and 40mm. I washed them out with a product called “simple Green”. It is an all purpose cleaner and does not leave the odor that other posters complained about. I also ordered a bucket of dehydrated food.
    This weekend, I went to a garage sale and picked up another sleeping bag. zero degree for $10. Also got an air mattress. but it leaks. Bummer.
    One item I never see on ANYONE’s bob list is their Bible. I can’t image trying to make it without the Word every day.

    • Hi, are you our regular David with an avatar, or a new David? (laugh) Good deal on the sleeping bag. What is the brand of your bucket of food? I’ve seen Wise advertised lately. A+ on the Bible.

    • Cliff in Douglasville says:

      You can get a repair kit for that air mattress and patch the leak. My oldest one looks like it has patches all over it but that’s because when I sleep in my pants in the woods either my keys or my handgun are going to snag it sometime during the night.
      I don’t carry a Bible with me but I have a lot of favorites I can fall back on when I need the comfort. The big Bibles are too big and the small ones are too small for me to read, even with my bifocals. I’m pretty sure that in a time of need, the right passage will come to me.

  20. Col. S. Gray (Ret) says:

    What a Monday folks…lol

    Prep thus far (Monday) I made a trade with a fella to do his divorce and he provides me with 3000 rounds of .223!! Now thats a bargain in my book and a great Monday for the prep!!


  21. cooolwoods says:

    I drool, 3000 .223 what a great day! congrats.

    stay safe

  22. Repair Mama says:

    hey guys, i called heymicky and she is ok. laptop bit the dust, so may be a bit before she is back.
    been sick here for weeks. first a cough you would not believe, the migrains and visual disterbances. today, had two dizzy spells. dont know what is going on. felt verry weak after the spells.
    question does antone hhere use advair?
    if so, have MD give you my email address.
    i will post more tomarrow.

    • Repair Mama, Thanks for checking on heymicky. I was hoping she was okay. When I was making my quilt, she gave me good advice. Heck, everybody here gives good advice.

      I hope you get better soon. Haven’t used Advair, sorry.

    • Copperhead says:

      Hope you get to feeling better soon, Repair Mama. Nasty stuff going around for some people…hard to get over and cough lasts forever.
      Prayers for your recovery.

    • Repair Mama,

      That sounds terrible. Have you reported these side effects to your doctor or called your pharmacist? I hope you get back to feeling like yourself soon.

    • cosmolined says:

      M.D. I use advair. Have used it for almost 15 years. Would you please give Repair Mama my email address? Thanks. John

    • Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

      Repair Mama, how are you doing today?

  23. I was just at a mexican meat market with my DH waiting on him to pick something out, when I noticed on one of the top shelves a grain grinder. It showed corn in the picture on the box (as a lot of “traditional” Mexicans will grind their corn for corn tortillas) but it had a way to anchor it onto a counter or table and is a hand grinder. I didnt catch a size or anything, but it was $35. Not sure if this would be a good deal or not, but thinking about it the meat market usually has its stuff marked up so I could probably get one at a flea market around here for cheaper. Any thoughts?

    • cosmolined says:

      I believe just a corn grinder would grind a coarser product than the wheat or meat grinders. I think if you only plan on grinding corn, that is a good price.

  24. To Offshore Day – sorry if am repeating anyone else’s observation – no time to read all posts today. re Sewing machine needle mechanism for the treadle operated machine. Could it be that you are using a needle from anothet type of machine? On some the length etc of the needle is critical and you can be fooled into thinking the mechanism needs adjusting when it doesn’t. Been there.

  25. MtWoman (N Central Texas) says:

    I thought this article might be helpful to the Wolf Pack. (I am not associated with this person…I just found this article while researching solar flare protection using faraday containers).


  26. MtWoman (N Central Texas) says:

    For those of you who have a Big Lots store in your area, they are advertising 6 packs of Del Monte veges for $4 each (making each can 66 cents). Says “as long as supplies last” and “supplies vary from store to store”. Just thought I’d pass this along….

  27. MtWoman (N Central Texas) says:

    Peas, corn, green beans, and french-cut green beans…

  28. Cliff in Douglasville says:

    Thought I had hit a gold mine today, found an ad for 19 acres of forest land backing up to a national forest for 17,000 and it was owner financing with $450 down and $315 a month. That sounded perfect and looking at the pictures of mature pine and hardwood really had me thinking. Then I got a chance to look at the plat. The whole plot is only 425 feet across on the road frontage and 350 feet across where it meets national forest. Long but not very wide and totally unsuitable for what I wanted. Have to admit I pouted a little bit. Not very manly for a 61 year old but something looks too good to be true you just have to keep looking to find out what the catch is.

    • Harold Dean says:

      And here I have been griping because mine is only a 735 foot frontage backed up against the railroad in a deep cut with my little 140 foot wide strip of woods between me and the railroad. You forgot to mention what the orientation was North/South ongways or East/West. Makes a difference and keeps the moss from growing, if in the right orientation

  29. SickSkilz says:

    ** Attention **

    If anyone is interested in a $500 gift card to beprepared.com at a big discount, I know a guy. (first come first serve of course) He and his sister in law got them for Christmas. I bought one from him 2 weeks ago, received it, and placed my order. If interested, respond here and I will send you all the info you need.

