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Why do you prep?

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You’ll note that I did not include “all the above” as an option – this was on purpose because most of the pack would probably just have chosen that one and moved on. What we want to know is what is the main threat that YOU foresee and prep for?

Please take a few minutes to elaborate on your answer in the comments below… We are all looking forward to reading your replies… Why do you prep ?:-)

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  1. DAVID A. LANIER says:

    I am preparing for all natural or man made disasters, as far as I possibly can. I have a lot to accomplish but I am in a better position of most of my family and neighbors. I do all I can with the resources I have. Thank you for this website and all that you do to help.

  2. Backwoods Prepper says:

    I have always prepped for an economic collapse although lately I prep for goverment tyrrany also. With the things going the way they are the dollar is surely to be worthless soon and with gun control I believe our goverment is trying to make sure there is no uprisings to follow like in whats happening in the middle eastern countries. Lybia rebels have weapons and overthrowed the goverment, Syria rebels has weapons and it’s just a matter of time before the goverment falls. I think our goverment knows if they dont try to get our weapons the same will happen here.

  3. Mystery Guest says:

    I had to choose economic collapse/Hyperinflation. That is the one that is with us now and will probably never leave if we slowly go to crap.
    The others are still our what if’s, well amybe government tyranny is here now. We think about, prepare for, but for right now it is to keep ahead of the inflation.

  4. Wayne KF5 says:

    What a challenge to put your finger on just one “reason”. Ultimately I think its going to be a combination of events that leads to anything more than a regional/natural disaster. For instance Gov. tyranny and economic collapse will possibly come to the party holding hands and riding on the shirttail of terrorisim….but maybe I am just a little cynical. I try not to get too wrapped up in a specific cause of why, because we can not be sure of how any event will play out and each type may just be the catalyst for another to follow.

  5. I’ve lived on the MS gulf coast through a few minor hurricanes. I lived in central MS during Katrina thankfully, but I have quite a few friends still down on the coast. My power and water was only out for a week and I was displaced for only 10 days. I lived in Baton Rouge when a year or two ago, the Corps of Engineers was dynamiting levees to stop the Mississippi River from flooding us and New Orleans. We dodged that one as my house was only about 7-10 feet above river level. My parents and brother live in Alabama and the tornado outbreak of April 2011 demolished many of the houses in their neighborhood and community. One actually took out the houses behind my brother’s and part of the school down the street.

    So of course, I’m preparing for weather events that will disrupt my life for days to weeks. I think these are the most likely to occur, easiest to prepare for, and provide the best carryover to other events’ preparedness plans.

  6. worrisome says:

    I have always prepped for fire and earthquake, you need a few things and need to be organized if you live in the hills and you live in California. But these days, I organize and direct my preps to try to sustain myself because of the economic conditions we face.

  7. Economic collapse/Gov’t tyrrany…. Mostly economic collaspe…. I coupon and spent $101 for $165 in stuff and walked out of the store with 3 small bags of things… money is not going as far as it did even 6 months ago…

    • Shandi,
      I might be able to help with that. I don’t know where you live but i live in northern pa and we have stores called BB’S. It’s mostly run by the Amish. It’s a good place to find canned goods cheap. They do have a wide variety of other things but you have to watch the dates on things. I got an overflowing cart of food. mostly canned goods and some snacks for the Superbowl. (my team made it in!) It was no lie overflowing and i paid 197.00 for it all. Most of it was for prepping. I got frozen veggies and stuck them right on the dehydrator and they were ready to put up in no time. Hope this helps.

  8. I chose “economic collapse” as the best fit, but for me it is more in an extremely microeconomic sense. I do not have a steady paycheck, so I try to stock up on necessities when prices are low and save up money when they are not.

  9. Where is the all above button?

  10. riverrider says:

    well i started out prepping for natural disaster/power failure. that done, i progressed to econ collapse. just as i was getting about set for that, i realized that gov tyranny was the sum of all fears, and its already here. i’m thinking april 19th will be an interesting day this year. just a hunch.

  11. I voted with Government Tyrants, as well they are behind the economic collapse, and in addition to killing the dollar, will likely launch terrorists attacks, then proclaim martial law to control the population, and it”s movements etc. They may also be behind pandemics, who is to say this flu bug is not a man made influenza?

  12. Petticoat Prepper says:

    Yes, I could have used a few more buttons. I have prepped (didn’t know that was what it’s called) since the Carter recession. Before the Obama recession I thought I had 6 months of food in the house to allow us to find some kind of income. When TSHTF for us this time, I found I only had 3 months worth.

    Enter extreme couponing and a growing stock pile while having limited funds. On the heels of that came the need to manage said stock pile which is how I found this blog. Some sections here were a bit ‘scary’ on first contact but I came back for those subjects that interest me. Thanks to this blog my interests have grown and so have my preps and my family’s safety and well being. Thanks MD!

    • Petticoat Prepper says:


      Woke up in the middle of the night thinking about the trolls and the problems they create for you. My blog is also a wordpress blog and I’m using this to combat spammers.

      I don’t have the traffic you have but it’s saved me from over 34,000 spam comments. Just sayin….

      • Petticoat Prepper,

        I also use akismet but it does not catch the trolls very well just “spam” type comments. My stats say it has protected me from 79,285 spam comments…

    • Wow. This is exactly how I got into prepping. I woke up one day and realized the cost of food was getting out of hand. So I started stockpiling groceries. That brought me to all kinds of LDS sites to learn about storing a year’s supply of food. I happened upon this bog and commented about the drought in Russia raising grain prices for the rest of the world. And people here actually understood what I was talking about. So I stuck around. I still remember posting that I was thinking about talking a gun class–LOL. That was huge for me. Now I am a genuine prepper. LOL

      The main reason I prep is so my family does not have to go without. I have always been prepared for hurricanes–even as a college student. I could not imagine depending on government. That is a recipe for starvation. I do wonder how many of us here were simply born with the prepper mindset–with the notion of self sufficiency.

      • Petticoat Prepper says:

        Bam Bam,

        Yep, I’d been 10 years working real estate when this recession hit. Held on as long as I could; I had nothing in escrow (4-8 weeks to a paycheck), nothing about to go into escrow and was down to $50 in my household account…dumpster dove for coupons and spent easily 40 hrs a week to studding how to extreme coupon. This began my stock pile. I’ve rebuild a better stock pile plus learned tons from this blog and The Pack. ;))

      • I don’t know about born with it, but I used to be a boy scout and over time I lost my way. Well I found my way here a while back.. and I’m on the right track again.

    • Jimmy Cahtah is one of the reasons I started prepping. I was totally dumbfound in ’76 when there wasn’t the revolution I envisioned taking place. Been prepping and waiting ever since.

      Not that prepping doesn’t have its fun points, ‘cuz it sure is fun.

