Writing contest winners will be announced on Monday…

Sorry folks, but I’ve had so much to do, with over 3,000 emails this month so far, writing several articles for the blog, finding news, editing and moderating thousands of comments that I’ve fallen behind and inadvertently forgot to announce the winners of our most recent non-fiction writing contest on time.

I will announce those this coming Monday – please feel free to make your suggestions and to which articles that YOU think were the best and deserve either first, second or third place…


  1. JP in MT says:


    You do your thing. We’ll sit around with our keyboards and coffee, and be here when your ready!

  2. MD
    It is alright to have those ‘space cadet’ moments. You can not accomplish all that you do without something slipping by, geezzz I have those days….every
    day. :-)

  3. Redwood Mama says:

    Take your time! I am just grateful that you are there doing all this cool stuff!

  4. No worries….we will be here when you get to it, friend. Take care.

  5. Encourager says:

    It is spring! The time of too much to do and no time to do it…we ALL understand, M.D.

    I vote for Prepping Points – What YOU need to know NOW before the SHTF by Dan W May 21, 2014

    I knew most of this stuff, but Dan put it together so well and precisely that I found a few things that I had neglected. Thanks, Dan.

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