What did you do to prep this week?

I can’t believe that it’s been a full week since our last “What did you do to prep this week?” blog segment… This week has flown by, or at least it has for me, it could have been because of all of my letter writing to congress and the entertainment industry and police / sheriffs departments regarding the gun “control” issue.

All of my letter writing probably won’t do any good, but at least I know that I did something and can’t blame myself because I sat on my butt watching TV or playing video games…. To many people wait for someone else to do it, all the while that someone else is waiting for someone else to do it and guess what it never gets done.

Okay, let’s see…

Before we start I would like to thank Mary K, KC, D McCauley, P Boyle, and Pirate Protective Services for their generous donations this week. Thank you – all donations are greatly appreciated… If you would like to send a donation you can do that here.

Okay, what did I do to prep this week?:-)

Unfortunately, it’s been a slow week prep wise here at the “Creekmore Mini-Farm” or as the media would call it a “bunker” or a “compound” because they like to make it sound dangerous and controversial…

Kind of like when they are talking about the AR-15 and using words like spraying bullets, weapons of mass destruction, and killing machines etc… They do this to sway public opinion against gun owners and the Second Amendment because most of those in the main-stream media are a bunch of socialist pukes.

Anyway, this week I…

  • Bought another 250 rounds of .22 ammo.
  • 100 rounds of #6 shot for the 12 gauge.
  • Cleaned the chicken coop (or as the media would probably label it a “chicken compound” :evilgrin: .
  • Bought paint to paint the chicken coop.
  • Cleared a “briar thicket” and under-brush at the rear corner of my property.
  • Bought a new computer because I dropped my old one on the floor.
  • Held on to my guns and religion… :yes:
  • And as mentioned above wrote letters like crazy.

What about you… What did you do to prep this week? Let us know in the comments below…


  1. OregonMike says:

    Hi Pack
    Printed a bunch of How-To’s to go into binders. From a veggie/fruit stand’s last of season sale, bought 40 lbs of potatoes & 50 lbs of apples. Both will be canned as well as dehydrated. Going to get an apple peeler and connect a portable drill to speed the process. Planted some Heritage lettuce seed indoors. Contributed info to several prep blogs. Made a prep gear wishlist and have it in my Amazon.com cart. Got a flu shot, for what it’s worth.
    Stay healthy!

  2. Slow week…ordered garden seeds & since I’m watching the budget very close we aren’t eating out any more & I’ve become a surprisingly good cook of very edible food! Or maybe, my family is just super hungry! Either way…home cooking all the time has been a big hit. It’s amazing how fast we’ve gone through the preps that I thought would last a long time. So, have been revamping the food prepping storage. That’s all from the chilly midwest.

  3. livinglife says:

    added a few more items to the store of food. Wrote state and federal reps about several items.
    Reviewed plans to get from work to home on side roads.
    After the boat capsized, all of our guns went to the bottom (what good is a floating case when the gun is out to use?) I was ready to file a claim until I find out one of the guys hunting did not have a license. Nothing flying and no coyotes prowling so technically he hadn’t hunted. No need to get everyone in trouble.

  4. Well, Sisters and Brothers, struck me I needed a new family motto:


    Got the little lady of 46 years to hone up on her pistol shooting. Cleaned and oiled the fireams as per usual.

    Rotated ammo out of my household “go to” guns with factory-fresh stuff: the 12ga with Mr. #00 behind the kitchen door to the outside; the .357 magnum with 6 inch barrel in the desk at the front door (great welcoming tool for local thugs); the two .45acp pistols in our bedroom and the .380 pistol in the wooden cabinet in the dining room.

    Took to heart the alleged Viking comment: “Never be two steps away from your weapon.” Sounded good to me.

  5. Schametti says:

    Hello, my name is Amy, I’m 34 from Indiana, and Yes, I am STILL a Prepper, and Damn Proud of it too. 😀 I can’t believe it’s been a week already. Didn’t we JUST do this a minute ago?!

    What I did to Prep this Week!

    0). I have really taken to a phrase I read here last week.. “Anything you add is more than you had!” – I don’t remember who said it, but it’s my new motto, and reminds me that every little thing, however small.. is important to the end goal, so thank you!!

    1). (My husband and I) bought two strong heavy duty 1000 pound shelves, and assembled them in our “Prepping Nook” – a small walk-in closet, we’ve set aside for our prepping supplies.
    2). I bought 200 more rounds of .45c bullets for my new Kahr, as well as a 27 piece cleaning kit, and an extra magazine, plus extra bandaids, cause it’s already bit me twice.
    3). We bought my husband, (Dave), his first gun. A sweet Beretta 92FS.

    4). We both got memberships at a local gun range.
    5). We enrolled ourselves into a NRA Approved Basic Handgun Training Course, Part I of which we just did today. I shot my gun for the first time with my instructor, Retired Army Major, Dave. I learned how to load my gun, clean my gun, take apart my gun, fire my gun safely, etc etc etc. I feel very accomplished! 🙂
    6) This week, I lost two good friends, (at least whom I THOUGHT were good friends), because they disapprove of my choice to exercise my constitutional right to bear arms. It was very upsetting to me, but I have decided to hold my head high, and move forward with my new lifestyle, with no regrets and no looking back. Their loss.

    7) I bought and stored 30 more gallons of water. (5x 6 Gallon Containers).
    8) I bought 2x buckets of freeze dried “fruit and snacks” from Wise Foods.
    9) I bought 4x 72 hour beeswax emergency candles.
    10) I bought three Heirloom Seed Vaults, one regular fruits and veggies vault to go with the one I bought last week, as well as a kitchen herbs vault, and a medicinal plants vault.
    11) Cleaned our all our closets, threw out most everything that couldn’t help me in a doomsday apocalypse scenario, lol.. boxed memories and sent them to the attic, thereby making room for MORE PREPPING SUPPLIES. 🙂

    It FEELS like I did so much more than eleven things this week, but I’ve been keeping busy, and have had prepping at the forefront of my mind all week. I can’t wait to read back and see what everyone else has done this week! Til next week! ~ Schametti! (Amy).

    • Hi Amy! You guys are coming along great! We have learned to just not talk a out it with most people. For one, it isn’t safe, and for two, some people will think you are nuts, right up until they need something, and then they will be the first to come knocking on your door. Don’t listen to the naysayers. Just work it your way. (and welcome to the pack). I am also fairly new here, and have felt very welcomed!