  13. I started to prep because of natural disasters. After and ice storm and 12 days without power I decided I needed to be in better shape is something like this happened again. Now it is more of economic collapse but the REAL reason is that I do not want to be dependent on anyone or any organization for my well being and survival. I want to be in CONTROL of my own self and not some one else(fema, govt, police etc)!!! Our forefathers were seflsufficient for the most part and we should be also. I don’t have the land any more but I still have the land grant given to my greatgrandfather back in the 1800’s and feel the same need people like him did to be in control and self sufficent from others control. Now hopefully in the future I wel buy my own land and be able to do the same. I feel the real Control measure in the coming future will be access to food, the markets are being manipulated and inflation is intentional by the govt. and the big agribusiness industry to have ultimate control over everyone by their access to food. I do not want to be under that control and want to raise and store and preserve as much of my own food as I can with the ultimate goal to be 100%!!!!!

  14. Buuurr in Ohio says:

    I prep because back home in Northern Canada anyone with any sense had a plot of land more than capable of supporting a family or twenty if you felt like it. I grew up with my Grandfather and chose to live with him in our cabin with no running water or electric for fifteen years. Getting wood, seasoning wood and milling it was a norm for me in my elementary/teen years. Building stuff with our hands (cabins, garages, sheds, add-ons, etc…) was the norm. Growing stuff was the norm. Hunting and eating stuff was the norm. Chickens, turkeys, rabbits, goats, jersey bulls (were on the menu) and horses (for hauling wood and big stuff) were the norm for us. We knew there was no way we could possibly keep all the produce we grew in one summer (even being just outside the Artic circle) so we canned. We pressure canned jams, moose, black bear, caribou, rabbit… we even canned deals on meat or veggies we found at the local grocery. We chopped and stored our own firewood. I don’t mean like usual folks round here but that we cut and stored enough wood in one winter to last five winters and we harvested logs besides. It was just two of us (he in his 60’s but built of better stuff then most men nowadays and me in my teens being of far above athleticism simply because I lived with my grandfather who didn’t believe in chairs except with a cup of tea) and there was little help from the outside. The road was a class three power road so it was not on the plowing list at all. It was plowed to keep it open maybe two or three weeks after a snow storm. Being hands on with tools and mechanics was a needed skill for sure.

    I could go on and one about the life we had but I think you get the picture. I prep because I don’t view it as prepping. I prep because I view it as how one should live.

  15. Hunker-Down says:

    We have been prepping since tdl took office. He is our motivation. I found M.D.’s Wolf Pack about the second month of the dorks administration when there were around 3200 Pack Members.

    We prep for the breakdown of society caused by empty grocery shelves. There are many events that will cause it; riots, hyperinflation, man made or natural EMP, tyranny or pandemic. As we prep for nation wide disasters, indirectly we are also preparing for local events like flood, tornado, and terror attack.

    It boils down to people will come to take our supplies and we need to be ready, as God requires, to protect life (ours and our neighbors). Parents of starving children will have an overpowering need to take what we have. We will share but will not tolerate theft from individuals or others.

    The law allows government to take everything we have after they declare an ‘event’. That is immoral. In my house moral law trumps civil law.

  16. MY purpose has always been economic. It will follow any of the other situations. That is the basis. Now as I get those areas squared away, I feel I can branch out into specific preps for other situations. But food, shelter, water, resupply of the above, and a means of defending the above are my priorities.

  17. But I WANTED to pick “all of the above” – no fair!

    Hubby claims he should have picked “alien invasion” just to be a smart-aleck.

    • Actually I have heard a serious theory that there is a “false-flag” alien invasion planned.

      • I thought we were already invaded!! 11 milions aliens sure sounds like an invasion to me.

        • I do not fall for the PC thing of renaming folks – they aren’t “undocumented workers” or “undocumented aliens” – they are “illegal immigrants”.

          Words matter – and until folks quit knuckling under to the PC renaming blitz, it’ll continue to be difficult to turn this country around.

          With that said – there are some things where renaming is a good thing – I’m fully in support of “disabled” rather than “handicapped” and the renaming of “retarded”. I just refuse to cater to someone’s PC habits when it’s all part of a process designed to make something illegal into something not illegal.

  18. ozhillbilly says:

    Hi Pack. I chose the economic collapse situation because “to me” it’s the most obvious of the choices. Now, having said that, it’s clear all of the categories are relevant and just as equal a threat today. I don’t want to discount the alien invasion thing (I was an X-File fan and believe the Truth is out there.) but that may be an entirely different discussion for another time.

    One might simplify the survey by putting everything in three categories, those being economic, political and natural disaster. Any one event could trigger another and it’s possible/likely more than one could happen at the same time.

    Bottom line is our world is in a mess. Not just the United States, the whole world. Just about every country on Earth has serious economic issues that cannot continue. The Middle East is a mess and it’s just a matter of time before something happens there. Israel’s existence is on the line. Any one of a number of different possible cosmic events could set off the first of a series of natural disasters. The list goes on and on.

    That’s my thoughts on the survey this week. M.D., thanks for making us think!

    • riverrider says:

      i think we humans have reached our maximum population level, so the alien farmers will return soon to harvest us.

      • Judy, another one says:

        Yum! Taste like pork! So I’ve heard. LOL

      • Millie in KY says:

        Ooo..this is creepy, reminds me of Cowboys and Aliens or War Between the worlds (the new one). That scene with Tom Cruise hiding in the old house and the alien was particularly gripping for me! 🙂
        MD you forgot about the zombies. Economic collapse for me. I keep having the scripture run thru my head about the 7 maidens that were prepared for the Lord with oil in their lamps. I realize that this was spiritual oil but you do have to eat in the meantime.

      • Texanadian says:

        I think they may just cull the herd, or take trophies.

    • Yuuup , time for a big reset i do believe…..

  19. Jim in SoCal says:

    Economic Collapse would surely be followed quickly by civil unrest and gov’t tyranny. DHS has made some “interesting” weapons and ammo purchases recently…

    • “DHS has made some “interesting” weapons and ammo purchases recently…”

      And they have been purchasing hollow points. Why would the government be purchasing hollow points when hollow points can’t be used by soldiers fighting overseas? Who do you think they are going to use all these hollow points on? Anyone who target shoots with hollow points is wasting money. . . .

    • DHS just don’t want to depend on us to protect them.;-)

  20. You didn’t have my favorite reason why people prep. Black Swans. All the events you mention are indeed possible and some more likely than others. We prep for any disruption, whether it’s civil, financial, climactic or even alien. There is no downside to prepping, folks.

  21. Looking at the votes as they break down, I have to congratulate you on your readers MD, they are a group of well read and thoughtful people. No craziness of the “Doomsday Preppers” here. No pole switchers, aliens, etc. Just common sense folks trying to take care of themselves. Ya know on another note, if you read this? Is the cookbook still available? There is a lot of new people here, bet they all would like it as much as I do? Just thinking out loud 🙂

  22. Economic collapse and anything that would shut off the electricity. Our electrical grid is very fragile and the sheeple take it for granted.