    If anyone is interested, here is what I got with mine:
    Order Detail:
    Item: IN WP F820 – Katadyn Gravidyn TRK – 1 – $219.95
    Item: IN CM R977 – Kaito® Black VoyagerT – 1 – $49.95
    Item: IN CU T200 – High Uinta GearT Multi-Function Tool – 1 – $3.99
    Item: IN MP G020 – N95 Particulate Respirator Mask (box of 20) – 2 – $12.99
    Item: IN KF F397 – 397-Piece First-Aid Kit – 1 – $28.99
    Item: IN ZF T100 – Transpore 1″ Plastic Tape – 4 – $1.50
    Item: IN MF G125 – Box of Vinyl Gloves – Medium (100 Gloves) – 2 – $5.95
    Item: IN ZF G100 – 2″ Sterile Roller Gauze – 5 – $0.75
    Item: IN ZF S120 – Sterile Gauze Pad 4×4 – 10 – $0.16
    Item: IN CH T080 – DentempT Teeth Filling Kit – 2 – $3.50
    Item: IN KF F182 – 182-Piece First Aid Kit – 1 – $16.99
    Item: IN CM B475 – Solar 4-in-1 Plus Battery Charger – 1 – $29.95
    Item: IN FN B115 – PROVIDENT PANTRY® Freeze Dried
    Roast Beef #10 (Cooked) – 25 oz – 1 – $41.99
    Item: IN FN T105 – Freeze Dried Seasoned White Turkey – 18 oz – 1 – $38.99

    Item Subtotal: $487.03
    Basic Shipping: $12.00
    Order Total: $499.03

  30. CVS has Dak’s Hams on sale for 2/5 and then you get a $1 coupon back when you use your CVS card. These hams are usually around $3 something at Walmart.

  31. Let’s see, so far this week, I’ve ordered four medium size Alice packs from eBay, started to replace the facia and sophet on my house, built more shelves in my storage room, got a bunch of canned veggies from Walmart ( my local Walmart had some for .50 cents a can) bought 5# of rice and 8# of dry beans. My wife and I only recently started to prep but everyone has a 72 hour bag as well as the car. Now we are just trying to build up the stock pile.
    I’m so glad I came across this site. All of you have given many good ideas and much to think about. Seems like a very friendly community.
    Oh, quick question, my dogs are family, especially my lab, any suggestions for storing dog food?

    • Foxtrot,

      A lot of folks keep dog food in metal trash cans with lids–that keeps the rodents out.

  32. bernie in texas says:

    well i guess no one reads my little strip becouse no one seaids any thing about it i guss if you are not in the group so i am going to go back to my short wave radio you all get reddy its comming and its not going to be nice take care

    • Cliff in Douglasville says:

      Bernie in Texas,
      A lot of us read every post, some multiple times, but we don’t always comment on every post. Some are for going away and thinking about, some are just observations. If you post here you are as much a part of the family as everyone else. We are strangers with many common bonds.
      You owe it to yourself to come back and read more and learn more. Did you comment on anyone else’s post?
      If you do decide not to come back and stay a part of the wolf pack then I will wish you good luck and God speed and hope that you make it through to the other side.

    • MtWoman (N Central Texas) says:

      bernie…not every comment gets a comment…don’t take it personally, unless you need an excuse or something.

    • Lake Lili says:

      Hi Bernie – looks like you’ve been a busy man. Looks like you have got some good skills there. What type of salt did you purchase and to what purpose? For general usage or preservation? Not everyone’s comments get commented on every week. Somethimes the best way to get a response is to ask a question or to respond to someone else’s post.

    • Hunker-Down says:


      Next week try to respond to everyone’s post, only 500-600.
      Or try 50-60.
      Or try 5-6.
      Most of my posts don’t get any respect, but 2-3 week later I spot a reference to something I posted so I know I’m not ignored.

      Some people fall on their butt, like Lint Picker, and don’t post for weeks. Then they play ketch-up and respond to things everyone already forgot.

      • Cliff in Douglasville says:

        I always read your post and you do post some good stuff. I spend a lot of time replying to messages and then cancelling the reply because I tend to have a warped sense of humor and word play and sometimes what I write can come across really twisted so when I try to reread my reply I have to hit cancel. Doesn’t mean I didn’t try to respond, but my response was not the most appropriate for people who are serious all the time. I figure if you can’t have fun and make people smile now and then, then what the heck can you do? I can only preach prep for just so long before I have to ask them if they’ve ever seen a bullet like this, or “did you know I’m carrying a gun” or “wow, I can’t believe that good looking woman married you”. Sometimes it just doesn’t work…..

        • SaratogaPrepper says:

          Cliff in Douglasville
          LOL!!! I have about 10 of those “canceled” posts a week. “Nah! I better not!” I take my prepping fairly seriously, but geez ya gotta laugh once in a while or why bother.

        • Hunker-Down says:


          I do the same thing for all the same reasons. I wrote a post 5-6 months ago almost WORD FOR WORD!
          Well, except the bullets and guns, I used Twinkies and flashlights.

      • riverrider says:

        hey hd, i respect you and respond to you all the time:)

      • Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

        H-D, I can read ya know. Sheesh!

    • Bernie…I read your post re salt etc…the best buy I got was 25kgs for $10…stay in touch…

      and I am going to specifically watch for your next post…hope you don’t start nagging me though, so take care and relax…

      we are all awake and prepping, eyes and ears open – just like you, and we can share anonymously – too dangerous to talk prep talk with neighbours who are not prepping…none of us know where/what you have…

      once you get to know the different personalities/preppers it will take you hours just to read and respond – and everyone’s time is precious…so, we banter when we can, share vital info when we have it…and just keep prepping with like-minded people…

      In case you have not noticed, I don’t usually respond to gun posts – because I have no idea what anyone is talking about, yet I thoroughly enjoy the fast paced occupation-specific conversation between the veterans…wonderful to read, even though the terminology goes right over my head… have no idea what they are talking about.