      • Millie in KY says:

        Yes, yes, and yes! I am so very happy to have you all to talk to, I’m not nuts, I’m The Ant, not The Grasshopper. I can spend my money the way I want to and I do worry about people showing up. My sister would be one thing, she lives in Louisiana and we have an apt that we bought just for her (she is 71). Unfortunately, her response is “they will take it from you” said in a vehement tone. She’s a good person and doesn’t mean to be dogmatic, I’m sure but I decline to talk politics or religion with her because she is so dogmatic. She LOVES to get furious over things. this is why I rarely watch the news anymore, a little Fox and what I pick up on line. There’s very little real news because the news that we NEED to know about doesn’t get out here. Anyhow, I don’t talk it over with her, just with DH and you guys. It makes me feel a little bit isolated. I have a friend who is a farmer and they just do cattle, and feel that the freezer is full, the guns are full and all is right. They are still ahead of 90% of the people out there. So I don’t talk much to her about it just because I can see them showing up, wanting to “share”…..It is truly good to be able to come here and chat, I don’t feel so all alone or paranoid…thank you, again…..

    • Just remember “god made man but samuel colt made them equal” I was telling this young gal at work this just today. She was talking about how bad guns are. She didn’t really get what it meant. So I asked her “what chance do you think you would have fighting a guy my size off if you were unarmed?(I am 6’10” around 450 and she is about 5’5″ 120ish).
      She said ” oh I get it guns give everyone more equal power!”
      bang, lightbulb ;)… she never thought that guns kinda even the playing field

    • riverrider says:

      s, stick to your guns, literally. don’t worry, you’ve made hundreds of new friends by asserting your god given right to self preservation. you’re making great headway, carry on.

    • Thanks you guys. *hugs* I too am BEYOND relieved to have real people here to talk to, so that I don’t feel crazy or alone.. Since it’s clear I can’t talk to my friends about this any more. And you’re all SO RIGHT that it’s safer for me to keep this to myself anyway. I swear my “friends” just ask me about it, so they can ridicule me, then ditch me when they don’t like what I have to say. What kind of friends are those anyway?! I’m better off without them. Right, Wolf Pack? RIGHT?!! LOL.

      • Let me ask you guys, (and I’m not sure if this is where/how you can just interject questions, but if not, please show me the ropes!!), but I have put aside Seventy-Two Gallons of water so far.. and I know, depending on some outcomes, that is potentially no where near enough.. So I was looking toward saving up for a water filtration system of some sort. I’m not very handy, so would probably be best off just buying one, not trying to make something. Has anyone heard anything on the ones available out there right now? Anything I should know, before buying. Brand recommendations? I would be ever so appreciative of the advice!! There are several “big ticket” prepper items on my list, that I’m going to try and space out over the next six months or so.. and water filtration is definitely the first one on the priority list, (I’m sure I’ll be asking about generators, ham radios, etc at a later date)! 🙂

        • I’ve been extremely happy with my Berkey water filter. There are several models depending on your needs and you can get replacement filters to stock up on. There are instructions on making your own with 5 gallon buckets, but I felt the Berkey would last better for me even though I’m a do it yourself kind of person.

          • Schametti says:

            Thank You, most kindly, Ma’am! 🙂 I will google that one tonight. I appreciate the suggestion.

          • I’ve recently seen listings on Craigslist of people making the water filters with the buckets and selling them. If I remember correctly, the person selling them locally was charging $75.

            • Nann,

              Do research for something like Texas Men’s Baptist water purification system. I recall reading something about them selling a filter at cost–and that they had used it in providing clean water to communities in third would countries–it was way cheap.

            • Thanks for this info, Bam Bam! I’ll look it up.

            • Bam Bam & NANN,
              I’m not 100% sure, but I think they were using the Seychelle water filter bottle which I’ve been using for quite some time.. When I first ran into this thing, I did some Googling and found that the inventor was working with churches and other organizations to send these to third world countries. If I recall correctly, they sent something like 22,000 of them to Haiti after the earthquake and tsunami.

              You can get them from store.lds.org and follow the onsite links: Home and FamilySelf RelianceWater Filtration Bottle Kit

              IMO the one with the two filters is the better buy.

            • Thanks OP. LDS always seems to have great prices too. I’ll check them out.

        • Warmongerel says:


          The filter that I bought is called the Sawyer PointOhTwo. It filters out even the smallest of nasties and the manufacturer guarantees it for 1 million gallons.

          Easy to use and small enough to put anywhere. $123.00 with all accessories.


          • Schametti says:

            Sweet, thank you!! I know almost nothing about separate water filtration systems, so.. how does that work? For instance, if there is no water coming out of my sinks/tubs.. would I still be able to use it? That makes me sound completely stupid, but I guess in this area, at the moment, I am, haha.

            • Warmongerel says:


              The Sawyer filter can be hooked up to a faucet, but it’s not necessary.

              You only need two 5 gallon buckets.

              Pour “dirty” water into one, and let it run through the filter into the second bucket. You now have water that is cleaner than what comes out of your faucet.

              You have to drill a hole towards the bottom of the first bucket and attach the filter, but that’s simple – they even give you the drill bit. It can even be done by hand without a drill. And the instructions are easy and well illustrated. Anyone can do it.


    • Rider of Rohan says:

      Amy, yours is one of the most inspiring stories I’ve read on this blog in a while. And yes, young lady, hold that head high. You deserve to because you’ve said, “I’m not going to be a victim, I’m taking control of my life”. It feels good to be free, doesn’t it? I go outside every once in a while and beat my chest and give a yell. That’s how good I feel, and what’s even better, no man or woman on this green earth can take it away from me cause it’s in my heart and mind. Good for you, sister, you make me proud and give me hope for the future of this nation.

      • Aww, thank you, Rohan. 😀 It feels REALLY GREAT to be able to make my OWN choices for my present, and my future, and not just do what allllll of my friends and family are doing, because it’s easier. Or “normal.” I know a LOT of people, and have an enormous extended family, and not a single one of them have been supportive in my new mindset and lifestyle change. NOT ONE. I was absolutely amazed. And yet somehow, it just makes me MORE determined to stick to my plan. I went through momentary waves of doubt the last month, because I didn’t have anyone but my husband to reassure me that I was doing the right thing, so I breathed a huge sigh of relief when I found this place. Ahhh, my people. :):) I am home.

        • Millie in KY says:

          Amy, I feel the same way and am so glad you are here, too. You can speak freely without feeling like everyone is disapproving….

          • Encourager says:

            And…thank goodness you can actually say something stupid and the replies you get are gentle corrections down the right path. These folks are R-E-A-L-L-Y AWESOME!! Yep, you are!

