Who Really Runs the World? Conspiracies, Hidden Agendas and the Plan for World Government

by Andrew Gavin Marshall

Earth-From-Space-300x300So, who runs the world? It’s a question that people have struggled with since people began to struggle. It’s certainly a question with many interpretations, and incites answers of many varied perspectives.

Often, it is relegated to the realm of “conspiracy theory,” in that, those who discuss this question or propose answers to it, are purveyors of a conspiratorial view of the world. However, it is my intention to discard the labels, which seek to disprove a position without actually proving anything to the contrary. One of these labels – “conspiracy theorist” – does just that: it’s very application to a particular perspective or viewpoint has the intention of “disproving without proof;” all that is needed is to simply apply the label.

What I intend to do is analyse the social structure of the transnational ruling class, the international elite, who together run the world. This is not a conspiratorial opinion piece, but is an examination of the socially constructed elite class of people; what is the nature of power, how does it get used, and who holds it?

A Historical Understanding of Power

In answering the question “Who Runs the World?” we must understand what positions within society hold the most power, and thus, the answer becomes clear. If we simply understand this as heads of state, the answer will be flawed and inaccurate. We must examine the globe as a whole, and the power structures of the global political economy.

The greatest position of power within the global capitalist system lies in the authority of money-creation: the central banking system. The central banking system, originating in 1694 in England, consists of an international network of central banks that are privately owned by wealthy shareholders and are granted governmental authority to print and issue a nation’s currency, and set interest rates, collecting revenue and making profit through the interest charged. Central banks give loans to both governments and industries, controlling both simultaneously. The ultimate centre of power in the central banking system is at the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), in Basle, Switzerland; which is the central bank to the world’s central banks, and is also a private bank owned by the world’s central banks.

As Georgetown University history professor Carroll Quigley wrote:

[T]he powers of financial capitalism had another far-reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences. The apex of the system was to be the Bank for International Settlements in Basle, Switzerland, a private bank owned and controlled by the world’s central banks which were themselves private corporations.1

The central banks, and thus the central banking system as a whole, is a privately owned system in which the major shareholders are powerful international banking houses. These international banking houses emerged in tandem with the evolution of the central banking system. The central banking system first emerged in London, and expanded across Europe with time. With that expansion, the European banking houses also rose and expanded across the continent.

The French Revolution resulted with Napoleon coming to power, who granted the French bankers a central bank of France, which they privately controlled.2 It was also out of the French Revolution that one of the major banking houses of the world emerged, the Rothschilds. Emerging out of a European Jewish ghetto, the Rothschilds quickly rose to the forefront in banking, and established banking houses in London, Paris, Frankfurt, Vienna and Naples, allowing them to profit off of all sides in the Napoleonic wars.3

As Carroll Quigley wrote in his monumental Tragedy and Hope, “The merchant bankers of London had already at hand in 1810-1850 the Stock Exchange, the Bank of England, and the London money market,” and that:

In time they brought into their financial network the provincial banking centres, organised as commercial banks and savings banks, as well as insurance companies, to form all of these into a single financial system on an international scale which manipulated the quantity and flow of money so that they were able to influence, if not control, governments on one side and industries on the other.4

At the same time, in the United States, we saw the emergence of a powerful group of bankers and industrialists, such as the Morgans, Astors, Vanderbilts, Rockefellers, and Carnegies, and they created massive industrial monopolies and oligopolies throughout the 19th century.5 These banking interests were very close to and allied with the powerful European banking houses.

The European, and particularly the British elites of the time, were beginning to organise their power in an effort to properly exert their influence internationally. At this time, European empires were engaging in the Scramble for Africa, in which nearly the entire continent of Africa, save Ethiopia, was colonised and carved up by European nations. One notable imperialist was Cecil Rhodes who made his fortune from diamond and gold mining in Africa with financial support from the Rothschilds,6 and “at that time [had] the biggest concentration of financial capital in the world.”7

Cecil Rhodes was also known for his radical views regarding America, particularly in that he would “talk with total seriousness of ‘the ultimate recovery of the United States of America as an integral part of the British Empire’.”8 Rhodes saw himself not simply as a moneymaker, but primarily as an “empire builder.”

As Carroll Quigley explained, in 1891 three British elites met with the intent to create a secret society. The three men were Cecil Rhodes, William T. Stead, a prominent journalist of the day, and Reginald Baliol Brett, a “friend and confidant of Queen Victoria, and later to be the most influential adviser of King Edward VII and King George V.” Within this secret society, “real power was to be exercised by the leader, and a ‘Junta of Three.’ The leader was to be Rhodes, and the Junta was to be Stead, Brett, and Alfred Milner.”9

The purpose of this secret society, which was later headed by Alfred Milner, was: “The extension of British rule throughout the world, the perfecting of a system of emigration from the United Kingdom and of colonisation by British subjects of all lands wherein the means of livelihood are attainable by energy, labour, and enterprise… [with] the ultimate recovery of the United States of America as an integral part of a British Empire.” [Emphasis added]10 Essentially, it outlined a British-led cosmopolitical world order, one global system of governance under British hegemony. Among key players within this group were the Rothschilds and other banking interests.11

After the 1907 banking panic in the US, instigated by JP Morgan, pressure was placed upon the American political establishment to create a “stable” banking system. In 1910, a secret meeting of financiers was held on Jekyll Island, where they planned for the “creation of a National Reserve Association with fifteen major regions, controlled by a board of commercial bankers but empowered by the federal government to act like a central bank – creating money and lending reserves to private banks.”12

It was largely Paul M. Warburg, a Wall Street investment banker, who “had come up with a design for a single central bank [in 1910]. He called it the United Reserve Bank. From this and his later service on the first Federal Reserve Board, Warburg has, with some justice, been called the father of the System.”13 President Woodrow Wilson followed the plan almost exactly as outlined by the Wall Street financiers, and added to it the creation of a Federal Reserve Board in Washington, which the President would appoint.14

Thus, true power in the world order was held by international banking houses, which privately owned the global central banking system, allowing them to control the credit of nations, and finance and control governments and industry.

However, though the economic system was firmly in their control, allowing them to establish influence over finance, they needed to shape elite ideology accordingly. In effect, what was required was to socially construct a ruling class, internationally, which would serve their interests. To do this, these bankers set out to undertake a project of establishing think tanks to organise elites from politics, economics, academia, media, and the military into a generally cohesive and controllable ideology.