      So, see you back here when you can…and soon, the pack will be wondering where you and many others are if you/they have not posted (for even one day)…cheers.

    • Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

      Geez, bernie, don’t go away mad. Just post again and ask a question or say something controversial.

      • cosmolined says:

        Just NEVER say Lint Picker’s flashlights are pink….

      • Bernie,

        If you would like feedback next week, here’s a suggestion: Announce that you will be voting for Obama because you believe in gun control. Further, you think there would be fewer murders if the government mandated that all firearms sold in the U.S. were pink–gangbangers would think twice before carrying a pink gun.

  33. I just read an excellent article from the NY Times on whether Israel will attack Iran. Here’s the link if you are interested.


    • Cliff in Douglasville says:

      Read the article and am pretty sure that it’s more a “when” question and an “if” question. I hope we will help Israel out at least for the cleanup but hope we don’t get trapped into fighting the war with/for them. It could seriously kick off TEOTWAWKI

      • Cliff,

        I agree with you–it’s a matter of when and that when is likely to happen in the next eight months. The most likely scenario is that Israel will do a preemptive strike on their nuclear facilities. Iran will retaliate. And that will draw the U.S. into a war.

        • cosmolined says:

          I don’t think just Iran will be involved. Syria, Lebanon and… oh yeah, RUSSIA will get involved. The U.S. lacks both leadership and will to fight. (I am a Christian, so it doesn’t matter because I know who wins.) Prep now but don’t forget to pray. Cos

          • Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

            Right on, brother.

          • Cosmo,

            I think you are right that Syria and Lebanon will get involved. The issues with Russia are too complex for me to wrap my head around. I suspect that Russia will not actively get involved but will be selling military equipment to Iran and Syria. I don’t think the U.S. or Russia will put boots on the ground. I think this will be an air/sea campaign designed to “assist” Israel.

            I would be interested to hear what others think on this issue.

            • Gayle, I agree. I don’t think anything will happen but if I does our response will be air and navel assets.

              The only way I see boots on the ground is recovering a downed pilot or Special Forces. This country made the mistake of a two front war with Afghan and Iraq when they knew we couldn’t do it without borrowing from China and look where it got us economically.

              Unless our assets are attacked and may lives lost, the people will not support it. Their assets can’t compete against ours but they are better prepared for a conventional war than the Iraqis and Afghans were.

  34. M.D.- Wanted to let you know I got my ITEOTWAWKI cd. Lots of wonderful information in there! Thank you for putting it out once again for purchase!

    Bernie in Texas: I’ve posted a few things myself and have yet to get any feedback. I just figure I’ll keep lurking and posting as I feel inclined and hopefully someone is gonna who the whacked out chick with 6 kids is! lol ….. So you play on HAM radio? I was thinking about getting one of those. Are there many on here that have those? I’ve been considering it, but have no idea whay would be a good, inexpensive radio for a novice…. Input here would be appreciated!

    • Heximom and Bernie,

      The quickest way to get feedback is to ask for the Pack’s recommendations or advise. Ask a question and you’ll get plenty of answers.

      • HexiMom,

        I posted before I finished reading your comments. You did ask a question. I know nothing about radios so I can’t comment but I am sure there are plenty of folks who are knowledgeable when it comes to communications stuff.

    • Cliff in Douglasville says:

      Hey HexiMom,

      Wow, 6 kids, how do you find the time to prep and do all that good stuff.
      You asked about Ham radio. There are quite a few us here that are licensed. I’ve had my general class license since 1981 and have had the pleasure of having radio stations in Greece, Japan and England as well as Alaska, Texas and my home station now in Georgia.
      The test is much easier now and the ARRL post all the questions so you know what will be on the test before you get there. They did away with the Morse code requirement so you don’t even need to learn that now. I will a Morse op in the military and had a pretty good fist (means I could send nice, clear code pretty fast). You could get started pretty easy with a used rig, look around on craigslist and ebay and then read the reviews of anything you look at. You have to have a power supply (and hopefully a battery backup), a transceiver (a unit that will transmit and receive), a feed line of coax, a good ground and some sort of antenna and possibly an antenna tuner and you are good to go. There are frequency limitations as to what and where in the spectrum you can transmit but you can either go to the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) site of just google on Ham license and have more info than you could ever want. Right now I stick to the High Frequency bands but lots go to VHF and UHF stations. My antenna is currently well hidden and is a multi-band dipole that I tune through an external tuner. My rig puts out 100 watts but when conditions are right you can talk all over the world to people with less than 5 watts. You don’t need a massive station and antenna towers and a belt buckle with your callsign on it, you just need to pass the test, find an Elmer (ask around your neighborhood for an old Ham that might take you under his wing – we call them Elmer) who might even fix you up with equipment at a good price, find out if you like it and then go for it. If you have battery backup and the power goes out due to a storm or something you’ll still be in communication with other people and might be the only communication link out of your part of town.
      It’s a great hobby. If you like electronics you can get in and do all sorts of really neat things and if you just want to ragchew (just have a conversation) that is always an option too. If you have any more questions or I’ve confused you, jump right in and ask, you’ll get more than just me talking back to you. I’d give you my callsign but with that every one that reads this message would be able to go to http://www.qrz.com and look me up and have the coordinates of my station and a lot more information about me.
      Good luck and take care

      • Cliff- WOW! That was alot of info on ham radios! I sit next to a guy at work that does it, but Im not really that comfy asking him too many questions. He also told me that there’s a free study guide you can do online and just keep practicing til I can get all the questions right and I should be good!