        • Hunker-Down says:

          Caution; you are moving into a politically incorrect mind set! 🙂

  6. Buuurr in Ohio says:

    A little garden maintenance while the weather was so warm this weekend. Thought about what I need to plant. Zucchini, chives, long beans, and some squash are on the list. Can anyone think of any other things that grow well in the viney type of things? Things that grow ‘up’ stuff?

    Also wanted to ask if anyone has any good recipes for sausages and smokies? Those kinds of things, me and some buddies are going to start drying our own meats.

    • MountainSurvivor says:

      Cucumbers, snap or bush peas, Doyle’s Thornless Blackberry has, of course, no stickers and the most amazing flavor unlike a traditional blackberry and the plant produces fairly big berries if you are looking to get your money worth, peppers, melons, cherry tomatoes-there are lots of varieties from sweet to tart to salty and some kinds produce a lot so if you pick those and you have good growing weather you may need a lot of mouths, containers and a good canning system set up when your stomach feels like it going to burst, and pumpkins.

    • Yea I like to grow my pickling cukes “up”, peas are great climbers too as long as you get pole peas and not bush peas.

  7. Was doing a regular grocery shop and found a bunch of different canned meats and fish on sale. Salmon, clams, turkey, chicken; bought about 20 cans. Bought 2 more homesteading magazines and 2 more wilderness living true stories. Got a hand operated meat grinder second hand too, as new.

    Want to remind people to keep checking http://preputilityvehicle.blogspot.ca/ for each day’s free ebooks on prepping and homesteading topics plus fiction. Today is another Weekend Homesteader, Survival Techniques: Quick Tips to Stay Alive in the Wilderness, The Smoking Gun: (A Modern Inline Muzzleloader Guide to Loading, Shooting & Cleaning for Accuracy), a Venison cookbook, “A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Takeover! ” (fiction), Left Behind, (that New York bestseller) etc, etc. See link above.

    A few days ago there were 9 different Backwoods Home Magazines and 6 Jackie Clay books. Hope you were checking! 🙂 I would have posted a headsup here but never know where to put that when it’s later in the week and most people aren’t checking the WDYDTPTW any more.

    • Millie in KY says:

      Natalia, why don’t you send it to MD every day and he can include it in the News section he posts? I don’ t have a kindle or anything but it is intriguing….

      • Millie, you don’t have to have a Kindle, you can read it on the internet or with free kindle reading programs for your computer, IPhone, etc. all you need is an Amazon account. Please get all the books you want! They only last 1 or 2 days. Thanks for writing. 🙂 I did consider writing MD about posting about that jackpot the other day, but I with the delays of him getting the email, then (maybe) posting if he wanted to, I didn’t know if it’d come out in time.

      • Millie you can download kindle to your pc. That’s what I have and it’s free to do so.

    • Natalia –
      Check it every day and use it when buying from Amazon. Love that website! Have downloaded over 300 books and articles. Appreciate you so much!

  8. MENTALMATT says:

    What up pack! Well I extended my NRA membership, and signed up my 10 yr old twin boys, start them young I say. I also purchased a one month box of food Auguston brand, I forget who mentioned it on here about the free shipping from Walmart but thank you. I also added a little silver to the stash.

    • riverrider says:

      congrats on surviving another week in hell brother! keep up the good work.

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      Good job on the NRA memberships. And what did you say about free shipping from Wal-Mart? On Auguson Food? As for silver, I noticed that almost 4 million silver eagles were ordered the first day the 2013 coins came available. A record number.

  9. Organized my canning pantry to get ready to can 80lbs of chicken breasts, got a Crossbreed Supertuck holster for my 9, worked on the new chicken fortress, and just getting ready set up a few more grow-out cages in the bunnybarn.

  10. I don’t post every week because normally I am in a maintenance mode and I don’t have anything interesting to say. However, this week I have three items to report:

    1. I scored 72 canning jars (for free) from a friend at church. She had the regular mouth jars and she is switching to wide mouth jars. I have a few wide mouth jars (12) and I gave them to her. I told her I got the better deal!
    2. My husband and I purchased some gun brackets and now have our guns hanging up (when we are home). It is really cool where we put them and my husband suggested I write it up for MD’s contest.
    3. I signed up for an NRA instructor course. I have been wanting to do this for the past few years, but church has been a conflict for the Sunday portion. My ward now meets at 1:00 p.m. on Sundays so I have Sunday mornings free to take the class!

    I am a happy camper this week!

  11. M.D.:

    I was thinking about the “alternate” names for you place and your comments. I really think I would prefer a “compound” the sight of which would cause the pencil pusher, armed with his ID and a form letter “authorization”, they send out to “inventory my supplies” to insure “equal distribution to the needy” to wet himself and remember he didn’t bring enough help.

    • riverrider says:

      jp, if thats the aim call it the “east tennessee militia training camp# 1”. …. i just put a fence all the way around my immediate area. they’re not authorized to open a gate to enter without homeowner permission or a warrant:)

  12. Took out my Sharpie and boldly marked all food packages and cans in the pantry with their “expiration” date on the labels. Organized them, made a list of items that needed to be purchased, put the ones that had to be used this month up front and began clearing basement shelving to load up with more food/water.

    • Encourager says:

      Whew, bet that took a while, huh? I try to do that, too, when I buy stuff and before it goes downstairs.

      I have finally developed a ‘pattern’: Write exp date on item, log it on the storage chart, take downstairs, put away on shelf in back of older stuff. Works, however…it is that putting it on the shelf that bogs me down, there are at least 10 bags down there right now! Every once in a blue moon my dh has pity on me and puts stuff away.

  13. HomeINsteader says:

    Does anyone have experience with HULU you’d be willing to share?

    • I just watch what I can for free on HULU as I’m poor and cheap. I prefer netflix as there are no commercials though.

    • Have you checked out Playon?

      Same basic idea but cheaper and more shows. Your computer has to be relatively fast, but it works really great.

      We had Hulu plus for a while and it just wasn’t worth it for us — we don’t watch much regular TV.

      Netflix is better for movies than Hulu from my limited experience with both.

      And have checked out Skyangel for TV choices — its family friendly mainly Christian programming — we have that and Play On and the combination works great.

    • Repair Mama says:

      Just signed up for Hulu for son to watch sponge bob at the shop. I signed on one day and watched the whole 1st season of Downton Abbey in short order! I have cable at home and Hulu for the shop. Some of it is free I think, but we do the 7.99 per month for the plus. I dont know if I would want only that for entertainment as I am always watching the talking heads on the news networks and the weather channel. weather is important to know when to do the outdoor work and when to schedule the indoor stuff for the boys on the crew. Hard to do unit installs if it is pouring the rain! “giggle” lol

    • Tigerlily says:

      We just recently picked up a Roku and it comes with several different options you can add to it. We only paid $40 for it through 1saleaday and I have seen it listed on there a couple times since then. Some of the channels are completely free and some require a monthly fee like Netflix and Hulu, but it sure is nice to be able to watch on a big tv instead of on my computer all the time.

