Would US Police/Troops Fire Upon US Citizens?

In a previous post (sorry, I can’t find the link it seems to have disappeared) we asked if US law enforcement and military personal would fire on U.S. citizens after a disaster, uprising, firearms confiscation or other trigger event.

The majority of responses to the afore-mentioned post and question, were “no they wouldn’t” and “if given the order they would go home” or “if they were given the order they would turn their weapons on the ones given the order”…

With everything going on in the middle east, and a the posting on zerohedge.com this week “End Game – Would US Police/Troops Fire Upon US Citizens?” – I thought it would be a good idea to poll readers of The Survivalist Blog to see if thoughts have changed.

Would US Police/Troops Fire Upon US Citizens if Ordered?

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Please let us know why you chose your answer in the comments below…

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  1. History Buff says:

    Kent State?

    Civil War?

    • I am old enough to remember the 1960’s also and I find it so saddening. I have been looking for the research paper the Lt Colonel at a U.S. military base did. This, I believe is where it all started and in his research for a degree he was working on, discovered that the enlisted men, More than half, said they would follow orders. It is so difficult to believe that our military would follow orders of some insane political nut that they would commit this level of murder. I believe his question was formulated in a way that it was taking our firearms away from us a the initial starting point. It is sad. So sad that I don’t like contemplating it.

  2. I voted yes on the survey because I’m old enough to remember the 1960’s vividly and saw not only the law enforcement fire on civilians, but also remember the riots and cities burning and the general meanness of the population at large.

    Today, our population has become even more jaded to violence thanks in no small part to video gaming, movies, and the media in general. That said, in many cases law enforcement would fire because they felt endangered. Meantime, keep in mind that this same law enforcement has been raised on violence as well, and also many are veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan where firing on civilians was a regular daily experience. There is little debriefing of these veterans and many will not distinguish between downtown Baghdad and downtown Detroit.
    Please understand that I don’t mean this as a slur to our veterans, who I regard as heroes for doing their duty, however, if you have ever been stopped in a random highway stop, in general the demeanor of the policeman is such that he exhibits contempt for the civilian in who’s pleasure he serves.

    • MOPrepper says:

      I think that you’ve confused Iraq and Afghanistan with Vietnam.
      As a Desert Storm vet, I can tell you that the subject of firing on civilians never came up.

      Of course, there were stories about firing on Australian troops who weren’t supposed to be in a certain location, and nobody bothered to take the time to confirm who they were.

    • richard Muszynski says:

      Greetings. might be of interest that if you check you would find that a large percentage of the police are former U.S. Marines. they actively recruit Marines at the Discharge facilitys. Marines are taught that everyone who is not one of them is a enemy. Period. when they become police they continue in the same mindset.

      • OhioPrepper says:

        You’ve finally stated something that makes perfect sense. You are a former marine and think of everyone else as an enemy. I don’t know that this is actually USMC policy, since my former marine stepson doesn’t have this attitude; however, if you believe this, it explains a lot.

  3. Clinton in Kansas says:

    I voted yes because I worked regularly with LEO’s for 25 yrs and many of them have an “Us againest them mentality.” Also many think “everyone is a crook, they just havn’t been caught yet.” I think this better than thou attitude will make it easy for many (not all) to fire on their fellow citizen. They really don’t understand the constitution and what it means to be free anymore than the rest of our people. They are all being conditioned to this fact in their training as we speak.

  4. Theelderdragon says:
  5. Thanks for your blog MD! You and your readers provide great info/ideas on prepping.

    It has also taught me that even though all of your readers are preppers, some of them are anti-American commies. When the SHTF, remember this when encountering other preppers.

    • richard Muszynski says:

      greetings. and a whole lot of them are totally unamerican right wingers and religious fanatics who have never read a bible in their lifes.