        As for the kids, the eldest, DS, is back home in San Diego. The next, DD, is 18 and a freshman at ISU….after those two, it gets tricky!  Twin 9yo girls….4yo son & a 2yo daughter.  Things stay poppin’!

        I have found this group has given me a bit of sanity since I started feeling a “pull” to prep. To say I was concerned for my little ones would be an understatement. You guys have helped me focus a bit. Thank you.

        I could ramble on & on, but I just got home from work and need to get some shut eye.

        Bless you all!

      • cliff, when I go to the big smoke next…they have a club there for ham operators…looked it up ages ago – but never seemed to move it up to a priority…maybe I will this time…maybe…no promises…am focused on the big picture – but – stay tuned…cheers.

        • Cliff in Douglasville says:

          The Ham clubs are a lot of fun but you’ll find them mostly populated by old farts like me. It’s older technology but it’s proven technology. The equipment is more complex but easier to use these days. I still have some stuff that takes tubes and I have to dust them off before I fire up the rig, else it smells like the first time the furnace comes on after summer time, smells really bad.
          It’s always good to find out if you have a Ham or two in the vicinity. You don’t have to have a rig and be ready to talk but if you know someone who does, stay in their good graces, they might be the only people that can put you in touch with family members or bring in the news from the outside.
          Good luck and keep on prepping. Preppers are basically the future of the world. When all else is said and done, the survivors are gong to be left with a very tired, very beat up planet and it’ll be up to us to nurse the planet back to health while keeping the folks still here in good enough shape that they can work and take on the responsibility.
          Have a good evening and don’t be a stranger.

          • cliff…I am not that much younger than you…sport/fitness was just part of my life for so long…and that is probably why am still reasonably fit and active today (some days)…

            There is just so much new stuff to learn – and just have to fit it all into my life in some kind of order.

            catch up next time.

    • HexiMom, just curious, when you go to the grocery store do you get a lot of stares and people asking how you do it with so many kids? I get that a LOT!

      • TG- Before the younger 2 were born, I remember taking the older 4 to pick up a couple things at the store and a guy behind the deli counter said, “You guys are so cute! You look like the Partridge Family!” lol …. Yeah, we get looks… ALOT! ;o) How many in your family?

        • HexiMom, 6 here too. Thats why I had to ask about the looks. Every once in a while a brave soul will come up and ask me how many are mine, as I have 3 blonds and 3 brunettes. When I tell them they are all mine I start getting “blessed” and “prayed for”. Lol. Cracks me up every time.

          • Harold Dean says:

            That is interesting and somewhat similiar to an incident that happened to us years ago in the San Fernando Valley. We have 5 children all blue eyed and light hair from blonde to light brown. The neighbors had three girls who exactly fitted in between our children who are two years apart. A black family moved in on the street and as girls will their little girl practically lived at our house with the rest of the girls. She stair stepped in neatly between the youngest two. We were at a thrifty drug store up in Sunland one day and the kids were lined up at the ice cream counter getting their cones. As I ended up at the end of the line to pay up, some fashionably dressed middle aged lady asked me how many of those kids were mine. I told her all of them lady and she nearly had a heart attack. Really made my day and made the ice cream worth it. Harold

            • Harold…too funny…can’t stop laughing…reminds me of when my DD was in high school…the girls in her class were given a doll -that looked quite lifelike, and would cry etc…and this doll had to be with my DD at all times…

              well, DD was standing at the entrance to a shopping mall with the ‘doll/baby’ – that started crying…this was a black doll/baby – and my daughter is blond and yes, I know you can imagine what horrified and disgusting looks my daughter received from some shoppers…and she was standing there with 2 of her school friends – in their school uniforms, and holding their crying ‘doll/babies’…your post brought it all back to me…

            • Harlold, that is too funny! People really should learn to mind their own business.

  35. Just placed my second order of Thrive food products today……does anyone else use there product? If so what do you think of it:)

    • Summer B,

      I haven’t ordered through Thrive. I go through Emergency Essentials or Honeyville, depending on which company has the best prices. Make sure you check on the LDS online store for basic staples. You can order from them even if you are not a Mormon. The options are limited–oats, pinto beans, rice, etc. But their prices are the best, hands down and they have free shipping.

    • Vienna (Soggy prepper) says:

      I’ve ordered Thrive and had the Q set up for awhile. DH wanted freeze dried meats. I figured if he’s on board with all my food storage I best get him his meat! Damn expensive.

      I only Q’d 50.00 a month and it actually worked fine. I’d get a can of freeze dried hamburger or chicken. I got tomato powder from them in the pantry size cause it’s easier for me to use now in that quantity. I also got the small chicken and beef bouillon.
      I haven’t taste tested any of it other then the tomato powder, which tastes like…. tomato powder!

      The next couple months I have other things I want to spend $ on so I put the Q on hold. Thrive is expensive. Gayle is right with EE and Honeyville being better priced. Honeyville for their fruit and vegie packs are awesome! And I have tasted them, they are good! Freeze dried broccoli is really good! Guess I thought it would taste gross, but it doesn’t and I use it for chicken broccoli alfredo.

      If you can make it physically to an LDS cannery, do it. It will be the best thing for bulking up your food storage. You can download their order form for taking in and those prices will make you giggle with glee! LDS milk, apples, carrots, onions are terrific.
      Thrive is great, don’t get me wrong. But for prices, other then the meat, everyone seems to be cheaper. I haven’t compared meat prices since this summer when Thrive was better. Although Honeyvilles meat pack may beat them.
      Shoot, now I have to go check!