    Like Hunker-Down, I started when the current administration took office.

  23. Schatzie Ohio says:

    My Grandparents did it.
    We lost EVERY thing in a flood in 1947.
    The Cuban missile crisis.
    The trucking strike – no food in the grocery stores.
    Single mom with no help.
    The church that I was a part of at that time.
    Job layoffs.
    1970’s homestead movement.
    It was/is just the smart thing to do.

  24. I chose EMP because it covers many things natural and manmade.I try to prep for many different scenarios. There is alot of crossover. I think the main thing is to prep for grid down/no power, because most events that didn’t start that way will end up like that,plus our world is so dependent on electricity that most people would freak in just a couple days. Just watch the news when there is a disaster,electricity is’ required,essential,basic need’. I tend to look at it as a bonus,a luxury.I would like to have it but I will do just fine without.

  25. Gary in Bama says:

    Ivoted forEMP because it can be naturalyor man made.If its man made its area specifice.It can be blamed on the sun.With over 30 differant nuclear powers it could come from anyone.In the USA it could be done by our own goverment. After an EMP you would see power restored to cities under strict military control.Its an easy way to depopulate and implement total control of the population.Pandemic would also work but have a mutation factor that we have seen alread

  26. Judy, another one says:

    Y’all call it prepping, I call it normal everyday living. I come from an agrarian background. You grow a large enough garden that will produce enough to last until the next harvest. And since I don’t live on an 80, I have to buy things to fill out my pantry and larder.

    Which moves me from my choice of Natural Disasters (Who wants to be part of the frenzy of the milk-n-bread crowd when it snows?) to the Economics of making my dollar, and keeping my pantry full, stretch from one sale to the next. All the while watching Inflation eating my dinky pension alive since Hubby has been laid-off for two and a half years. Which moves any thinking person into the Government Tyranny of Taxation, being stripped of our Unalienable Rights, and other outrages of the DC fools and the fools in the state and local seats of government.

    Yes, I have the means to eat, stay warm and safe. Because I’ve been there, done that and have the t-shirt; and I will not return there with out a fight.

  27. The first few options seemed feasible and I was wishing for that ‘all-of-the-above’ button. Then I had to giggle when I got to Alien Invasion. I selected Economic Collapse because it seems that several situations(weather/government/illness) could ultimately result in shortage of supplies, reduction in income, etc. When I was wee, my dad told me that life is all about survival – the one that lives the longest wins. Luckily, I’ve found that life is about much more than just surviving, but that truth has settled into my bones and will always spur me to stock, save, and stash.

  28. When I read the first few options, I was wishing for that ‘All-of-the-Above’ button. Then I had to giggle with Alien Invasion. (no disrespect for true Alien alarmists). I chose Economic Collapse because it seems that any of the other possibilities would ultimately result in financial collapse. Illness, job loss, government tyranny, and weather occurrence would drastically reduce funds and resource availability. When I was wee, my Dad told me that life is all about survival..that the one that lives longest wins. Over the years, I’ve found that life is much more than basic survival, but the fatherly wisdom has settled into my bones and I’ve always been known to secretly stash, secure, and save.

  29. Tom Arnold says:

    It’s hard to point at one thing. We’ve always prepped but never called it that. We didn’t know the term existed until relatively recently.

    We started out prepping for natural disasters – mostly weather related. Where we used to live, flooding and power outages were common. Outages during winter were a double whammy.

    If we had to pick “the” reason we prep now, it would probably be something like societal decay. As we’ve gotten older, so many of the things we took for granted, the American way for shorthand I’m sure you all know what I mean, have crumbled so quickly and we feel the only responsible thing to do was to make sure we were going to be OK whatever comes down the pike. That includes things like the failure of our government, the majority “have nots” taking more & more from the “haves”, the economic consequences of all the progressiveness, etc.

    We’re now in a very good position. We don’t have any debt anymore. We have preps enough that if TSHTF, we’d be OK for the rest of our lives. That sounds boastful, but isn’t really. At our age, “the rest of our lives” isn’t going to be all that long anyway.

    Our new goal became to prepare our family members. That’s a mixed bag. Some understand the obvious like weather & economy. One still has the idea that “someone” will take care of me. We’re working on that one, but progress is slow.

    Our hope now is that we can leave a legacy of supplies & knowledge so our grandchildren and great grandchildren for the world they will grow up in.

  30. I’m prepping for the end of the world as “I” know it. Whether that is us losing our jobs or the Aliens invading with their hordes of Zombie Bikers.

  31. I don’t really have just one reason to prep because my wife and I believe there are many different events that could make us have to start to use our preps.
    I picked Economic Collapse as the one highest on my list because I think that will be the most likely to occur but it could be caused by other events in the list.
    But the end result of most of these things is the same; we need to have a way to provide skills, security, food, water, shelter, and sustainability. I refer to these as The Needs and they are pretty universal regardless of the Event that caused SHTF.
    True some events may require specialized preparation but those details are included in my prepping plan.
    Thanks for a great site. Everyone’s willingness to share their experiences and viewpoints is invaluable. I have learned well beyond my expectations when I started reading on prepping a couple of years ago.

  32. I am trying to prep for economic uncertainty and natural and manmade disasters. My fear though, is that government tyranny is going to undo all of my preparations or make them impossible.

    I worry that a tyranical government will accelerate economic destruction and inflation, or prevent me from having weapons to protect my family and my preps, or might confiscate what I have preserved to redistribute to others who haven’t prepared, or that they will continue to steal such a large portion of what I make that its even more difficult to prepare.

    Ultimately, though I am trying to prepare for anything – I probably wouldn’t need to prepare so much if it wasn’t for the specter of government tyranny over everything.

  33. Sirvivr2010 says:

    I prep for economic collapse because this is what is up close and personal right now. However, I do carry things in the footlocker for other things such as getting nuked or EMP. Can’t over prepare! 😀

  34. j.r. guerra in s. tx. says:

    I think of all the choices above, economic difficulties are the most likely occurrence. I have no illusions of being completely prepared, just want to be clear in my mind I ignored what was going on around me and my children paying for that.

    Insurance policy, basically.

  35. Miriam Kearney says:

    I (am a widow and) live on a fixed pension income and don’t see a way to significantly improve on that. As I see the prices keep going up I am using any and all ways to limit my exposure to the economic inflation. I’m lucky that I do have some capital I can draw on, am not limited to my monthly income so I use some of that to stockpile. I do fully expect within my lifetime for there to be a serious economic disaster the likes of which I have not witness so far. So I am preparing for that. My children live in a major city (I live in a small town about 150 miles away from them). We have discussed how to get to each other if SHTF happens. They’re not as worried as I am – still have faith in the system. Nevertheless I am prepping for all of us. I have been following the discussions about guns with great interest because so far I have no weapons. Canadians are less militant in nature I think than Americans but nevertheless it is something I am beginning to think about.