Constructing a Ruling Class: Rise of the Think Tanks

During World War I, a group of American scholars were tasked with briefing “Woodrow Wilson about options for the postwar world once the Kaiser and imperial Germany fell to defeat.” This group was called, “The Inquiry.” The group advised Wilson mostly through his trusted aide, Col. Edward M. House, who was Wilson’s “unofficial envoy to Europe during the period between the outbreak of World War I in 1914 and the intervention by the United States in 1917,” and was the prime driving force in the Wilson administration behind the establishment of the Federal Reserve System.15

“The Inquiry” laid the foundations for the creation of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the most powerful think tank in the US and, “The scholars of the Inquiry helped draw the borders of post World War I central Europe.” On May 30, 1919, a group of scholars and diplomats from Britain and the US met at the Hotel Majestic, where they “proposed a permanent Anglo-American Institute of International Affairs, with one branch in London, the other in New York.” When the scholars returned from Paris, they were met with open arms by New York lawyers and financiers, and together they formed the Council on Foreign Relations in 1921. The “British diplomats returning from Paris had made great headway in founding their Royal Institute of International Affairs.” The Anglo-American Institute envisioned in Paris, with two branches and combined membership was not feasible, so both the British and American branches retained national membership, however, they would cooperate closely with one another.16 They were referred to, and still are, as “Sister Institutes.”17

The Milner Group, the secret society formed by Cecil Rhodes, “dominated the British delegation to the Peace Conference of 1919; it had a great deal to do with the formation and management of the League of Nations and of the system of mandates; it founded the Royal Institute of International Affairs in 1919 and still controls it.”18

There were other groups founded in many countries representing the same interests of the secret Milner Group, and they came to be known as the Round Table Groups, preeminent among them were the Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House), the Council on Foreign Relations in the United States, and parallel groups were set up in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and India.19

These were, in effect, the first international think tanks, which remain today, and are in their respective nations, among the top, if not the most prominent think tanks.

In 2008, a major study was done by the University of Philadelphia’s International Relations Program – the Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program – which sought to analyse and examine the most powerful and influential think tanks in the world. While it is a useful resource to understanding the influence of think tanks, there is a flaw in its analysis. It failed to take into account the international origins of the Round Table Group think tanks, particularly the Council on Foreign Relations in the United States; Chatham House or the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London; the Canadian Institute of International Affairs, now renamed the Canadian International Council; and their respective sister organisations in India, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia. Further nations have since added to this group of related think tanks, including Germany, and a recently established European Council on Foreign Relations. The report, while putting focus on the international nature of think tanks, analysed these ones as separate institutions without being related or affiliated. This has, in effect, skewed the results of the study. However, it is still useful to examine.

The top think tanks in the United States include the Council on Foreign Relations, (which was put at number 2, however, should be placed at the number 1 spot), the Brookings Institution, (which was inaccurately given the position of number one), the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, RAND Corporation, Heritage Foundation, Woodrow Wilson International Centre for Scholars, the Center for Strategic and International Studies, and the American Enterprise Institute, among others.

The top think tanks in the world, outside of the United States, are Chatham House (sitting at number one), the International Institute for Strategic Studies in the UK, the German Council on Foreign Relations, the French Institute of International Relations, the Adam Smith Institute in the UK, the Fraser Institute in Canada, the European Council on Foreign Relations, the International Crisis Group in Belgium, and the Canadian Institute of International Affairs.20

In 1954, the Bilderberg Group was founded in the Netherlands. Every year since then the group holds a secretive meeting, drawing roughly 130 of the political-financial-military-academic-media elites from North America and Western Europe as “an informal network of influential people who could consult each other privately and confidentially.”21

Regular participants include the CEOs or Chairmen of some of the largest corporations in the world, oil companies such as Royal Dutch Shell, British Petroleum, and Total SA, as well as various European monarchs, international bankers such as David Rockefeller, major politicians, presidents, prime ministers, and central bankers of the world.22 The Bilderberg Group acts as a “secretive global think-tank,” with an original intent “to link governments and economies in Europe and North America amid the Cold War.”23

In 1970, David Rockefeller became Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations, while also being Chairman and CEO of Chase Manhattan. In 1970, an academic who joined the Council on Foreign Relations in 1965 wrote a book called Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era. The author, Zbigniew Brzezinski, called for the formation of “A Community of the Developed Nations,” consisting of Western Europe, the United States and Japan. Brzezinski wrote about how “the traditional sovereignty of nation states is becoming increasingly unglued as transnational forces such as multinational corporations, banks, and international organisations play a larger and larger role in shaping global politics.”

So, in 1972, David Rockefeller and Brzezinski “presented the idea of a trilateral grouping at the annual Bilderberg meeting.” In July of 1972, seventeen powerful people met at David Rockefeller’s estate in New York to plan for the creation of another grouping. Also at the meeting was Brzezinski, McGeorge Bundy, the President of the Ford Foundation, (brother of William Bundy, editor of Foreign Affairs) and Bayless Manning, President of the Council on Foreign Relations.24 In 1973, these people formed the Trilateral Commission, which acted as a sister organisation to Bilderberg, linking the elites of Western Europe, North America, and Japan into a transnational ruling class.

These think tanks have effectively socially constructed an ideologically cohesive ruling class in each nation and fostered the expansion of international ideological alignment among national elites, allowing for the development of a transnational ruling class sharing a dominant ideology.

These same interests, controlled by the international banking houses, had to socially construct society itself. To do this, they created a massive network of tax-exempt foundations and non-profit organisations, which shaped civil society according to their designs. Among the most prominent of these are the Carnegie Corporation, the Ford Foundation, and the Rockefeller Foundation.

The “Foundations” of Civil Society

These foundations shaped civil society by financing research projects and initiatives into major social projects, creating both a dominant world-view for the elite classes, as well as managing the other classes.

These foundations, since their establishment, played a large part in the funding and organising of the eugenics movement, which helped facilitate this racist, elitist ideology to having enormous growth and influence, ultimately culminating in the Nazi Holocaust. From then, the word “eugenics” had to be dropped from the ideology and philanthropy of elites, and was replaced with new forms of eugenics policies and concepts. Among them, genetics, population control and environmentalism.

These foundations also funded seemingly progressive and alternative media sources in an effort to control the opposition, and manage the resistance to their world order, essentially making it ineffective and misguided.

The Rockefeller Foundation was established in 1912, and immediately began giving money to eugenics research organisations.25 Eugenics was a pseudo-scientific and social science movement that emerged in the late 19th century, and gained significant traction in the first half of the 20th century. One of the founding ideologues of eugenics, Sir Francis Galton, an anthropologist and cousin to Charles Darwin, wrote that eugenics “is the study of all agencies under social control which can improve or impair the racial quality of future generations.”26 Ultimately, it was about the “sound” breeding of people and maintaining “purity” and “superiority” of the blood. It was an inherently racist ideology, which saw all non-white racial categories of people as inherently and naturally inferior, and sought to ground these racist theories in “science.”

