Writing contest winners will be announced tomorrow

Writing contest winners will be announced tomorrow.

If your submission was not published in this round of entries, don’t worry because those will automatically be entered in our next contest.

I’ll be going through the posts today, to look at and consider several factors to choose the winners (they’re all winners), please feel free to help me out by making your suggestions in the comments below. Thank you.

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  1. Well the most entertaining was Mama J’s IMO but I sure I have not read all of them. http://www.thesurvivalistblog.net/attempting-to-implement-a-real-bug-out-scenario/

    • I concur with you. Mama J.”s article was entertaining, well written and very educational !

      • PGCPrepper says:

        You have to wonder if timing of the writings matter. I just thought Mama J’s article kept you glued with humor and education. I went back and perused the comments and made my decision but the Bee Keeping writings was a lot of info and a lot of work also. I would give the nod on overall relevancy to the larger Prepper community to Mama J’s. Bee Keeping second; no offense to the author of course and respect the time and knowledge.

  2. My vote is for the bee keeping articles…well written & informative.

  3. My vote is for the Bee Keeping articles as well. Found my myself actually eagerly awaiting the next installment.

  4. Tactical G-Ma says:

    #1 should be Mama J’s 12/31/12, Attempting to Implement a Real Bugout Scenario.
    #2 should be Petticoat’s Bee Series.
    #3 should be blogRots 1/3/13, EMP, CME,Grounding, Faraday cage.
    But I must say this is the period of the best articles since I joined the pack. Tough decision.

  5. I, too, vote for the bee keeping articles. SO much info, well organized, clear to me (a barely-qualified novice)!

  6. I enjoyed all of them and kudos to the authors. I benefited most from learning about bees.

  7. M.D. Creekmore says:

    Well pack what do you think of the new comment “submit” button – it’s big and easy to see. But is it too BIG?

  8. patton1960 says:

    my 2 cents…….. RB’s post on 2/11/13. Short, precise, to the point info everyone should know. ALL the other posts deserve some recognition also.

  9. This set just seemed to be full of excellent submissions. Keep them coming, that’s why we’re here!

  10. MD,
    Could we get a list of the articles for this round?

    • Lake Lili,

      That’s a lot of posts nearly 100… check the archives for the past two months – you can find the archives in the left-hand sidebar. Use the drop-down menu to show the month.

  11. The Bee Keeping Series is my vote. Fascinating and educational as well. Who knew what all those little bees do for us! I loved learning about the “girls”…Thank you Petticoat for a great well done article.

  12. I’ll admit the beekeeping articles were quite thorough, but not particularly useful for me since I have absolutely no intention of ever keeping honey bees. While I hope I never have to deal with a law enforcement officier either, if I do, I think scott g’s suggestions will be extremely helpful — and that’s not the kind of information you can easily google.

  13. Encourager says:

    Have to agree:

    #1 should be Mama J’s 12/31/12, Attempting to Implement a Real Bugout Scenario.
    # 2 should be Petticoat’s Bee series.

    WOW…nice button for submitting! But what happened to the “UP” button? I liked that one, too!

  14. I vote for the beekeeping series. I really like the how-to articles. This series helped me envision the steps to getting and maintaining a hive.

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