    • Miriam, I read your post and i feel like i wrote it. i, too am a widow on a pension. I use my capital to prep not just for me but my family and their families. (got to feed the little ones). It’s hard to convince some of my kids to be prepared so i try to prep for them.

      • That’s the way I feel about my folks. They think Im nuts so because they wont prep for themselves… I have to.

  36. I prep for peace of mind. I use to worry about everything. One day I asked myself what I could do to change anything……nothing. But I could try to minimize the impact it could have on me and mine. Now I feel more in control—even if I’m not.LOL

  37. To me, economic collapse is the biggie… unemployment also falls into that category IMHO, and we have always tried to keep at least 6 months food supply in our pantry going back to the 1980’s, so this is not a new thing.
    Sure some of the others are viable considerations, but “money makes the world go around.”

  38. Economic collapse is the big one. Also Zombies, you can’t forget zombies. If you prep for zombies, you’re prepped for anything.

  39. Mother Earth says:

    I chose natural disaster as a really big event could cause an emp, pandemic, economic collapse and so on. The biggest reason I prep is to be as self sufficient as possible. I don’t want to have to rely or listen for that matter, on any type of government we happen to have at the time. In my dreams, I wouldn’t notice much difference in day to day existence no matter what goes on in the world. And I know that’s a big dream!

  40. ladyhawthorne says:

    I chose economic collapse because I lump job loss into that. It’s an ever present possibility for me. I have only ever quit 1 job with no place to go, the other 8 were because of downsizing or closing, 2 were to go to other jobs. The job I have now is very dependent on the whim of the owner and the economy since we deal in numismatic coins and precious metals.

  41. The worry of an EMP is what got me started (I read “One Second After”), but at the moment I’m more worried about an economic collapse. However, my preps are for anything that happens our way.

    The thing that scares me most though, is I keep finding holes in my preps.

  42. Thomas T. Tinker says:

    Golly MD, If I gotta pick…. I picked Socieo-economic collapse / hyper inflation…… followed in the devils back pocket by an over reaction by our DL. Our preps are designed around getting to the other side of these things and having the ‘assets’ to be a working part of what is left over…. ooooooo the tin foil is beginning to peel off my hat.

    8:00 a.m. Rossford Ohio, 1-75 Buck road exit, Denney’s.

    • Hunker-Down says:

      Thomas T. Tinker,

      Good luck with the meeting! I’m about 500 miles too far north, but I’ll be there in spirit.

    • Encourager says:

      We are planning on being there! And hitting Cabela’s on the way home 😉

      • Thomas T. Tinker says:

        Really sorry about that fruit cup E… and did I get any of the coffee cream on ya?

  43. What? No zombie apocalypse? They are everywhere. A poll conducted on the first Tuesday in November showed that 52% of the population are zombies.

    Seriously, economic collapse at the moment, but it has been subject to change over the years.

  44. I am preparing for an economic collapse. My husband was an army sgt. He always taught me and the kids to be self sufficient. So i carry on what he started and am prepping to be self sufficient and to help my kids and grandkids. My son is on board but my daughters need a little more push. :)). I agree with a lot of other people on here that everything is going to H*ll in a handbasket and if we don’t take care of us, who will? God help us all.

  45. I chose natural disaster because we live in an area where tornadoes, ice storms, snow, etc has been and is, a threat. We have gone w/o power for 3 days due to storms – that wasn’t a BIG deal and we survived fine, but oh, how we enjoyed that first hot shower and REAL lights!!! Have had other power outages or water outages – no water or other plumbing for several days WITH several small children and made lots of trips to the stores to go to the bathroom!!! These and other instances, make me want to be as prepared as I can be. Even minor times, when a surprise storm comes and people scramble to get to the store to get food, we can just hunker down and bake homemade bread and cookies b4 we lose power – and turn it into a “fun” adventure. Some good memories and less of the panic…………of course, being prepared for natural disasters also means we can be prepared for economic collapse, which is another greater concern in the days we live in. It just makes sense to be prepared as much as we can for whatever we need to deal with.

  46. PGCPrepper says:

    Only two votes for alien invasions. I don’t even know who y’all are anymore. I must be on the wrong board. What kind of conspiracy theorists are you guys? SMH.

  47. rev. dave says:

    Different strokes for different SHTFs. I ‘prep’ as in food and tools, for economic collapse. ‘Prep’ as in guns and ammo – mostly for tyranny.
    ‘Prep’ as in primitive skills and homesteading, plus the above – just to prevent victimization by any situation on the list – and to survive well in the ‘wild’ areas after Agenda 21 becomes the law. I don’t want to be ‘sustainable-ized’.

    • I’m late to this blog, but grateful for it. I started prepping because of hurricanes, and after getting hit with two big snowstorms in 4 days, felt well justified. But then I learned I was allergic to corn, which means prepping is just a way to live, making everything from scratch. My husband has always had us covered in the guns & ammo area. We’ve moved to our bug out location in a rural community. I am learning more all the time. We both kept old books from our parents/grandparents: self defense/survival as well as self sufficiency stuff from the 30’s. I feel like I’m channeling my grandmother as I remember the things she said. I worked for the Fed gov’t but do not recognize it anymore and voted for tyranny.

  48. Lurker Judith says:

    Like Worrisome, I have always prepared for an earthquake as I live only 15 miles from Ca.’s San Andreas fault. But, I voted Economic collapse this time because my gut tells me it is just about all over for us but the crying. As to why I prep, I learned the hard way over 50 years ago, that the only person you can count on in a crisis is yourself.
    Best of Luck to all the Wolf Pack and especially to M.D. Wish I was young enough to put out the challenge,”Come and take it” but that ball will be better served by you young Patriots.

    • Dont count yourself out… You can put up that challenge. Just be holding up the rear that way if they get thru the young Patriots they don’t get thru you! I know of many older folks I wouldn’t want to cross.

  49. georgeislearning says:

    I prep for the same reasons I have a savings account. To have extra during an emergency.

  50. Living in Florida we are really living in a disaster area. Think hurricanes, tornadoes, sink holes, fires you name it we got it! Now we have monster pythons that were released in the Everglades Natl. Park by irresponsible owners and they moving all over the State. That will be fun! We even had a python round up this winter here in our paradise. On top of that we have( with all due respect) a mad man in charge of our country and he wants to take away our Constitution and our rights expressed in it. The handwriting is on the wall. We have a bad wind blowing in our country and those of us who see it coming better be ready. That is why I prepare.

    God bless. Linda Lou

    • Now lets not believe all they hype. If you’ll recall a couple of your lovely hurricanes destroyed some zoos thus releasing animals into the wild (and probably some breeders businesses). Some of those animals happen to be reptiles. Do NOT try to put all this at the feet of reptile owners.