The vast wealth and fortunes of the major industrialists and bankers in the United States flowed heavily into the eugenics organisations, promoting and expanding this racist and elitist ideology. Money from the Harriman railroad fortune, with millions given by the Rockefeller and Carnegie family fortunes were subsequently “devoted to sterilisation of several hundred thousands of American ‘defectives’ annually, as a matter of eugenics.”27

In the United States, 27 states passed eugenics based sterilisation laws of the “unfit,” which ultimately led to the sterilisation of over 60,000 people. Throughout the 1920s and 30s, the Carnegie and especially the Rockefeller Foundation, funded eugenics research in Germany, directly financing the Nazi scientists who perpetrated some of the greatest crimes of the Holocaust.28

Following the Holocaust, the word “eugenics” was highly discredited. Thus, these elites who wanted to continue with the implementation of their racist and elitist ideology desperately needed a new name for it. In 1939, the Eugenics Records Office became known as the Genetics Record Office.29 However, tens of thousands of Americans continued to be sterilised throughout the 40s, 50s and 60s, the majority of which were women.30

Edwin Black analysed how the pseudoscience of eugenics transformed into what we know as the science of genetics. In a 1943 edition of Eugenical News, an article titled “Eugenics After the War,” cited Charles Davenport, a major founder of eugenics, in his vision of “a new mankind of biological castes with master races in control and slave races serving them.”31

A 1946 article in Eugenical News stated that, “Population, genetics, [and] psychology, are the three sciences to which the eugenicist must look for the factual material on which to build an acceptable philosophy of eugenics and to develop and defend practical eugenics proposals.” As Black explained, “the incremental effort to transform eugenics into human genetics forged an entire worldwide infrastructure,” with the founding of the Institute for Human Genetics in Copenhagen in 1938, led by Tage Kemp, a Rockefeller Foundation eugenicist, and was financed with money from the Rockefeller Foundation.32

Today, much of civil society and major social projects are a product of these foundations, and align with various new forms of eugenics. The areas of population control and environmentalism are closely aligned and span a broad range of intellectual avenues. The major population control organisations emerged with funding from these various foundations, particularly the Rockefeller foundations and philanthropies.

These organisations, such as the Rockefeller and Ford foundations, funded major civil society movements, such as the Civil Rights movement, in an effort to “create a wedge between social movement activists and their unpaid grassroots constituents, thereby facilitating professionalisation and institutionalisation within the movement,” ultimately facilitating a “narrowing and taming of the potential for broad dissent,” with an aim of limiting goals to “ameliorative rather than radical change.”33

Two major organisations in the development of the environmental movement were the Conservation Foundation and Resources for the Future, which were founded and funded with money from the Rockefeller and Ford Foundations, and helped “launch an explicitly pro-corporate approach to resource conservation.”34 Even the World Wildlife Fund was founded in the early 1960s by the former president of the British Eugenics Society, and its first President was Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, a founding member of the Bilderberg Group.

While the environmental movement positions people as the major problem for the earth, relating humanity to a cancer, population control becomes a significant factor in proposing environmental solutions.

In May of 2009, a secret meeting of billionaire philanthropists took place in which they sought to coordinate how to “address” the world’s environmental, social, and industrial threats. Each billionaire at the meeting was given 15 minutes to discuss their “preferred” cause, and then they deliberated to create an “umbrella” cause to harness all their interests. The end result was that the umbrella cause for which the billionaires would aim to “give to” was population control, which “would be tackled as a potentially disastrous environmental, social and industrial threat.” Among those present at the meeting were David Rockefeller, Jr., George Soros, Warren Buffet, Michael Bloomberg, Ted Turner, Bill Gates, and even Oprah Winfrey.35


At the top of the list of those who run the world, we have the major international banking houses, which control the global central banking system. From there, these dynastic banking families created an international network of think tanks, which socialised the ruling elites of each nation and the international community as a whole, into a cohesive transnational elite class. The foundations they established helped shape civil society both nationally and internationally, playing a major part in the funding – and thus coordinating and co-opting – of major social-political movements.

An excellent example of one member of the top of the hierarchy of the global elite is David Rockefeller, patriarch of the Rockefeller family. Long serving as Chairman and CEO of Chase Manhattan bank, he revolutionised the notion of building a truly global bank. He was also Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations, a founding member of Bilderberg and the Trilateral Commission, heavily involved in the family philanthropies, and sits atop a vast number of boards and foundations. Even Alan Greenspan, in a speech to the Council on Foreign Relations, said that David Rockefeller and the CFR have, “in many respects, formulated the foreign policy of this country.”36

In another speech to the Council on Foreign Relations, then World Bank President James Wolfesohn, said in 2005, in honour of David Rockefeller’s 90th birthday, that, “the person who had perhaps the greatest influence on my life professionally in this country, and I’m very happy to say personally there afterwards, is David Rockefeller.” He then said, “In fact, it’s fair to say that there has been no other single family influence greater than the Rockefeller’s in the whole issue of globalisation and in the whole issue of addressing the questions which, in some ways, are still before us today. And for that David, we’re deeply grateful to you and for your own contribution in carrying these forward in the way that you did.”37

David Rockefeller, himself, wrote, “For more than a century ideological extremists at either end of the political spectrum have seized upon well-publicised incidents such as my encounter with Castro to attack the Rockefeller family for the inordinate influence they claim we wield over American political and economic institutions. Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterising my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure – one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.”38


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Reprinted with permission from New Dawn Magazine.

July 21, 2012

Andrew Gavin Marshall is an independent researcher and writer based in Montreal, Canada, writing on a number of social, political, economic, and historical issues. He is also Project Manager of The People’s Book Project. Visit his website.

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  1. Whoever is running the world, I wish they’d do a better job of it!!

  2. Mystery Guest says:

    Ah! Say it ain’t so.
    I will remain a conspiracy theorist.
    Although I didn’t have the information the way you wrote about it, that was all the answer I needed. What I am trying to say is I didn’t have it all my ducks in a row, but I still had my ducks.
    There are more fingers in the pie besides those with money and in think tanks.
    But the ball is rolling down the hill and it ain’t moss it is collecting.
    (yes, I know there is no word ain’t, but I love it just the same)

    • Ain’t most definitely is a word down here in Texas!!!

    • It is also listed in Webster’s. The question is not if it is a word but rather if you choose to use it.

