Whatever Happened to Protecting Ourselves?

This is a guest post written by Jarhead Survivor

I recently saw on M.D.’s site that he was looking for a little help in the writing department, so I asked if he’d like me to do a guest post or two and he said sure.  This isn’t an entry in a contest, just one friend helping out another.

On to the post!

Over the years I’ve watched the rights of citizens eroding away and have been appalled at the reaction by the masses. For example: the searches at airports have become more and more invasive, yet many comments I read in response to this loss of privacy is, “Thank God. I don’t want to be on an airplane when someone pulls a gun and hijacks us,” or some such.

Ok, I’ll give you that, but I used to travel extensively around the country by air and the only time I was ever scared was in a big storm flying back home to Portland, Maine. I literally flew two to four times a week for over two years and not once did I experience or talk to anyone that saw or heard of a person trying to cause injury on an airplane.

But security, on the other hand, became much more invasive after 9/11. I remember at one small airport in Pennsylvania I got searched three times within the space off 100 meters. Maybe this wouldn’t have been a big deal, except that all three stations were within sight of one another and one of the guards on the third station watched me get searched when I went through the second station and still pulled me aside at the third one to search me again!

I got a little belligerent at that point and started asking questions like, “Didn’t you see me just get searched back there? Don’t you trust the guy that just patted me down and ran me through metal detector?” I have a little bit of a short fuse sometimes and I’m lucky my mouth didn’t land me behind bars.

Needless to say I don’t have much use for airport security and what it’s become over the last ten years.

Homeland security is yet another area where we as citizens have given up our rights – or had them stripped away as the case may be. I won’t go into details that you all probably already know so well about the Homeland Security Act. Suffice it to say that as government control grows stronger our rights as citizens keep eroding away one by one.

Now here’s the thing that blows me away. A lot of people that I’ve talked to are all for it. They have totally bought into the story being told by the government about doing this to protect our rights as citizens. To protect us.

Have we as a nation become so weak that we give up all our rights and responsibilities to protect ourselves? We’ve placed our protection in the hands of the government now.

How many times in the past year have there been stories of people pulling out guns and blazing away and killing three, or five, or ten people before they kill themselves or are shot down by police? Just a thought, but what would happen if more people in the malls or wherever were carrying guns when some shooter opened up? I’d be willing to bet he wouldn’t get too far before he was filled full of holes.

I’m not calling for the wild west here, but I am hoping that at some point we as American citizens take the responsibility of our protection personally instead of farming it out to Uncle Sam. Should every person have the right to carry a firearm? Certainly not, but if more responsible people did carry we might have fewer incidents where multiple people are killed in a shooting simply because their only protection was to hide or run.

What do you think? Should the government be able to tap our electronic communications and use drones on home soil for our protection? Should we take more responsibility for our own protection? Has crazy ol’ Jarhead finally slipped off the deep end?

Sound off below!

About M.D. Creekmore

M.D. Creekmore is the owner and editor of TheSurvivalistBlog.net. He is the author of four prepper related books and is regarded as one of the nations top survival and emergency preparedness experts. Read more about him here.


  1. Unless the people who vote for a living falls to a point of being less than those of us who work(ed) for a living this is going to escalate until civil war occurs again. This time however, it will not be about states rights or slavery but a rebellion by those who work carrying those who won’t work and I include Federal Government in that won’t work category. I am beginning to see a lot more ads in the free ads publications locally where someone is offering to barter labor for skilled labor or needed product. This, I believe, will continue to the point that it will be the catalyst for civil war because the worthless dregs of society have no skills nor property to barter, are unwilling to work at any gainful maneuver, and the only productive thing they can do is to produce numerous offspring with the same mentioned abilities.

    • Petticoat Prepper says:


      I agree with you on this! We’re going to have too many folks IN the wagon and not enough PULLING the wagon.

      Not that I’ve done bartering but my understanding is that the Government STILL

      • Petticoat Prepper says:

        …Gurrrr…stupid button….

        the Government STILL gets to tax us on what’s bartered, although I don’t know how they’d prove it.

        • Well if they want to tax me loaning a friend something of mine that I have little use in return for the loan of something he has that I can use for however long I need it, then they are going to have to prove it is barter rather than a loan. Harold

        • PP – you are correct. Technically there is a dollar value to what is bartered and that is what “legally” has to be included in your income. If a computer tech asks a CPA to do his tax return in return for doing some computer work, they each have to book the income, but they also get to book the expense. The CPA “earned” say $400 for doing the guy’s taxes but “paid” the guy $400 for computer guru work. Ultimately it is a wash, but it makes the CPA’s revenues higher even though his net income is not affected.

          • Petticoat Prepper says:

            Ah ha….I knew there was something about bartering. I like Harold’s thoughts and will keep that in mind.

        • SurvivorDan says:

          I too curse those darn stupid keyboard buttons! Darn them!

  2. Thomas T. Tinker says:

    From one “crazy ol” jar head to another….. I fear it will take a complete social ‘reset’ to undo what has developed. Jar Head, you and I both know that simply having the means does not promise performance. I like the way you present this issue. From my history it leads me to reexamine my ‘Skills’ and at my age ya gotta have a well developed sense of your space. It’s a pitty so few ‘former’ Jar Heads maintain the skills and physical condition to act on a higher state of that ‘awareness’. OUuuRah Grunt……….

  3. Petticoat Prepper says:

    Perfect timing Jarhead Survivor! I’m about 45 minutes from the latest idiot mall shooting. DH and I were talking last night about CHL (concealed handgun license) and the Clackamas Town Center shooting.

    As most probably know, the AR-15 he used was stolen and it jammed on him. This was fortunate as I believe others would have died and been injured. However, CTC is a no carry zone. I’m sure there were CHL’s there but as a law abiding citizen, they would have left their weapon home/car.

    I think it would be helpful if business removed the signs preventing CHL’s from carrying. DH and I talked quite a bit last night about ‘what if’s’. What if you were there and carrying. It would be extremly difficult to take down the shooter. How far away are you? Can you safely get positioned to take a shot? Can you be assured prior to trigger pull that no one trying to escape would cross your path?

    Again, if all business took down the signs or just added ‘except those under (insert your state law number)’ maybe this sort of thing would stop. After all these shooters know they’ve got fish in a bowl. If they knew others might be armed maybe they’d think twice…maybe not.

    Kudo’s to Sheriff Roberts at yesterday’s press conference when one of the media said, ‘You said the suspect used an assault military type weapon…” He interrupted her with, “I didn’t say that, I said he used an AR-15 rifile.” I listened to the live broadcast and was pleased to see him circumvent the liberal bias. I also found it interesting that one MSM asked about CHL’s being present. Guess they are starting to think maybe those who carry are a good thing?

    I agree with you about the loss of freedom. As Jefferson said, (paraphrased) ‘Those who would trade freedom for imagined safety do not deserve nor will they have either.’

    • SurvivorDan says:

      In Arizona you will only be arrested and prosecuted for carrying in a posted shopping center if you acknowledge that you saw the little teeny signs (or there is a record that you have been previously warned) and did it anyway and/or refused the tenants/security instructions to remove your weapon from the premises.
      I’m not advocating that good folk (not impaired) carry concealed when a place of business is posted – ‘No Firearms’ as I am law abiding. Break the law? No sir. 😉

      But if you conceal deep and you didn’t see the sign…..

      Just sayin’……

      • SurvivorDan says:

        The”I didn’t see the sign” defense doesn’t work for gov’t buildings especially courthouses, Federal Bureau of Idiots, etc. Don’t carry there. it’ll be the hoosegow for you.
        But private businesses are another matter.

      • SD:

        I choose to not do business with establishments that post those signs. There are too many alternatives.

        • SurvivorDan says:

          That is normally my response as well, JP. I do waffle a bit, I am ashamed to say.I need more backbone. Though if I stuck to my guns (no pun intended), I could never go to a movie theater in this town.
          I did close my accounts at a bank that posted that sort of sign. I asked them if they thought that would help prevent violence …. they answered in the affirmative with straight faces. They said it was the regional manager’s doing and they were only following orders. 😉 I had some loot in those days. Which I promptly removed from their bank.

          • SD:

            The more I “talk” with you the more I’m convinced that if you move, just buy some “winter woolies” and come up here!

            • JP I don’t want Survivor Dan to go to the Phillipines either. I think he needs to stay and help us. :_)

    • Julie in OR says:

      Petticoat, I’m previously from Boring. It’s very nice to know someone in my area is like minded and on this site.

      • Petticoat Prepper says:

        Well, we’re not alone! And yes, I do know where Boring is; I’ve been there! Gotta love those bumper stickers…

    • Excellent excellent excellent response by Sheriff Roberts!

    • P.P. – you took the quote right out of my mouth!

  4. Jarhead Survivor’s and Harold’s comments ring true. I trace this to the constant assault on our “Manliness.” Look at the media, pop culture, and even in politics. We have become a nation of “girlie boys.” America, in large measure, does not know what it really means to be a man. Ask those who have worn the uniform–THEY will tell you what a man is (and conversely, what a man is NOT.) God has granted me 65+ years, and let me tell you, our country is going down the sewer. Unless America returns to its Judeo-Christian roots and practises them each and every day, in home, work, and play–we are doomed. MAN UP! men….let’s show this corrupt and Godless society what it truly means to be a man in America in thought, word, and deed!

    • Retired_Patriot – I couldn’t agree with you more. I just might write a post about the “sissification” of America one of these days. Gotta admit, I laughed out loud at the girlyboy reference.

      • SurvivorDan says:

        The Sissification of America

        Can’t wait for the article. Do it.

        • SurvivorDan and Jarhead

          Now kids are taught from the time they are able to walk – don’t fight back when a bully slaps you in the head…tell someone… boy, how things have changed since I was a kid. If I went a week without getting into a slugfest with another kid it was a slow week (and boring lol) I used to love a good fight. Boys will and should be boys.

          • Man, it’s crazy how modern day society has tried to remove the fangs of the hunter isn’t it? My son took a squirt gun to school… a red plastic squirt gun. We got a note back from the school saying that they don’t condone the use of weapons and kindly don’t let him bring it any more. Did I mention he’s 3 1/2 years old???

          • I was a tomboy and my df would smack me silly if he found out I didn’t fight back! And then came high school with all the draft-dodgin’ bad teachers. Strange thing, but the country started going down the tubes then (late sixties) and most folks until recently told me I was full of it. Uh hunh. Not so dumb, for a girl that is.

