Which Handgun Manufacturer is Best?

Reader Discussion Time.

What is the best handgun for self-defense?

OK – before we start World War III with this discussion, let me set a few ground rules.

1. Be constructive – while simple responses of ‘Glock is best’ or ‘I like Smith &Wesson’ might be easy – tell us WHY you like a particular manufacturer and handgun.

2. Respect each other’s opinions – there’s no right or wrong answer here – different attributes of the different manufacturers and handguns will appeal to different people. Argue your case strongly if you like – but let others hold their own opinions also and keep it civil.

3. Give examples – tell us more about the handgun you’re talking about if you’d like. The more information and the more specific it is – the more we’ll all learn.

Feel free to have fun with this discussion – I’m sure it’ll cause some debate. My hope is that through it that those on hunt for a new handgun will learn a thing or two and go into their purchase more informed.

So which handgun and manufacturer do you like best?


  1. Whichever sharp stick gets a better sharp stick,.. is the best!… When used right, it only needs to fire once, maybe twice…just saying.

  2. I’d really like to know..who’s running this web sight? Because there’s alot of personal “intel” being divulged here. Just saying, and it’s like the “educated idiot” intelligence. Not even the dumb/hard stuff! ….Just saying,

  3. “Commenting policy”,.. Statement? I’m sure you’re glad. I’m so, very sure.