  3. wildriver says:

    Satan is running this world age.

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      Wildriver Amen to your statement.

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      There are smart people.
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      There are God fearing people.
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      Stumbling through the combinations and permutations (mathematically I’m dyslexic) and elimination the illogical combination of a person being both smart and dumb, and the illogical both G-fearing and G-hating, we end up with just 4 intersections;
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      God fearing and dumb.

      God hating and smart.
      God haring and dumb.

      The people named in the article are smart. I hope our creator classifies me in the other group.

  4. Chuck Findlay says:

    I wish there were good moral, honest people that really wanted the world to be a better place, but they are not any of the above, they never have been, are not now and will never be that way in the future.

    My plan is to just live my life in a comfortable, moral way that does not infringe on others and not try to buck a system that would grind me into dust.

    Read the book “How I Found Freedom In An Unfree World” by Harry Browne.

    It will explain how to let things go that you can’t change anyway.

    • Northernwolf says:

      That’s ok but I don’t want to just go along to get along as soon enough they will be in your face then there will be no choice but to do something,it may not be you but a family member or a good friend or neighbor,then what will you do ?
      Bullies don’t back done until you stand up to them

      • Chuck Findlay says:

        Northernwolf would I stand up and fight if it would do some good? yes.

        But if I were to make a stand right now I would be nothing more then a name on a headstone if I (any of us) were to do what we know really needs to happen…

        The government is too strong and CNN, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, ABC and every other news / information service has 90% of the public that it’s a wonderful country and our government is doing it’s best for us.

        With odds like that it’s not going to go well for the nail that is sticking up, it’s going to get pounded down by a big hammer.

        That could change, but I don’t see much chance of it in my lifetime. The system has to collapse complete before you get 300+ million sheep to wake up.

        • Northernwolf says:

          Yeah that may be the case but I am not the only one, there are people I hang out with who will stand up and I hear of others as well, so it’s wack a mole time, we will not be silenced
          And I am prepping at the same time you never know when that big earth quake will hit,they say we in the NW are due for a 9 point

        • patientmomma says:

          Oh, come on Northernwolf, all of have troublemaker stamped on our NSA files. Since we’re already tagged, we all can do something! I leave the physical fighting to the young studs but I do my part in spreading the word and shaking up the complacent. I complain to the senators and congressman so much they call me on the phone. I contribute support and other things I won’t mention here.

          • Chuck Findlay says:

            The greatest amusement park in the world (Cedar Point) is only a short distance from me. I have played “wack a mole” games there and you know what? You can’t win at it. the better you get the faster the game goes till it beats you. This is how the game is played.

            I don’t want to run on an ever-increasing in speed treadmill to the point it throws me off.

    • Texmexmix says:

      Thanks chuck, I found a copy .

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    • Rider of Rohan says:

      IMO that is the attitude that has us in the mess we now find ourselves in. I can well imagine many folks telling Patrick Henry, George Washington, Ben Franklin, John Adams, and other of the Founding Fathers basically those same words you wrote. It was good they didn’t take this advice and were better men than we. They made a country, the greatest in the history of the world, we threw it away for comfort and easy living. I might have been another George Washington, or you a John Adams, but we will never know. I’m truly ashamed of myself.

  5. Tactical G-Ma says:

    I am not a student of high finance. Nor am I a student of government. However, having lived and served in the community (and the elite) of Southampton, NY, the ruling class is more about power and less about money.
    There are levels of power among the elitists. In the past, Europeans have globally dominated but more and more are facing resistance from the nouveau riche, e.g. middle eastern petroleum.
    The mindset of the old money is that working class people are fleas. We do their bidding, whether consciously or not. And everyone other than who they deem equal or higher on the food chain, are purely for their benefit or to be cattle. We consume and breed and serve them but are otherwise cockroaches.
    Decisions by the ruling class are purely self-serving. They don’t care about the bears or condor or the starving in Africa.
    I know my place in the world and have no illusions that my actions, unless it delays the flow of traffic to Montauk, is totally inconsequential.
    This doesn’t mean I can’t make the human condition in my own community better.

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    I know where I stand.

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    Over all, as a former secretary of state said it, What difference does it make? I’m with Chuck.

    • Buckwheat says:

      these people brag a lot. The MSM ignores it or covers for it. The ones that are not central to the goal, moved against them or have embarrassed them are sacrificed.

  8. Northernwolf says:

    MD you did a great job on that column,and I have a couple of things to say on that subject.just think if the majority would stand up to theses sick people they would not be doing what they are to US,I don’t buy into the thought I can’t do anything about it,I say at least try.also it’s to bad that even with proof at lot won’t even pay any attention to it or see what is right under their nose,I hear our Gov. Wouldn’t do that.or it isn’t affecting me,well it is and will soon enough.if you see or know of someone in trouble IE Bundy ranch,get out and help what ever way you can cause it will be as the staying goes they came for my neighbor and I did nothing …….then they came for me and there was no one to stand for me.doesnt matter what you think of conspiracys what is going right now is real.
    I thank MD for this soundboard and prepping.along with the other topics brought up so we can all learn news things and share what each one of us knows that others may not.really it is like a circle it all ties in together one way or another.
    I will continue to do what I am including re upping for my county PCO office election as I don’t want to just sit back watching others who are in the fight,no matter win or lose.and yes tea party meetings, have a good class type of info at one called the making of America and it is a good one.you are never to old to learn.
    Now back to messing with others horses while getting soaked in the rain in the NW.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      I’ve no doubt that you have and will help your community. But let me remind you when Jesse Ventura was elected governor of MN back in the 90’s. He was blacklisted by Dems and Reps because he didn’t want to playball and was not a member of the elitists good-ole-boy club. The control is so strong on everything that goes on that resistance only hurts us. I almost wish J. Edgar and McCarthy were back in charge. Reminds me of the Archey Bunker theme song…and you knew who you were then!

      • +1

      • Northernwolf says:

        I do know what happened to Jesse and for you that may be your decision but can I point out to you the movie the patriot, in that movie the dad was not wanting to get involved until his son was shot,all I am Saying is I am not going to stand by but at least put some thing into the battle.
        We had a terrible election/caucas 2 years ago so a group of us got together and put in better people and now at the local level we are making a change that should be improved on this year.also we also had to appoint a replacement for one of our elected officials, we nominated 3 that were to voted on well 1 was almost shut out by the establishment as he was not what they wanted, but we stopped it and now this person is in and doing great, he listens and will meet with us and is making a name for himself.i along with the others plan to have changes made at state level next.it does take time and the elites don’t like it but we will not stop….Braveheart didn’t stop.
        One last thing, there are a few of us already on a so called list and for the elites it won’t make any differance who you are or what you do you are not part of their group.and what if something happens to some family member, I have 2adult special needs kids and will likely have no grand kids but don’t want to be talked about as I just sat by, will stand by them and my friends.also recall that person who got into office well he has told his core base we have each other’s back.
        I remember the Archy Bunker show but liked the A team and X files.