          • Not me boys! I tell my kids not to start the fight, but dang sure finish it. WIth witnesses. I will sit in detention with them. So will their Dad. The whole family. The school knows this about us, always has. I will not tolerate a bully.
            To this day having kids in this school system for 25 years. My kids have never started a fight, but have been in trouble for fighting 27 times. We put the pink slips in their scrapbooks.

            My youngest son was being harrassed at the high school this year. He was in the office for fighting back. I asked him in front of the Principal if he was OK (he was) and if he really hurt the other kid. He said ” Not as much as he deserved”. ”
            He didn’t get in trouble that time because he used just enough force to end it and only to defend himself. Even though the other kid went to the ER for stitches.
            Gentlemen, The US is not completely sissified.

            I am more worried about the hateful ass mean teenage girls than anything. Whooeee. Don’t get me started on that one. They are not sissified. No siree.

            • Mama J – I know what you mean about the girls. No offense to anyone, but the girl fights are usually between hispanics and blacks. The DH moved out of the school district he was in so his daughter would not have to be subjected to the daily fights. Even so, a girl at her middle school attacked one day as they were getting on the bus. I don’t remember the details, but no one bothered her again.

          • Warmongerel says:

            When my daughter was younger I told her that, if someone was bothering her, tell them to stop it. If that didn’t work, tell a teacher. If the teacher didn’t stop it, she had my permission to go “weapons free” and smack them – and there would be no consequences.

            In 4th grade some brat wouldn’t quit bothering her. The teachers did nothing (that is amazingly common today! They talk alot about bullying, but they won’t actually do anything to stop it. Typical Libs) so she punched him in the face and knocked him off the bench at lunch one day.

            When I got home from work, she told me what had happened and that she had been suspended. I immediately went to the school and told her Principal that she would be sitting at her desk in the morning and if he had a problem with that, there was going to be a lot of bad publicity and lawyers coming his way. I may not win, but his life was going to get extremely busy and complicated.

            He decided that since she was a straight “A” student and not normally prone to this kind of behavior, that he would waive the suspension. 😉

            And, like GA Red said, nobody has bothered her in the 4 years since.

        • SurvivorDan – I’ll work something up and send it to M.D. next week if he’s still needing submissions. Sounds like a fun post to write.

  5. Excellent article, Jarhead!

    Here in Chicago—despite all of the morons “representing” us in Springfield—we scored a major victory this week when the U.S. Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals said the state’s ban on carrying a weapon in public is unconstitutional. Lawmakers here now have 180 days to put their own version of a law in place. We’ll see what happens, but many here are hopeful that the conceal carry ban will go down in 2013 with a whimper rather than a bang (pun intended).

    The majority of gun violence here occurs on the west and south sides of the city where gangs prey on blighted neighborhoods. Yes, our police force is outmanned and Mayor Rahm “little ballerina” Emmanuel has done little to put more law enforcement on the streets to keep up with the carnage, but I digress.

    Maybe if decent, law-abiding Chicagoans have the opportunity to defend themselves in public, the predators will think twice before pulling their own trigger.

    • I would like to bring to your attention that we downstaters have little to do with what transpires in Springfield since the biggest majority of them are actually from Chicago and if not from there are definitely controlled from there. Illinois has 102 counties of which 23 are Democrat and the balance Republican. Want to guess where those Democrat counties are located. Even a local county down here that has no jobs and is predominately on welfare since they taxxed the only business out of existence is still Republican.

      • Harold:

        You and I are on the same page and I’m aware of that fact that downstate Illinois is predominantly Republican. I voted for Brady in the last governor’s election and I was disappointed that he didn’t get in.

        The real cause of Illinoisans’ woes is Mike Madigan. Everyone else—including the previous governors we’ve had—are puppets to Madigan’s Punch and Judy show in the Illinois legislature.

        • He and his daughter are the living entities of the old Daly or Capone bunch and a real scourge on decent Illinoisans.

  6. As a nation, yes, we have abdicated our own self-defense, trusting government and local LEOs to do that job. I’m sure most people were appalled to learn that police have no actual obligation to protect citizens – their first duty is to protect themselves. It’s in their procedures. You safety comes well behind ‘securing the area’ and things like that. Meanwhile, you’re dead.

    As for government protection – federal agencies are doing more armed home invasions these days than criminals and drug gangs combined. But shoot an agent to protect your property or family and you’ll be lucky if anyone is alive when the sun comes up. Think about Waco.

    The simple facts are that fed agents are de facto the new thugs, and local law enforcement will show up too late even IF you are able to call. We need to be armed, 24×7, and to be both willing and trained to use those arms for protection.

    Just FYI, Jarhead Survivor, I think you waffled with your answer to “Should every person have the right to carry a firearm?” question. While your “certainly not” response is technically true, the exceptions are so few that I suggest that the answer should really be “Yes, with certain very limited exceptions”. And since prisons are the new ‘big business’ I wouldn’t even include all ‘felons’ – only some – like violent or sex offenders and genuinely insane folks. The more guns we have in the general population, the safer we will all be from both criminals and tyranny.

    • rev. dave:

      If our judicial system worked you would not have to worry about persons convicted of a felony. After all the reason you put people in prison is to A. Punish them or B. Rehabilitate them. In tracking and deigning “rights” to them we are admitting that we have done neither.

      I would say that an individual who is willing to accept the responsibility to defend himself and others using all means necessary up to and including deadly force should be allowed to own and carry firearms. Some people feel that a firearm will “scare off the bad guy, and they won’t have to take the situation to its ultimate conclusion. They are wrong! When I draw my weapon the negotiations are over…You will follow my instructions or I will shoot you. As many times as necessary. And I won’t be trying to “hurt you” are “scare you”. This is a decision I made when I picked up my 1st firearm.

      My father, who was not a big fan of guns in general, said you don’t point a firearm if you don’t intend to shoot it, and you don’t shoot at someone unless you are ready to kill them. That was a “commission” I accepted when I took possession of my first firearm, and one I have passed to my children and grandchildren.

      There are a lot of people who are getting firearms for the first time. More are starting to carry them more often. When I meat them, I always ask them if they have accepted the “commission”. If they have not already made the decision that they will take a life, I ask them to think hard about it. If they’re not, that’s okay, as this is no small decision, but don’t carry a gun then. You’re just libel to get yourself and/or someone else hurt or killed, do to your lack of conviction. Just having or carrying a gun does not make you safer, being ready and willing to use it does.

      • Petticoat Prepper says:

        Amen! This ain’t poker folks… If y’all pull a weapon ya gotta back it with lead. DH and I spent 3 hrs on the range today. Liberal women are big about ‘choice’, I’ve made my choice. I’ll take being judged by 12 over carried by 6!

      • I, Mama J, have accepted the commission.

    • SurvivorDan says:

      Agree about the felons comment. Not all felons should have a life time ban on firearms ownership. I pity the fellow who lived in …say…NYC and got caught carrying a firearm or defending his own life and consequently became a life time recorded felon unable to own a firearm. Show me in the Constitution where it takes away the 2nd amendment rights of felons.
      I think we’re all ranting into the wind as the powers that be in DC are going to move forcefully and effectively against out gun rights. Hey! I’m not giving up, I’m just being a realist. THEY will be coming for our guns.

  7. spidermonkey25 says:

    Excellent article and spot on, as are most of the comments. I am proud that there are still people left out there with common sense and dignity. Thank you.

  8. rev dave and jarhead………..I am an advocate of gun rights, but would it improve the “image” and safey if there were a better training program that went with owning, carrying and using firearms? Most of us learn from each other and often over a long period of time. Could it be that we might “catch” some of the crazies if there some better requirements to be trained as part of the purchase of guns? Just asking a question here that I think about whenever I here of someone accidentally shooting themselves or a friend or when someone buys a weapon and then goes and does a theater shooting. I thought about it the other day when that football player shot his wife and then himself as well, not that in that case do I think it would have made a difference.

    • worrisome – that’s a good question. As a former Marine the firearms training in safety as well as how to actually use them was the best there was. I’ve been around many people who treat guns like toys and it pisses me off every single time. I think it’s every gun owner’s responsibility to learn how to use their weapon SAFELY.

    • SurvivorDan says:

      I was scrolling down to the bottom to mention this issue when i saw worrisome’s comment.

      “…but would it improve the “image” and safety if there were a better training program that went with owning, carrying and using firearms?”

      I would guess that there were several of the folks in that mall ‘strapped’ that day. One might ask why they didn’t respond to the maniac by engaging him. Seems natural when unarmed innocents are being slaughtered. Well it’s NOT natural.
      Nearly everyone who is or has been a combat grunt knows that they weren’t born a killer but were trained to be one. Trained psychologically as well as physically. To run TO the gunfire is not a normal act and I fault no civilian for hunkering down behind some clothing racks with his family and simply clutching his carry gun. Ever seen a new hunter caught in the paralysis of buck fever? Imagine if the deer were shooting back with an AK.
      Most folks have only basic training of gun handling and maybe a smidgeon of tactical training and nearly no mental preparedness (for a confrontation/gunfight) training whatsoever. It is a civilian’s primary responsibility to get his family out of the situation, first and foremost. Then, to return to the sound of gunfire in the defense of innocents is only for a few non-LEO individuals.
      With additional tactical training and anti active shooter training one would be better prepared to assist the folk.
      Responsible professional tactical training would help the image of civilian gun toters. I would give the classes names like….”Protect Your Family Tac I”, or “Protect Your Community Level II”. “Practical/Tactical” is a gunnie fav but doesn’t have that PR potential.

      Good idea worrisome. Folks need more training. Things are only going to get worse. I have taken friends out in the desert (no…I brought most of them back…sheesh) and given them tactical training, including night fire, tactical lighting, transition between long gun and sidearm, etc. If more of us would offer to do that , it would spread. Don’t forget to talk about mindset. And use it in the range work. Conditioning. And remember…..safety , safety, safety.

      • SurvivorDan says:

        In fact….let’s make a commitment to offer training to our loved ones and neighbors. Even reluctant people always enjoy it. I will pick someone who has been repeatedly asking me to take them shooting/plinking and offer them a tactical class instead.
        Are many of us better prepared then some? Yep. So let’s give back to the community.

        • Encourager says:

          +10 SD.

        • Ahhh Survivor Dan! Good on you! I tried to put myself in that Colorado Theater and in the Mall and wondered what I would do. I am a good shot, at least at a target, and I have hunted occasionally. Truth be told, hunting for me has to be because I need the meat, have zero interest in trophy hunting. But back to my point on training. We are reaching a whole new situation I think. We may find ourselves having to make such a decision in a theater, in a mall or on a street…that is a different level of training and a different mindset altogether. I know that given the “right” opportunity to put down a theater/mall/street shooter I would do it, but will I be properly trained to know the opportunity and act on it? I think I need more training of a different kind. So back to my original question, I wonder if more training prior to purchase should be advised. I think yes. I work with my grandsons as do my children, but what don’t we know is the question.