      • Thanks for the feedback….I will check out EE and honeyville!!! I did use the Thrive pintos the other night…they were not bad,I think if I could have cooked then a lil longer they would have been really good:)

        • Kate in GA says:

          I have had many of the freezed dried meats from EE. They are really good. We always comment that we can’t believe it really is freezed dried!

          You will not be dissapointed!

          • SickSkilz says:

            Kate – me too!!. Actually their meat is the only thing that I am storing a true long term supply of. We are building up a large. (~1 acre) garden/farm but meatwill probably be the first thing we are short on.

  36. SurvivorDan says:

    S.H.O.T. show. handled the Heizer ‘Double Tap’ .45 derringer.
    Coolness factor = 8. .665 inches thick. 14 oz. Self-ejecting cases. Extra 2 rds in the handle. Nice hold-out/back-up weapon.
    I took 2 pts off because (even though I know it’s a last ditch defense back-up) I secrete a 5 shot .22 magnum NAA sigle action on my person and though lower caliber (but half the weight of the Double Tap) it gives me 5 shots for point blank range. Consult the studies on your average, successful, citizen self-defense gunfight. Three rounds by the winner.
    -1pt. Just sayin’… Still a neat back-up weapon. But $499 – 799 per? Hmmmm. I’ll wait. And a newly released weapon (-1pt more) I’ll wait for the bugs to be ironed out .
    But of course, if y’all want to take up a collection for me to test one out………..I’d graciously accept one.

  37. Hunker-Down says:

    Markdown.com has a sale for $59.40 for an Emergency Herb Seed Bank ($99 value).

    I think Markdown.com is owned by Glenn Beck. He had experts on his GBTV show on Wednesday discussing the ways data is being collected on EVERYONE from credit card transactions, utility bill usage, health history, food preferences, gasoline usage, school and church activity and more. A part of the discussion was about how the primary objective of Google is not to be a search engine, but to collect data about those who use it.
    I get adds on my home page today from sources that I linked to yesterday so I have, in my face, proof of that activity.

    I have three questions.
    1). What can we use as an alternative to Google?
    2). How to delete Google from our computers without crippling the operating system?
    3). How to prohibit Google from being reinstalled during regular software updates?

    Also, some rhetorical questions, just for discussion.
    Should we continue to use Google? Why?
    Should we stop using Google? Why?

    • Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

      I have never liked Google. Their data collection is nothing new and they went along with China’s suppression of news just so they could gain a foothold in China’s IT industry. They are also big supporters of TDL.

      I use Yahoo! However, they are also big time into using your search history to then bombard your sign in page with advertisements that directly relate to previous searches. Nothing on the internet is safe – nothing. It’s only going to get worse. And if Obamacare kicks into high gear next year, you will be blackmailed, harassed, and swamped with threats, ads, and other unwanted emails and such as a result. Imagine having some cancer and then being inundated with advertisements from various cancer treatment centers. It’s going to be a nightmare.

      I have come to the conclusion that it’s time to dump my laptop and my cable tv and stick with AM radio. I was going to do this same thing last summer and never followed through. Now, however, the more I see about what’s going on in this country and the world in general, the less I want to be connected to it. I’m cutting the connections soon.

      • Copperhead says:

        OH, LP, you can’t leave us…sob, sob…..what will we ever do without you…wiping tears running down chin….we count on you and your knowledge and encouragement and prayers and gentle teasing and pink flashlights!!! Please say you’ll stay…laying on floor, pounding the carpet…… 😉

        Seriously, Lint Picker, you are so well liked and cared about, stay with us for awhile. I learn so much from you and all the rest.


      • What about TOR? Has anyone tried that?

      • Well that stinks! I kinda liked your posts…as a lurker, of course! Add to that the fact even though I live in Iowa, I use to live in Siskiyou County, Cali….and sorta felt a kinship!

        So, what can you teach a newbie prepper in the time you decide to continue hanging out?

      • Lint…we are all being tracked – our card use, our bank statements are not private, our photo on our drivers license, our car rego plates – all connected and recorded – everything…
        and the nonsense on TV – trivial nonsense – all causing deliberate sensory overload – and draining people…

        I could see it happening to a particular good friend of mine, every time I would go over to visit…the blasted thing was always on – noise for no reason – and nobody watching it. I would always say, ‘let’s turn it off so we can talk’.

        Go to supermarkets and malls – more noise – all competing.

        I got rid of my TV – best thing I ever did…am much more energetic, productive, focused and active.

        I also listen to AM radio – I get local/national/international news – and I can get so much done while listening – as opposed to sitting still in front of the TV. I listen to news from all over the world – and lots of interviews from educated and awake people, that actually make sense – that are talking about the economic state of the world.

        I won’t get rid of my laptop – I need it for my work and I like looking for the source documents of items I see on the internet to just check that what I have read is in fact true – I have to stay informed, as too much evil is afoot – and don’t want to get caught unawares.

        And now they are also sending texts to my iphone regarding sales at a major supermarket chain…blatant intrusion into our lives, and attempts to make people keep spending on consumer items – that are all designed to fail/break –

        and then there are the items that have to be upgraded regularly – as software too diverse (deliberately) to fit with older hardware…

        People are being drip feed rubbish, served up as comedy, instead it is really a violent and depraved movie on TV, passing as entertainment – it is shocking…and the pornagraphic ads late at night…unbelievable.

        I have never regretted getting rid of the TV. The ads shouting to ‘buy’ were never ending – and the items were not prepper items.

        Now I wonder why I watched TV.