  6. Semtex-Jes says:

    I voted with a big yes , of course yes , could there be another answer here !
    The past dictate’s the future , end of story , Read the comment’s and see how many are ready to fire back already lol , toss in those loose nut’s and the powder keg is primed and ready , IMO the government has been setting this up for some time already and are on the cusp of it right now , ie Waco , Oklahoma bombing, the towers,and the list goes on and on , you guys have listed plenty for me : ) All thing’s they were aware of before hand and let escalate…. I live in Chicago , Il …. Crooked ass city from the mayor to the meter maid , hell even some of our pastor’s seem to be on the take , But you can’t own a hand gun in this city even tho every dam criminal and his babies daddy has one to kill you with mind you , lets move south then you say out of the city…? So you go to buy your brand spanking new hand gun to find out you have to apply for a FOID card first , costs 10 buck’s and passing a federal background check , WTF , a firearms owner id : ) nice ! So you do that , send it in and hope and prey they “decide” you can own a gun , takes a month or more to get this BS ID card to you…So now you can go look at guns , remember you still can’t really “buy” a firearm anymore because now you have to wait to go through another federal background check before you can really buy that gun…All in all a two month ordeal to buy a hand gun in AMERICA : )
    Now I hear on the news our state’s attorney want’s the complete list of every firearm owner in the state ? Wonder why ? what a strange thing to request after so many years huh ? What on earth could they use a list like that for you ask ? Perhap’s it will start here in Il they already know who and where all the guns are . Maybe we will get that knock on the door by the fed’s,or perhaps they don’t knock, they just flashbang us and storm our dwelling at 3am like some drug king pin ….I dunno but I’m scared I tell ya , They used to give out list’s in Russia and Nazi Germany too…lots of those people on those list’s disappeared…..Just remember when it start’s it will be fast, and done in the name of safety and homeland security .
    Wonder when your state’s will require you to get FOID cards : ) watch out big brother is watching !

  7. Strong word of warning: GET OUT OF OVER-REGULATED STATES ASAP!

  8. richard Muszynski says:

    greetings. that is excellent advice semtex-jes. move before the door gets battered down and the people dressed in black with no identification on their uniforms and with masked faces come in to drag you and your children away. that is the way the Germans did it. once they get you don’t expect to come back either. sort of like the Aesop tale of the lion and the cave. Rabbit looked and saw many foot prints going in. but none coming out. and that is the only reason why the state wants to have the list of everyone who owns a gun. Germany did that in 1935 when they put into law the gun control laws there and that we copied in 1968. history.

  9. richard Muszynski says:

    greetings. i am surprised that the earth quake and the international help that was offered and accepted by the nation was allowed to be in the news here. we have a major event like their earth quake and our government does not allow any outside aid in and does not offer any themselves either. in Katrina people all over the nation including from here in Maine sent semi truck loads of necessary supplies to the survivors. they were stopped at the only road into town by armed troops and refused entry to deliver their donated cargo. in that same line were many people from neighboring states with bass boats volunteering to go in and rescue people, they weren’t allowed in either. and Castro offered to send desperately needed medical people and supplies in and was also refused entery. in the city they had roving gangs of mercenaries shooting people and robbing them.

  10. I voted yes. History shows us they will, more than once. Remember Katrina, Chicago in 1968, Kent State, countless incidents of police firing in less than threatening situations, and countless incidents of unwarranted Tazering that bordered on wanton torture. In the aftermath of the failure of snipers to fire when terrorists took Israeli Olympic athletes hostage, training since aims to condition soldiers and police to fire on order without thinking. I plan to assume they would.

  11. Gnasher from England says:

    In the UK we don’t even have the opportunity of defending ourselves with anything more effective than a rock, so when TSHTF, all over the world,as it surely soon will, our problems will happen when the massive redundancies cut our police force, and we get invaded by “The European Defence Force”, who will certainly fire on British demonstrators. In the US ,I suspect your government will frame a few really serious massacres, to give them the excuse to trample on your constitution and collect all registered weapons

    • 1stAmmendment says:

      Stated quite succinctly. Leave the UK if you can. I know, easy for me to say… it is hard to abandon a homeland but you might be saving yourself in the long run. Just a suggestion. It sounds like you hail from the original 13 colonies stock of freedom-loving thinkers :~). I’ve watched in horror the progression of socialism in your country as the UK citizenry has lost almost all their inalienable rights…..if not all. I have family in LE and the military (and I love ’em) but I know without a shadow of a doubt that in their minds “we” the people are the enemy and I believe that given the command/situation they will fire upon us and feel justified in their actions. It sucks (major understatement) to think that about my own siblings but they’ve been drinking the kool-aid for a long time and their own words betray them. Be well.