          • Encourager says:

            One of my sons did do this type of training. He is not a LEO nor has he been in the military; however, he has taken LEO-type classes (with LEOs) with moving targets, climbing obstacles, bad guy type pop-up targets in various situations. It was hard physically. I think we should all be looking for this type of class. It is one thing to shoot at targets with bulls-eyes on them, another completely to practice taking out bad guys. Too bad they don’t offer academy training for amateurs.

            • SurvivorDan says:

              It’s also about when not to take a shot. Or when to take one without hesitation. And to never assume the threat is over until you are absolutely certain. Is he/she really down for good? Are there others? Should you tactically reload during a lull in the firefight or not? When are you justified to shoot an apparently unarmed felon? Distance is your friend but sometimes that is not true – when is closer better? What provides cover as (say against rifle fire) opposed to concealment? What do you do if you believe there is a bomb involves? So much to learn but not insurmountable. And ANY good, professionally taught tactical training is a plus.
              There is plenty of great training (for civilians) out there Encourager. Just Google it. There are classes all over the country. I’m jamming right now but I’m sure the gang can provide a large list of training facilities.

          • Lots of places to go to learn to shoot and to learn tactics. Just so darned expensive. Even NRA is a minimum of $150 for anything, including basics of elementary arms knock down and cleaning (separate classes for each type). Too bad my df didn’t spend his time teaching me all the stuff. Now I gotta start all over again.

        • +10 SD

        • Great idea SD! Me thinks that would be a good article. A commitment to help your community through teaching. Not preaching. Meaning: Not just talking about it.

          A humble suggestion: Post it monthly. As a member of the Wolf Pack you are asked to tell us how have been commited to teach your community to be better prepared. It could be anything big or small.
          “How were you commited to your community this month?”

          Some of you have exceptional firearm experience. Some have farming, gardening, soap making, master herbalists,food storage, medical, brewing, animal husbandry, outdoor survivial (duh), hunting, trapping, communications, mechanical and educational experience. Some members have extraordinary knowledge and speaking/writing skills. Everyone has something to offer their community. I have prepping a long time and have still learned a tremendous amount by being involved here. Why not reach out further and share it? No one says you can’t get paid for it and earn extra money for preps.
          I did. For example:
          I taught canning classes right here on my farm. I already have everything to teach except some books and the students. I charged $35.00 for a two hour class. I had canning books to sell(sold out everytime) and sold the produce to can. I can take 8 students at a time because I have 8 burners and pressure cookers. (All bought at yard sales). My classes are always full. At first folks sat on hay bales for chairs and used old doors on saw horses for tables. We did (still do) everything outside. I didn’t spend a ton of money to do this. I make money and teach.

          I teach and give talks on prepardness and situational awareness to Scouts and school age kids ( for free of course). Organize “Fight Like a Girl” for scouts.
          I would like to become certified one day to teach women and children to shoot and become proficient at situational awareness without the martial arts degree. (I will leave the martial arts to the experts).

          SD, I love how you think ahead and out of the box by offering more than what folks asked in firearm instruction. Fabulous.

          • Encourager says:

            Thank you, Mama J for the kick in the butt. Time for me to stop thinking about it and start doing. I WILL sign up for the next Red Cross class and get re-certified. Then I will badger my local fire department officials into offering CERT classes; they had expressed an interest a year ago but I never followed through. I may not be able to do a lot, but I can do what I can do. And I can stop making excuses for myself!!

            • GO Encourager!
              I have been badgering our Emergency Manager about CERT classes also. He continues to give me excuses. I will call him Monday and ask him if he would like me to do it for him.
              Time to get off the pot!

      • SD, You make an important point. I lost a good portion of my left eyebrow to a scope in the eye from buck fever as a teen. I did kill him, but then I went to the hospital to have them removed the pieces of my hard contact lens. My dad never drove so fast as he did that day on the deer lease. Good times.
        Back to your point….Killing something is definitely harder than it sounds. That is one reason I think hunting is so critical. A man who can’t kill food is pretty worthless, and might get you killed when he pulls his gun on an intruder and loses his nerve.
        God bless you all. Thanks Jarhead for the article, very thought provoking!

    • Worrisome, if it were up to me we’d teach shooting skills in school. Back when I was in 10th grade (and Kennedy was POTUS) my school had a 1/4 mile underground track, behind which was the ‘old’ rifle range. I never thought to go back there and look for stored guns – I’d be willing to bet they are still there. But yes, I’d go for universal firearms training (rifle AND pistol) in school, and a Swiss-style military where everyone is trained, and sent home equipped, and retrained periodically. It could be part of the curriculum to include US History and Government (Constitution and federal structure – what we used to call “Civics”) classes.

      I know warfare isn’t all rifle work anymore, but we’re probably further from that than any other nation. If we had all Americans trained and equipped, not even the entire Chinese army could take us – IF they could afford to send them here which is a logistical impossibility. And no administration would ever consider trying a coup d’etat either. We’d be the safest place on earth. Even mall shooters wouldn’t get off more than a few shots.

    • Worrisome, that is a question I’ve wrangled with a long time just in view of the Constitution.

      Only a few decades ago, most people grew up handling firearms and used them to bring food home. Today it’s uncommon to find any kind of gun in homes, let alone gun handling skills. (Video games excluded, but they don’t teach ‘skills’.) I get nervous at the range watching some recent vets handling weapons, even.

      Point being, I agree there should be at least basic training in gun handling and shooting taught during CCW classes- and that is required in MN, albeit minimal, IMO. Here we are instructed in proper gun control and shooting, some malfunction drills and send a box of amo down range to practice sight picture. As I said, minimal.
      But being required to purchase permission to carry the tools of self defense is contra the Constitution and nature’s God. So I don’t agree with CCW permitting (though I jumped through the hoops and have mine- go figure. :\ )

      Would training glean the ‘crazies’ from those considered ‘normal’? (Can anyone define ‘normal in context of today’s USSA?) I don’t think it would: what part of training will indicate one’s mental state? Other than observing muzzle control, not much would be noted, no mental state at all except carelessness, but that doesn’t make a person ‘crazy’, just lazy or unthinking.

      Those who ‘accidentally’ shoot someone aren’t by necessity ‘crazy’, just careless and unthinking.

      Unless it’s a J.W. Booth, Laughner, et al: but are they crazy? Perhaps they have an agenda many others would see as being correct- except the ‘more’ rational (tongue in cheek) among us. And no amount of gun training would have prevented his/their attack(s). Rather, proper training would have made each more formidable and perhaps caused more deaths. Imagine the most recent in Klackamus: he stopped shooting because his weapon malfunctioned. Imagine how much more he could have done had he known how to clear the malf in less than two or three seconds. There, the training would not have determiined him to be ‘insane’ or crazy.

      As for people like the football player shooting his GF/wife, I am of the opinion it wasn’t the gun that killed her, but the player- who was probably deemed ‘normal’ if all the reports are correct. Which brings me to a question I’ve wondered about for quite a few years.

      What caliber did Cain use on Abel?

      • In GA, there is no training required for a concealed carry permit. All you have to do is pass a background check. When the DH got his, he had to go through a lot of hassle to get some stuff off his record that had been “dismissed” at the time and should not have been there anyway. He wasn’t doing anything illegal at the time either but got harassed so he got charged with something that didn’t stick.

      • Warmongerel says:

        “Today it’s uncommon to find any kind of gun in homes…”

        I’m in MN, too, JSW, and I have to disagree with that statement.

        Every year about 800,000 deer licenses are sold in MN (population 6.3 million). Then there are people like me who no longer hunt, but still have our shooting irons. And I also know plenty of “gun enthusiasts” who aren’t hunters but have a pretty substantial arsenal.

        A quick estimate of the people on my block who probably have guns in their homes – I come up with at least a third.

        And there are estimated to be over 350 million guns in the hands of American citizens.

        Guns are pretty common, if you ask me.

      • JSW:

        “Today it’s uncommon to find any kind of gun in homes, let alone gun handling skills.” That my be common where you like. Here in Montana the ratio is over 2.5 guns/person (age .1 to 100+) in this state. So we have more guns, gun handling, and hunting going on in our houses than most. If guns were the problem, we should be in the top 5 in America (my statement, not what you said). You are right when you say it is not the tool, it’s the user.

  9. I am forever striving to achieve balance.
    Do I want the police to come running when I call 911? Yes. Do I feel it is my responsibility protect myself and my family? Yes.

    Do I want to be (feel) safe when flying? Yes. Do I want to be frisked before getting on a plane? Depends on who is doing the frisking…Ok, I’ll get frisked just so long everyone else is too. The price we pay to be safe. Would I think it irrresponsible of the government if they did NOTHING to protect us? Of course. Their methods may not be to our liking. Does anyone have any suggestions?
    Would I be pissed like Jarhead if I was frisked three times? Yes. Would I be pissed if someone put their hands on daughter at the airport in an inappropriate manner? Damn straight. I am not stupid enough to get myself put in jail for it, with my daughter depending on me. We would all go to the back room and someone(s) would be remembering me for the rest of their life. Possibly newspapers articles written about it.

    Do I think the Federal Government should do everything in their power to protect us from terrorism? Yes. Is Homeland Security terrifying? Absolutely. But not more terrifying than the people who want to hurt us.

    Do I take advantage of every single right that we has been given to us by our forefathers and Americans who have sacrificed everything? Yes. I think about them everyday.
    Do I complain about the fact that we all sat around and enjoyed ourselves in middle class heaven while the destruction of our country was occuring from the inside out? Yes.
    I do blame Obama or Bush? No. I am not a Liberal nor did I drink the koolaid. I blame all of us.
    I don’t think we can repair it with the “gimme generation’ that we have raised. I say we, because I have (had) one too. My children were raised to work hard, save for the things they want. They are respectful, polite, and hardworking but somehow somewhere the culture seeped in and caught me by surprise. I have a child who believed that the world owes him something. I was crushed. Well, not as crushed as he was when his mother expained it to him.
    Are we going to reap what we have sown? Yep. Sooner than later. Do I like it, or think it is fair? Life isn’t fair. We went from depression and war to convenience, comforts, to technology, greedy indulgient consumerism, to blatent entitlement. In less than 90 yrs! Was it fun and liberating, even though the 70’s and 80’s were oh so embarrrassing? You betcha.
    Someone is going to pay. Someone has to pay.
    To answer your question Jarhead, “Whatever happend to protecting ourselves?” I think that the folks here can do that to the best of their abilities on a personal level. But, the world around us has grown too big for us to handle individually. We want big brother to protect us, but not from ourselves.