        • Tactical G-Ma says:

          I won’t stop doing my part locally but at a federal level you must either be a gazillion-heir with influential pals or be in some gazillion-heir’s pocket just to run for any office. Who’s running this world? Certainly not the people in my income bracket.

          • Northernwolf says:

            To run for PCO costs nothing, in turn they are in charge of the county party chair who they elect.as to the person who was tapped by us PCOs they have a normal job as an IT pro and doesn’t have a lot of money.yes donations are made but they come from those of us in small amounts but it does add up.
            I have only been doing this for about 2years and have learned a lot on how things are done, it’s really not that hard after you get it figured out you just have to not be on the outside looking in.the small local people who run don’t get big donars we have a federal race coming up and a local just put his name out as they will challenge this person who has not been in long , it will be interesting that one
            If you are interested in more let me know

  9. Brearbear says:

    The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve Paperback
    by G. Edward Griffin (Author)

    • Buckwheat says:

      that is a great one. There is a new one out: All the President’s Bankers: The Hidden Alliances that Drive American Power by Niomi Prins. It has been out of stock on Amazon. I can’t wait to dig into it.

      • Brearbear says:

        Thank you very much Buckwheat!

        I very much look forward to reading this!

  10. Donna in MN says:

    These bankers and thuggists are trying to rule the world, but I know God is in charge, not these power mongers and supporters of socialism, facism, or human extermination, and what ever tests we have to go through, He will win.

    • Lauri no e says:

      Amen! Donna

      • donna,
        God will win it is just a matter of the mopping up by Him.
        but…we will go thru terrible times and challenges as every generation has. times between terrible world-wide events are getting shorter so it is coming thick and fast.
        if the west are ‘the young lions of tarshish’ named in the Bible, then the west will be weak by the time the great wars of ‘the last days’ are fought.
        whatever we can do on our home-ground is limited but we will never have any influence on the powerful–except, as t-g-ma says, if we inconvenience them a smidgen.
        t-g-ma is right. we are nothing to the powerful. one of them told charley rose that american kids should learn to polish the brass on his yacht if they expected to have any jobs. if i could have got near him at that moment i would have strangled him.
        all this talk about too much population is not consideration for mother earth, it is to make easy control of the people.
        i was just talking to my husband this week about how we of the unwashed masses are less than nothing to those in power. just some pieces on their chessboard.
        those who think they truly rule are the Devil’s puppets and will be shown to have been his ‘useful idiots’ at the last judgement.
        meanwhile ‘when elephants fight the grass suffers’.

  11. Will this affect my prepping? I think not.

    • Buckwheat says:

      This is a well written article. This is such a vast and wide subject, I am sure that MG struggled to get it into a short article.
      Some of this is hard for you guys/gals in the Wolf Pack to believe. It does sound crazy at times. It is not only important to understanding how things are about to play out, it is also fascinating. For example, notice that MG references Carroll Quigley’s research. One important fact not mentioned above is that one of his research assistants was Bill Clinton. Isn’t it odd that Bill Clinton would be learning about all of this and helping Carroll assemble this vast research to the public? It was also odd that Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar and recipient of funding from Cecil Rhodes’ foundation. There is speculation that Cecil Rhodes is Bill Clinton’s grandfather. Which might explain why the serious students were upset at Bill Clinton’s antics and being selected for the program despite his subpar educational performance. But it may also explain why Carroll’s book was almost never published because of intense pressure from the investment banks+ publishing houses and the fact that right before delivery of the files significant portions were inadvertently “lost”. For amusement, google a pic of Cecil Rhodes and compare it to Clinton. He looks like Clinton with a mustache!
      Other trivia includes researching what organizations these people belong. For example, Clinton is an ex CFR and TLC member. Also, notice who administers the Rhode Scholarships through the Rhodes Foundation – the Rockefellers. The scholars are personally hand-picked by the family. Why? Because Cecil was a close family friend… Is there any reason why Clinton would hold David Rockefeller as a figure?
      Is it any coincidence that Clinton met JKF 4 months before the assassination? (google the pic) Is there any coincidence about the JFK assassination date 11/22/63? These people are fascinated with multiples of 11. What date did he fire his advisors and go against the wishes of these families? Did he every give a speech as to who and what these people are? (hint it was in 1961)
      And that is just one tiny area of the political spectrum. It doesn’t end there. You can see this stuff at work in so many different areas. Everything is hidden in plain sight. While you can brush some of the stuff discussed here as a coincidence, but there are just too many coincidences.
      Also, you can see that right after the French Revolution in the late 1700’s (heavy illuminati influence), when these people realized the opportunity that the U.S. represented, they came over and slowly seized control to work everything into position to where it is today. They are almost ready to wrap everything up as everything is almost in position.
      A good reason to understand some of this is this: Once you understand who they are and what they want and what they are willing to do to get it – you can plan your preps accordingly. Also, you can figure out what they need to get the mission accomplished – then you can figure out approximate timelines (according to them).
      Do your research without regard to what the official media labels as conspiracy. At the end of the day you will find- Wildriver has it right. Satan is running this world age. HERE IS THE BIGGEST RISK – YOU WILL NOT UNDERSTAND THE LIES VS. THE TRUTH. YOU ARE AT A MAJOR RISK TO FALL VICTIM TO THE LIES. The lies do not merely stop at politics, media and the central banks. They have also infected the churches. The seemingly subtle lies there are harder to recognize but can have enormous consequences for you and your loved ones.

      • Buckwheat says:

        Also, in your quest for the truth, you can see that right after the French Revolution in the late 1700’s, when these people realized the opportunity that the U.S. represented, they came over and slowly seized control to work everything into position to where it is today. And what happened to those that opposed them. They are now almost ready to wrap everything up as everything is almost in position.
        This started in the garden of eden in the battle for free will. Then culminated itself in ancient Babylon with Nimrod and Samiramus and branched out from there. You can literally trace it back that far if you keep digging. Good luck.

      • Buckwheat says:

        somehow this attached to Uncle Charlie’s post. I meant for it to stand on its own. sorry.