  14. Once I got off my soap box earlier, I remembered what I forgot. Got a present from dh, 2 uv-5r radios & a technician study guide. So maybe here in a few weeks I may be a liscenced ham. Yay me. So far they seem Luke great radios for the price. Comms are something I needed to start on.
    Thanks, ms, for you hard work here. We all benefit.

  15. MountainSurvivor says:

    I laugh every time the media describes how terrified THEY are of people who live outside THEIR box. Not a lot could be done for preps so I organized, cleaned and repaired inside the home, miniscule as it all was, and tended to the needs of the computer.

  16. MENTALMATT says:

    Thanx Riverrider, you hang in there to brother….

  17. Prepin in Pa says:

    – Purchased “31 Days to Survial”
    – installed shelving to support food preps
    Purchased Several :
    – cans of beans, kidney, black
    – cans of tomato, with jalepenos
    – chicken/beef broth
    – canisters of oatmeal
    – pounds of rice 3
    – gallons of water, 8
    – spam, 1 can, had to
    – miscellaneous other food items
    S&W .357 Sweet!
    .38 special + P 200 rounds
    40 caliber 150 rounds

    Rearranged some furniture and rooms in the home to create a better exercise area. And I am learning to eat differently. Honey infused garlic to help fight off a cold and Dr. Oz’s green drink. And spent some time at the range.

    Productive but expensive week.

  18. Mystery Guest says:

    I wish to thank all that have or are praying for my nephew. Prayer is a wonderful thing.
    I appreciate it very much.

  19. This was my first “purchasing week”….my big $300 expenditure. Decided to prep after my son returned from taking supplies to Staten Island…but must admit have always been a prepper at heart. Telling my age of 65… but when my mother sold the house we lived in for 30 plus years, they found all of my “bomb shelter” supplies under the porch…so guess it has always been natural for me. I also have had the tremendous blessing serving in Romania for several yrs in medical missions. Have seen first hand what can happen to a thriving country.
    My purchases this week were water containers….5 gal…I can lift them… 2 laterns…ordered online, then joined Costco..need new glasses, so think I will save membership fee by getting less expensive glasses there. Bought food saver, foil,nuts,and canned chicken. I am confused about which water system to buy…want to get that next week..numerous negative responses on Amazon about Berkey…HELP! My next purchase will be my first gun. Thanks for all of the great advice.

    • I’ve been very happy with my Berkey. I am just one person so I bought a British Berkfield which is a slightly smaller version and uses the white cartridges. I bought from directive21 on Ebay, $184 with free shipping.

    • I like my Berkey and use it everyday mostly for water for my coffee, no problems with it at all.

  20. Surviving in Ky. says:

    Hello Pack, Hope everyone is doing well. Finally received a few spare parts that have been on order for about 3 weeks. Still have several more on back order, hope I get them. Read the link you posted M.D. on ammo and parts shortages. As a citizen of the great Commonwealth of Ky., I can agree with the article. .22 is non-exsistent along with other ammo and parts.
    1. Spare trigger assembly for 10/22
    2. Spare Wilson combat spring kit for 1911
    3. Spare trigger spring for Glock
    4. A couple other small spare parts for Glock
    5. 50 Desiccant Packs
    6.Solar battery charger
    7. Book on caching (OK, but mostly common sense)
    8. Book on water storage and cisterns (Good book with good ideas)
    9. 100 rds. of .38
    10. 100 rds. 0f .357
    11. 30 rd. Magazine Reloader
    I am going to keep my eye out for all ammo and gun preps as it may a year or longer before things get back to normal. The one frustrating thing is to see all the gun retailers putting everything on an auction site. I understand the concept of making money but guns are going for triple the price and probably driving a lot of hard working people into bankruptcy out of fear. It is sure to be taking away from other family needs. Sure glad I’ve been with the program for a while. Keep your spirits high pack and keep prepping. God Bless!

    • riverrider says:

      nice job, sik. spare parts is one area i’m weak on. i buy spare guns instead:) as to being with the program, my wife thinks i’m smarter every week, right after shewatches the news, LOL! my local dealer told me he had a guy put a deposit on a gun and run to the bank for a home equity loan to finish paying. sad. who knows, maybe this will bring a large segment of the country back to prepping.

      • Surviving in Ky. says:

        Yea it’s sad river for people to be taking out loans on things they should have been thinking about already. I do believe some are starting to see the danger this country is in and are scared to death. I talked to some folks at work today who are worried about ammo and how little they have on hand. They are searching every web site out there and coming up empty and now they’re scared. A couple of guys ask me how much I had on hand and I just commented that I didn’t have as much as I wanted and left it at that. One guy did mention he was good but like me, wouldn’t comment. I believe I will dig a little tomorrow, thinks we may have another prepper in our mist. lol I know he is an AR man, so I figure he’s prepared by what I could tell. Already know his politics, so that’s good. He was hesitant to answer too many questions. That would make at least a good half dozen that I work with who are serious about taking care for the long term. As for the parts, I to but spare guns but only have 2 of the same kind, 2 is one and 1 is none. So I figure to keep the 2 going as long as possible before using ithem for a rock or club. lol Never did throw real straight. Keep your powder dry old friend and as you say “Resist”. Hope I can call you friend, at least in spirit, hopefully in person one of these days. Have a great week!

  21. Hullo, Pack!
    This week: bought Tattler reusable canning lids-now have to learn to use them. Invested in heirloom seeds for garden (so they’ll reproduce-no heirloom seeds either won’t produce or produce weak plants. It’s planned obsolescence).
    Unpacked the dehydrator and processed my first ever apple fruit leather. It’s great! should have tried it before. Jerky is next.
    Found a really great “from scratch” biscuit recipe that DH likes better than canned. Woot!
    Found some really great material on small area gardening – until we can get this house sold and move to a bigger yard area out of the city limits.
    You all are so right about not saying a lot about prepping. I’ve learned some lessons this week. Not what I had in mind for the learning curve, but it’s more knowledge than I had before. So that’s good.
    Found out that rubbing alcohol is a dandy fire starter! Experimented in the back yard and didn’t burn down the neighbor’s fence! The alcohol will feed the fire and not go out so fast – even in this area’s soggy air and damp climate! Another woot!
    Love this blog. I come listen to you all when everything else is crazy. There is some kind of cognitive dissonance going out there: they just keep doing stupid, destructive things and refusing to learn from it – this is a sane place. Thanks!