      Because of people with this mindset I had to sell my reptile business. There are A LOT of us that are responsible owners. Matter of fact the majority of us are responsible owners and we do everything in our power to make sure our critters stay where they belong. FL had ways of dealing with the problem by implementing the system they use for “hots”… but no! They had to make it everyone elses problem as well and now there are 4 species on the Lacy Act (as of when I sold my business). That makes it illegal to transport those species across state lines. So just to take my animals to a qualified reptile vet I would be committing a felony because I live in AR and he was in Memphis TN.

      Being a full time reptile breeder was not only a long time dream of mine but also a large part of my retirement. Now that is gone! … and so is the 3 new color morphs that I was working on producing (which would have taken around 9 years of dedication to complete). All of this because FL thought they should appeal to the govt to punish the whole country even though these snakes could not survive winters elsewhere in the country.

      The reptile industry disproved the USGS data with solid science and breeder accounts but the govt is bought and paid for. I think I stop now before I really get wound up.

  51. Momturtle says:

    Ahhh natural disasters. Lived in Florida during Hurricane Donna – my dad was a prepared person and we were fine, house tied down, lots of water and food, and a little primus stove from Korean war to cook on. He actually made it fun for us. Then, in 1969, the joy that was Camille . . . in the mountains of VA. Got a bit damp for that one and it was hell for a lot of folks. Cut off from everything for quite a bit but we were fine overall. If not for the suffering of others, would have been another fun time. We have always planned for all different types of scenarios though, not just natural.

  52. Prepping Wife. says:

    There should be an “all of the above”.

  53. Pete, the Windy City Viking says:

    Economic collapse. When you live in the People’s Republic of Chicago, the writing is on the wall with civil unrest already. I only see it multiplying tenfold when the link cards no longer work after the dollar implodes.

    With prepping, I always come back to the first three lines of W.B. Yeats’ poem, The Second Coming:

    “Turning and turning in the widening gyre
    The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
    Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;”


  54. I do it because it’s what I learned while growing up. My maternal grandparents were born in the 1890’s, they saw it all up to the 70’s, recessions, depressions, flu epidemics, two world wars, the advent of the nuclear age, men landing on the moon. My parents both experienced the Depression and WW2. I came up during the Cold War, with air raid drills and duck and cover taught in school. We always planned and prepared for any event mostly because anything can happen at any time. So I still plan, prepare and watch. Because anything can still happen at any time.

  55. JungleMan says:

    Growing up where and when I did we had our Go-Packs as we called them. BOB to you all. By the time I was in Kindergarten I was already well on my way to knowing survival skills. By the time I was about 7 I was able to function on my own in a survival situation for where I was out. We had a BO Plan all set, and I know what to bring, how to find food, make shelter and fire. We figured that the kids my age had about a 2 week window where we should be able to fend for ourselves. To this day I have a Go-pack for my family.

  56. OregonMike says:

    I agree with Hunker Down. It was under Obama that my interest in prepping went from zero to full-on. My main concerns are Obama related:
    Economic collapse, Tyranny and (any reason for) martial law.
    Finding a community of like-minded folks nearby and willing to unite is somewhat difficult with no one trusting the government not to collect data from many and all sources (OPSEC). Unless you’re a member of a compound or willing to expose yourself to a DHS/FEMA list, word of mouth will be a slow means of uniting patriots.

    • And then how can you trust the word of mouth doesn’t bring in a govt plant. Seems to happen a bit too frequently.

  57. Our parents and grandparents all prepared for the future. We did the same. Moved to hurricane country 30+ years ago. After Erin and Opal we increased our supplies. Ivan clobbered us in 2004 and then Dennis in 2005 brushed us. Katrina gave us a lot of wind but the looting etc got our attention so we started looking into home security and more food. Around 2006 I started getting concerned about the economy.We are prepared for hurricanes, but that is seasonal and local.

    I checked the economic/inflation block. Short of a direct hit by a category 4 or 5 hurricane we are staying put. We are getting too old and too slow to bug out for parts unknown in a nationwide SHTF situation. The economic future of this country scares me.

  58. Schametti says:

    I chose Hyperinflation, economical collapse, because I think it’s most likely, and it’s why I started prepping. But the more I learn, the more I hear, and the more aware I become.. Government Tyranny seems like a very valid close second. And my husband is supporting my choices in prepping, because he thinks it’ll be zombies, lol.. 😉 Hey, whatever, so long as he doesn’t say no when I buy just one more jar of spice, or one more bag of beans..

  59. I really believe all of us “prep” because we have a God given unease that tells us to. I firmly believe He is helping us to get ready for what is coming. When folks don’t listen He gives them the feeling of “want” as in a new car, a bigger screen television, name brand clothes, shoes, etc. When we get on the right path we just feel thankful for what we have and ask Him what we should do next. We are soooo blessed!

    • Enzo Pamrona says:

      Amen Aunt B. You make a wonderful point. Being close to God fills our souls with appreciation. Those who don’t have God in their hearts strive to fill the void they feel with toys. And there are never enough toys, or toys that are big enough and bad enough, to make the emptiness go away. As we move forth towards the maelstrom we will need His comfort more and more.

      • Aunt B,
        Again another post that could have come from my own mind. I had this desire to prep. A calling almost to be ready for anything. I feel God does call us to be ready like the 7 Brides with the lamps.

  60. About 40 minutes ago it was announced that Kentucky’s financial outlook lowered to ‘negative’ because of pension woes. Not good news here as they are trying to balance the budget by cutting out programs that help some of the poorest, like help with daycare for low income working parents. We have always “stocked up” in case of bad weather in winters. We did not get into prepping really big until a few yrs ago. With 3 birth children, 4 adopted children and now two daughter in laws and 3 grandbabies we see a need to prep hard for what looks like several yrs of economic collapse and the horror that will bring to our country. A couple months ago after checking out a few sites we chose this one for our family. We feel most at home with people who post here.

  61. I voted for economic collapse because I believe the economy has been unstable for a long time – I am surprised it has held together as long as it has. Growing up LDS, prepping has always been in the background throughout my life. The past several years, I have put a lot more effort into preparations, including a much more methodical selection of the foods and supplies that I store.

  62. Patriot Dave says:

    I prep because I needed a hobby and needed a way to spend my excess income.

  63. Enzo Pamrona says:

    I have been prepping all of my life, now well beyond 60 years. I started helping my folks with their bugout bag in the 50’s with threats of nuclear attack. And I am still at it. The economy is my biggest worry although preps are generalized enough for responding to many threats

    Do not overlook spiritual preparation. A solid relatioinship with you Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ is a necessity. He will guide you in good times as well as bad and the restored gospel provides a map to happiness in all conditions.

  64. bs in nashville says:

    Because I am ready, are you?

  65. Ozark Flower Lady says:

    I chose EMP, but I have been putting back since my middle-aged kids were little. Home grown food is healthier than store bought any day and it is cheaper. My late husband and I headed for the Ozark Mountains and lived 11 years without utilities. I average 3 weeks every winter no electricity due to one really good snow storm or ice storm. Now I am aware of both North Korea and Iran have a goal of a missle landing on United States soil. Could also involve China as they already own a good part of the USA and are very interested in disarming Americans.

