My New Year’s Resolution …

Many have asked me about my “My New Year’s resolution” and I’m sorry to disappoint but I don’t make My New Year’s resolutions. I try to do the bast that I can regardless of the time of year.

But I know many folks make resolutions and some even stick to then past the first week – so, if you’ve made a resolution for the coming year please feel free to share with the rest of the pack in the comments below…

And who knows, letting others know about your New Year’s resolution might give you the incentive that you’ll need to stick with it through out the coming year and beyond… 😀

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  1. I know myself well enough to not make any resolutions. I probably couldn’t keep them if I did!

    I hope you have a safe and happy new year!

  2. riverrider says:

    i prefer to call them goals rather than resolutions:)
    get back in shape/loose the post retirement weight.
    travel some
    get a job
    learn new skills
    get chickens !
    have fun

  3. Already finished my first resolution, it’s one I make and keep each year. DCOA’d my laptop, right down to the bare case. No oiling but all the years accumulated dust bunnies are gone, every part all the way from motherboard to keyboard and screen is pristine although it reminded me why I sold my pc repair business. My hands are just too stiff and clumsy anymore for delicate laptop work. Think I’ll build myself a new desktop later this year.

    Next step DCOA all the firearms.

    Of course The Boss sees this as a time to make me a chore list for the next year. And renew her campaign to make me eat rabbit food….lol.

  4. My New Year’s resolution has always been…….

    Never make a New Year’s resolution!

  5. Alittle2late says:

    Hopefully I’m smoking my LAST cigarette right now. Wish me luck!

    • Alittle2late,

      Congratulations on the decision to quit smoking. There are a lot of options when it comes to quitting smoking–the gum works really well.

    • georgeislearning says:

      Hopefully? You will quit, you already have. You are saving cash already. you’re already having more oxygen in your blood. you will never pick up a cig again. You will never go to a corner store again as they are all marketing to kill you. You will never need to use the word hopefully again. you either do or you do not. heh i felt a bit like yoda there on that last one.

      good for you screw the giant cig companies and their greedy share holders

    • Annie Nonymous says:

      Good luck!!! Mine was (I hope) yesterday, too! Hang tough… and think of all the $$$ you save (plus not smelling like ye olde ashtray!).

    • Petticoat Prepper says:

      I was 3 packs a day when I quit 30 years ago, you can do it!

    • I quit about 10 years ago. I was smoking 4 packs or more a day. I couldn’t walk up the hill from my lower yard without having to stop and “catch my breath” . You can do it! You are stronger than a little roll of tobacco. Being addicted to a substance is an irritant during any stressful time, I’m sure you are even more aware than I am. Take care of yourself. You are the only “Alittle2late” we have!

    • Alittle2late says:

      Thanks everyone for the encouraging words. I CAN do this!

      • Southern Blonde says:

        Good luck to you! I quit yesterday too. I am chewing the gum, which really helps. I am craving them pretty bad tonight, so I’m trying to keep busy doing other things. I hate the idea of something being able to control me—and that is exactly what it is. But, I do enjoy smoking and it helps with my anxiety. I do have to say that I am breathing very well today and no congestion as is the usual case.

        • Tactical G-Ma says:

          Southern Blonde,
          I quit 2 1/2 yrs. ago using chantix and haven’t wanted one since. But I continued smoking an entire month til I no longer had any desire. I used it the full 3 months but I didn’t just stop taking it . I tapered off over two or three weeks. I mean I cannot believe how I feel. In the past I had long periods where I didn’t smoke but I always wanted to. I feel reborn, I am clean but am also no longer addicted.
          If you are addicted the way I was, its an another way to kick it. Good luck. There’s nothing better than breathing fresh air.

  6. axelsteve says:

    Prep. Try to foil the plans of the dark lord in my life.

  7. Pete, the Windy City Swede says:

    Happy New Year, M.D. and the rest of the Pack!

    I hope “13” is a lucky number for us with our prepping goals…

    I’m resolving to focus more energy and attention on the “physical” this year: i.e. getting myself in better shape fitness-wise (and hitting the “smorgasboard” less to drop some weight); taking some classes on shooting with my local Cabelas; doing more to fortify my home’s exterior and interior in the event of civil unrest; and lastly, love my wife and kids more.

    Best to all in the days and weeks ahead!

  8. My “new year’s resolution” is more results oriented. So they will require a certain level of activity per day/week/month. Biggest one is finishing getting out of debt and moving out of our current house or getting a “camping” property.

  9. Pete, the Windy City Viking says:

    Happy New Year, M.D. and the rest of the Pack!

    (Didn’t post my moniker correctly the first time)

    I hope “13″ is a lucky number for us with our prepping goals…

    I’m resolving to focus more energy and attention on the “physical” this year: i.e. getting myself in better shape fitness-wise (and hitting the “smorgasboard” less to drop some weight); taking some classes on shooting with my local Cabelas; doing more to fortify my home’s exterior and interior in the event of civil unrest; and lastly, love my wife and kids more.