  22. Warmongerel says:

    Not a lot this week. Financial obligations.

    The kid wants braces – when I was a kid you never wanted braces. Times have changed, but the prices haven’t. Good thing she’s not spoiled: she just gets whatever she wants. 😉 That would be a problem if she wasn’t such a great kid. Raised her by myself and she’s got more common sense than 90% of the population.

    – Confirmed my daughter’s spot in the local gun safety course in February so she can come to the range with me. She’s thrilled.
    – Picked up a little more .40 for the new hardware.
    – A guy at work gave me a scope mount for my SKS. Don’t know if I want to mount it: needs to be drilled and tapped. Kinda thinking I might get the bolt-on type instead.
    – Put away more water. Emptied out a cabinet in my basement that had a bunch of crap in it. Cool, dark and should be able to hold about 30 gallons.
    – Another guy at work gave me a book on the Israeli Krav Maga martial arts techniques. Thinking I might take some courses. The daughter wants to get into kickboxing, but I may talk her into this instead. Much more useful in the real world.
    – Put away a little more food. Feel like I’ve been slacking in this department. Have to change that.
    – Bought a couple things for my bike. I’m gonna call it prepping. 😉
    – E-mailed the Congresscritters, for what it’s worth. Sens. Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken (yeah, I know) wouldn’t care if 99.9% of the population was against gun-control. They’d vote for it anyway.

    That’s about it for prepping.

    I think that the Leftist/Democrats (there are no longer any “moderates” in that Party) are realizing that they now have a tiger by the tail. They thought that, after the Newtown shooting, the populace would be so horrified that they could bulldoze any anti-gun laws that they wanted through Congress.

    Instead, it all backfired on the wannabe tyrants. Guns & ammo are flying off the shelves like never before. And there is open talk of armed revolution if they try to violate the 2nd Amendment.

    To save face with the “useful idiots” of the Left, they’ll try to pass some watered down versions of what they originally wanted. And, being the fools that they are, the Leftists will hail it as some great victory while trying to forget that they thought that this may finally be the moment that they could disarm Americans.

    What must really freak them out is the realization that, if they couldn’t disarm us after Newtown, they never will without a fight.

  23. I bought four Dietz Blizzard Lanterns that were on sale at Lehman’s (www.lehmans.com for $9.95 each). Kept them in the original packing bubble-wrap the way they were shipped in case they have to be transported. Don’t worry, they almost always work (99%). No need to unpack and re-pack them.

    Cleared out my local Walmarts of their Orion Search and Rescue Campfire Starter/Signal Flares. In the Camping aisle. They are two nice Marine-grade flares sold at $4.99, and they burn bright red for 5 minutes. Great for signalling, or starting fires. Unpack them from their original plastic wrap and oppose them, and roll them in aluminum foil, rolling them like twin tacos, and seal them with tape. Then place them in a standard Ziploc sandwich bag, and drop in an insert labeling them as two signal flares. Write the label on a Band-Aid. Band-Aids make good labels, and are always a bonus if they are needed.

  24. Been a good week weather-wise here – mostly low 40’s to mid 60’s. Perfect for burning brush and getting in firewood.

    Winter gardens are doing great with the early rains – plenty of broccoli, kale, cabbage, spinach, lettuces, radishes, onions, fava beans, peas and leeks coming along. Summer plots have rye, vetch and clover sprouting nicely.

    Got the hive repaired that was damaged by the bear and the bees resettled nicely.

    Big project for the coming week (started yesterday) will be to get the elevated water tank drained and cleaned. This time of year it’s cool enough for the wood to hold the moisture so I can take my time. Looks to need a couple of bands replaced and some repairs on its roof will be necessary – not jobs I really look forward to although the view from up there is something to behold.

    Still have plenty of coffee, chocolate and wine so no dollars were spent on “supplies” this week.

  25. Not a bad week all in all. Called my congress critters which in some ways is almost a waste of time, since one senator and my representative are solid 2nd amendment supporters and the other senator is a hopeless leftist. I still keep the calls and letters going though to let the good ones know that they’re appreciated and will be remembered and to let the bad one know that his views are not appreciated and will also be remembered.

    Received my new Baofeng UV 5RA Two Way Radio (136-174 & 400-480 MHz Dual-Band FM Transceiver. We’re checking on the FCC type acceptance, but at first look it appears this thing is certified for the entire frequency range, which includes FRS, GMRS, MUIRS, the amateur 2 meter and 70 cm bands, plus our local EMA and several other public service frequencies.

    I also received one of the perks of being an NRA instructors and volunteering a bunch of time each year. New S&W M&P 22 handguns arrived this past week, so they’ve been added to the inventory. Our club purchased a few and several of the instructors purchased some, primarily for use in our classes. The instructor team now has enough between us to start everyone with the same small caliber firearm when we do the first range introduction. This should clear up a lot of confusion with the mix of .22s we now use.

    New ham radio equipment and new guns, which for me is a very productive week.

  26. Built a new, larger pantry in the basement, 128 cubic feet of storage space. The old pantry cabinets have been demoted to the garage for more storage space there. Looking at all the empty space now that needs filling. Got some tactical quick draw target practice in on Saturday.

  27. U2redneck says:

    Hi pack!! This week I downloaded some free e-books to my kindle via Natalia’s website…(thx for doing that for us! I try to check it every day!). Bought a pressure canner from Walmart ($66) as I’d like to start canning chili, stock, and chicken this week. Bought a 2.5 gallon container of water. Thinking of stocking up on a few of those repl water cooler containers…they seem more durable. Printed out some info on food storage for my food section binder (following the 31 days to survival book). Hoping all is well…have a blessed week!

  28. This week I bought cheap cookie tins for food storage, from the thrift store, repaired a coat, and ate some dehydrated sweet potato slices to see how that would go. They were tough but edible with hummus. I worked on my snare knockoff, but didn’t get too far. You can use a lock nut and bolt instead of a screw and an erector set bolt, and they work better. I looked for thinner braided wire but what I took home was the same thickness as before. I also found websites selling snare parts, but I want to make it DIY from hardware store parts.

    I am trying this idea I found of a stealth BOB made from a golf bag, all I’ve done so far is rip out the grid in the top of the golf bag and try various configurations of shoulder straps to see which will annoy me the least. I think this idea might be a non-starter, or maybe it could be used by someone too weak to carry their own BOB, they could wheel it along on a golf bag dolly.

    The crypto class grinds on, one more homework to turn in and then the final exam to do.

    All the good ole boys I know are very worried about the gun bill. They say also that their usual political connections are being useless this time around. Argh!