    • I recently had a similar conversation with a friend of mine, who blames “all of us” for the political, social and security mess we’re in. But I just cannot agree. We can be super vigilant, we can be actively political and involve ourself in the running of the country as much as possible, we can raise our children and live our lives the best way we can manage, but we will still be of no influence in clandestine decisions made at the top (of all national governments), the decisions that benefit the few in upper echelons while allowing the huge percentage of “regular folks” to suffer. Or even promoting the suffering. These are, for example, policy changes for which there has been no public discussion, much less vote in the legislature. I hate being this cynical, hate it, but for me it comes down
      to living a life of virtue as much as possible, providing for ourselves and the helpless as much as possible, and being ever watchful of evil in whatever form we see it. Lots of pitfalls, I am sure, but there are pitfalls everywhere.

      • Mindyinds,
        I totally get what you are saying. I understand why you disagree. I hate being cynical also.
        “We the People” The average citizen only want the opportunity to live the best that we can. Most of us just want to raise our families, try to be good citizens, neighbors, and community members.
        Some people to not have the means or desire to go out to change policy or even local law. To right wrongs, or to volunteer to serve a hot meal to the homeless. That is OK.

        But, anyone who wants to complain about policy or the way our country is run has the obilgation to stand up and DO something about it. Emails, phone calls, letters, standing on a street corner with a sign, anything at all.

        I am a farm mom who was passionate about her local water resources. I went out and did what I needed to do, all the way to the State level. I taught myself how to write grants, received the funding, and made it happen within 3 years. All the while raising my family and running a farm. I am not a people person. I do not public speaking, or paperwork for that matter. I would rather shovel poop all day in July, than talk to a Politican. I refused to talk to newpapers about my work. I am a normal citizen who wanted (insisted) to see a change made. I received an award from the State, and have it packed away. My kids don’t even know I have it.

        I also have and still do fight against Monstanto and GMO foods. I think we may win that fight in our lifetime. I didn’t think so, even a year ago.

        You can live quietly and feel helpless to create change, or you can do something about it. Even small efforts are noticed.
        The upper echelon in my state made jokes about giving me the money just to shut me up. I always said “The squeaky wheel is the wheel that gets the grease.”

        I think the Occupy movement had good bones but the message got lost in the temper tantrums, dreadlocks and the tent cities. The government HEARD them though. Loud and clear.

    • I hear you, Mama J, just remember, “When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.” Hope for their help, but be ready to protect your own.

      • Patti,
        I hear you too. I am a survivor of an armed home invasion. I got this covered. One of the reasons I started prepping was because I wanted to protect my family. Then it kinda…blew up to a full blown case of preppertastic.
        I still want the police to come when I call though!

  10. Jarhead, thanks for taking the time to write this.

    I have said before, on 9/11 you could hijack a plane with a box cutter, on 9/12 you couldn’t do it with an UZI.

    As a culture we have stressed that we should give in to those who want to rob and/or hurt us. That it is morally wrong to take a life to protect our “stuff”. This coming from the same group that calls home gardeners “selfish”, wants to “tax the rich” so they don’t have to pay their own way, and spend tax dollars to fix the road “In front of my house”, or use emergency crews to have downed trees removed from their driveways, while others have no power or even a house to live in.

    We have coddled these people long enough. Even when we do catch them, we make like its not a personal choice, it was because he/she had a background of abuse or was deprived of something. BULL, a punk steals because he likes the feeling of power and feel he’s “entitled” to take something just because someone else has it, and he doesn’t.

    I’ve worked too hard for what I have left, to “give” it to someone else. I gave up too much of my life, living outside of the US, defending the rights of US citizens, being spit at and cussed by those same people, to come back and be afraid to walk the streets.

    I’ve been involved in 2 incidents where someone thought they were “entitled” to my property more than I was, and because they made quality decisions at the last moment, they were still alive the next day. I had already made my decision clear to them.

    I should not have to fear my own neighborhood. I should not have to fear my government. I should not have to fear the judicial system. And I refuse to do so.

    • SurvivorDan says:

      “I should not have to fear my own neighborhood. I should not have to fear my government. I should not have to fear the judicial system. And I refuse to do so.” JP in MT

      That’s why you’re not JP in SF ! Lol.
      Seriously, I know where you are coming from.
      This may be a bit melodramatic but I can’t help thinking this way….”Better to die on your feet than live on your knees.” (dontknowwhosaidthis)
      I will not live on my knees. I may keep a peaceful low profile but if I am ferreted out of my hole and confronted….I will not submit to tyranny. But I’m just an old guy….

  11. GoneWithTheWind says:

    I get it, I hate the searches at the airport too. But you act as though there is no reason and that 9/11 was just a date. The terrorists are here in this country and they still hate us. Should we frisk grandma and feel up young kids? Obviously not, the TSA is out of hand. But we must do something and that is what all the complainers never address. Frankly I would prefer they take the 50,000 TSA agents and put them in every city and have them search for illegal aliens to deport. Now that is a program I could get behind. But whatever we do some kind of security will be necessay at the airport. This will never change. Prior to 9/11 we were living in a fools paradise and after that the world changed forever. Now the challenge is to become more effective while at the same time ramping down the abuse and intrusion into our rights and privacy. We will never go back to the way it was on 9/10. Accept it. What we need is better ideas and better leaders. The Nov 6th election showed us we aren’t up to voting in better leaders so now we will all suffer together for at least four more years.

    • SurvivorDan says:

      While flying, I have demonstrated to TFMrsSurvivorDan how to thwart the bumbling TSA. She was very frightened for me at first but more frightened whensecurity she saw that our airport security is so pathetic that a little old man can violate it’s rules. And I ain’t that smart. (I would not help lawbreakers/terrorists so no examples are forthcoming.)
      They are woefully incompetent and spend too much time and attention to the absurd. sure we need some screening and onboard security but these folks are amateurs.

      I do agree that we NEED some kind of airport security and have to ramp up procedures and the quality and training of security personnel.

      • I believe in Israel that airport security is basically a private firm hired by the government. As such, they do a better job because they don’t want to lose their contract. Another factor is that profiling is encouraged.

  12. Quite a thought provoking posting MJ. To right the wrongs that we are seeing would require a trip back in time to correct some to the things that have slipped past us and are now deeply ingrained in our daily lives. In the Analog magazine in July 1958, the editor wrote a very thought provoking editorial about the social scientists gaining control of our educational system in the effort to ensure “equality”. Their mentioned methods were to dumb down the smart kids to the level of the dumb ones to ensure “equality”. This is one of those areas that over the years, people have stopped reading the actual wording and assume we are guaranteed equality as well as happiness when neither were guaranteed. The sole assurance was we were created equal and we were assured the right to pursue happiness. Removing technical, vocational type subjects, math, english, history in favor of “cultural awareness” which is not a vocational nor educational subject and legal foreign immigrants were supposed to assimilate culturally rather than try to superimpose their culture on ours. A trip back in time to correct these deficiencies along with recommendations from people like Dr. Spock would be the only sure cure for our generational dysfunction we are now witnessing. Being 73 years old and a product of several generational differences I would like to think gives me the ability to observe and quantify those differences. As a child I was expected to pitch in and lend a hand to whatever adult requested of me and we did and it did not demean us nor stunt our growth. Nowdays, I even have to pay my grandchildren to take out the household trash to the can outdoors, a trip of about fifty feet since I am disabled and no longer able to do so. They look on us as the bank and the local taxi and it is very hard to disabuse this idea since their parents encourage. The statement when they ask parents to take them somewhere or for ten bucks for the movies, “Go ask Grandpa or Grandma” is the refrain we hear. I told them the bank of Grandpa is closed for good and the taxi service has ceased. Heaven forbid if things got to the point where I had to bug out with my supplies, I would have to pay them to assist in the transportation of same and then maintain their livelihood in addition.

    • If life since the late sixties were a movie, it could almost be a comedy. Comparing notes with a few others my age or just slight younger, by 1974/1975 is when life as we knew it really was in the downward spiral. By then, we had ten years of draft dodging close-to-communist teachers. One of my teachers in ’70 was expounding the wonders of communism until the escaped-from-China student just about exploded. Textbooks kept changing until now they’re so boring that they’re gibberish to anyone over about 50. Competition makes a few students uncomfortable, so competition in the classroom is pretty much abolished. And a few years ago, my dh’s nephew’s pretty young wife (degreed, of course) ever so casually proclaimed aloud that she wished the gov’t would tell us what to think. Wow, didn’t take long for her wish to come true.

      When my dd was 15-1/2, she demanded that I buy her a car. Yeah, right, divorced mom with a new mortgaged drives a used car, but must provide her dd with a car for free. I laughed so hard and she sputtered. Two weeks later, she was working on a farm every weekend and day off from school. And coming home so tired that all she could do for a long time was flop down on the living room floor and go to sleep. She bought her own car. She also thinks non-working persons are lazy something-or-others. She knows about most of the welfare scams, some from where we once lived but more from the frauds themselves (illegals to boot) with whom she worked. And now she lives in MD where the loons really have things frewd up. Ah, tis good to raise a capitalist.

      • Mari:

        When my oldest daughter was 16 she came home and announced that I couldn’t make her go to school anymore. I told her” Yep, your right, The State of Montana has decided that you, at the ripe old age of 16 years old can determine your future. But, just so you know, I put a roof over your head, clothes on your back, and food down you neck so you don’t have to worry about that and can concentrate on getting an education. If you don’t want to go to school, that’s fine with me. Just let me know; I’ll help you pack.” Since it didn’t go the way her “friends” told her it would, and we had had several conversations in the past were it was Options A. or Option B, there was no Option C. she decided school wasn’t such a bad place, knuckled down, and graduated. She now a capitalist too. And all of the “friends” with those “progressive” parents are “welfare dependent” now.

        • Guess we weren’t such horribly bad parents, even without a training manual. We know we’ve done well when they get to be about 17 or so and out of the clear blue sky our own words of wisdom come from their mouths.

