New Wolf Pack Clothing Line?

Judith sent this a few days ago – could it be the new Wolf Pack Clothing line? What do you think.

p.s. I am in no way affiliated with the seller.

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  1. I have not been around much for the last month.
    What is the wolf pack a new club of some sort..

    A beige hat is not to bad but white for most guys who use
    there hand for more than typing usually gets used looking ratty really fast. Not that personal appearance is high on my priority list.
    Unless it is someone else’s wedding or funeral!
    At least that has been my experience.. But white ball caps sure fell better on your head in the summer than dark colors.. Just my 2 cents
    So what is wolf pack a new marketing venture??

    • ThatAway,

      The Wolf Pack are the readers of this blog.

      • Thanks M.D. I guess I need to stop buy and read more often
        just been very busy.. And kinda breezing over comments.
        And congrats on the new publication people seem to like it..
        So wearing one of the hats or shirts is a quick-way to
        identify each other.. Is that the concept??
        Or what other marketing purposed do they have.
        Nice name and the graphic looked good.


    • Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

      Hey ThatAway, missed you around here. Glad to have you back.

      I like the beige cap, too. Not enough to pay $17.00 though.

      Is Judith the Design Diva?

  2. NH EveryMan says:

    That statement on the hat about the “WolfPack” is a refernce to “The Hangover” movies…funny, if you haven’t seen them I recommend you check them out. Everyone needs a laugh….

  3. Mother Earth says:

    I like the concept…maybe on a hoodie as I don’t wear ball caps, would totally give me “hat hair”! (ha-ha)
    I think as long as we all have the same logo on whatever we wear, we will recognize a fellow member of the wolfpack and that would be great!

  4. M.D. A word to the wise, before you go to far with the Wolf Pack thing talk to your attorney if you have one. If not your publishing house might offer some help. I’m not an attorney but I know that the word
    “Wolfpack” is a brand mark of N.C. State University and the two words
    “Wolf Pack” are a brand mark of the university of (I think it’s) Nevada.
    Plus there are some pro sports teams that license caps, shirt, etc under combinations of those words. I’d feel bad if I didn’t warn you and you wind up paying an intellectual property attorney $500.00 an hour to get you out of a jam.

    • Charlie,

      Like I said in the post I am not affiliated with the seller in any way. Just thought it was neat and wanted to share. But you are correct everyone is “sue happy” and will file a law suit for just about anything.

      • M.D. you are correct. A lot of folks are sue happy but in the case of these sports teams that’s not really the case. The thing is that they put a lot of time, money and effort into creating and registering trademarks and brand marks. The registration laws REQUIRE them to “VIGOURSLY ” defend them. If they do not defend the trademark they loose their exclusive right to it so they are forced to go after anyone who steps on their territory.
        Or at least that is how I understand it. As I said before, I’m not a lawyer.

        • Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

          Yes, Josh, anybody holding a trademark, copyright, or patent has to vigorously defend his property or risk losing its exclusivity. The US Patent & Trademark Office and Library of Congress don’t provide protection, they merely provide the RIGHT to protect what is patented, copyrighted, or trademarked through the issuance of a registered number and storage of pertinent application information.

        • Josh, I am a poor speller at times and sometimes do not type all that well either. This site does not have a spell checker and frankly I don’t take the time to check my spelling because “those that matter don’t mind and those that mind don’t matter” and that sir includes people like you.

    • I doubt they would sue over something from Cafe Press that has such a limited market, but who knows.

      • Josh, like I said to someone else the other day.
        Write an article on Grammar as a survival tool in post teotwaki.

  5. I suspect they are going to get hit by a Trade Mark lawsuit by one of two universities.

  6. How do I link up to amazon fron your site, M.D.? I’ve been all over the site and can’t figure it out.

  7. Are the hat and shirts made in the good ol US of A?

  8. Not bad I would rather see something in black, or camo, and hey I wish a reader of this blog, part of the wolf pack would do it. Hey keep the money in the family.

  9. AZ Rookie Prepper says:

    M.D. and Judith, any idea of what the company means with the “Wolf Pack” logo and motto of “We made a pact…”?