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      I have a weight distro vest and a bob with a water bladder. My tools are on slings or strapped to me. I am considering a BP that also has rollers and ext. Handle. I’m interested in your idea of the golf bag. I am thinking that if you had to recon you would hide your bob and carry only your tools. A golf bag might be hard to stash depending upon the terrain. But I admire your ingenuity and creativity. Kudos.

    • What will you use the tins for? I have used them for hard candy so far, but as they’re not air/watertight, I’m not sure what else. Maybe things like bandages that are also in ziploc bags? Curious to know your plans.

      • Natalia:

        I have found that electricians tape works quite well to seal up “popcorn tins”. Its stretches and makes a very good seal.

      • You can also drip candle wax around the lip where the top meets the body of the tin. It will seal it pretty well.

  29. Divergal (S Fla) says:

    Hi Wolfpack!

    It seems like forever since I’ve posted but work is always insane during diving season. Now that things have calmed down some I have plenty of time… and a TON of reading to catch up on. It was a really profitable year though so that makes it worth all the insane work.

    My preps have been moving along – There is no way Im gonna list 5 months of preps though. However, in the last week:

    Found canning jars and lids at my local Publix. I havent seen them there forever so I bought the whole 6 cases of jars they had and extra rings and lids to go with.

    Cleaned out the closet of canned preps and took everything that expired in the next 2-3 months to the local food bank.

    Ordered more seeds for the garden, and started 4 flats worth. They are inside and it doesnt really ever get that cold here so I feel safe starting them so early.

    Bought 2 new citrus trees to replace the one I lost last year – my yard guy (read neighbor) is going to put them in for me this week.

    Thats it for preps – On another note, my mom who has seen her neighborhood go from comfortable middle class to not so great has moved in with me. It’s not my ideal situation but with crime rising and a lot of empty houses in her neighborhood now, it was for the best. It hasnt always been fun and games – explaining why the linen closet was full of canned goods and not linens, yes its safe to eat foods I have canned , you arent going to die from botulism, will the chickens give us bird flu? I pray every day for patience and hopefully given some time we can both get used to this new arrangement.

    I hope everyone is well and prepping hard. Im so glad to be back.


    • Hunker-Down says:


      We missed you. You live in a different world than us snowbound northerners.

      When mom gets on your nerves, remember all the dumb questions you asked her during many years of growing up.

    • Encourager says:

      Divergal, I was wondering what happened to you! Just life, huh?

      It is hard to have your mom move in with you. She still thinks like your ‘mom’ and not a roommate. You want her to think of you as a grown-up but she still sees you as her child. Ack! But long talks and patience will win the day. Said a prayer for you!

      • Divergal (S Fla) says:

        Thanks for the prayers Encourager. Im going to need every last one of them. She does think like my mom – gives me grief for the oddest things. But, it will all work out and every time I feel my patience coming to an end I remind myself that she is safe and healthy here…. Those are the important things.


  30. Repair Mama says:

    Well, It has been a long time since I have been able to post here. I do keep up with reading as I can and this is the segment that I love the best.
    But this week has been utterly awsome and I had to sneek off and post.

    DH is still flaky about my prepping and I still hide most of my activities from him on this front, but due to recent circumstances, my prepping money has dried up big time. I try to hide small purchases in the grocery budget under the guise of “Couponing” and hide stuff in my truck till I can carry it in when he is not looking. But on the upside of this problem, he has been talking to me a little more about things.. After the school shooting in CT, I was sssoooo upset about those kids. I have grand kids and an 8yr boy of my own, I cried on his shoulder. He understood.
    A week or so later, we were in the kitchen watching the new network “talking heads” that were gabbing and going on about gun control and banning guns. He pops up and says “if they are not careful, there will be a damn civil war again in this country!” I dropped a pan at the stove!
    I had asked him for a hand gun a few times this last year. I think he is afraid that I will shoot him with it if I got mad at him or something. I am not like that! Another day we were talking to his older brother that he respects and admires about me wanting a hand gun. His brother made a statement about people not being able to handle the gun and how I needed to go and get training before I thought about getting one. MY DH jumped right in and told him I was more than capable to handle one and that I already had training in law enforcement classes and a little in the military. He stood up for me! and that was one huge complement!!
    This weekend, we went to visit his sister, and somehow the topic came up and I said I wanted a gun, I am dropping the most blunt tidbits that I can.
    He told me once that if we purchased one that I would have to go and get my ccw permit, I told him very eagerly that I would definately get the classes and get the permit! HELL YEAH! I am still working on this.

    In other prepping areas, hit a good clearence and purchased a bunch of first aid supplies like gauze wraps, and gauze pad for 75% off. Purchased 4 boxes (sm) of n95 masks, and head lice medication.
    I was able to land a major prep item this week for a very low cost. I got a 1920-1930’s 2 burner wood cooking stove with white enamel on it. WOW!
    I am sooooo tickled to death about this item. One prep I could not hide form DH, but when he came home that night, i showed it to him and he loves it! cool antique. and I love it cause if we need it, it is functional!
    I have piping in the attic to hook it up in no time should we need to.
    That is it for this week, but very encouraging for me. I did pick up more food sat night at grocery store with ad papers and coupons. they had canned tomatoes and canned beans for .29 a can. picked up 48 assorted. I still have to figure out where to put those. DH and I talked about converting mom’s old bedroom into play room for our son. I will move the bed and dresser to another room, shelf out closet and turn it into a pantry area to add to the pantry area I have in laundry room. all of the kitchen cabinets are stuffed full and long term stuff is in 3 other closets in the house, my first aid closet is still where it always has been and i am adding to it as i can.

    To all of the pack puppies, have a great week. May God Bless each and everyone of you and your families. Without God, we are nothing.
    Take care and keep up the good work. Stay Strong!

    • good for you- esp on the stove- i have been wanting one like that for a while- the best i have been able to do is our next door neighbor has an old barn and has a cast iron stove- the kind where there really isnt any burners but you can use a pot or two on it- and i asked hubby about it and he said he would offer to haul it away for the neighbor. it will need cleaning and repainting but is functional

      when my kids moved out- i boxed up the leftover stuff and went thru their closets and got one closet completely empty- they are small closets and stored my preps there- i use 5 gal buckets to store dry goods- labeling each one and use my dog food boxes- they are strong and the same size- easy to stack up. i have also converted a spare room into a guest room and am storing my canned goods there on an old entertainment center- dont forget under the bed too.
      i hope you can get a gun- i love my kimber 45 ultra carry- shoot what you are comfortable with and learn your gun very well- i would take mine apart in the evenings and still do to make sure i know every part of it- practice in different circumstances after you are familiar with it-i have practiced- with supervision- shooting with my weak hand- shooting without my glasses- shooting one handed – very carefully but learning to pull it out of my holster and even my purse

      • Repair Mama says:

        I would like a 9mm or something in that range.
        I am lucky to beable to shoot left and right handed. I will need to paractice more with the let though. Lucky that so far, I dont have to wear glasses. I will keep my fingers crossed tightly. Valentine’s day is coming up really soon!!