        My life is much better now…maybe it is just your time – you have started to wake up and can now see the programs on TV for what they really are – a waste of your precious time and life…it would be different if one learned important skills/info from the programs.

        and, just think of all the time you would have putting new batteries in all your pink flashlights…that would take up so much time…and can all be done with the radio playing in the background.

        have fun…

      • mountain lady says:

        LP: I have some of the same feelings that you have about the computer and TV. The TV is basically gone, except for what I can pick up with an antenna, and it is very little. I try to stay away from google, but I do read a lot of sites that I am sure the govt. is watching. Stay with us until you move, and then just say goodbye. AM radio around here is really bad. News comes in soundbites at the top of the hour, and the afternoon news lady laughs through the news. Only one really good show per day and that is Tom Sullivan from noon til 3pm. Evenings are Hannity reruns. This house gets almost too quiet. I now get most of my international news from zerohedge. I am personally not ready to let you go.

    • Vienna (Soggy prepper) says:

      Okay. I’m halfway done watching Becks Wed. 1-25-12 show.
      Damn. Cliff spoke of “butt puckering” due to scary stuff coming, well this show is better then 55 gal of witch hazel!

      Very disturbing. We are turning into a third world with a dictator. Makes me wanna cry. I’m just so glad I know how this will end. Just sucks watching the slow slide down.

      I feel I’m screaming, “HOP FROG!” But the reply is, “the waters fine come on in.”

  38. templar knight says:

    HD, you can use Bing instead of Google, but frankly I like Google better. Right now it’s a neccessary evil for me. If I understand it correctly, the information Google is collecting is not private, but who really knows what they do with generic info? I wouldn’t be surprised if Bing didn’t do the same thing. At some point the question will be nil, as none of us will have the internet if the SHTF. I wish I had a better answer.

    • Hunker-Down says:


      I used to build relational databases as a database designer/administrator. Its very exciting to set policy and standards for programming teams to follow, and to see their efforts in data mining begin to answer business questions that, before relational databases and languages like SQL were impossible. The use of index files to effectively scan millions of records opened up the ability to cross index data and meta-data in seconds.

      In my earlier post I listed some of the data that is being accumulated about you, and Google is one of the main data collection tools. If your water bill increases by 200 %, the government can check the address of everyone in the nation, compare it to your address then take those matches and compare it to all the scholastic records in the country to see if the new group at your house has any exposure to suspicious classes or trips to common foreign countries. They can check the history of every web site you ever clicked on and compare that to the others in your supposed group. This data will be matched to the credit cards of the ‘group’ searching for travel patterns and purchases of suspect items.
      And that isn’t even the spooky stuff.

      Dang, I go to Google 4-5 times a day searching on topics folks post on this blog. My, and your search history is a blueprint of our individual interests. Interests lead to motivation, which leads to action. I don’t like knowing that that data is being cross referenced against my credit card and bank statements, but it is.

      I worry that if TDL looses the election his minions will cause riots to the extent that Martial Law will be enforced and the newly elected will be prohibited from taking office. Then, all that
      data about me setting in those relational databases will be used to send the shock troops to my house.

      This post will be parsed then stored by the government for future analysis.

      • hunker down…a little off topic…$1000 paid to people who snitch on people they know who have guns in ??New Jersey…

        see, the goons already have a lot of info…background checks before gun licences issued etc…

        but if they come and try to take your ammo/guns – will be a sh*tfight at your front door – and a high likelihood that they are going to get hurt.

        But, if a p*ssed off neighbour snitches…then you won’t be pointing the finger at the gov’t goons.

        People are already hurting…how long do you think people who are hungry and no food in the house, are possibly sick and need money for medicine etc.. will hold out before snitching…

        and then when you take retribution for the snitching – the goons have effectively taken out both of you – by letting each of you go up against each other…it has happened in Europe, and it is now happening again…shocking…

        Like cliff said…preppers may help the less prepared…and history shows us that there are far more people caught unawares or just not able to survive without running, than there are people who just breeze through a/the war.

        For some reason, the stories my mother told me about her experiences during the second war have been on my mind a lot lately…I wish I could remember more – but that was 50 years ago now, and so I prep diligently.

        Also, a friend called round today – years ago was not interested in prepping…however, all changed now, am pleased to say…

        21:30hours Friday.

      • templar knight says:


        Now you have me thinking. I just went to Google and typed in the nearest city to me, which is Calico Rock, Ar. I started looking around, focused in on the satellite map, and low and behold, my pond, my house, my two outbuildings, and the road that goes around the borders of my retreat are plain as day for anyone to see. I really had no idea. Anyone in a city could just print up a map on their computer, and there is a retreat for the taking.

        As for Google, and its data mining, I am aware that the US Government has full access to Google’s data. Hell, they may have our IP addresses in a database as we speak. I’m beginning to see LintPicker’s wisdom in dumping the internet before he moves to his new place.

        • TK, I have used that program (aerial/satellite view) for years and it surely has its good and bad uses. I have scoped out hiking trails/camp grounds and like you said peoples homes. I have aerial views mapping the streets from work to home so I get a better view of the routes and not just lines.
          Kids have used it looking for homes for sell that have empty pools to ride their skateboards and their are far worse implications, friends in LE use it to map the homes/apartments they are about to raid.