    Best to all in the days and weeks ahead!

  10. My New Years resolution is to try to make it through 2013 alive.

  11. Dean in Michigan says:

    Deactivated my facebook account today. I decided I no longer needed to subject myself to that.

    Find some employment, and find some land. Hopefully in that order.

    May you all prosper in this upcoming year.

    • georgeislearning says:

      if you would like to delete is vs deactivate it I can help if needed. I have the link on another system. i’ll post it here later today

  12. Judy, another one says:

    My resolution/goal making is done on my birthday. That’s the beginning of my New Year. So far all my effort and energy is focused on not taking a cast-iron skillet over to my MIL’s and indulging in some Psychotherapy.

  13. The ONLY New Years resolution I’ve ever been able to keep for more than a month is something I came up with a couple of years ago that seems to work perfectly for me and I never have any trouble keeping it.

    I’ve made it simple by always resolving to “Get another year older, and try to gain at least one pound of weight”. It’s only been three years, but I’m doing pretty good so far. Why waste a good Resolution on something that might be difficult to accomplish.

    Happy New Year to all the pack and keep your powder dry.

  14. Petticoat Prepper says:

    Oh, my biggest is to work towards beekeeping as a commercial venture. I want to get out on my acreage but need a new business to do so. I work from home and it’s too far away for clients to follow me.

    The other goal is to buy silver/gold coins from the $$$$ I save using coupons. I’ve been using it to build my stock pile. I may not use all for coins as I haven’t reached my stock pile goal but…..

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      I’m not saying this to discourage you in any way as I believe in silver and gold coins myself. The Feds have banned the Liberty dollar(which is a 1 oz. silver coin) and declared it to be counterfeit, thus allowing themselves(the .gov) to confiscate it. I’m beginning to think they will use this strategy against all silver rounds other than the Eagle. They will declare the Eagle to be worth face value, which is $1.00, and then confiscate the rest, giving the .gov a huge windfall. I think they will do the same with the 90% coin. This one is turning into a real challenge for those wanting to preserve wealth over the long term.

  15. This needs to be the year we chose our BOL, or our HomeStead. One or the other. Or both.

  16. I agree MD , either do or do not . Time of year is irrelevant , you want to or you do not . The act of doing it on this day means your heart is not into whatever it is ………you will fail ……so dont bother .

  17. First Aid says:

    “I try to do the bast that I can regardless of the time of year.”


    • Its like the stupidity called Thanksgiving ………..let me get this straight , we regurgitate the tired tale of British colonial ineptitude with settlers and indians eating together ( i dont know about you ….but IM NOT BRITISH ) , then everybody gets together , eats too much , drinks too much , and is thankful for whatever one day a year ?………..crap , I’m thankful EVERY day of the year . Same thing

  18. worrisome says:

    Made my resolution before Christmas. I am going to provide some support and assistance to the 80+ couple across the street. Today’s lunch/dinner for them is going to be a roast beef and trimmings, plus a loaf of bread that just popped out of the oven. They like my blackberry jelly (no seeds) so I am thinking that ought to go over there too. Also going to work a little harder to keep track of the family! They are all so darned busy it is hard to stay in touch, but I should work harder at it. Other than that, I am going to fulfill the continuous “list” of stuff for prepping, watch the politics and pray! Happy, Happy New Year to the Wolfpack, glad I tuned in, I have learned so much!

  19. To do something no matter how small for preps and for Liberty each and every day. More specifically:

    To teach at least 12 Appleseeds in 2013, attend an instructor bootcamp, and earn Full Instructor status.
    To teach myself to strip, clean and reassemble several different firearms over and over again until I can do it without thinking too much.
    To learn to shoot and clean some rifles I don’t own, so I’m familiar with more rifles, including come-ups, battle zero, range estimation etc. I would like to learn the AR-15, the AK-47, and maybe 2 or 3 others.
    To go camping at least 4 times in 2013 in order to test my gear etc.
    To learn 2 or 3 karate defenses each for 5 or 6 different attacks an opponent might do, and practice them with a partner until they are in muscle memory (about 1000 times at least each).
    To attend karate class twice a week.
    To spend 2 hours a week on political activism (calling, canvassing, writing letters, attending town meetings etc.)
    To resume my PT and get to those 50 man-pushups in a row and 10 minute mile that I want to be able to do, by July. And practice karate at home too as part of the PT
    To finish all the unfinished prepping projects around the house: solar, window treatments for security, BOB, etc. by April.
    To increase the size of my garden by putting some things on the roof.
    To get 3 rabbits to raise for meat, and build hutches for them etc.
    To raise tilapia in a barrel.
    To raise earthworms.
    To get another rain barrel.
    To learn who all my neighbors are within 5 or 6 houses on every side.
    To get a retreat location by June. I don’t have to own it, just to know I can use it.
    To earn the means to buy half an acre of junk land somewhere.
    Well, all that is a pretty tall order. I’ll be lucky to get half of it done. Wish me luck!