  66. I voted Nuclear War, so now it has one vote. That’s why I started preparing back during the Cold War, although I admit I don’t see it as likely now as I did then.

    Then again, those Soviets always were sneaky [email protected], maybe they’re just trying to lull us into a false sense of security…

  67. Government Tyranny and financial collapse are hand and hand, if you control the purse strings on a retirement account you are on the way to a dictatorship. That is one of the reason I prepare, and other I have been down the road of when food was limited or none at all. When you been there, lived it, you are more aware of what is happening around you. I took off the rose colored glasses when I was 7 years old, and started learning all that I could from my parents after we went hungry. I promised myself never again!

  68. worrisome says:

    I had a hard day at work today. Had a perfect example of a walking talking zombie that is so damned dependent that she can truly not make any decision for herself, nor make any effort to try. It was so bad it was all I could do to stay civil. When I collect myself a bit more so I don’t curse on the blog here, I will fill y’all in. Thanks for letting me rant for a minute

  69. button crazy says:

    I guess I have done something like prepping since for ever. My mom always had extra food on hand. One of my aunt’s would have food on the table within a few minutes to feed you when you visited her. When food prices started up, I started more or less real prepping. I think I could have checked a couple more reasons.

  70. Uncle Charlie says:

    I voted “other” but it was actually all of the above in more or less the same oder, although I wasn’t sure what you meant by “alien invasion.” In any event, that would be last on my least and the least likely to happen up to this point in time, anyway.

  71. Soggy Prepper says:

    I began to prep because God lead me to it. (No, I’m not a nut.)

    As I started to prep, which meant looking up what long term storage was, looking at why people were doing it and all it entailed, I gained a lot of knowledge.

    So after the prompting to prep the main reason I pursued it and have continued is because of government/financial collapse/takeover.
    The government is corrupt, the administration treasonous, the world news is going to hell in a hand basket. Financial markets are stretched, fiat money is losing confidence with the public, welfare is increasing and the makers of it all are decreasing.

    The handwriting has been on the wall for a few years now and is glowing red at this point. When Iran gets it’s nukes in order…. it won’t be pretty.

    And to top it off our government wants it’s citizens unarmed.

    Those that DON’T prep are not taking care of their families potential needs. Proverbs 22:3 AND Proverbs 27:12 say the same thing. “A prudent man foresees evil and hides himself; The simple pass on and are punished.”
    If you see it coming prepare or your going to be sorry.

    Keep prepping, keep praying because it isn’t going to get better any time soon.

    • Hey Soggy, God led me to prep as well. Less than a year after I started, my husband was laid off. What a blessing to have all that food and everyday necessities stored. It was the first rough patch in our marriage where we didn’t rack up debt. God had gotten me ready for a real stressful situation and it made all the difference.
      I am not a nut either!

  72. Alittle2late says:

    I picked collapse because I’ve been hungry before.(I’m very hardheaded) I promised myself when I got back on my feet it would never happen again. I’ve been through a flood,an earthquake 4 hurricanes,3 blizzards (4+ feet of snow) multiple weeks long power outages. and one tornado. Now I’m confident enough to handle anything LIFE throws at me. All the other options pretty much fall right in line with my preps and new found skill sets. Except for the aliens… gotta work on that one. The nuke prep, nope don’t want to be here if that happens. A pole flip, might get lucky and be on the warm end for a change, might like that one. What the hell am I going to do about a near earth object anyway?
    I decided when I decided to prepare for what ever, to keep it simple and absorb as much knowledge as possible on the basic skill sets to survive, and practice a whole lot until it becomes second nature. Keeping it simple is also a great way to not get overwhelmed and bankrupt.

  73. I opted for EMP. It seems to Me that would be worst case….
    So if I’m ready for it, I’m pretty well covered for just about
    anything else. Althought Economic Collapse is the most likely.

  74. I say economic collapse is my main threat/worry. It’s right in our face, it’s in our wallet and what’s left of our savings account. I believe the collapse is imminent and could happen any day. Having said that, when it does occur it could bring with it a couple of the other options such as govt tyranny, escalated terrorist attacks, etc. Even a man made EMP attack.
    Just remember that God loves us and wants the best for us. Unlike our govt and whole lot of other folk. I know personnally that God has never left my side even through the times I(by my actions) was pushing Him away. Pray continually!

  75. I prep foremost because I strongly believe our economy is being held together by a rapidly unraveling thread. The more I see the talking heads talk up the economy and how things are looking up, the more I believe it’s even worse than we can imagine.

  76. Well a natural disaster is easiest to sell my wife on and serves as good camouflage for anything else I slip into the preparation. She has done pretty good in storing up food and I have a son who being a former Ranger has made sure we have MRE’s and enough medical gear for simple surgery besides the normal first aid (my wife is a Nurse). All this gives me the excuse, living in a rural area as we do, to make sure we have the arms and ammo to supply myself and my neighbors. Kind of the standing joke here is they will bring the food in trade for ammo. Of course lately politics are entering into our thoughts. It seems like every day either the State or the Federal Government wants to add one more brick to build a bridge to another Lexington. Hope it doesn’t happen, but that’s what everyone said about Obamacare and look where we are going on that.

  77. Highlander says:

    I didn’t know I was “prepping” for years, I just always liked gardening, canning, camping, hunting, collecting old firearms, etc… Funny that it has a name! Any rood I enjoy it all and have always been prepared.


  78. I see economic collapse followed by almost complete social break down as the most probable event. Although anything we can imagine is possible I guess.
    I started planning and prepping when I cross trained into a military specialty that included emergency management. It was impossible to stock pile more than a few months of supplies since we moved every 18 months on average but we were always ready for what local events might occur for where we were stationed. Typhoons, Winter storms, floods, whatever,
    A couple of years ago I started seeing signs of economic smoke and mirrors. Then the banks and housing market collapsed. Followed with more hocus pocus economics of the demoratic administration. Looking at the lose of moral responsibility by so much of our population…
    It just made sense to be better prepared for more then just a few weeks of inconvenience.

  79. Encourager says:

    We are prepping for economic collapse. And for any natural disasters. And for any pandemics. But mainly we are prepping because God told us to. He said hard times are coming. That’s good enough for me.

  80. One word. Texas. Natural disasters? We got them…. Wildfire is number one. Could see the smoke plume from Bastrop from my kitchen window, and the smoke from the others ( and there were many that weekend!) was blowing over us. Live is an area that is likely to see another in the near future. Severe weather, tornadoes, hurricanes, ice storms? Yep. We are also beginning to see serious issues with “things” that are rapidly moving up from the border. Drug cartels and their minions are causing more and more problems. Yesterday, some Hispanic males robbed a man nearby and the manhunt and chase ended up (with capture! Yay, Sheriff’s dept!) very nearby to my home.. So, yeah… I’m prepared.