  12. tommy2rs says:

    Meh, poke enough holes in ’em (by whatever means you prefer) and they bleed out just like you and me. 😉

  13. Gary Allen’s book ‘The Rockefellers’ provides an incredible insight into this topic. The controlling interest this group has in so many large corporations is unbelievable. A great read!

  14. Dan Bauler says:

    Scripture tells us “That what a person thinks in their heart, so they become”.
    So be careful what you put in your heads.

    Maybe what the author has written is 100% true, but to me it’s a little too “Alex Jones”.

    Money=Power, thus the people with the most money have the most power, shocking!

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      I have to agree with you 100%, sir. Greed and power are nothing new to this world. That people have been plotting to obtain more of both should surprise no one. It’s our reaction to it that is the problem. We have a road map, a Constitution, and the only way for it not to succeed was for us to get lazy, satisfied, and apathetic. I’m guilty.

      • Dan Bauler says:

        Rider, I really doubt that a patriot like you has ever let down his guard.
        Frankly, you are right, I’ve given up on this country/constitution and look towards the Kingdom to come. 6 years ago I would have gladly taken up arms to defend the Constitution, now?

        I’m certain that some troll is going to come along and call me a “sheeple”, or some other really-really bad name (makes me cry) for my attitude.

        Bottom line: There are no surprises to God and He has His plan, I choose to put my faith/trust in Him for the future.

  15. Tactical G-Ma says:

    Kind of reminds me of what I was told when I asked a young “witch” what the difference was between Black Magic and White Magic. (I am not a believer of Magic or Witchcraft.)
    I was told that if she casts a spell from me to come into some money, and while walking down the road I find a bag full of cash, then that’s white magic. However, someone had to lose that money. That is black magic.
    Cause and effect. What serves the Rockefellers, et. al., can be devastating at the middle class level. And just like Josephine said, if they have no bread then let them eat cake, the boards of these huge trusts have no clue what it’s like to worry about paying the electric bill.
    There’s no conspiracy theory just the reality that morality or emotions rarely enter into decisions at that level. However, they do finance huge public services such as hospital wings, etc.

  16. Markiah says:

    My road map is the Word of God. Bad things are happening and it is only going to get a whole lot worse. Times that mankind has never seen in the history of this world. We will have a perfect society when Jesus Christ comes back and rules and only then. No republican, democrat, independent or whatever is going to change the path we are on. I encourage any of you that read these posts, to trust Jesus Christ as your Saviour. He and He alone offers each of us eternal life. This is not all there is, thankfully. We are born as sinners and only Christ’s death on the cross pays the penalty we all deserve. Time is short. We prepare for whatever emergency we can but in the end, the end is already determined. Just read the book of Revelation. Thank you Lord Jesus for loving me so much you died for me. Amen!

    • Dan Bauler says:

      Preach It!
      So many think that we are some how going to “save’ our country, or that what is happening is a surprise to God, WRONG!

      I’ve got an idea for you Markiah. For the past 2,000 years we Christians have been thrown to lions, burned alive, blah, blah, blah. Yes, “things” do seem to be getting worse, what with the rise of both neo-Communism and Islam, but what if the Church has been going through a great tribulation for all of this time period?

  17. nick flandrey says:

    Just playing devil’s advocate here, but a serious question.

    Assume the article is completely true. What if these people and organizations are in fact doing God’s work? After all, everyone thinks they are the hero in their own story.

    Doesn’t the shepherd watch the flock, culling the sick and infirm to increase the overall strength?

    Doesn’t the prudent ruler look to the health and wealth of his subjects in order to increase the strength of the kingdom?

    What if a coordinated world-wide government, that works to reduce the sick and infirm, breed out violence and non-conformity, control the production of food and allocation of resources, is exactly what God wants to create a paradise on earth?

    Are these things not EXACTLY what the prudent farmer or rancher does? Is this not what the gardener does?

    I am not saying I believe this, and I’m not trying to be provocative, I’m just flipping the assumption that this is a BAD thing, and looking at it from their direction. I’m sure that none of them see themselves as evil. I believe it is a good thing to examine one’s faith and one’s assumptions, and emerge stronger after doing so.

    I personally don’t want to be part of the managed ‘herd’. I’ll never be part of the ruling elite either. So where does that leave me and those like me?

    I live near the herd. I benefit from the shepherd’s actions with the herd. I am consciously and unconsciously influenced positively and negatively by the herd. What if I’m unknowingly part of a larger (or secondary) herd, composed of all those who are around the edges? Are we being managed, culled, bred, and manipulated just as deftly as the main herd? The revelation of ‘secret’ knowledge, the leaks, the memes and shared beliefs of the secondary herd could be just as managed and manufactured to control US!

    Do you see the rabbit hole you can fall into with all this?

    Even if it’s all true, how does it effect you RIGHT NOW? Disengage from them. Reduce the number of “handles” they have to control you. Who cares if the mortgage rate is manipulated if you don’t have a mortgage? Who cares if a whole generation of young men are killing off their most violent members over nothing? Avoid them! Who cares if the banks fail if you don’t have accounts? (OK, leaving aside the effects on the larger society we live in, but that’s why we prep, right?) Who cares if AIDS is an engineered virus to depopulate Africa so Europeans can take the natural resources, if you are not African? Who cares about whatever the other ‘secret thing’ is if there isn’t anything you can do about it?

    Do what you can. Live your life, build your community. If you’re not one of the ruling elite, and don’t run in their circles, avoid coming to their attention, and avoid them.

    keep prepping!


    ps, I do find it fascinating to read articles like this, and to look at the connections. I do believe that most people have no idea how the world REALLY works. I’m skeptical of revealed secret knowledge though.

    • nick flandrey says:

      BTW, I didn’t intend this to directly follow Markiah’s post. It reads as much more confrontational and trollish following that post. I wrote it before Markiah’s post appeared.


    • nick flandrey

      “I’m skeptical of revealed secret knowledge though.”

      They don’t really make it a secret anymore,and are pretty much up front and in your face about it…

      • nick flandrey says:

        MD, I agree that we have more access to it, and they don’t seem to be as good at hiding it as in the past. We also have better tools now to see the formerly obscure connections and to share information. For a fun tool see this site http://www.theyrule.net/ It lets you graphically see the connections between corporate boards.

        Why I’m skeptical is that those selective revelations can be used to manipulate just as effectively, and a lot more subtlety. An unknown percentage is certainly disinformation, and no matter what we see, I don’t have a way to make use of the information in my daily life, so it serves as a distraction; one that I think is used to redirect and control people just effectively as they would attempt to control people thru the obvious tools of media and education. How many 10’s of thousands of hours have been spent by people who obsessively search for the “truth” rather than using their time to get their own house in order? As a practical matter, I think a person’s limited time is better spent on other things. (Unless you can make a living doing it, then your personal time is well spent as it contributes to your livelihood.)