    • Hunker-Down says:

      Repair Mama,

      Sounds like the DH is a prepper but not willing to admit it!

      • Repair Mama says:

        He is stubborn enough not to admit it. I wish the metaphoric “Brick” would just hit him in the head and he would just “get it”. He loved the wood stove, but told me that he wasn’t cutting a hole in the wall. He said if we needed heat, we have 3 trucks with larger invertors in them, a generator, and propane heater. I will wait it out, love my little stove, get it reworked and ready to actually use. The time may come that we have to use it. The big thing is that it is here now, just in case.

        I am working on him a little bit at a time. I bitch about grocery and gas prices. have a fit every month when the electric bills come in, and things like that.

        We had the strangest conversation tonight after reading a story on yahoo news about twin brothers that are deaf and going blind that were euthanized because they did not want to live any longer in belgium. Freaked me out. He was troubled about the story. I read the story and then started reading the comments. He thought that maybe it did not happen the way that the article read. after I read a bunch of the comments and thinking about what he said I asked him what if “it really did not happen at all. Maybe the creepy people incharge of the world just made it up and had it reported like they did to see what people would say and how they would react. Like maybe they were feeling out the situation to use it as population control and offing people that they feel are not worth breathing and taking up resources. like the “Pathways” thing they are doing in the UK now.
        Scared the crap out of me and his mind is following in the same direction. He said that before long it will start happening everywhere, even here.
        God Help us!

    • my dh is also not on-board with my stashes. He jokes that I’m a ‘Doomsday Prepper’ (they make being prepared look hoarder-ish and a bit coo-coo cachoo). Glad to hear your hubby is slowly coming around…it makes me think perhaps mine will too one day!

    • Repair Mama,

      It’s so good to hear from you. It sounds like your dh is coming around. I predict you will have your hands on a handgun by this summer. I am hoping my dh really liked his nephew’s AR. Maybe he will want one of his own. We have a good friend who is selling his Mini 14. Just maybe . . . .

      • Repair Mama says:

        Bam Bam,
        He told his brother that there are 2 things you dont play and bet money on against me and that is throwing darts and shooting., We have a couple of pellet guns. My practice was to try to hit a dime acrost the back yard, throwing those little plastic things that come on the bags of hamburger buns and shooting them from the back kitchen window. and my favorite, shooting at a hanging piece of rope.
        I do hope he is coming around. but sometimes I think he is moving in the right direction and then he dodges into the opposite one.
        ‘sigh’ just dont know what will come of all of this. I will keep trying though.
        good luck on the AR!

  31. Jim in SoCal says:

    Greetings Pack!

    I was unlucky enough to get infected with the flu a week ago this past Friday. Just now feelin’ a might better. It sure did kick my butt!

    As you can imagine, not much prepping was done. DW did put some more canned goods back, and I spent some time laying out the garden (on paper) so that we will be ready to go.

    So sorry to hear about the rash of unfortunate luck that has been going around, those fishing trips can be dangerous! But don’t worry, TDL will protect you all. Just ask him…

    Trust in God and keep your powder dry!

  32. AZ Rookie Prepper says:

    Hi Wolfpack. Been a couple of weeks since I posted, got some good things done. Did a run to Costco, picked up some bulk food items that beefed up a couple of weak spots in the larder. Re-organized the ammo supplies, found I am in pretty good shape in most calibers, got a couple thin spots in other calibers. Can never have too much ammo. My new dw is fully on board with prepping and much better organized than I was. Getting excited about next springs gardening, already getting seed catalogs and planning to increase the number of raised beds. Purchased some warm clothing for the wife and daughter, much needed as they are not used to temps like we get. Prayers to those who need them, best wishes to all.

  33. New to all this, so would love some advice. Mid 60s widow and do not discuss this with my brothers…or will have me in a “home” asap…I need a gun…friend recommended the Judge…said I did not have to be a very good marksman…certainly plan on taking some lessons…but could anyone recommend another choice….or would this be good?

    • if possible go to a gun range and see if you can find experienced person to go with you or at the gun range- a lot of gun ranges have different guns you can rent and shoot- please dont buy a gun until you have had lessons and have shot several different types- also depends on your physical condition of yourself- no offense

    • AZ Rookie Prepper says:

      R dover, I agree with mama, get some practice first, be honest with yourself about your physical condition and abilities. A revolver might be a good option for you instead of a semi-auto, the judge is a revolver and very powerful handgun. It allows you to shoot .410 shotgun shells which means you have a broad pattern of shot going out, thus you dont need much aiming skill. The issue with shotgun shell handguns is that at any distance, you can lose some “killing” power. If you have some practice, then a regular handgun might be a better option for self defense. Do some study, plenty of info on the web about “self defense handguns”.

    • Encourager says:

      First, welcome to the Wolf Pack, R dover. You need to go ‘handle’ some weapons. It is best to fire them, and many gun ranges will ‘rent’ out guns while you practice with them there. See how it feels in your hand. If the barrel has a tendency to droop, it may be too heavy for you. I made a mistake buying my first one; I wanted one I could carry in my purse so got a so-called hammerless one. I have arthritis in my hands and during my class after pulling that trigger a dozen times, I couldn’t open or close my hand because of the pain of pulling the trigger. I now have one with a hammer that I pull with one hand and fire with the other. Works for me.

  34. Late again this week. Very busy lately. I did some re-stocking of food – huge grocery shopping weekend as I haven’t done much lately. Mostly stuff we use and wouldn’t last a month, except for cat food – bought the standard month and a half of canned cat food plus a bag of Meow Mix – just need to pick up a bag of prescription kitty food and we’ll be set for nearly two months.

    Another thing I consider prepping is health and fitness. I started my running training program again on Sunday morning. It was great weather and allowed me to spend some time outside to enjoy it. My plan is to be able to run a 5k in 30 minutes by the end of 8 weeks. I have started this program twice and I’ve only made it to the point of running 20 minutes straight. Now, I just need for the weather to cooperate and to recover faster than I have from Sunday’s run. 🙂

    I hope everyone is having a great week!