        • tk…article at sovereign man dated 11 january 2012 re bank transactions and the reports that are generated etc…’suspicious’ transactions reports up – and banking institutions can just close your account – and can’t do anything about it, nor get any cash out…the article was sent to me via a friend…

          also, the privacy legislation is to keep us individuals in the dark..however, it does not stop banks/government gathering info and keeping and cross-referencing that info…

          but at least we are aware they are keeping tabs on us, our income/outgo/whereabouts/shopping habits, who we visit, how often we drive and where we go…

          so, have all shelter/water/food/medicine/clothes/shoes/cash/fuel/important docs stacked now.

          The time is way past for any dilly-dallying…

          that is why when it is time to go…our cell phones are going to be tossed into the first waterway we come to…

          and that is a benefit of buying stuff from garage sales/thrift shops – cash and no paper trail, and hopefully no RFID chips in the older items.


          • MtWoman (N Central Texas) says:

            When I came home today, my father had an FAA “registration” card in his hand for his “ultralight” airplane. These things are just one step up from a hang-glider, and my father has been flying them for 20+ years….with no registration or paperwork of any kind….and neither has ever been required. The plane he has now has never had any kind of of paperwork (and is what I call a “franken-plane”, as it’s made from several different ones), nor has he ever been visited by an FAA rep. So…how the livin’ hell did they even know he had the thing???? He said they sent him an application a couple weeks ago, naming on the paper the BRAND of plane he has! This is really creepy, and I will be looking into it. Do any of you fly such planes and know anything about this?

            • Hunker-Down says:

              This is an example of the ‘spooky stuff’ I mentioned above.

              Relational databases are to the digital world as a nuclear aircraft carrier is to the Navy.

  39. Every time TDL speaks I prep harder!

  40. Fun day in Los Angeles! The sun beating down a bit harder due to the solar flares and Special Forces and LAPD SWAT are cross training.

    Enjoy your weekend everyone!

    • Hunker-Down says:

      Getting ready for Martial Law?

      • templar knight says:

        It does make one wonder.

      • HD, they have been cross training since the 84 olympics. So every year (last 6 years)from my office window or sometimes in the immediate area I get nice views of them repel or fast rope out of helicopters or pop out of vehicles. I know many people have concerns, I can’t help enjoy watching it.

        I had been involved in cross training for natural disaster/NBC with LE and FD back in the 90s and was in the LA riots. They still cross train every year in the event of a major disaster.
        The media has covered it every year since 84 to ensure they don’t break Posse Comotatus (misspelled probably) and keep it to cross training to share relevant tactics.

        Its also common to see Marine Cobra AH1s escorting high risk inmates from the Federal Prison when they travel by air. Cosmo has probably seen it as well.

        • cosmolined says:

          Sorry Jarhead 03:
          I was 3rd Armor, 4th Inf, then 19th Group (National Guard). I scraped the SF sticker off my truck when our folks were pointing weapons at every vehicle during a Colorado check-point for someone who had killed a Deputy Sheriff in the eary 80’s. Cos

        • templar knight says:

          Jarhead, we have Soros saying that riots are going to occur in the US due to class warfare(we know who’s behind that), and that civil liberties will have to be reduced to control the violence, and that traditional freedoms(elections?) will have be taken away, and it looks like TDL is setting up a blueprint for a takeover.

          Soros is a Democrat Party insider, he has made billions on inside info over the years, and he is the largest funder of just about every liberal organization there is, including Occupy, so we had better listen up. And get ready.

          I’ve already decided that I have enough food, it is time for me to concentrate on other items in the non-food arena.

          • TK & Jarhead:
            It’s talk like what Soros is putting out which has me worried about the time from of 6 Nov thru 19 Jan 2013. If TDL looses the election; what kind of ’emergency’ can we expect?

            • templar knight says:

              I can guess. We will have occupiers burning and looting large cities, attacking the offices of banks and large corporations, and entering neighborhoods where businesspeople live. Big cities will be under seige, and Obama will step in as the savior. After all, didn’t he tell the bankers that he was the only thing that stood between them and the pitchforks?

              Any of the Wolfpack who live in large cities should be making plans to get out at a moment’s notice shortly before and after the November elections. I see tribulations ahead. Must re-double my efforts.

            • Worrisome says:

              I worry that if Soros and Company thinks obama is going to lose they will manufacture a reason to impose martial law so that we won’t have an election. Think Venezuela folks……….that is how it happened there.

            • JP, I doubt anything would happen. Honestly I thought Bush was going to try to stage a coupe because he had said a few things to the point who ever comes in doesn’t know what’s been going on and he was waiting till the last minute to move and was a couple days late on clearing out.
              The people, our courts and our military would not let it happen.

            • I see Romney getting elected if he picks and chooses the right VP. The GOP has to put aside the partisan politics and issues within its own party and unite to beat Obama.

            • This may be naive on my part, but what reasons do you all (not just JP–a bunch of folks here) have to think Obama will try to retain power if voted out? I mean, why not think that Obama will just hand over power like ever other president in U.S. history?

            • Jarhead,

              I think you are right here but who do you think would be a good choice for VP? I am thinking the most strategic choice would be Marco Rubio.

            • Completely agree Templar

              I work in the corporate offices above a large bank downtown. The local occupyers are nut jobs. They have no factual basis for some of the things they chant. The only coherant message is “we are not happy”

          • TK, I’m not too worried about him. Let him waste his money on causes the majority don’t believe in. We saw what happened with the Occupy movement, they were booted out and chastised by the public majority and looked down on.
            If he keeps throwing his money away or gets another insider trading scandal no one would want to have ties to him. The Jewish community doesn’t even want to deal with him, heck he even handed out deportation papers to his own people as a teenager including his father.