          • When my oldest daughter was sixteen after having tried with active assistance from school counselors (California 1979) and urged on by several friends from broken homes, came home one day and announced that with the school counselor’s assistance, she was going to file a legal demand that she be “emancipated”. I asked her if she had read her history and learned anything from it. When she wanted to know why I suggested this, I told her that only slaves could become “emancipated” as that was a term used to free an individual from servitude and ownership and when they done so for the slaves with a promise for a mule and forty acres, how many did she think ever got that mule and forty acres. I told her that the last time I had checked, she was neither burdened with servitude unless washing dishes every third day and cleaning the kitchen, doing her own laundry (since her mother now worked to provide her with a lot of her teenagers wants including cigarettes which were unlawful for her and started the blowup in the first place) nor was she owned and she was free to leave at any time she so wished but the possessions she took for granted would remain under my roof since ownership of same was in our hands having purchased all of the things she took for granted. She informed that I had to rent her an apartment, provide living money, transportation and all else that goes with living alone once she became emancipated. I was good friends with an ex LA county district attorney that quickly whipped up a legal document for me that demanded full payment for her support through the years and a second document preferring charges against the school counselor for “undue negative influence”. After the counselor was arrested and adjudicated, there was no longer any encouragement from the school or the wayward students in our lives. We shortly departed to spend the next ten years in the high desert where away from the urban influence, she became a positive member of the family and married and raised a family. I stood my ground and fought back against this influence which was extremely prevalent in the urban areas of LA county during those days and most busy harassed, harried parents simply threw their hands up and gave up. I believe that negative influence still exists to that day since my son is telling me that my grandchildren are being negatively influenced in the public schools in the high desert which is unfortunately still part of LA county. This is what we are fighting against and is exactly the way Hitler with his Hitler Youth informing on their parents gained control of Germany turning it into a NAZI state. I am convinced that is what is being tried here.

            • Harold:

              Great job with your daughter. I am facing some of the same problems with my grandson’s school. It is taking constant reinforcement at home to try to beat this thing.

  13. Excellent post Jarhead. I firmly believe that an armed society is a polite society (not my phrase) and states that allow open and concealed carry routinely bear this out with crime statistics. Right after 9/11 (the first) when the Patriot Act came into being I just accepted it thinking that the government was looking out for my well being. How wrong can one person be? The government continues to erode our rights and we continue to allow it. I don’t know where we are headed, but I would like to get off this bus.

  14. Illusion of security that is all it is. You are no safer on the plane today than you were before 9-11. The only meaningful change is the cockpit doors. For 2 days now all the retail security experts have been on TV saying that mall security now needs to be armed and well trained. I agree that is real security. This is all conditioning so the government can take over and have check points every few blocks and no one will care. Learning how to protect your self is a lot more than using a gun. I’m all for some one carrying a gun as long as they have a right too. The real trick is protecting your self and loved one without pulling the trigger. The pain of the law, criminal and civil is much worse than a punch in the nose. I’ve carried on duty and off in the most violent gang filled neighborhoods from 19:00 to 05:00 weekends included and never shot anyone. That is conditioning your self to your surrounding. Jarhead thanks for the article and your own blog.

  15. You wrote: “How many times in the past year have there been stories of people pulling out guns and blazing away and killing three, or five, or ten people before they kill themselves or are shot down by police? Just a thought, but what would happen if more people in the malls or wherever were carrying guns when some shooter opened up? I’d be willing to bet he wouldn’t get too far before he was filled full of holes.”

    For me, I can not think of a more honorable way to die than attempting to save some innocent bystanders, my loved ones and me. It’s equivocal to defending your fellow soldier in some skirmish in war time. I do not believe I would run as long as I have some chance to defend innocent people from some possible tragedy but I’ve never been tested.

    My spouse posted on Facebook something similar to your aforementioned paragraph w/respect to the mall murders and some guy said…”yeah, that’s all we need is some untrained people shooting it up in the mall.” He got unfriended after some discourse but come on! I’ll leave it to y’all to elaborate if you choose but this makes no sense to me; but I’m not “untrained” as if that matters. Nice article JH.

  16. If you have ever read “Atlas Shrugged” as I did recently and was freaked out by the nearly identical speeches given by the looters in government in the novel written nearly 45 years ago and the words coming out of the mouths of “our lord and savior Obama” and the worthless cretins in Congress. Truly prophetic.
    I concur with Harold on the prospects for war within the US, but I see it more as a movement like the Reds in old Russia as a move for self preservation by a starving population then civil war. By that time the government at all levels will be (like 1914) so rotten corrupt that it will fall of its own weight when given a slight push. That does not mean that the Constitution or freedom in general will be restored by the “movement” far from it and more likely a more totalitarian government will form out of the chaos, again like 1914. Deciding factor will be (again) what the military does, obey its oath to the Constitution or obey the cult leader in the WH.
    Gun ownership will be stomped on in the next four years as the government decides that its safety is far more important than the Constitution or safely of citizen slaves in general. How the populace responds to that will be a Major factor in future history IMHO. Keep in mind that self defense by citizens that still consider themselves free is an affront and offense to government and O no matter what the circumstances and outcomes. The very fact that you may consider such actions make you an enemy of the state.

    • Warmongerel says:

      You got it Sulaco.

      I just re-read Atlas Shrugged a few months ago, and it’s amazing at how prophetic it is…until you realize that Ayn Rand lived through the Russian Revolution. She saw these people in action.

      The so-called “Progressives” of today are exactly the same as the Bolsheviks 100 years ago. Some progress. If you know the history that led to the Soviet Union, you can see the exact same thing happening today. The only difference is that we skipped the overthrowing the Czar part, and went directly to the destruction of the Kulaks.

      And just a note about the Left’s use of the word “progress”. It doesn’t mean what most people think that it means.

      Karl Marx said that Socialism was an imperfect first step towards perfect Communism. Therefore, to the Left, “progress” means progressing from Socialism to Communism, NOT progress as you or I or the vast majority of the population understand the word.

      Always remember that when you hear the word “Progressive”.

    • Sulaco, I’ve read it twice. Every few weeks I hear a phrase on news from one of the many loons that’s exactly the phrase from the book. Nuff to send chills up my spine.

    • AlrightI'mAwake says:

      A “friend”, school teacher, raving Lib and I were talking about good books and I suggested “Atlas Shrugged” knowing it would either open her eyes or lose me a “friend”. It took a few months before I asked if she read it. Her comment was “I started it but was bored”. This from a woman who was proud of reading “Moby Dick”. Needless to say the friendship has cooled. She told a mutual friend that I “just don’t think right”…. That is one book that will separate the “men from the boys” or girls.

      Sorry I haven’t been contributing much the last few months. Heart problems… however, I am the reluctant new owner of my 10th stent and more balloon reaming than I care to count. One thing I will say for modern med. They sometimes get it right.

      I am doing very well thank you and hope to continue to give a few more “libatards” heartburn for a few more years or as long as we hold together.

      Thanks for being there…. by the way great article.

  17. The Last American says:

    The 2nd. Amendment says two things plainly. #1 As citizens we are part of the Militia, as armed protection is a needed part to a civil society. #2 As citizens we have the choice to own, or not to own, any modern firearm available to us.
    Romans 12: 17-18 ” Repay no one evil for evil. Have regard for good things in the sight of men. If it is possible, as much as depends on you, live peaceably with all men”. NKJ. The key being the phrase, “If it is possible”.

  18. Laws that prohibit firearms ONLY affect the law abiding. I am beginning to wonder why such laws exist. Well, except maybe to pile on the law abiding.
    BTW I thought I could avoid TSA by not flying any more, but they are coming after us at the train stations and on the highways. Retreating does not seem to be an answer.

  19. Army jackass says:

    I would believe that this can sum it all up…Democracy… while it lasts is more bloody than either aristocracy or monarchy. Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There is never a democracy that did not commit suicide.
    John Adams

  20. HooYah Marine ~

    Good write-up and I concur with the points you’ve made.

    I encourage my family and neighbors to be armed. As a blood-bought, redeemed follower of our Lord Jesus Christ it’s clear to me that it is a God-ordained RESPONSIBILITY that we be armed with all lawful intent.

    Also I salute you for your service in the U.S. Marine Corps!

    Take care, friend…


    -ex Boatswain’s Mate Chief: disabled combat veteran of U.S. Naval Special Warfare

  21. Excellent post and much to consider with many thoughts running through my mind.

    First, a woman testified once that if she had been allowed to have her gun in a restaurant where she was dining, the family members with her might not have died when robbers came into the restaurant. She knew it wasn’t a sure thing but she would have liked to have had the opportunity to defend them and herself.

    Second, there is an area in my state that requires every homeowner to own a gun (unless there are legal reasons they shouldn’t). That city has the lowest crime rate of any in the state. Gee, imagine that!

  22. j.r. guerra in s. tx. says:

    Amen – Preach It Brother Jar Head ! 8^)

    The common advice from our law enforcement in dealing with criminals :

    1) Don’t put up any resistance.

    2) Do as they say.

    3) Call 911 as soon as possible.

    Trouble is, I have a hard time deciding who wrote that, the LEO or criminal – they BOTH want you to follow that advice (#3 for criminal is still not too enthusiastic). Exactly which of those steps above are going to encourage criminals to take up another vocation – NONE!

    You COULD get hurt fighting back. You COULD get killed. But victims fighting back (I think) encourage criminals to slow down or stop altogether – they have to weigh in if getting ‘the loot’ is worth THEIR life as well.

    I don’t want trouble with anybody, but the way I see things today, criminals have more rights then the victims they prey on.

  23. IMHO, if you’re not breaking a law, DHS & other “authorities” should leave us the hell alone. Sure, a quick pat-down or metal detector may be fine in airports, but 3 searches?? That’s what I’d call harassment! You can bet they wouldn’t do that with a foreigner, for fear of being called racist.

    As for drones, that’s BS and a waste of taxpayer dollars. It’s SPYING and nothing more. The same goes for tapping communications.Welcome to 1984.

    I don’t understand the people who think this is all okay. I’m tired of hearing “if you’re not doing anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about”. What will they say when the pat-downs and such turns into “bend over and grab your ankles”? Will they find that okay too?

    If a person can pass a background check and get their concealed permit, they should be able to carry ANYWHERE in any state that their permit covers.

  24. private idaho says:

    i thank god i live in a open/conceal carry state. the leo who taught the class said if you arent of the mindset to use leathal force in the defense of yourself or another then raise your hand and he’ll refund your money because you will probably end up a victim and the class would be a waste of time. by the way love this blog and the pack has helped me in my preps emensly

  25. village idiot says:

    No sir, you haven’t gone off the deep end by any means. But we as a people are not what we once were. It grieves me to say it, but most Americans don’t want any responsibility for their rights, protection, food, work, safety or any other aspect of their lives. Most want to sit in front of a tv, computer, phone or i-pad and wile their time away doing nothing. They are what we affectionately call the sheeple. They are dumbed-down shells of what a human being should be, with no interest in anything other than keeping the gravy train running. They are fat, entitled, cowardly, lazy and lack any honor or duty. I’m going to quit now before I make someone mad. But suffice it to say that I don’t expect much out of them, and they won’t be around long if the balloon goes up. Just saying.