        So I caution against worrying too much about it. It diverts your limited mental energy from productive pursuits, and robs you of the one commodity you can never get more of–time.

        Like I said, a succinct, well laid out article like this is valuable food for thought. It won’t hurt to see the ideas presented, as long as it doesn’t distract you from the things that you CAN affect.

        I should note that due to their very successful media manipulation, openly espousing the views presented in the article CAN provide your enemies with a “handle” on you, to ridicule and marginalize you. And once they succeed in marginalizing you, they can attack you and hurt you in real, physical life, with impunity. (see Ruby Ridge or Waco for examples of that.)


        And, THANKS MD, for providing this forum to talk about and share the things we do. I really like it here.

    • Dan Bauler says:

      Who Cares?
      God cares Nick. It’s His world and each and every one of us was made in His image and likeness.

      • Buckwheat says:

        “Doesn’t the shepherd watch the flock, culling the sick and infirm to increase the overall strength?” and “What if a coordinated world-wide government, that works to reduce the sick and infirm, breed out violence and non-conformity, control the production of food and allocation of resources, is exactly what God wants to create a paradise on earth?” That is not what the bible teaches us at all – quite the opposite.

        When does God intervene in the Bible? It is when his people’s free will is intercepted and controlled.

        • nick flandrey says:

          But Buckwheat, aren’t those guys exercising THEIR free will? I am fairly certain that they all think they are acting on the side of good and right. Since many of them don’t believe in the Christian God, they would not say they were “doing God’s work” but they would certainly understand the sentiment.

          I didn’t intend for this to become a theological debate, but I can see that it could, so hopefully I’ll be able to tread lightly and we can discuss it without thread-jacking 🙂

          I can’t think of where in the New Testament God intervenes in cases where His people’s free will was controlled. The only interventions that spring immediately to my mind are the miracles, and those don’t work for that. There are many examples of Him thwarting OTHER people’s free will (getting baby Jesus out of town before Harod can have Him killed is on my mind since I read that story to my daughter last night.) The Resurrection thwarted the goals of the Jewish leaders, who meant to marginalize and disgrace Jesus and His teachings, but instead CREATED the Christian church! To be honest, though, I don’t see a whole lot of free will there anyway. It was prophesied, and HAD to come to pass in order to fulfill the prophesy. So they were all just acting as agents of God’s will in the end.

          As to what I described as the elite’s goals and end state for the world, I’m not sure how that is opposite (unless it’s the “on earth” part.) Wouldn’t a world without sickness or weakness, where everyone has enough to eat, and can work at whatever strikes their fancy while earning a ‘living wage’, where violence has been bred out of the population, where everyone knows their place and sticks to it, where all the hard decisions are made for them by their betters, and they are taken care of, watched and protected every moment of their lives, wouldn’t that world BE their idea of paradise?

          It wouldn’t be MY ideal. And I don’t think many here would like it either. But they seem to like it, and they are certainly working toward it.


          • Buckwheat says:

            Yes, their idea of a utopia sounds great on the surface. There are a lot of sheeple that eat it up and will die for it now. As a matter of fact, Bloomberg announced a week or so ago that he, in fact, was doing “God’s” work…
            However, their objective is one of control. If the free will is not handed over willingly using deceit (i.e., global warming, scratch that, climate change), they will take it with force (which is what they are about to do). Remember, these are the same people that put Hitler, Mao, Stalin and other modern day evil leaders in power. Those people used free will as well to get the power to obtain complete and uncontested control to absolutely dominate and decimate entire populations. The people that helped them were handing over their free will. They were indoctrinated into a belief system that was based on the premise of moral relativity (Plato’s Republic). They were taught the same logic that is presented above, most times in the name of “God”. But the “God” that they were presented with was a false one, that in one way or another deviated from the Bible. Most Nazi’s did not see themselves as evil – however, once the mask was off and the truth was exposed, they did.
            They have been very successful at gaining control using lies in the past 100 years. The entire idea is to supplant God with a substitute god that people will follow in order to gain their sliding scale to measure morality.
            The way that I understand it (I will not speak for God) – The 1st coming of Christ in the bible was one big intervention because the Jewish people had been lead way off the path of what God had intended. They were being controlled by the Pharisees that had nothing to do with the relationship with God. The first coming was used to rewrite the covenant that he had with his people. Jesus Christ was there to give examples and show his people the way. He was certainly an intervention but was not there to destroy. Unfortunately, the Jewish people did not listen and were subsequently sent back into slavery 40 years later. Their temple to their “God” was destroyed – the first prophecy of the Olivet Discourse.
            You are right about the creation of the Christian church – but it did not end up as intended. The early Church that Paul helped build was very decentralized and emphasized the personal relationship with God and Christ. However, after Constantine, the power of the church was consolidated and used for very evil purposes until the protestant reformation. The Catholic church demanded absolute control and killed anyone who stood in the way (or even questioned it).
            If you really are interested in a well put together, theologically sound history of the church and how it relates to what is happening now go to the play list on youtube for The Fuel Project: Know Your Enemy. You will see the patterns of these people and what happens when they succeed and control of authority.
            The alternative is to completely dismiss what I am trying to convey, show up at Camp FEMA with a moral relativity hat on and see how you are treated. I am sure that everyone will stand around a campfire and sing kumbaya and roast marshmallows on the first night. Since they have publicly stated that one of their main goals is to “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature”, I am assuming that does not include you or me.
            Billions of people have died in the moral relativity mindset. I am working really hard to make sure that it is not my family and, at the same time, warn others about the dangers of moral relativism. I hope that you listen and investigate for yourself.

            • nick flandrey says:

              Thanks Buckwheat, that was very well put, and I was missing the idea of Jesus as an intervention in the path of Jewish history. And it certainly was!

              Please rest assured that whatever else I am, I am NOT a supporter of the ideas above. It just occurred to me that they almost certainly don’t see themselves as evil, and it might be valuable to consider that, and what it means for interacting with them. There might have been a tiny moment of weakness somewhere, an “oh my, what if they’re RIGHT” moment, even if it was only nanoseconds long…

              We take our preps out and play with them, and I think it’s just as important to take our beliefs, and unexamined assumptions out and play with them as well. Make sure they work for us, that they make sense, and that they are helpful.



      • nick flandrey says:

        Hi Dan, I meant the repeated “who cares” as more of a rhetorical device than literally, but it does capture my feeling about it, which is that I would like to make those concerns mentioned irrelevant to us in our daily lives.

