The last word in the “gun control” debate?


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  1. riverrider says:

    roger that.

  2. Petticoat Prepper says:

    This is so true! MD, I like today’s header. Clean, informative and friendly! Colors work well with the ads at the top. So 1 vote for this one. :))

  3. MD, I agree with PP.
    Eventhough it is the same as yesterday, the name is larger and much easier to see. The other articles do not detract from the name. Didn’t mean to be so blunt yesterday. With the size change it looks great.

  4. Yep. I’ve seen it at work.

    I was there, the perp was there, the cop what where?

  5. Tom Arnold says:

    And obviously O agrees with this sentiment since he surrounds himself and his family with good guys with guns 🙂

  6. MountainSurvivor says:

    America is my favorite place because it has 330-million good guys and gals in it.

  7. Judge Roy Mater says:

    our home’s we need our guns too keep us safe! with 45 + yr’s in the just system i can tell you someone coming to help you is well? as a deputy sheriff i can not tell how many time a 50-60 mile responses i had to make!!!!

  8. Ak cowboy says:

    Comments are just one indicator of which post people like. I see no need in saying the same thing others are saying, Just to chime in! How many of your post are forwarded is the real tell. This is a great thing and the first comment says it all “Roger that”

  9. Most police go to crimes after they happen. My bullets go to criminals when they happen.

  10. When seconds count, 911 is only minutes away.

    • Judge Roy Mater says:

      is this a joke??? please tell us this a joke !!!

      • If you misunderstood my comment allow me to clarify. When I or anybody in my state is in need of defense, emergency services aka 911 is minutes away, despite the expense, experience, and dedication of LEO personnel. When seconds count and immediate response is mandated by circumstance they can’t always be there. Here in Arizona our state constitution spells it out in article II Bearing arms Section 26. The right of the individual citizen to bear arms in defense of himself or the state shall not be impaired, but nothing in this section shall be construed as authorizing individuals or corporations to organize, maintain, or employ an armed body of men. 27

        • AZyogi,
          Been using that one for years and it unfortunately continues to be true. Saw a recent interview with the Milwaukee (WI) County Sherriff, who’s been running a PSA about how the citizens and law enforcement are a team, and that those who are able should get training and arm themselves. In the interview, he stated that due to lack of political will power and reduction in forces, the response time for a 911 call runs something like 52 minutes. Yep, when seconds count . . .

      • Not her in SC the response time is 15mins to ??? (as much as an hour)
        I think I would rather keep a weapon & have my family alive, thank you very much.

        • feather,
          I have numerous friends who are LEO’s and most will agree, that as much as they would like to “enforce” the law, they are most often just historians, who show up after the fact, collect evidence, and try to determine what happened and who did it.

          • Thank you. I as well, come from a family of LEOs’ and have even served myself b4 becoming a filght nurse. And yes you are exactly correct, it is often as a historian, documentation & clean up, that our Leo s have to perform. That is why I would choose to keep my weapon, to protect my family & friends. Not give the criminals, who wont care about the new law, an open door invitation to do whatever they choose! I would much prefer, having to explain why me & mine are still alive & why the criminal is down, as having a LEO or coronor have to explain to my family why we are on the way to the hospital or dead. I believe weapons have a place, in the trained hands of our citizenry.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      I got it. And agree

  11. Alittle2late says:

    A guy I work with told me thanks a couple weeks ago, I was like HUH? He said, thanks for carrying at least I know if my kids are around guy’s like you they have a lot better chance than waiting on the law to save them. He doesn’t own a gun, his wife is scared of them. Still trying to change his mind about it.

  12. Hunker-Down says:

    After the bad guy and good guy settle the incident, the janitors show up.

  13. Rider of Rohan says:

    Actually, this whole thing has little to do with good guys and bad guys. It’s doubtful that an AR-15 was even used at Sandy Hook, so it should be clear to even the slowest among us that something else is up. There is now a concerted, coordinated effort led by the White House/Democrat Party apparatus and the media to disarm us. When one sees such a thing, he/she had better ask himself/herself why. Why is there such an effort when rifles are seldom if ever used in crimes and if there could ever be a case made for gun control it would be for handguns. Add some other evidence in with it. Homeland Security just bought 1.2 billion rds. of ammo, 7000 M-16s, armored security checkpoints, armored vehicles, and need I continue?
    Keep your eyes open folks, something wicked this way comes.

    • wicked props says:

      main stream media LIES.
      you dont see pictures of stalin, tol pot,hitler ect standing next to children as they disarm people (as obummer did)on “msm”. before they murdered millions of defenceless people.

      shit storm incoming

    • I do believe you might be right. What is up with all of the weapons buy-back setups.???Disarm/divide/conquor/ all withut a shot being fired?

    • I totally agree. The reason why our forefathers wrote the 2nd Amendment – the right to bear arms – is so the people could defend themselves against a growing government. Government is supposed to be small. It is not. The Government wants the American People to be dumbed down and defenseless. Therefore, the results will be a dictatorship. Last time I knew, America was home of the free and the brave. We American People need to stand up against the ever growing corrupt government – wolf in sheep’s clothing!