  35. I know I’m late posting, I think this is probably the first time I’ve posted to the WDYDTPTW, but I’ve got to post that I finally got my bills paid off. The place is mine except for Uncle Sugar always wanting tax money. I joined both the NRA and the ARRL. If I can ever afford another Hamm radio I’ll get back on the air. Bought 30 rounds of 12 ga slug and a 500 round brick of CCI 22LR. I didn’t think there was a single 22LR left for sale in the country but there are now a few less for sale since I found them.
    Trying to figure out where to store the stuff I now MAY have the money to buy. Almost forgot – called both State Senators and my Rep saying “Supporting ALL of the Constitution was the right thing to do, including supporting the Second Amendment”.
    I love all of you good folks and pray for everyone, including the occasional troll. MD, I appreciate all you do for the common, or is that uncommon, folks that frequent your site. Stay strong and keep the faith.

    • riverrider says:

      good job.feels great, doesn’t it? where did you find the cci?

      • rr,
        Local gun shop that “allegedly” has it’s people stop by Wally World and other “shops” and buy up all they can get, before it hits the shelf. Again “allegedly” there is money being passed under the table to a WW worker to sell more than two boxes at a time to their friends. I’d probably disagree with that, except the price I had to pay for it sure seems high enough to include some “fees”. Maybe it’s just the law of supply and demand affecting the price.

    • WireNut,
      Great to hear about getting everything paid off. Paid off our homestead more than 10 years ago, and even with taxes, utilities, and insurance, you can live a lot more on the cheap and have better cash flow for other things without that mortgage.
      We did recently bite off a little debt for another vehicle. A friends MIL passed away and they had an extra vehicle which we got at a good price. We would normally have paid in cash, but with the DD still in college, the loan made good sense, although it does feel odd to have a monthly payment again.

      Congrats on joining ARRL and thinking about getting a rig. If you’re looking to get back on the air on the cheap and can settle for VHF & UHF for use with your local repeaters as a starting point; then I highly recommend the Baofeng UV 5RA Two Way Radio (136-174 & 400-480 MHz @ 1 & 5 watts) Dual-Band FM Transceiver. They’re available on Amazon for under $50 and include antenna, 1800 mAh lithium polymer battery and charging stand. They contain 128 channels and can be programmed from the keypad, but the programming cable (around $10) and the free programming software is useful.

      • OP,

        Maybe the VHF would do, UHF probably not around here.
        For all practical purposes I’m in the Great Smoky Mountains and line of sight won’t get me over the “hills”. Thinking more along the line of MF/HF just to talk outside the area and possibly get some news from outside folks without the MSM filters. I haven’t been on-the-air since my Ex and I parted ways and the Judge saw fit to give her all of the equipment – even though she didn’t have a license or the knowledge to use it. The FMWN doesn’t have a license and doesn’t really want one, but is willing to learn to use whatever we get so if/when SHTF she can even without the papers.
        I appreciate the recommend the recommendation and will consider when/if finances allow.

  36. Indianaprepper says:

    I sold all my guns but my muzzle loader I deer hunt with and my crossbow. looking at moving to east Texas would be better for health reasons would be better able to breath there.

  37. Pulled my daughter out of the target rich environment and enrolled her in online home school.
    -22 last night, (daytime high 17) and the water in the new pantry is finally starting to freeze. Pre-tty good insulation. I finally had to make a fire. I have a running tally to see how much wood I am burning at what temps to keep everything from freezing. We have a small electric heater that we haven’t used yet, just in case we are gone, it should keep my canned goods from freezing. So SHTF we should be good. Name it the dog house and the low man on the totem pole has to sleep in the pantry to keep the fire going when it is butt cold.

    Out of 14 cords I have used three this year to date. I am trying to see how much I will need for three years. With three wood burners. It would help if the weather was predictable.

    I went out to do my chores and my face froze shut. Yep. frozen shut was the best way to describe it. You can’t breathe through your mouth or it hurts your teeth and your nose has ice in it. I took 5 gallons of hot oatmeal out to the poultry and they stayed in the house under the heater. Even the young tom who has been roosting in the trees had the sense to finally go in the house.
    The only animals who aren’t hunched up are the Pryenees and they are so annoyingly happy!
    Speaking of dogs, I found an unfired (is that a word?) 30.06 cartridge and a nail in a pile of dog poo. WTH? For reals. The dogs ate my ammo. I took a picture of it on my phone for proof. “Git off my property or I’m gunna shot with my dog!

    I’ve been yelling at all the dang kids and the DH to remember to put the guns back where they belong, and quit shooting up all the ammo! I don’t know what happened to everything. Seems the DH traded most of the guns for a steer, a couple of shoats, and a killer load of hay. Wouldn’t you know it, my AR fell out of the four wheeler scabbard into the snow, and I think someone found it? I went to put my reward sign up in town and the telephone poles and bulletin boards all over town are full of lost gun reward signs.
    I took my old black powder rifle out of the safe and tried to cleaned it. Shameful neglect.
    Brought back memories of the 80’s when we thought it was so cool to wear matching western shirts and buy matching guns. The last time I shot this monster was (Sept 1989) after I loaded it, walked away from it, then my husband loaded it again, thinking it was his. Dummy didn’t pay any mind to the fact that his rod seemed “off”. Whatever. Sounds about right.
    Maybe he was drinking his breakfast that day. They used to make eggs and ham in a can called Bud, you know, back in the day.
    Of course I almost died, but didn’t. Obviously. Or I wouldn’t be here telling how dumb my family is. It was rather curious to see a big flash in front of the gun and my face felt hot. The stench! The first and only time I had bangs.
    The cow elk I was shooting at just stood there wondering when someone was going to kill it. Of course the hubbys gun didn’t shoot at all. She just walked off, taking her time. She must have seen this happen before. Stupid people in matching hunting shirts.
    I hope I not reduced to using this gun again. I will just wack someone over the head with it. Would it be considered an assault rifle or combat gun if a bayonet can attach to it? We can only hope.

    Would someone plu-ease invent an auto loader for a crossbow?!

    I did find an amazing deal on 10 five gallons Culligan jugs with spigots at the Salv Army for $1 each. I asked the gal to call me if she gets more. Scored three trashbags full of new and very nice items for $3.00 for my Charity Packs.

    Hubby found me an awesome metal wheeled welding cart that I can haul hay bales, bags of feed, firewood, and lots of heavy stuff. Even in the snow, if I shovel a path. My stupid frozen shoulder is sore. STILL.
    The cart will be a life saver when I don’t have fuel for vehicles to pull my chore wagon.
    I bought a 1200 gallon underground cistern for $900.00 to collect rainwater and snow melt. I have been saving my egg money for a long while. Now I need to go argue about where it IS going to be buried. Of course, after the snow melts and we can feel our faces again.