    • richard Muszynski says:

      greetings. the problem here is not all our weapons are registered. none bought before 1968 were required to be registered. and many out here come from European Stock and recognized the good ole nazi gun control law when it was put in power here in 68 and have been setting aside weapons to share with others when things get close and personal. going to be a lot of people who will not be law abiding citizens as the jews were back then. old saying. better to die standing then live on your knees.

  12. They would fire on us because of who controls the military. Ever since we allowed private central banking to have a strong hold on America, well we can all see the result. Hyperinflation, man playing God by splicing genes together and calling it food. We are all rats in a maze. If we truly want change we have to rid this country of the powers that be that are above the politicians we get to vote on. Its been this nation;s struggle to keep the banksters out since the beginning. Hamilton wanted centralized banking, Aaron Burr shot him dead. Andrew Jackson went toe to toe with them and even though they tried to kill him, he succeeded in killing the bank. His last words were in fact “I killed the bank” Garfield tried to defeat the banksters, he was assassinated, as was Garfield. Then cam Woodrow Wilson who was in favor of Private Central Banking and he won the election when Teddy Roosevelt ran on a third party ticket that only existed to split the ote for that election. Last President to stand up to the Federal Reserve was JFK. He signed executive order 11110 which allowed our Treasury to print the nations money again. Well, we all know what happened to him. They control the money, the food supply and YOU! If you are reading this and have know idea what Im talking about, please do your research. We are in a police state and unless we stand united against the power that has infiltrated our government, we are in for some very rough times ahead I believe. If you want to learn a bit more, here’s something that might help put it all into perspective:

    I dont like where our country is headed one bit! What will be is what We the People will allow

  13. I voted that yes they would, but I feel that the majority would make the right decision and not open fire(at least with lethal ammo) Law enforcement, in my opinion would be more likely to turn on American citizens than would most military personal. I am a huge fan of the oathkeepers and attempt to distribute their pamphlets or inform any military or law enforcement folks about that organization. many of these youngsters are being trained in urban warfare, population control, home/building breaching and clearing and could be a problem if there ever was a gun confiscation event or civilian uprising. I have faith that the majority of these people would see that the order to turn their weapons on Americans is passed down from some very sinister “authorities” and would defy the order or hopefully join with the good guys and help to tear down the almighty political machine so that we would be able to begin again. A free country, without a federal reserve, without the united nations, without even a trace of socialism.

    • richard Muszynski says:

      greetings. that would certainly be a much welcome outcome. but i think it would be well to include not a trace left of Fascism as well. Fascist government or government by the wealthy is what we have now. If the Fascist disease isn’t torn out by the roots then it would be a waste of time and eventually everything would go right back to where we are now.

  14. This a yes and no. I think it really depends on the sitution. Food riots, I would lean towards no. Radical Leftist attempting armed overthrow of government, hell yes! Overall you can not just cast a wide net on this type of question. There are just to many different situtions and factors to paint with a broad brush. Also I think the different from others above, I think that 19 year old soldier is more likely to fire on their own citizens. They are not train in dealing with citizens and if something triggers them they will respond like they are train to do “Kill”. American Law Enforcement has delt with riots and other major events over the years and you never saw LE let loose with hails of bullets on crowds of protesters. This not to say LE has not responded with Less than Lethal like tear gas or rubber bullet, the military is not trained to respond in a LE role.