  14. Tactical G-Ma says:

    Did anyone see the CBS segment about the mother in Chicago who lost her 5 sons to gun violence? CBS mentioned only one was a reformed gang banger and never mentioned guns are illegal in Chicago.

  15. Thomas T. Tinker says:

    Lets say X number of Americans don’t care to give up thier weapons. Lets say X number of Americans who own weapons decide to give up the iron… not unlike its easier to pay… taxes than suffer the possibilities of not. Let us say also that Government and…. X number of Americans want to disarm all… of us with the exception of Government.

    Lets say that some black flag waving soul decides or is told to instigate some ‘event’ and all… of us Xs are forced or herded into a stand or kneel situation??? What the hell let us accept that some outside source of trouble come to fore. There are few games left for us to play with one another! Am I wrong? I know even the discussion on the matter is paranoia to some, fear mongering to others, grist for the mill to some of us, seditious to Los Federalies, and reality check to yet others. Unless you believe you are living in Xanadu or Gaultville….. shit happens.

    Kinda makes ya wanna take a good honest look at your plans or tactics or knee pads. I loveslivininHistory……….

  16. rev. dave says:

    My idea on gun control is ‘just say no’.

    I wrote the following letter to my state’s committee on reducing ‘gun violence’. I’ve gotten a lot of ‘good job’ comments from friends, so I’ll share it here. I’m suggesting civil disobedience on the part of all gun owners, and suggesting we let our legislators know about the plan. Use parts or all as you see fit, though you should probably edit some so it looks personal. I deleted my state’s name so you’ll have to use your own. And you will want to change the numbers in other sections to match those for your own state too.

    My email:
    I wonder what you would do – how far this anti-gun stuff would go – if we gun owners all let you know that as gun owners we’re just saying ‘aw, hell no’, and simply not going to comply with anything? I do think it’s time, and I think it may happen. I believe gun owners really are the majority, and we are tired of being blamed for crimes with stolen or illegal weapons by madmen who should have been in state institutions – if those hadn’t all been closed already. I believe gun control laws face massive civil disobedience. Please read my reasons for my belief below.

    The last ‘new’ statistics I saw were ’140 million gun owners in the US’. If we estimate that half of the 310 or so million of us are too young to own guns, that leaves 155 million adults. So that would make 140 million gun owners 90% or so of the adult population. If you go with the 30 year old statistic of 80 million gun owners, that’s still half the adult population. But look at recent sales and I think you’ll agree the number is closer to 140 million. And minors don’t vote, but adults do.

    There are supposedly 180,000 concealed carry permits in , out of some 3.6 million people (US Census estimate for 2012). Let’s say there are 3.6 people per home / family. Based on government statistics on gun ownership (rifles, shotguns and handguns), there are probably at minimum 300,000 families in with a gun and maybe more. Possibly even more than half of our homes. Think about how you would enforce any of these bills if they became law, especially if nobody ‘got in line’ to comply.

    Gun owners might leave the state to buy restricted guns and ammunition, and then smuggle them home. That is money leaving the state, and unknown supplies of guns and ammunition coming into the state. You can’t afford to stop cars now with cheap liquor from nearby, how will you stop cars with ammunition from ? Can afford a roadblock on every road crossing the borders? How will you search that many cars without warrants?

    Will the state jail 300,000 to a half million (or more) wage earners for non-compliance with some anti-gun law, like a magazine limit (any magazine limit)? What will happen to the state’s economy with that many people off the job indefinitely?

    Will we do a full million home searches – with or without warrants – in order to try to find the guns and magazines? If we clearly just refuse to cooperate, will the police really do anything at all to enforce these laws? What about all the guns already ‘hidden’? Who will pay for the searches, for the incarcerations of any found offenders, for the prosecutions, for the welfare and SNAP for the families?

    is nearly bankrupt now – most states are – and if we ‘just say no’ we might stop the entire program in its tracks. Our legislature would look like fools – bankrupting the state for unenforceable laws. And once on the books and not enforced gun control will end like Prohibition did, and rightly so.

    Remember too, that we can still nullify any law as jury members also. The right of jury nullification is still alive in America so long as the Constitution stands. Money spent on prosecutions could be money down the sewer, and without convictions, do you expect police to make arrests? I don’t.

    Gun owners far and wide are discussing the idea of ‘just say “no, and hell no”‘. From the emails and comments I get, it looks as if the idea is catching fire. Which means that unless CT really can afford house to house searches for confiscations and afford prosecutions and then welfare for that many destitute families (not to mention prison space for the convicted and CT jobs not getting done), I suggest you let all these ill-thought out gun control bills die in committee.

    As a group, I don’t think we gun owners are going to cooperate, even if we have to say in public that we will. Passive civil disobedience on a mass level is a very real possibility – to the point of being an absolute probability. Let me remind you one more time – it would be half or more of the families in the state.

    Anti-gun people need to realize that they live right in the midst of armed neighbors and co-workers on a daily basis. They are surrounded by us at the grocery, the mall, the race track, in church and at the coffee shop. If we were as dangerous as they say we are – they’d all have been dead long ago. If they can’t stand to be around guns, they’re going to need some therapy, because the US is a gun culture, and 140 million armed American adults say so.