        And yes, God cares. The bit about the falling sparrow and the single hair makes that clear. But just as clearly He also cares about the people on the Trilateral Commission, and the ones who go to Davros, and the ones who loaded the gas chambers at gunpoint. His caring should comfort you and reassure you of your worth, but it won’t keep a government from filling the boxcars. It won’t keep 100’s of thousands from suffering and starvation. It won’t keep whoever DOES really rule the world from making their plans and working to carry them out.

        And His caring doesn’t preclude us from disengaging from speculation, and things we can’t affect, but instead focusing our energy, talent, skills, and love on those closest to us, and on things we can affect, like our own family’s food security, physical security, and emotional security.

        I’m out of words, I hope I made sense,


  18. Great article on the historical timeline of particular events. But the author only touches on the causes of all these details–ideology. He does mention Eugenics which is a political philosophy but even that is a derivative of the wider philosophy of racism which is a form of collectivism.

    A philosophy is a set of principles to guide one’s actions. Just as individuals need a set of principles to live by so do nations. Our founders understood this and declared the individual to be the sovereign entity not the collective. They knew that if man has free will then he must be politically free to exercise it which means that his government must be severely restricted in the powers delegated to it.

    Since then however, collectivism–the idea that the collective is sovereign and the individual must be sacrificed to its will–has come to dominate the culture. Now we’re getting a government free to do as it pleases and a citizenry that can’t move without government permission.

    Getting a better understanding of individualism is sorely needed today. That is the province of education and education is the one area missing from the article’s focus. It’ll be a long uphill battle but it must be fought.

    If each one of us tries to do something, however modest our ability, it will help. Speaking out whenever possible whether just saying “I don’t agree with that view” when talking to statists or writing letters to the editor. Even just prepping for the future is leading by example as it shows a contrast to those pragmatists who declare that we must only focus on the expediency of the moment. There are other ways to get involved even if only on a very part time basis. Stay loyal to our founding principles.

    • nick flandrey says:

      Hi Mike,

      Charles Murray has written extensively on the American educational system, its origins and its goals in his book “Real Education”.

      Fair warning that he is guilty of “wrongthink”. He is reviled by some for his book “The Bell Curve” where he puts forth the idea, supported by research, that “class and race are linked with intelligence.” Southern Poverty Law Center has some particularly nasty things to say about him, but even the quotes they feature as particularly damning seem like common sense to me. If you can know a man by his enemies, then he must be alright 🙂

      Others have written about it too, that haven’t been attacked as racist, but I don’t have the names at hand.


      • Thanks Nick, I’ll check out Mr. Murray’s book. I’d like to recommend “Why Johnny Can’t Think” by Leonard Peikoff and “Why Johnny Can’t Read” by Morris Kline.

  19. Tactical G-Ma says:

    I agree with some of what you say. Sometimes it is difficult to reconcile faith and pragmatism. That being said, who knows what is in the hearts of the rich and powerful. Certainly, their concerns are of a bigger picture than whether or not the lawn gets mowed. And to judge others actions is wrong. That being said, I can only testify to my actions and intent. I do wish more people were able to do so as well. But like is demonstrated here over and over again, some of us must have insider info on God.

  20. Draq Wraith says:

    Well I for one think bit is groups of people for the same old sick goals.
    Control over you and your goals and you money. Corporates
    We have groups who govern with out listening to the will of the people.
    We have groups who control perceptions. Media
    We have groups who control wealth management. Banks
    We have groups that control health.
    We have groups that loosly band other groups. Insurance.
    We have groups tyatbijstigate hate and fighting as well as instill a since of morals in us. Religions.
    We have group that force education on us Their way not the way we learn.
    So what do we name them? Can we call them
    I wonder.

  21. Conspiracy? Is that what it is called when it is in both my and my competitors best interest to raise our prices? I think this whole thing is missing the point. These banks that run the wealth of nations (and those in charge of the banks) aren’t sitting in some darkened lair rubbing their hands and cackling with evil glee at the success of their evil. I think they are people who merely see their actions as in their best interest, and as a side effect maybe others as well.
    The real question isn’t do these people influence the nations (they do) but as how directly and what measures they have in place against the nations that might act against their influence (assassination anyone? JFK, Lincoln, Reagan… ?) and how they plan to direct their influence against the major obstacles of the day (excessive population growth of the ‘lowest class’, Peak resources including energy, limits to growth interfering with interest payments on the debts they collect on, etc.). The system we have now can NOT be stable as it is now, it either has to collapse or grow, unlike many of the empires of the past (Egypt, China, Maya, etc) there are no outsiders to disrupt it as it is a global empire, but it is also predicated on GROWTH not SUSTAINABILITY, these ‘rulers’ have to be aware of this, so how can they preserver or enhance their positions in the future? Their role and influence is based on controlling, feeding, and feeding on the GROWTH that western civilization has seen since discovery of the Americas and the age of Colonialism. What happens when that GROWTH must stop, even if only a ‘brief’ two generation pause? Where is their power then? Money is only power when in can buy more guns than others have.
    When the money cant buy the guns, because no one wants the funny paper — what then? What are these rulers plans at that point? Some smart rich people have their islands, ranches, and other remote retreats, but those are retreats – fall back positions- how do they parley what they have into control in the future, when there is insufficient resources to chip everyone or maintain a surveillance state with cameras and databases? Their are only two ways to prevent resource scarcity on a finite playing field where GROWTH is the required goal – kill off excess population (a short term solution and more likely to hurt you if there are any players you don’t have 100% control of) or to get off the finite playing field and into an infinite one (space).
    Or change the goal of the game to SUSTAINABILITY – but the infrastructure for that doesn’t exist yet (on a total global basis) and it removes most of the rulers ability to rule too…
    I expect something to kill off or prevent births for a LOT of the population in the next generation or so, war, plague, & famine, are all the obvious contenders but some how I feel that those tend to be seen as only secondary alternatives to something better the rulers might have- imagine instead a space based neutron bomb pumped x-ray laser sterilizing all the globes major mega-cities and 20 miles around them- either with death or even just reproductive sterilization. something to give people just enough time to dig their own graves but not completely loot or burn their cities- a ‘final solution’ no clear attacker, no clear victor except the international elite, who would have just ‘happended’ to be at an international conference on a small distant island with their most important family and staff and mega-yachts. Then they roll back into the now martial law controlled nations, and have their pet generals turn the keys over to them— (the non-pet generals would have been in the cities that got killed of course) But that situation still keeps the GUNS, and control of them, of primary importance.

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