Friday Poll : Why do you prep?

Why do you prep?

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You’ll note that I did not include “all the above” as an option – this was on purpose because most of the pack would probably just have chosen that one and moved on. What we want to know is what is the main threat that YOU foresee and prep for?

Please take a few minutes to elaborate on your answer in the comments below… We are all looking forward to reading your replies… Why do you prep ?:-)

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  1. robert mead says:

    Of all the choices available..I chose EMP for several reasons. An EMP attack(event) would cause many of the other listed choices in, and of itself. Massive loss of power would be similar to a Katrina situation. No gas, elec,trans being shut down, meadical issues,nobody going to work, hospitals closed,financial strife(most people in the U.S. are paycheck to paycheck), EBT and FOODSTAMP<AND BENEFIT cards would not function. After Mar 1st,2012….the U.S.Govt WILL NOT issue paper checks for ANY FEDERAL benefit(retirement,SSDI,SSI,SSR,ETC ETC ETC). An EMP event after that date would be beyond disasterous!!! Actually, a well orchestrated EMP "black Swan", would quickly usher in martial law……and we couldnt prove that it was self inflicted. How ya gonna verufy if were tossed back to 1844? IF the television is allowed to produce images….im sure it would come up with some BS story about a "super sunflare….." of course we have no means to disprove. SOOOOO…I guess we need to be ready for all of it. thanks!! bob

  2. BullDogBeau says:

    I voted economic collapse because you can see that is the road we are cruising down and approaching the “cliff” too fast. The other scenarios may happen but more than likely we won’t see it coming until it happens but the odds are there.
    Prepare for as many scenarios as you can that’s how my group looks at it. Yes, even zombies. We visualize each scenario, discuss how we would react, what will be needed and that is where we start.
    This blog has such diverse perspectives which helps bring to light things we may never have thought of…. Thank you.

  3. FreeRangePagan says:

    I prep because I want to take care of my Lady and close ones. My jobs are mostly seasonal and her college debt is almost unmanageable. So while we have the cash now, I’ll prepare for later. With stored food and now skills, I can keep us going if anything does happen.

  4. we are doing all we can to prep but we know its not enough and we are doing it because our president and those in our gov.have all theywant and need .so the choises that they are making are not for our benifit but only theirs …we feel that its a crucial move on our part to secure what we can for ourselves ,our children and our grandchildren.its not been easy but we are still working on it.

  5. Gertrude E. says:

    I prep because several years ago my world fell apart and after a while, money ran out and I had no way to feed my children, or we had no heat, no hot water, no phone (land line only), no electricity – you name it, at some point I couldn’t pay the bills. I swore that I would never again have anything like that for my children. Maybe I’m doing too much now, but its better than when we had nothing.

  6. I picked flu pandemic though as most others, its obviously a combination of everything. I love the alien invasion responce. Not that it is 100% impossible, but given the 13 billion year age of the universe and that humans have only been around 200k years, any aliens would likely be 1000 times more advanced than us or 1000 times less. Given that, if they came (and were more likely the former), they could do with us what they wanted and the likelyhood of them being close enough in technowlogy that not all humans would die is a bit unrealistic.

  7. For this poll I chose EMP, not that it is so far above any of the others on my list.. but I figure no matter which of those things happen, There won’t be much of a power grid left, and if there is I won’t be able to afford to use it. So I prep as if I won’t have electricity. Hopefully I will have solar soon. I have a few little solar items already.. just have to hope I will have all the things I need in a safe place if there IS an EMP. And btw, I definitely would have chosen all the above if that had been an option, lol!

  8. Economic collapse because even the sheeple understand that when $100 buys you half a cart of processed “food” something is up.