            • Jarhead 03:
              I will be the 1st to say, I’m looking forward to sitting around with my friends on the weekend after the inauguration and saying “That sure was a bone-headed idea”. But the alternative keeps me up some nights.

            • templar knight says:

              Jarhead, I’m not one of those conspiracy theory folks, but Soros is a person to be watched. He has inside information from the top echelon of the Democrat Party, and he has made billions with this inside information. His investment in Brazilian company Petrobras and his investment in Natural Gas conversion in vehicles can’t have been lucky guesses. Obama informed him, so I put a lot of stock in what this guy has to say. And he is a truly evil man, of that I’m sure. As is Obama. No conspiracy theories, just evil men who have used others to advance their cause. And they will continue to do so until they are stopped. I have my doubts they will just walk away, but I hope I’m wrong.

              Stay vigilent, stay strong,
              plan deep, plan long.

              That’s for you, LintPicker, wherever you may be. I wish you would change your mind, at least until you get ready to move. But I fully understand your decision, and will do the same myself one day.

        • Hunker-Down says:

          Jarhead 03,

          It’s good to know that they have been at it since 84. I assumed they had a training deadline of next November, obviously not.

          Now I can unpucker.

          • HD, President Reagan authorized the cross training since our SF units were on a steep learning curve after the Iran rescue went bad they were schooled by the Brits and with the 84 Olympics around the corner it was a “share notes” training session and its been successful.

            I know people say its ok with certain president and not with others (don’t want to debate it) but we have to trust in our warriors and officers that if a President regardless of party tried to do something that they would do the right thing.

            We see NG (and some not NG) units training for NBC emergencies all the time and since LA is a target for the enemy, the more training the better because our LE and FD units as great as they are could not handle a large scale scenario.

            As long as the active units are not involved in LE capacity I’m ok with it. The news has been keeping an eye as well as many other groups including the anti military liberal groups and they would report a violation faster than anyone else.

            • cosmolined says:

              I’ve had the honor of serving with someone who was on that fiasco. It was an INTERSERVICE fiasco. No LEO’s. Combining multiple branches of the military and expecting them to be a cohesive force was pure Stupid.

            • Cosmo, I agree, I told you about our misunderstanding with LAPD during the LA riots lol. “Cover me” lol

    • MtWoman (N Central Texas) says:
    • cosmolined says:

      Jarhead 03:
      I couldn’t get the link that was posted below you to work on my computer. This morning the “News” said special operations, Not Special Forces. There is a major difference. I am outdated by a long shot but I think only 19th Group and maybe 12th Group have folks on this side of the country. Those both are National Guard/Reserve folks. Special operations would also include those Wonderful folks the Navy has. The publicity of the event has me concerned though. Very concerned. Cos

      • templar knight says:

        Why does the publicity of the event have you very concerned, Cos?

      • Cosmo, I seen Navy birds, NG. Units (we know NG has SF units and a few black birds and they were doing fixed wing/LAPD helo training so I’m guessing it may be how to take down an aircraft if need be, I’ve seen NG and active birds at the LAPD helo port since I’m a few blocks from there.

        The Navy birds were in the area and hugging the 5 south on their way back to SD since I didn’t see them back.

      • TK, I’m thinking Cosmo is looking at the OPSEC aspect of it. Don’t want the bad guys knowing what they do.

        • cosmolined says:

          Thanks Jarhead 03. OPSEC. We used to make whole villages to practise our stuff. (P.S. OPSEC is operational security.)
          Military and Civilian mixing still strikes me as wrong. Seals and Delta do the hard stuff. Civilians need to stay within the Constitution. Just my 2 cents. Cos

          • templar knight says:

            cos, couldnt agree more with the civilian/military mixing, troubling to me, also. As for training, my youngest son is in 4ID, and will be leaving to go to the JRTC at Ft. Polk for the second time in less than 6 mo. They have cities, towns, ect. there for training, out of sight of the bad guys. Just saying.

            • TK, the combat towns are great. Our training facility had sewer systems, rail road tracks/cars, vehicles and other amenities. Felt at home but now days they have cameras, paid actors to play the bad guys and a more realistic setting than what we had.

    • Jarhead, I was in Athens a few years ago on holiday…was shocked to see military – in full riot gear, standing around in a major Square in the city – their bus was parked there it seemed to me 24/7 (I had a room in a hotel on an upper floor)…anyway…a year or so later…riots in the streets – austerity measures – and they are still having sporadic street marches.

      Definately not just training exercises in LA …just in time for FEMA camps going operational…yes I know, paranoia levels up today…so, we will wait and see…

  41. bernie in texas says:

    HELLO i am back and i have some real bad news to show you go toyou tube and type in united nations small arms [gun confucation] tready to be ratified by theu.s. senate plus a shit loads of vidoes about the miltary trains 2milse long with tanks i will be back later i have more to tell you i have been bissy

    • templar knight says:

      Yep, I’ve seen that treaty. So far the US Senate has sent a letter to the President and Hillary and told them don’t even think about signing that treaty. It will not pass the Senate. I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama signed it anyway.

  42. bernie in texas says:


  43. Anonymous Prepper says:

    FINALLY found a local farmer with some tobacco stock and bought 100 pounds after testing some out. I use cigarette filter tubes and an electric cigarette injector. They taste better than the store brands cigarettes and cost me less than $5 a carton. Cant tell the different between then by looking at them and none of the hundreds of additives and chemicals the tobacco companies are are killing us with. Now I am not saying that smoking is healthy, but if you do it as organically as possible, its less deady, and is a saving me $50 a carton… until I quit. Oh and I use a skinny spaghetti noodle pasta machine to process the tobacco.