    • rev. dav,
      You have a great argument to defend our protective devices that our government is attempting to disarm the citizens and dissolve our 2nd Amendment? I love your argument, if, you can, explain why they want our protection devices.

      Thanks, have a great future!

      • rev. dave says:

        unleashed, here in my state, I didn’t think I needed to explain to the ‘gun control study’ committee why they want them. They have about 40 0r more bills in front of them, not one ‘pro’ gun.

    • Rev, great email!

      I hope you don’t live in CT….that state was left in your third from the bottom paragraph…..

      MD, I like the new header – much easier to read – and it shows the tools we use to accomplish our goals, seeds, rope, etc….looking good!

      • rev. dave says:

        grannyj – I guess that was careless of me, but I wasn’t trying to protect my ID by removing it – I was trying to make it clear where readers who might want to use my letter might need to be sure to change to their state’s name. So if you want to use the thoughts in there, be sure to change that paragraph too. The fed email snoops are good enough that they know or can find out who we all are, if they’re interested.

    • +10

  17. Thomas T. Tinker says:

    Meet Up… Groundhog Day, Saturday, Feb. 2nd. Rossford Ohio. I-75 at the Buck Road exit Denney’s, 08:00 a.m. Pleasent conversation on issues of some import. Casual Saturday breakfast dress. Leave thy ego, camo, bombbast and rants at home. Pick up your own check please!

  18. wicked props says:

    are we really alone?
    when we see reports of “law enforcement”(not the local guys) going door to door, do we ride to there? or do we wait for it to “get here?”
    will we as a mass stand at the same time?
    “their collecting guns! 50 miles from here,are we going? or staying here?”
    waiting for them to pick us apart bit by bit.
    those brave souls that said no but stood alone…
    will we take, the fight for freedom, there?
    or be picked apart a little at a time, here?

    • Alittle2late says:

      Those are very real questions. Unfortunately I think at first it’s going to be bit by bit, until word gets out that somewhere others came to help. Like I said before, for them to make a go if it everything is going to have to go offline. no internet no phone service basically no communication. So when that happens it’s goin to be low tech to the rescue. HAM, CB and what ever else we can use. Yes I’m paranoid but i think it’s justified this time.

      • Rider of Rohan says:

        Alittle2late, one of the things I will look for is a callup of soldiers who are not too long out of the military. For two reasons. They don’t want to have to oppose them and they want to know exactly where they are so they can keep an eye on them. A mobilization will be an indicator. They will, of course, create some type of emergency to justify it, but one needs to know it for what it is. Be vigilent and watchful, and pay no attention to the lapdog media, traitors that they are.

        • ROR – and don’t forget the National Guard, and all reservists. I live near a military installation and I can tell you that in this last week Ive heard a lot more plane activity and flyovers.

          Used to it, but the engines sound different – more like the old B52’s….I actually went outside to see what was flying because I thought “What the hell?” Too much weather cover – rain, fog etc to see anything. But it sure caught my attention.

      • wicked props says:

        I dont think your paranoid. I’m sure they wont be showing any of the door to door on tv. that would just warn all the rest of us.

  19. no. he would stop when he ran out of bullets.

  20. Great comments!
    Still I revert to my previous question…..”if, you can, explain why they want our protection devices”.

    A psycho attacks a school ? Is a Nation of law abiding citizens punished?

    Still need an explanation …. 🙂

    • This is the simpliest way we can explain:
      Have you taken time to research all the other so called “gun grabs in history” yet? such as: the soviet union,turkey, germany, china,guatemala,uganda,cambodia)
      Usually it is bcause the “powers that be” are the able to “do whatever they please,”for the good of the state” irregardless of the opinion of the citizenry or how it will affect them.” The end result has been over 56 million dead in the 20th century. Taking our weapons & our ability to defend ourselves & “our country from all enemies foreign & domestic” cannot be a good thing.

      • Thanks feather,
        I knew the answer, just wanted to see it in the words of another.

      • feather,
        It’s also a great way to have a country handed to you, without taking it by overt acts of force. The old cliché, when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns, comes into play here. The next step is that the law abiding are preyed upon by the outlaws and the police are spread too thin to do much good. This eventually results in the citizens begging for tougher laws and restrictions. Prior to 9/11 a federal groping organization like the TSA would have been unthinkable, but not only does it now exist, there are rumors of plans for expanding its authority and reach. It was Benjamin Franklin who said “ “He who would trade liberty for some temporary security, deserves neither liberty nor security”. However, too many times people ignore him and end up begging for their own chains to be installed, one link at a time.

  21. That about covers it. Unfortunately, the “west wing” and their supporters don’t feel that way. They’re lacking in the common sense department.

  22. See previous post about NK to answer the question of why they want our guns. In the coming famine those at the top are not planning on missing any meals. Are you prepared to eat your children? If you are then give up your weapons, if not stand with our forefathers and defend our God given rights to be free.

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