  10. What, no room for Pumas?

    • Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

      There are a couple of pumas who run with this Wolf Pack. It’s a diversity thing, I think. We’re integrated here.

      • Pumas – Cougars – Wolf pack – Its all good, just play safe. 🙂

        One thought to all the Pack – if someone who is clueless about preping starts asking about the Wolf Pack – Just say you sport the home team…..If they talk about sports , you know they are clueless ……. OPSEC

        just sayin…..

  11. Just saw the cap and shirts advertized on The Blaze. Are they meant for a different Wolf Pack?

  12. White would definitely be out of the question, color-wise. I’d go with OD, beige, or brown.

    If you were to have your own gear produced, I would also prefer that you go with someone that at least states that their product is Made in the U.S.A.

    And, lastly, $17 for a ball cap for people that actually work is kind of steep, I think. I hate buying new stuff because it gets kind of depressing when you keep seeing the costs going up.

  13. I kinda like it however the only white hat that I wear is my stetson.

  14. I’ve had things made from Cafe Press before. The images on the tee shirts are basically iron-ons. I’m not sure about the hats but I assume they are the same. Not really great quality. Screen printing is the best way to put images on tee shirts. Just sayin’.

  15. In Albuquerque the University of New Mexico sports teams are the Lobos. Lobo is Spanish for wolf. The fans are called the Wolf pack. So there is lots of Wolf pack items around besides the Hangover movies. So we can have our own wolf pack and use their shirts or we can make our own with a symbol of some type added to let each other know were wolfpack members. Its just a little fun as we prep for the worst and hope for the best.

  16. I didn’t much like the colors or the price either. I just happen to come across it when I was shopping for a cap. I prefer camo or dark colors myself. I also got to thinking about what that meant. We made a pact.
    If anyone finds out let us know.

  17. I googled ‘wolfpack’ and found an amazing number of sites related to the name. Not just schools, but especially interesting is Wolfpack Gear- an Emergency Responder clothing and equipment seller- ISO certified and trademarked (though their emblem was a wolf track, not a head). So, just to insure she’s not infringing on an established clothing line, Judith may want to research a bit to cover her… umm… bunns.
    As others have noted, I’d not prefer white as a color for anything I’d want. Earth tones at the least, cammo being second.

  18. As I was reading the latest additions to this thread I heard an ad on
    Rush’s show for I checked it out. It’s easy to design a shirt or cap on there. I don’t know what the finished product actually
    looks like or what it costs. I have no connection to this company.

  19. Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

    I thought somebody was working on a Wolf Pack logo for a window decal or something just a couple weeks back. Was that Repair Mama or whom? It was a Wolf Pack member, that I know.

    I’d like to see 13 small wolf paw prints in a circle (like the original 13 stars on the first official US flag) and then a big paw print in the center – representing MD, since he is the Alpha Male. Then the logo would be unique and no words need be added to it, so infringement would not be a concern. And as long as the word “survival” or “survivalist” was left off the clothing item, there would be no violation of OpSec.

    Just my 2 cents.

  20. Sundance WMC says:

    I own a custom embroidery business. We do hats….trust me when I say that you would rather have a logo embroidered as opposed to screen printed.

  21. I know times are rough, but I would deffinatley pay a few more buck for a made in America product.

    • Lint Picker (Northern California) says:

      Me, too.

    • amen Matt. That could be a shovel ready project.

      • Any of that are interested in high quality, American made
        axes, and other heavy hand tools do a web search for:
        Council Tools. I don’t know these folks but they are near where my mother grew up in a very rural area of S/E NC and they forge their own tools, on site, with American labor. They aren’t cheap but they ARE good.

    • Ditto….

  22. How about something in German Flecktarn ?

  23. Well MD, at least you’re developing the market. A few more posts and the clothing line business is set.

  24. Dont turn your back on the wolf pack.
    Truth be told Im not sure from a legal stand point if anybody could sue.
    The wolf pack is simply a pack of wolve’s as long as you do not use a particular registered trade mark I have seen Many team’s called cowboy’s like Dallas Cowboy’s and the Oklahoma state Cowboy’s with different logo’s
    So I do not think it’s about the name as much as infringing on the resistered trademark Of the logo

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