    • Eightsouthman says:

      I guess you’re not old enough to remember soldiers murdering students at Ohio State or more than one political gathering(The Democratic convention in Chicago in ’68 comes to mind) where people were beaten, gassed and shot and killed simply because they gathered and had sign of protest. Now that’s a real threat as our founding fathers told us to do when we objected to what the govt. is doing. I guess you missed the ATF murdering a woman and her baby along with her 14 year old son trying to escape from them and you must not remember Waco where they covered their misdeeds by burning down the whole house along with 22 children in it and many adults. I suppose you missed the cops in New York putting over 50 rounds into an unarmed man not doing anything at all, just being on the street. You must have missed the wedding in New York where their finest shot and killed 4 members of the wedding including the groom, all unarmed Hispanic men. You missed that big show in Detroit where the local thugs with badges brought a huge entourage of talking heads and camera crews to record their letting loose on a house occupied by only a woman in her eighties and a six year old girl, both asleep and completely innocent of any crime. I could call to mind the thugs with badges and guns murdering people all over this country. I’m trying to figure out how you missed every single one of them.

  15. MajWilliamMartin says:

    I have read the CHANGED Posse Comitatus and Insurrection Act’s of 2007-8 of the Bush Era. That is WHY! All it takes is a “Conspiracy” to trigger Martial Law.
    There is a Notation in the Wikipedia of how the “Guard” can call it’s self out with out the Governors or Obamas asking as they DID. There is a FACT Too that when FEMA comes in they replace ALL State Government and Local Law Enforcement with their OWN. This is seen by how their Spokes Person is always a General in the “Armed Services”.
    I read too, Where FEMA pays NATO Troops as NATO is Funded by the CIVIL side that CIVIL side in this case is FEMA. So would Troops fire on US Citizens, YES AND NO. They may not be US TROOPS but they will damn sure be FEMA TROOPS and that is why we see so many CROSS Typed Nations inside our Borders.
    What is going to happen is a Man is going to step out to take his trash out and see one of these NATO Troops and KILL HIM and then the TRUTH will come out on how Our Country has been SOLD OUT. Woe be to the man that kills a Chinese or Russian Soldier in his Backyard while Our Government is playing MIND GAMES with the US Population.

  16. Semtex-Jes I agree with LynnS. GET OUT NOW!!!!!!!. I live in AZ. and we just past a Vermont Carry Law ( no CCW required to carry conealed). And as a resident you can walk in pick out your gun, pay and walk out armed in about 20 mins. as I done this.

  17. Hunker-Down says:

    Put yourself in the position of a soldier ordered to fire on an unknown person. What he/she does know is he has to shoot. Either shoot the civilian, or shoot the one who gave the order. If I shoot the civilian, its because I think;
    1. I have to obey the order.
    2. I don’t know the person (or mob).
    3. If I don’t shoot the person or mob might shoot me tomorrow.
    4. If I don’t shoot I may be shot by my own people.
    5. If I don’t shoot I may be branded a coward by my peers.
    6. If I don’t shoot I may be tried for treason (by government or mob rule depending on the organization I belong to).
    7. There may be some sort of reward if I wound or kill.
    If I decide to shoot the one who gave the order I just switch sides and face the same issues.

  18. Sure they would, as a matter of fact, ,my son{sf} musters out the 1st. I asked him point blank what his thoughts were. The reply was a yes. Would he, no. But he said you can sure count on the ones coming out of boot camp, guess I should say basic would.

  19. Look at New Orleans. They took firearms from law abiding citizens at gunpoint and using excessive force. They had no business going to those peoples’ homes at all. They should have disobeyed those orders and stood against those who wanted to follow them. Where I live there are numerous instances of the Prosecutors going after contributing citizens who were protecting themselves against criminal citizens and many illegals. Self Defense, defense of property, and defense of livelihood have in effect been outlawed. There are also numerous instances of cops adopting illegal search and seizure policies, across the country. So no I would not put any faith in them. A lot of cops became cops because they like to bully people and as a group they have a poor reputation for family values which is the ultimate proof of character or lack of character. I hope for better from our military, but I wouldn’t count on it.