  81. Like many I chose Economic Collapse as the primary risk. I also agree, however, that there are truly many reasons for prepping. One escalating risk I did not specifically see mentioned is Cyber Warfare. This risk could be the cause, or at least a contributing factor, for many other problems such as long term electrical outages and economic turmoil, among others.

  82. Caio César says:

    Hello guys, for some time I did not post anything, but here I am again…
    I’m preparing for the future, but the current economy make me afraid, with the prices rising more and more… The problem with droughts on my region is other problem to think about, then, we are preparing our reservatories, and improving our water fonts (building an new well).

  83. When I started doing the things that I do, it was mostly out of love and nostalgia for my grandparents and their way of life as farmers. Sadly, my motives have changed. I live in Florida, so have always prepared for hurricanes. Y2k came and left, and I felt pretty secure. Then 911, and I became concerned with terrorist attacks, the potential for war on our soil, or an EMP. 2008 brought concerns of economic collapse, and now tyranny because of TDL and the threat to our 2nd Amendment rights. So, I could check off half the list, but I chose EMP, I guess because it scares me the most, and seems a likely form of terrorist attack.

    It makes me sick to think that today’s society would actually classify my grandparents as terrorist suspects for their humble way of life. Hardest working people I ever knew.

  84. I grew up dirt poor. As I often say, “I have done poverty–and I didn’t like it”. So, I have always kept a few months of canned food in the pantry. I didn’t realize that it had a name until about 4 years ago when I figured out that I needed a lot more than what I had on hand.

    I prepare for the economic collapse and hyperinflation, the government tyranny, and the deadly pandemic after the New Madrid natural disaster caused by the magnetic pole shift because of the near earth objects, and EMP and nuclear terrorist attacks launched against us by alien invaders…. or, all of the above.

    Each time I go to the store, I look around and try to think what I really need to buy in case this is my last trip to the store before we are hit by “It”. Whatever “It” is, I am so thankful for all that we have been given.

    I sometimes wonder if, when “It” is all over, we survivors will meet and introduce ourselves to each other by our Wolf Pack names.

    • Ozarkana, My husband and I have changed the way we shop also. Every time we shop in a new or used item store we now look for items that do not use electricity and clothing that will keep us warm. We look for items and food stuff that will be good for bartering. Gardening and animal needs are top things to look out for. We still get toys, books, games and movies at the Goodwill and Thrift stores for the kids and grandbabies. What we do not buy is little what nots to set around and collect dust, we have enough of that stuff. When something happens we hope our adult children will be able to get to us as we have the best location. So that means extra bedding, clothes, medical and food items than what the 6 of us still at home will need. We have a low income family down the road with 4 small children. His mom and grandma live with them also. We already barter with them for garden vegs and things to make life better for the little ones. He has poor health but is very good at woodworking. We will want to continue to share with them.

  85. Other….. Because I intend to survive. Most folks will survive the initial disaster wither they like it or not. Then what? A slow death if your survival plan includes the government saving your life. That will not be me or my family.

  86. I chose tyranny. As other factors will be eliminated by forces in our favor.

    Economy …..China has too much invested for the US to fail.
    Natural Disaster…like weather, solar even alien….I golf with local retired electrical NESSUGN and lab supervisor for local water dept. They have …best they can prepare for……plans for Natural and Solar disasters.
    Terrorist, ….same prepping as Natural Disaster…..but with self protection added.
    Nuclear…Not sure……may not want to survive….stay inside … (?)

    So back to tyranny, I believe our hired help (politicians) totally believes we are their worker bees. Our Constitution and Bill of Rights are in their sights to the concept of odumbo’s “CHANGE’. He did campaign with a quote ” We live in the greatest nation in the world, join me to help change it”


  87. My family heritage and family have always “prepped”, although we did not call it prepping. It was and is a way of life. We just considered it to be wise for the unexpected events that happen in life. My parents grew up in the depression on farms. Gardening, canning, smoking food, hunting, plowing fields with teams of horses, milking cows, etc, etc, was the way of life. Then my father served in WWII (with government rationing of things like butter, milk, gas) and the Korean War. So, I was raised to always have a few weeks of food in the pantry, and to always have food, water, blankets,jumper cables, 1st aid kit in the car. I also lived in Fl for years, so again common sense is that you prepare for hurricanes.
    It is different reasons to be prepared now. I chose several of the ones that you listed. Economic collapse/Hyperinflation/Stagflation/ is already upon us. Followed by a breakdown in our civil society, then martial law would be instituted, and government tyranny is probably. We could also sustain an enemy attack by terrorists, or by a foreign gov. since our national security is being disassembled daily. I think that this is all planned, the undermining and destruction of this great nation, Just check out the great plan that the UN has for the world, Agenda 21.

  88. There are several reasons I prep…natural disasters…after Hugo, we were without power and water for a month. Friends just returned from NYC and many people there still have no power or water.
    Whether it be N. Korea, China, Middle East, or some fool hacker….our power gride is so vulnerable….affecting our way of life and survival.
    And the most long term threat…our government….read the history of Germany and Romania….I lived in both countries for a short time…and America is on the fast track to becoming a socialist country….no private property, standing in line for hours for SPARSE food supplies, no medical or dental care, uncontrolled police state…..we are on our way!
    And God is very clear in scripture….He has removed His hand from our country. We have and continue to abandon Him and defy Him.

  89. My first answer wasn’t listed – it would have been “I don’t know.” I have been prepping for decades, to lesser or greater degrees, and didn’t realize that’s what I was doing. Now there’s a name for it, and places to go to learn from others who do what I do. But WHY I do it? I honestly don’t know – I just do it. I have had a sense of unease for the last 20 or so years… like waiting for the other shoe to drop. Don’t know if it’s intuition, paranoia, life experience, or something else, but whatever it is, I listen to it….and that’s why I prep.

  90. Older Ant says:

    I was uneasy with the dollar decay and started trying to compensate for inflation. As we got into more spending,I felt that there were WAY too much play now, pay later attitudes. Entitlements, forever unemployment benefits probably aggravated the “entitlement attitude “. The budget deficit is already overstrained with “world policeman”/military actions/REGULATE everything!.
    Economic collapse/Dollar to zero is my guess of our future fate. America is not even ready for that, there will be those grasshoppers,gangbangers, and normalcy biased folks big time, to deal with, (golden horde).
    The gun control push is real bad timing for self defense from my viewpoint .
    The Chinese “special enterprise zones” will be not viewed calmly as a viable solution for redeeming USA Debt. Another probable reason to disarm USA.
    I stockpile supplies but cannot have enough for my SW urban location.

  91. It looks like something is wrong with the software you use to take the pole:

    Magnetic Pole Flip (0%, 1 Votes)
    Near-Earth Objects (1%, 0 Votes)

    Those numbers don’t make sense.