  26. VI. you certainly did not anger me since I am man enough to admit my failings. In justification I can only say that like machinery or automobiles, time has a tendency to depreciate our value and just like rust, old age onset of conditions are inevitable. Even though I have became afflicted with one of those dreaded conditions like COPD or ESRD, my condition is more common although difficult to treat and impossible to cure. UFO (Ugly, Fat,Old and Lazy has became very prevalent in our society but since we are big boys we are able to shrug off implied insults and are not mad.

  27. Rousing article & rousing comments. Wow. I have shied away from political activities most of my adult life, but have felt a fire lit under me. Getting pretty uncomfortable now. Never been much of a sheeple, more a hermit. Seems every where I turn something about our governments behaviour pi$$es me off. I don’t cheat the government, why should it cheat me? But what to do about it is hard to tell what’s right & good & smart & effective.

    • SurvivorDan says:

      Keeping observing events and reading here pj. You’ll figure out what to do when the time comes. Only the sheeple will be stunned by the end game.

      • SD,
        Someone recently told me that they are now referring to sheeple as ‘shrooms, as they live in the dark and thrive on the BS from the gov’t and MSM.

    • Warmongerel says:

      ” I don’t cheat the government, why should it cheat me?”

      Excellent statement, pj.

  28. Computer keys are not fitting my fingers again. Meant to say UFOL not UFO

  29. Georgeislearning says:


    neat graphic. see the lowest on the graph? every home has a gun.

    Sad how our prisons are an actual business. the more they have the more they make

  30. Jarhead, Great article and it elicited some very good responses. Now to get totally off topic, sorry everyone, but – One point I have concerns about “you flew into your home town of Portland, ME”. Being that Maine only has two major airports, and Portland is the one with the most commerical flights – I’m hoping that “home” is only a figure of speach! 🙂 I sure hope for your sake that you live a good distance fron Portland, hopefully to the north!!! I know when I touch ground in Portland I feel at home, but give me an hour or so on the road, then I am “truly home”. Again – great article and I’m glad to see someone on here that lives in the neighborhood – be it a big neighborhood.

  31. I actually live in the midcoast area out in the country. I wouldn’t leave Maine for a million dollars!

  32. Warmongerel says:

    Great post Jarhead. Great.

    It’s not so much the “sissification” of Americans as it is the infantilization of the same.

    Judging by the last election, most people today just want someone to take care of their needs so that they can play. It’s no fun taking care of oneself. Like children, they don’t understand the rewards that come with taking care of yourself and you family.

    Think about it: Democrats’ and 6-year-olds’ biggest concern is that everything be “fair”.

    It’s not fair that the guy who works his butt off has more than the lazy welfare queen. They should each get the same amount of “candy”.

    You can watch the behavior on any playground and equate it directly to today’s Democrat Party.

    And, that’s just the beginning of the similarities between most Democrat voters and children. I wrote a long blog post about it years ago. Maybe I’ll submit it to M.D. When you really think about it, you can come to no other conclusion than that the Left consists of emotionally damaged people who are stuck in their childhood.

    I know that people will probably call me out about how not all Democrats are this way, but if you don’t agree that this is what the Democrat party has become, I suggest that you take another look at your party.

    And, no, I’m not a Republican or a Libertarian. Their leadership is no better, although their rank-and-file members are a lot closer to the truth than the whacked out Democrats.

  33. Just a thought, do you think that the idiot who shot up that mall would have hurt as many people as he did if more people there had been armed? I’m not saying that Mall shootings, theatre shootings, etc would never happen because there are still crazy people among us. And by crazy I mean insane.
    Still, maybe thats not a good example. How many people would rob convenience stores and gas stations if there was a good chance the clerk and/or customers were armed? A gun makes the little old lady with her social security check the equal of a 300 pound gang banger. Even a 22 will make a very painfully deep hole in a person, and basically ruin your whole day.

  34. Robert Moore says:

    Greetings All,

    I’ve read through all the comments (through end of day Dec. 13) and find many parts I agree with. Every one should learn to protect themselves and be responsible for there own safety as much as possible. History, both current to ancient, show us that there are others better at attacking others with ill and deadly intent than is safe for the average individual. So the concept of having the better of the defenders assist in defending others of the community. Time came the community tired of losing some of its best to better skilled or larger groups of attackers. So they start hiring their own attackers as defenders. I’m sure most see where this leads through the whole range of control and corruption, leaving modern man/woman to fend again for themselves.

    One person here said “if you’re not breaking any laws”, but whose laws. It’s impossible to go through a day and not break some law on the books. So all are constantly at risk from confrontation from both the attacker and the protector. The rule of law has become the tool of law. A tool meant mostly to control and confuse. Yet, if people follow only the rules they want we then find laws to be meaningless and we must trust our neighbors to share our definitions of law and those that don’t now either rightfully or wrongly become outlaws. So the circle and confrontation between those who currently control a majority and those who seek protection from them continues.

    Should you have the right to kill someone trying to kill you? Yes. Asking the question is a bit silly since it is a right owned by everyone and everything that none have the authority to take away. It then follows that everyone has the right to posses what everyone, in supposed authority or no, possesses.

    The right to kill in protection of one’s self extend then to protecting others. It goes on as well to the protection of property, both real or chattel, as now and in the past personal property is often the means of survival.

    Another thought that comes of this is to remind people that having a gun or weapon and trained doesn’t mean you’ll survive. It only improves your odds of surviving.

    I’ve rattled on enough and covered less than a tenth of what I had hoped too.

    Take care and hopefully I won’t be banned from droning on again.

    • Robert Moore,

      When I said “if you’re not breaking a law”, I was referring to things like robbing a bank, dealing drugs, burglary, etc…not ripping the tag off your pillow/mattress or killing a praying mantis. However, you’re right. It’s only a matter of time before we’re arrested for those ‘crimes’.

      • Robert Moore says:

        I believe we are in agreement with what you meant, but what happens if/when we don’t agree. Ask Nancy Pelosie (sp?) if she thinks we can have any weapon to protect ourselves. Yes, watch those pillow tags.

  35. X-VetinMaine says:

    Thanks “Ole Jarhead” for your comments…Your right on! People in this country have lost the ability to take care of themselves. I see it every week here in Maine. Some hiker/hunter/amature will get lost, or introuble and immediately call 911 on his cell. What would he do if this happened 50 or 100 years ago? How would he survive with a broken leg? I firmly believe that people in our grandfathers time would have been a lot more careful in the beginning and not put themselves in a dangerous spot to begin with! For example; skiing in avalanche areas, trying to run across an icey slope above a cliff, (this was done here a few years ago by a father of 3…he didn’t make it) going someplace that the person knew was dangerous but they did it anyway because all they had to do was call for help. Time to GROW UP people and accept that horrible word …RESPONSIBLILTY!!!!!!

    • You said it exactly right, X-VetinMaine. I’ve been hiking many times in the midcoast area and have often come across people ill prepared to be in the woods – especially in the winter. One winter I was hiking in the Camden hills and came across a father and son (35 and 13 years old maybe) and they had on light boots, medium jackets, no water or packs and were completely lost! I guided them out, but it was appalling to me that the father would put them in a dangerous situation like that.

      I broke my ankle on the Appalachian trail once (click here for the story: http://www.shtfblog.com/broken-leg-in-the-100-mile-jarhead-survivors-story/ ). It sucked, but with the help of my hiking partner I got out.

      Great comments.

      • Jarhead – I will be the first to tell you that sometimes you get lost with your children not because you had bad judgement but because you had bad directions. My dad, sister and I went hiking off the Blue Ridge Parkway near Mt Pisgah when I was pretty young. We got to a sign that told us what trail to take and “thought” we followed the correct trail for the loop. Instead of looping, we went downhill for what seemed like forever. When my dad realized that we should have been back a long time before, we simply turned around and went back the way we came. Common sense. Unfortunately, common sense doesn’t seem to be that common anymore.

    • WoHoo – Found another Mainah on this site! Here’s too hoping there are a lot more. 🙂

  36. A few weeks ago my dh finally said “Do what you want” when I mentioned getting a gun or two. Okay. All right. Lil ole moi hastened to put in her application but didn’t tell dh. Last night, the dh came home from getting his haircut by our outside-of-town local hairdresser who knows lots of gossip. Right off the bat he told me how the house down the street burned out last weekend. Yet another pair of burglars robbed the place then set it on fire. (Last year our next door neighbors were robbed in broad daylight by a different pair and they shot the walls full of holes.) The cops think this new pair also burgled a lot of other places throughout two small local cities, including beating and almost smothered a 90+ woman while they robbed the place. At this, I promptly raised my hand and proudly informed him that I got my fingerprints taken this afternoon. He only responded with an “oh yeah?”

    Later that evening, his immediate attention was gotten (and he jumped in front of the TV news) when there was a piece about the EPA being all upset that there aren’t many empty grassy lots in inner cities to soak up rain water and it all has to go into drains but if the drains are full the water floods the streets. Umm, isn’t that problem going to get worse if the loons have their way and move all the suburbanites into the cities? Wow, what a conundrum. He didn’t quite believe the loon comment that certain depts/agencies aren’t currently thinking of throwing inner city people out of their houses so they could be bulldozed. I laughed and said “and you think I make stuff up when I tell you these things all the time.” So, he now seems a bit more willing to come along with my ideas of reasonable prepping especially when he will admit out loud that things aren’t exactly going well.

    Personal responsibility including lawful protection? Absolutely.

    • Mari:

      A Men! I am fortunate that my wife has been or board since the 1st! But there are others I know who actually gave up when their spouse wasn’t on board with them. Good for you for sticking with it until he say the light. Sometimes it’s not a single event, but the accumulation of events that cause an event to become the “Ah Ha!” moment.

      • Oh, it’s going to be a very slow awakening to prepping. He was always a city boy. Would fall on a bottle opener before going camping. Amusingly, he commented the other day that we all used to live a simpler life and don’t really need electric. Yeah, I told him I’ve got some of that covered. Just can’t use his big screen TV, but if we were to do this/that …

        Now if I can just get him down to a firing range with his nephew and the nephew’s sons. They’re very experienced hunters with both shotgun and bow. Experience helps make a great teacher. We live in a high-crime county, and we both need training. With me, it’s re-learning everything to be fully comfortable again with arms. Yes, I will likely hunt, but safely using arms for protection is a bit different ballgame.