  20. Eightsouthman says:

    It’s a fact, not a question, yes, they will fire on U.S. citizens. It started 150 years ago when the great liar declared war on the south for the benefit of the northern bankers and their British controllers. Nothing has changed, it’s merely gotten worse. All through the twentieth century we saw police slaughter for the robber barons when people refuse to work for slave wages. We saw it even before the twentieth century.
    Right now, there are thousands of foreign troops stationed in this country who are trained in crowd control They think nothing of killing “foreigners”. For well over twenty years members of the armed services in this country have filled out questionnaires upon leaving and one of those questions was “Would you fire on the citizens of this country?”. Think about how many brainwashed people have checked “yes” to this question. I know so many young people who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan who are completely brainwashed they’d do anything they were ordered to do even though they have been treated badly since leaving the armed forces, many of whom have had bad injuries but have still not caught on. We have several battle hardened solders(the ones who answered yes)who have returned from overseas and belong to a group that’s sole purpose if “crowd control”. I know at least a couple of people who answered “no” to the question but there are much older and jaded. With soldiers from 3rd world countries stationed here for years to learn crowd control and for all the soldiers who were illegal aliens before serving in the armed forces(one of our worst ways of recruiting but an effective one since Lincoln used it to such a great extent)being guaranteed citizenship for doing so. If you checked ‘No’, you are sorely lacking in not only what has been going on in our modern army but what has happened over the last 160 years.

  21. I voted yes, because they will be led to believe that they are a different, more important, and necessary, to the survival of the New World Order.
    They will also be led to believe that their families will be provided for, because they go along with the Rothschild, Windsor, Secretary General
    of the Jesuits, and the Pope`s, Illuminati AGENDA. Christ SHEEPLE,
    wake up. A person does not have to have degrees in accounting and economics to figure out that the Federal Reserve is not Federal, neither is it accountable to anyone. QE1 & QE2 are inflationary. No goods or services involved. Inflation is a progressive word for taxation. They print dollars ( in actuality, they move decimal points)
    which is less obvious than reaching into your savings or checking account for the money. When your interest payments, and principle,consume almost all of the GDP, do like the Wiemar Republic ( Germany) . History explains what happened there, which led to the rise of Hitler. The lowering of our bond rating is going to bring about the 1st stages of an engineered collapse of the derivatives markets, the dollar and the U.S. economy. Sheeple wake up yhey shipped all the manufacturing to over here over there… Oh, wait is that American Idol coming on?? North Africa Riots, Egypt Syria, Bahrain, Libya, and Tunisia, who, what. Food and water shortages, do not worry. do you not remember Fema and Dept. homeland Security will be there for us just like after Katrina and the Gulf spill, oh yes and the Exxon Valdez,spill. When New Madrid faults or San Andreas, goes don`t worry be happy, good ol Uncle Sam will be there. I earned a C.I.B in Vietnam in 1970 with Delta Troop ( Blue Tigers) arrr 3/17 th Air Calvary. I later found out the Gulf of Tonkin were the same as the WMD of Iraq or Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan. Pretenses to keep the sheeple asleep. What kind of legacy have we left our Childrens, grandchildren. Debt, and more debt is the result of Brenton wood 1, and the acceptance of the insane ideas of John Maynard`s Keyneses followers, which allowed the Govt. the institution of ddeficit spending. When you run anegative balance in your checking account, do you get away with it? Blah, blah, blah, I`m not sure but maybe, just maybe, a sheeple will think independently of TV programming and wake up.
    Did you ever ask yourself why they call it TV programming in the first place? Are not computers and Manchurian candidates programmable?
    research now as the 1984 police state is arriving exponentially on your doorstep each and every day. Hey just follow the money and see who gets fat while we become more and more like those concentration camp photo`s from LIFE magazine Covers of the 1950`s. I know tough to swallow. I know from experience that our Govt. is lying each and everyday to it`s citizens. In reading research look at Jesse Ventura`s new book ” ” 63 documents the govt. does not want you to read” reduces a lot of there secrecy to a size digestible by even the slower sheeple, thank you Jesse. People may also consider a reference to William Cooper`s ” Beyond a Pale Horse. I do not peddle books nor recommend them often, because I have observed that most sheeple are to programmed to read, not distracting enough but enlightening .
    well there I feel better already.