  92. The economic collapse and hyperinflation are closer than I care to think about. I had to choose this as my #1 reason, but government tyranny is a close; very close second. My version of “hope and change” was rolling our accumulated loose change a couple of weeks ago. We ended up with about $280, I bought a Berkey Water filtration system. I hope I don’t need it. “Hope and change”, my way!

  93. IndianaAli says:

    Always lived in the country so always prepared for winter storms, power outages, etc and of course with a younger family the budget was small so gardening and canning was a way of normal life.

    I picked economic collapse as my reason for serious prepping because either personal (loss of job/income) or collapse due to hyperinflation, etc, it’s all bad if it affects you. I think we are headed for some very troubling times as far as inflation, Perhaps collapse is a “strong” word, maybe we are heading for a more steady decline…where the gov can control it until we get used to being in a permanent recession/underclass. Either way, sudden collapse or slow decline, there will be less and less available to us. They are hoping we will turn to the all-mightly government to save us, so to control us. So I guess that would fall into the gov tyrany category somewhat. (this reason is getting stronger in my mind daily with the goings on in DC) My other prominent reasons are EMP, which I believe would likely be from a terrorist attack, which no electric would definitely cause sociatial upheaveal, to put it mildly. My third reason is for Natural Disasters, living near the New Madrid fault and actually having felt a recent earthquake here a few years ago, anything is possible. I know I cannot prepare for everything and in all likelihood if a real “collapse” occurs I may not survive it, but at least I will be in the best place I can be and do my best… that is all I can ask of myself or anyone.

  94. Tactical G-Ma says:

    AllI can say is:
    Better to have it and not need it,
    Than to need it and not have it.

  95. I spent my youth in rural Mississippi where the nearest grocery store was a 20 minute drive to town and the electric power could be expected to go off for a few hours or days anytime a windstorm or ice storm brought down a few of the thousands of kudzu-covered trees between our house and the power source. That said I grew up with the expectation that your pantry should always have enough food to feed a family in comfort for a couple of weeks in a grid-down situation and I keep with this tradition in my own home. What I have recently learned to do is “grow” my own green salad by sprouting wheat and lentils because fresh green stuff is the one type of food I didn’t have among my supply of storage food and something I can not grow in the Mojave desert where I live now. This sprouted green salad has a nice crunchy texture but basically no flavor, so I have been using it as a filling between two slices of toast slathered with cream cheese — it also works drizzled with French dressing a topped with croutons, bacon bits and toasted nuts.

  96. Gaaaaa you’re as bad as NatGeo…. only letting us choose one reason. There are multiple reasons I prep. Some were listed but others were. The top two I guess are the economy and the govt.

    But I guess if neither of those has a high probability of happening then I live this lifestyle because I want to live comfortable when I retire early.

  97. wonderprepper says:

    i am prepping for economic collapse. i started for just in case, as time goes by i see for more reasons. this inflation is huge. some items have almost doubled in price. i feel prices will keep rising and times are coming to an end.

  98. I’ve prepared by making the move to the mountains of Panama. If you want to see how and why, visit

  99. I chose Gov’t tyranny, since I could only choose one. Honestly, I believe monetary collapse will likely as not be caused by gov’t tyranny so in my mind they are one in the same.

  100. Brother Wayne says:

    Very long-time lurker, first-time poster. I voted Natural Disaster because my wife doesn’t really support what little efforts I make toward prepping. I can defend having some extra food, canning summer produce and stocking up when things are on sale. Carrying car supplies when on a trip is okay because winter travel can be dangerous.

    My personal feeling is that economic issues will rise up to bother us within the next year or two. The economy affects many more people than a localized natural disaster.

    Many thanks to frequent posters. I enjoy reading about your efforts and experiments. And my biggest thanks to M.D., I really enjoy the blog.

  101. robert mead says:

    Of all the choices available..I chose EMP for several reasons. An EMP attack(event) would cause many of the other listed choices in, and of itself. Massive loss of power would be similar to a Katrina situation. No gas, elec,trans being shut down, meadical issues,nobody going to work, hospitals closed,financial strife(most people in the U.S. are paycheck to paycheck), EBT and FOODSTAMP<AND BENEFIT cards would not function. After Mar 1st,2012….the U.S.Govt WILL NOT issue paper checks for ANY FEDERAL benefit(retirement,SSDI,SSI,SSR,ETC ETC ETC). An EMP event after that date would be beyond disasterous!!! Actually, a well orchestrated EMP "black Swan", would quickly usher in martial law……and we couldnt prove that it was self inflicted. How ya gonna verufy if were tossed back to 1844? IF the television is allowed to produce images….im sure it would come up with some BS story about a "super sunflare….." of course we have no means to disprove. SOOOOO…I guess we need to be ready for all of it. thanks!! bob

  102. BullDogBeau says:

    I voted economic collapse because you can see that is the road we are cruising down and approaching the “cliff” too fast. The other scenarios may happen but more than likely we won’t see it coming until it happens but the odds are there.
    Prepare for as many scenarios as you can that’s how my group looks at it. Yes, even zombies. We visualize each scenario, discuss how we would react, what will be needed and that is where we start.
    This blog has such diverse perspectives which helps bring to light things we may never have thought of…. Thank you.

  103. FreeRangePagan says:

    I prep because I want to take care of my Lady and close ones. My jobs are mostly seasonal and her college debt is almost unmanageable. So while we have the cash now, I’ll prepare for later. With stored food and now skills, I can keep us going if anything does happen.

  104. we are doing all we can to prep but we know its not enough and we are doing it because our president and those in our gov.have all theywant and need .so the choises that they are making are not for our benifit but only theirs …we feel that its a crucial move on our part to secure what we can for ourselves ,our children and our grandchildren.its not been easy but we are still working on it.

  105. Gertrude E. says:

    I prep because several years ago my world fell apart and after a while, money ran out and I had no way to feed my children, or we had no heat, no hot water, no phone (land line only), no electricity – you name it, at some point I couldn’t pay the bills. I swore that I would never again have anything like that for my children. Maybe I’m doing too much now, but its better than when we had nothing.

  106. I picked flu pandemic though as most others, its obviously a combination of everything. I love the alien invasion responce. Not that it is 100% impossible, but given the 13 billion year age of the universe and that humans have only been around 200k years, any aliens would likely be 1000 times more advanced than us or 1000 times less. Given that, if they came (and were more likely the former), they could do with us what they wanted and the likelyhood of them being close enough in technowlogy that not all humans would die is a bit unrealistic.

  107. For this poll I chose EMP, not that it is so far above any of the others on my list.. but I figure no matter which of those things happen, There won’t be much of a power grid left, and if there is I won’t be able to afford to use it. So I prep as if I won’t have electricity. Hopefully I will have solar soon. I have a few little solar items already.. just have to hope I will have all the things I need in a safe place if there IS an EMP. And btw, I definitely would have chosen all the above if that had been an option, lol!

  108. Economic collapse because even the sheeple understand that when $100 buys you half a cart of processed “food” something is up.

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