  37. I think people are waking up, and understanding that their safety is their responsibility, the record gun sales for the past 30 months show that.
    The downside to many businesses post “No Gun” signs and people continue to go there and spend money.
    Nearly all of the mass shootings take place in “Gun Free” zones, we need to stop supporting companies that disarm us to do business with them.
    If I go to a retail store, and they have the sign, I simply shop elsewhere, I may go in and take to a manager, and give him a “NO Guns=NO Money card, companies cannot afford to keep losing business due to bad policy.

    If you went out to eat, and got a bad steak you would complain, but how many meekly lock their gun in the car to have that steak? If a business wants to take away my right to self protection I complain. Then shop or eat somewhere else.

    • The Duck, where did you get those “No Guns = No Money” cards? Did you make them up? I would like to have some to carry with me. I agree completely. Last month our library chain was told by the courts it was unconstitutional to have a No Gun policy at the libraries. One small victory.

    • Me too! I like the idea. I won’t shop where I’m not welcome, and those signs are directed at me and telling me they don’t want my business. A professionally produced business card would be another indicator of how serious some of us are.

  38. riverrider says:

    well personally i think this thing went wrong when it became a major crime to beat the crap out of someone that richly deserved it. that encourages bullies, not the other way around. now we’re spending billions on anti-bully campaigns. i know folks were a lot more considerate then. i also know i’d slap the crap out of a lot more deserving a-holes if i wouldn’t go to PRISON! for merely adjusting their attitude to proper proportions. i’m damn tired of letting these yahoos getting away with ungentlemenly behavior. we need to get back to basics of courtesy and respect for others.

  39. Jarhead Survivor,

    Well done article, and no, you have NOT slipped off the deep end or into some evil parallel universe. 🙂

    Freedom is a responsibility and one I am glad to accept fully. I want to defend myself, family, property and others, if possible. I agree with VillageIdiot – most people don’t want responsibility or have any duty to honor. They want to be comfortable numb and taken care of the government or others, and you should not expect help from them.

    I am very familiar with Ayn Rand’s writings, and agree with many of you about Atlas Shrugged. For those unfamiliar with her literary works, this site is a good one to explore: http://www.aynrand.org/site/PageServer?pagename=index

    I prepare as best I can for the different political roads our country may be going down in the next decade. And to that end years ago, I asked an old friend in her 90’s, how she and her family survived in WWII. Shad tattoos on her arms and feet. She was a wealth of information and experience and taught me alot. Thanks, Mrs. M.

    Before Hitler invaded Poland, he invaded Czechoslovakia. She, her family, and her future husband, were sent to differnet camps. She was a musician and played the Cello in many camps and survived Treblinka. Her husband was a clockmaker and survived Dachau. She said:

    1. Most people back then felt they had little need for weapons, other than hunting. They were convinced that the Czech government was a capable and willing protector of the people. Lesson: Acquire various kinds of weapons. Never assume others will protect you, especially the government.

    2. When Hitler invaded, he took over the Czech government, and turned the government into an aggressor against its own civilians. Most were taught to be compliant with authority, so few resisted and those who did were shot. Lesson: Compliance is a herd trait. An independent mind is not easily controlled but it makes you dangerous, so keep your own counsel.

    2. Communication was cut off between towns, papers and travel were banned, so news was sketchy. No one knew what was happening in the next village, so when the transports came, few managed to escape to the wilderness. Lesson: Develop alternate methods of communication, when news is banned, assume the worst.

    3. The troops immediately separated the men and boys from the women, girls and babies. Lesson: Every person needs training, both male and female. This way if one falls or gets separated from another, both can survive long enough to find each other. Teach the whole family about self-reliance.

    4. And finally, she said the biggest problem was that in the beginning, most people were in Denial about Hitler’s motives. They simply could not accept that a group could be so evil as to seek to destroy an entire culture or race, such Jews and the Roma (gypsy). They didn’t act quick enough because they didn’t want to believe it was happening. Lesson: aggressors always use shock and awe to stun the victim. Accept reality, as ugly as it may be, and act swiftly and accordingly.

    Happy Note: Mrs. M and her husband found their way to America and Washington, DC,after being liberated. They lived a long life and birthed two great sons. She fed the neighbor kids delicious candy on holidays, she often talked with my Mother about histor, and he shared a love for woodworking with my Dad.

  40. One of the major factors in Hitler’s “successes” was that the western world, Britain and the US denied that what he said in his books and speeches was what he meant to do!
    Yet in all of this public pronouncements and his book “Mien Kopf” (sp?) he laid out in vast detail just what he was going to do when he had the power. We are now living in the Re-boot of that era with “O” and the jihadists who routinely and loudly tell us
    exactally what their plans for us all are and “we” media included deny and pretend
    1. He didn’t really say that.
    2. He doesn’t mean what he said.
    It’s funny really the media reposts speeches and then go’s to great lengths to deny what was in the speech and tell us to think otherwise.
    Me I take the bastards at their word.

  41. Yet another school shooting this morning in CT.

  42. Hi- a couple comments…1-my understanding is up to 7 windows can be lost in a 747 before decompression occurs; 2-major media has become the house (or another kind) organ for govt industrial complex complex, hence until a ‘bell’ goes off, no one wishes to leave that comfort zone-denial, so they accept because they will trad security for freedom; 3-the comfort zone is violated when soooooo many work for big brother-they are corrupted by a paycheck & medical benefits (read Rise/Fall 3rd Reich to see how dear adolph used this strategem); 4-the most shocking book I have ever read is The Franklin Coverup by DeCamp- it tells of the most shocking horrors occurring in our heartland wherein the witnesses who tried to bring these ATROCITIES to light were villified by our major media (as was Bobby Garwood) in a word the book is troubling-how could these demonic excuses for humanity get away w/such unspeakable horrors? The powerful did not want the ‘system’ bucked. My 4th theme proves #’s 2 & 3…read that book! Jarhead, thanks for your truthful words….my response tells why! Merry Christmas all!

  43. we would help our neighbors as best we can.

  44. MountainSurvivor says:

    All those anti-gunners think that guns are bad but when the guns are gone they are going to see crime get worse. England and Australia were disarmed and people have been going through hell since. Nobody register their guns and forget you have any. Hillary Clinton likes the thought of the small arms treaty for America. Thank goodness she will be protected from the terrorists that have been coming in from the water rather than by planes. Airport security, what a joke.

    • MountainSurvivor,

      Guns will never “be gone” illegal probably but gone nope, that’s not going to happen. They can pass all of the laws that they want, but anyone that wants a gun will still be able to get one.

      • Encourager says:

        M.D., I guess that is what upsets me most about the anti-gun crowd: they think if they remove all the guns from everyone’s hands so only law enforcement has them, we will be safe. Rot. If an evil-minded person bent on carnage with a gun does not have one, he will find one. Even if it is murdering a cop to get one. Meanwhile everyone else would be at his mercy. He has no mercy. He is evil.

        My head is reeling from the tragedy in CT. All those little kids, gone. The shock and heartbreak of the parents pierces my heart. And now the media is excusing that bast*** by labeling him with a Personality Disorder??? Really?

        There is legislation on the desk of our governor waiting to be signed. It is for allowing concealed carry in areas such as churches and schools. Now he is wavering about signing it or vetoing it. If the principal or the teachers in that elementary school had been carrying concealed, would we be talking about a different outcome and hailing them as heroes??? We will never know, but I wish they had had the chance to stop the carnage.

        • Encourager,

          Yes, it seems like the “media” is trying to make the shooter into a victim so that they can place the blame on the tool (a firearm) that he used. The media keeps bringing up that he had .223 caliber Bushmaster rifle, while it is my understanding that the rifle was not used at all in the shooting, but was left in his mother’s car that he had drove to the school.

          • noticed that too, m.d…. btw, nice new avatar, very dashing:)

          • All the guns should have been locked up. Nothing wrong with people owning the guns but the owners have to be responsible is storing their weapons.

            • DG,

              Yep that would would to keep a firearm in the house out of the hands of a 5 year old. This guy was 20, the guns were regestered to his mother, he killed her.

          • Yes, M.D. I’d also seen mention of the .223 being in the car. However, yesterday’s news had spent shells from the .223 on the grounds and a 4th weapon in the car. Interesting.

            I’m trying to locate a blog I read a within the last couple weeks, that’ll make everyone say WTF?

            • NANN!,

              They had to put the rifle in the building and the shooter using it so as to add fuel to their agenda and that is to ban “assault” weapons” whatever that is. From what I read an employ at the school let him in, and I doubt they would have done that if he were carrying a rifle. I think that he used the handguns in the shooting but left the rifle in his moms car as was first reported…

              I also find it strange that the first reports that I read stated that there were two shooters wearing bullet “proof” vests… Now they are down to only one shooter and no more mention of a vest.

            • NANN!,

              They had to put the rifle in the building and the shooter using it so as to add fuel to their agenda and that is to ban “assault” weapons” whatever that is.

              From what I read an employ at the school let him in, and I doubt they would have done that if he were carrying a rifle. I think that he used the handguns in the shooting but left the rifle in his moms car as was first reported…

              I also find it strange that the first reports that I read stated that there were two shooters wearing bullet “proof” vests… Now we’re down to one shooter and no more mention of a vest.

        • CC wouldn’t help. Read my post below yours.

      • Hunker-Down says:

        Governor Huckabee, in an interview on Fox News said the following (or something similar):
        “When I was in high school there were guns on school property. They were on rack in the students pickup trucks. We went hunting before school and after school.
        The attitude back then was different than it is today”.

        guns haven’t changed, people have.

        • Hunker-Down,

          I remember trading pocket knives at school – even traded a few times with teachers. It was no big deal…

          • Hunker-Down says:

            At 10:48 AM Eastern, there was a scrolling banner at the bottom of the TV screen on the Fox News channel saying: “All the victims died of multiple rifle wounds”.

            The MSM idiots use words they don’t understand and the standards of their profession are at the second grade level. I misuse words every day, but was never paid to do so. Another lousy job of the MSM checking the facts: distorting the truth to fit their handlers agenda.

            We need to expose those handlers.