    did. They printed

  22. tjbbpgobIII says:

    I am old enough to remember National Guardsmen firing on citizens after MLK was gunned down. I also remember the fire dept. having to carry their own weapons to defend themselves with when the police were afraid to go into the areas where blacks citizens were rioting. I also remember the city of Philidelphia burning out a whole city block of black citizens because they didn’t like what they were teaching their children. I am a white man but that is no matter when a citizen of this country is being attacked by the very people who are supposed to protect them. I have already seen the oath keepers of this nation spitting on the Constitution so many times and killing so many people for really no reason. The militarization of the swat teams and regular cops is or should be very scary to all of us, with their faces masked they are nothing but terrorist look alikes and are so to many people.

  23. tjbbpgobIII says:

    Post Script; I have one more thought on this subject. There are way too many people in the world already and a big die-off is going to be necessary to lighten up the population. Already black women are aborting themselves out of the gene pool and white people went a long time ago even though we still have a majority in the country, but not for long. the Mexicans already have more population here than the blacks so we are next.

    • Not sure if you are referring to murder, eugenics, genocide, or the process of “natural” death from disaster/calamity/SHTF. Maybe you could elaborate about the ‘big die-off”?

  24. Blackwater ‘contractors’ will do the Feds’ dirty work if the population doesn’t cooperate.

  25. As may have been already stated, one of the first questions on your application for the armed services is a yes or no question of this exact nature- Would you, or wouldn’t you.

    Food for thought…

  26. Iam 52 yr,s old this year and have seen much in my own life let alone the nation as a wole that has told me that the common man is nolonger king of his castle,and its obveious too me that ower puplic servents our becoming ower public masters moore and moore everyday,can annyone doubt in this time of unsertanty that inorder to keep a good job a line solder or cop wouldent fire on a civlian if orderd to do so by a superior with the power to fire or kill him if he dosent,and the way thare traind to defend themsleves you can bet in a disater stuation the armed citazen will have guns pointed at him from law/military personel after all thay dount know the diferance bettwen you and a loter/crimanil type.God forbid this becomes a common sinario in my life time,and thouge i hope for raptuer first,i know if this sinaro comes first too aim below the waste or above the neck[too much kelvar elese ware] die game and hope for His mercy.

  27. Encourager says:

    Sadly, I voted yes. Yet I remember a story I just read about Russian soldiers who invaded a village and were ordered to kill all the people left. They lined up the people ~ mostly elderly, infirm, children and women. The soldiers briefly talked among themselves; and when the officers said “Fire!” they did…and killed the officers and soon after fled Russia.
    Would that be what happens here! But my heart says no. I am over 60; I remember Kent State. I remember what happened in the South during the Civil Rights Movement. All the fear; all the hate. Let us just remember who it is that is behind the hate and fear, and who hates all humans because we are made in God’s image. Give credit to the evil one, satan. He is the one who kills, steals and destroy and his mode of operation is fear. Let us NOT fall into his trap and hate our fellowman.

  28. disturbing how many marines in that study said they would fire on US citizens . It would be an interesting study to find out how many green berets would train US citizens to fight the govt in gorilla warfare if the need arose . I would guess the answer would be fairly high . To every ” loyalist ” ( pro govt ) soldier in a civil war , there will a ” patriot” anti tyranny element . Its one thing to tell somebody to kill somebody else’s people , but you will see desertions and conflict when they tell them to kill their own people . I have a real problem with non US citizens being in the military for that reason . Loyalty in that situation is questionable . Just 2 cents worth .

  29. After reading some of the posts , I have to say its too bad the wrong side won the civil war .

  30. Scottinkga says:

    This is way too easy to answer: Waco, Kent state & the civil war (specifically Sherman’s march to the sea which was a war crime if there ever was one!)

    So HELL YES, The police and or military will readily fire on US citizens if so ordered.