    • MountainSurvivor,
      It is provable that getting rid of all of the guns will do nothing about violence and in fact will let the bullies rule everything. The first real use of guns (crude as they were) was in 1356, when a group of Chinese rebels successfully threw out the Mongols from their homeland and started the Ming dynasty, which lasted about 3 centuries; therefore, if we go back to say 1200, more than 100 years before the invention and use of firearms, we have the equivalent of banning and destroying them, which is ultimately what the liberals/progressives really want. According to those same leftist gun grabbers, we should see peace on earth, with everyone living happily together and no violence. In fact, what we actually see is some of the most violent times in history. A firearm is generally pretty easy to learn how to use, and really levels the playing field. In medieval times, the weapons required much more strength and practice to be useful. It is said that God created man, but it was Sam Colt that made us equal. With the firearm (as compared to the sword, knife, or club) the small and weak among us finally had a chance against the bullies. The leftists don’t really look at history, because if they did, they would see that firearms are indeed a great equalizer, and that socialism has been tried many times, and has never worked, once you run out of other people’s money. Don’t know if they’re stupid, stubborn, or mentally defective, but it almost has to be one of these afflictions.

  45. Jarhead Survivor,
    As I am writing this, the news is pretty much 100% focused on the Connecticut school shooting. I’m hearing people talk about the access to firearms, but no one talking about the access to schools which allow no firearms and are essentially labeled as gun free victim zones.

    You stated, “I’m not calling for the Wild West here, but I am hoping that at some point we as American citizens take the responsibility of our protection personally instead of farming it out to Uncle Sam.” I would long for the days of the Wild West and Dodge City. Nearly everyone was armed, and that meant generally that nearly everyone was polite. As for crime, the big cities in the East like Boston, Philadelphia, and New York City had significantly more per capita crime than the western cities like Dodge City.

    And, “Should every person have the right to carry a firearm? Certainly not …” Certainly not? With the exception of things like age limitations and persons who have proven themselves not trustworthy (e.g., Convicted Felons, and those Adjudicated with mental illness), the whole purpose of the Second Amendment is to clarify a “right” and not a privilege.

  46. You have a good point , the media is leftist controlled , you ONLY hear about things that fit into their leftist agenda like people going crazy . If you were to take factual data , you would find that armed civilians have STOPED crimes on a regular basis …………they dont want you to know that ….but its common sense really …….somebody breaks into your house and you kill them ……..you have not only saved your own life or yourself from violence ………but you have stopped that scumbag from ever victimizing anyone else ever again …….that chain stopped , right then and there .

  47. As a pragmatic scientist I’ve watched in dismay as conservatives in Congress have slowly taken our rights away in the name of security. Law enforcement want to be able to listen to our conversation without warrants. Track our cars electronically without warrants. I think we can be locked up indefinitely if accused of being a combatant. The list goes on a on. I also don’t like all the violence that is expressed with firearms but I haven’t heard many effective approaches proposed to reducing the violence. Though taking away firearms won’t stop the violence, concealed carry or more guns on the street won’t solve the problem either. Here’s why. It take serious training to fire a weapon when one’s life is threatened. The adrenaline kicks in, the vision become tunneled, the heart races and other physical changes occur that make it very difficult to hit your intended target. Police have more training than most citizens and they have trouble hitting their targets. Look at all the shootings that make the news where the police are getting into trouble after unloading a clip at a suspect, hitting innocent bystanders, etc. I can think of two shootings over the last 5 years in NYC. I don’t blame the police for missing or emptying a full clip. They were doing their jobs within the constraints of their training and skill sets. Call it the fog of war. Look at the training Soldiers go through before deploying. It’s measured in weeks or months, not days and they are professionals with existing skill sets. Even with all this training I’ve heard it can be hard in the battle zone. It takes serious training to perform with a weapon under stress. Now lets look at the average CC permit holder. How much training do they have, especially under stress (you have to train the way you fight). At best they go to the shooting range and can hit the target with a degree of accuracy when calm. Some may not even spend much time at the range. I’m as worried about being hit by a CC permit holder as being hit by the active shooter. The one scenario I can see is the CC holder scaring the active shooter to go elsewhere when additional shots are fired. In this case shots to the ceiling would be effective. Ponder this scenario. CC permits become easier to obtain. More people obtain permits. Pretty soon even people who don’t want carry permits start obtaining permits because they notice so many other people carrying guns. Then an Active Shooter scenario happens. CCs start shooting and before you know it everyone is shooting at everyone else. To the Police and anyone in the area of an active shooter the only person who aren’t considered threats are people with their hands in the open following the direction of the police. If I had a CC permit and I heard shooting elsewhere in the building and someone walked into my room who wasn’t the actual shooter but had a gun out he will be fair game for me because I won’t know his intentions. It’s the same problem our troops are having in urban environments, determining who are threats/the enemy and who are not. More guns are not the answer to the active shooters unless they are in the hands of seriously trained individuals.

    • DG,

      It is obvious that you don’t have a clue about what you’re talking about.

      If someone bursts into a building and starts shooting it’s clear where and who the threat is at that point. I for one would much rather be in a room full of folks that are packing when the shooting starts than a room full of folks with no way of defending themselves or of stopping the shooter.

      Also when considering arming teachers in school, common sense will tell you that those teachers would be familiar with the other teachers almost 100% of the time.

      As for hit potential police vs “Civilian” Jeff Cooper observed through case studies that:
      1. Criminals hit their target about 1 round in 10.
      2. The police hit their target about 3 rounds in 10.
      3. Civilian shooters hit their target about 9 rounds out of 10.

      Get off my blog and stop wasting our time with your B.S.

    • Hunker-Down says:


      If we were in a crowded shopping mall and a shooting began, you and I were both carrying, and someone with a gun was crouched down yelling ‘where is the shooter?’ the difference is this:
      I would imitate him, you would shoot him.

      You owe an apology to all your sister pragmatic scientists.

    • what kind of worthless profession is a Pragmatic scientist ? It sounds like more government funded fluff at taxpayer expense , with highly debatable worth to the people .

      • TR,
        I also consider myself a pragmatic scientist, in that I have an engineering degree and a good background in physics (the scientist part). The pragmatic part is something that nearly all preppers have, because they realize that being as self reliant as possible and not relying on a government that has proven itself time after time to be unreliable and inefficient is not the smartest or most pragmatic way to view the world.
        I suspect announcing that you’re a pragmatic scientist at the beginning of a post is a way for the clueless to tell the rest of us (who bling to our guns) how smart they are vs. how smart we are not.

    • What the heck is a “pragmatic scientist” DG? You are an ID10T. And a troll.

      TROLL ALERT!! But then reading down, M.D. has already called it. Darn.

    • DG,
      Wow, where to begin.
      Oh those bad conservatives in Congress, except the scientist part seem to have missed the details. Most of the provisions you mention are part of the 2012 NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act), passed by both houses of congress (including the democrat controlled senate) and signed by a democrat president. Those are the pragmatic facts.

      First of all, as a pragmatic scientist; perhaps you should look at Dr. John R. Lott Jr. (Professor Studies in Law and Economics) “More Guns, Less Crime: Understanding Crime and Gun Control Laws” which blows a large hole in your assertion that “concealed carry or more guns on the street won’t solve the problem either”.

      You also state that “Police have more training than most citizens and they have trouble hitting their targets. Look at all the shootings that make the news where the police are getting into trouble after unloading a clip at a suspect, hitting innocent bystanders, etc.” Another assertion that is in my experience, dead wrong, having personally trained thousands of citizens over the last two decades, and as someone who shoots and works regularly with law enforcement officers (the minority of the ones who are shooters). Police training is adequate, but so is much of the civilian training. Police practicing is perhaps the reason they can’t hit a target. When you come under stress of any kind, one does not rise to the occasion; but, drops to their highest level of training and practice. Also, I would think someone who is a scientist (let alone a pragmatic one) would strive to get the proper nomenclature when discussing a subject. The officers unloading a clip, because the firearms they us do not have “clips”, but “magazines”. If you’re really a scientist, then having factual information and calling items by their correct name is important, any other way of performing your job is both sloppy and suspect.
      You further state, “I’m as worried about being hit by a CC permit holder as being hit by the active shooter”. Where are your facts, or do you simply worry about things you perceive that have no basis in real life. Document how many people have been shot by active shooters in say the last decade, and how many people have been shot by CC permit holders and I think you will see that the numbers speak for themselves.
      You ramble on about different scenarios involving CC permit holders, and then state, “If I had a CC permit”; telling most of us who have the training and the permits that you are yet again clueless. As a scientist with a computer and the Internet available to you, perhaps a little research would enlighten a d ease your fears, unless of course you’re the typical liberal who “Feels” and “Believes” things irrelevant of the actual facts.
      I agree with you when you state, “More guns are not the answer to the active shooters unless they are in the hands of seriously trained individuals”. What I think you are missing however is the number of permit and license holders who take the responsibility seriously, and continue to train and practice, in many cases, well beyond what the police do on a regular basis.

      • More private guns are a viable solution , weather as an individual or a group . As an individual , it gives you protective or retaliatory options , as a group , it gives you the ability to defend an entire area or in some cases a nation …….or to overthrow a tyrant . Look at colonial militias , the continental army and most all armies start with the basic building block , which is the armed private citizen , then militias , who are then trained to a higher degree at a later date . That is one reason the Continental and Confederate armies were able to mobilize and deploy so quickly . Hitler would have had a much more difficult time if he had to fight an armed population along with the nations standing army on top of that . More private guns are a good thing . Just sayin

  48. You’ve lost a bit of weight, haven’t you M.D.? Looking good, uh huh!

  49. Mike Ogden says:

    How about a 30-40 hr training class where you learn the actual carry/conceal law for your state. The rules are pretty extensive and differ state to state. After the classroom time you take a test which you must pass with at least an 80%. Afterwards you go to the range for shooting practice and techniques. You must be able to hit your target in the kill zone at least 90% of the time. You are now certified to carry. You would have to range qualify every 3-4 years and pay a licensing fee. It would insure safer marksmanship on the street and help collect fees for more police and other first responders. If training is good enough for Law Enforcement and the Military why not a civilian that wants to carry?

    • Mike,
      Our concealed carry here in Ohio has all of the attributes you mentioned, except for the length. Ohio law requires a minimum of 10 hours in the classroom and 2 hours on the range. We have both a written test and a minimum qualifying score on the range. The minimum on the range exceed the 90% you mentioned, but with proper training, is attainable to most everyone. What would be required IMO after this class would be some real world training under stress.

  50. Security is a right, I think everyone should is privileged, and for those who are not, they should be that’s why I installed security screens in Perth.

    • Ella:

      How do you define a “right”? For most sheeple when they use the term it means “something that someone else is going to provide”.

      Security is an individual responsibility. We should be able to go about our business without being molested, but you MUST keep up your personal situational awareness and protection.

      Congratulations on upgrading your personal protection. Our homes should be the safest places for us. But I am curious about your statement; was someone telling you that you were not allowed to put in more security measures?

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