    • Penny Pincher,
      That is HUGE! You wil have fun crossing those things of your list. Best of luck to you!

  20. kitchengirlgte says:

    I agree, I call them goals because I will work to meet a goal even though I might fall a few times along the way. Mine for this year are: Daily Bible Study and Prayer time; lose weight (yes I have a certain amount in mind but don’
    t care to post it); buy some land; get chickens; and expand the garden

    • Agreed , goals tend to make a person keep at it , even if they dont succede the first time . This time of the year is kind of disliked for people like me that go to the gym regularly , reason is , the gym gets packed with resolutioners crowding up the place …….just to have them peter out in less than 2 months ………thats when I like it , things get back to normal , and machines/weights are not tied up anymore .

  21. I never make resolutions that require something that I do not whole-heartedly want to do, to avoid feeling bad when I don’t keep them. So one year I resolved to read many of the classics I did not read while in school. That was a great year. This year, since I’ll have my bills paid, I’m resolving to try to have a whole years worth of food stored, and maybe even a start on year two.

    I know it’s weird, but just the act of storing that food actually feels “fun” and very satisfying to me.

    • Hey Michelle, I know exactly what you mean. My home store is a little thinner than I like and it is stressful! I have got to recommit to that because it gives me such peace. God bless you all.

  22. oldgeezer says:

    1. I will try to not go postal about what is happening to our country.
    2. I will become a selfish SOB when it comes to the government.
    3. I will transact as much business as I can in cash or barter.
    4. I will devote myself totally to my family’s needs.
    5. I will go down fighting!

    Molon Labe

  23. Mystery Guest says:

    Try not to lose my salvation by cussing the lousy internet connection I have.

  24. Backwoods Prepper says:

    I don’t do resolutions but i do set New Years goals.
    1. Get more organized. I actually told my wife I have stuff cached all over the house in case i’m pinned down. I almost got away with it 🙂
    2. Build the new hoop house for my chickens.
    3. Build on to the rabbitry.
    4. Fence and cross fence to cut down on the feed bill.
    5. Build a root celler. I’m thinking 8×20 buried shipping container

  25. I did pretty well last year on my resolutions, so hoping this years will go well too.

    1. Continue learning to garden
    2. Work the horses more so they are less pasture ornaments
    3. Continue prepping
    4. Keep my blood pressure down on the whole government thing
    5. Continue learning new skills – canning new things, dehydrating, shooting, and other important skills
    6. Work on getting chickens

    I’m sure we’ll think of more as the year goes on.

  26. I don’t really do resolutions either but I do want to keep working on our preps and growing some of our own food. I also want to learn more about canning and preserving food. These are really just a continuation of things we started last year.

  27. I make my resolutons on my birthday.
    This year it is to “Be kind to myself”.
    Know that everything I do is “Enough”.
    Every decision that I make is the right one, for me, right now.
    To stop being anxious to be content. Silly, but true.

  28. Annie Nonymous says:

    Sell the Urban Non Bug Out Location (the UN-BOL), retire, move TO the BOL, and use some of the sale proceeds to (a) finish setting up the shop and (b) go back to school to expand my KSA-base, so when (c) SHTF, I can (d) provide a service to the surviving community! Did I mention quit getting sucked back into the whole Tobacco thing? And yeah, UNCLUTTER the heck out of my life!

    What’s great is most of that starts TODAY! Woohoo!!! Have a WONDERFUL rest of your 2013!! <3

  29. Tactical G-Ma says:

    I have never kept a resolution yet. I either do what needs doing, what’s right, or I don’t
    I am improving my listening skills in 2013 and learning how to better my gardening skills.

  30. To read six spiritually-uplifting books (with five little kids, I don’t get much reading done) and to take steps towards healthier eating. I have laid out a step-by-step plan and posted in our dining room – believe me, the kids keep me on track if they know they can “catch me” eating something not on the approved list, lol!

  31. Thomas T. Tinker says:

    1. P90X my way to DD wedding this July.
    2. 1000 of silver.
    Keeping it simple………..

  32. I personally am not big on New Year’s Resolutions but rather lean more to a daily resolution I make each morning when I first look in my mirror. I then resolve to make it through this day without losing my faith in humanity nor in myself.

  33. My only resolution is to NOT duct tape my students to their desks and gag them… Should be do-able.

  34. Get more done by working smarter, not harder.

  35. No resoluitions here also. Just going to continue the journey to become a better person. Going to eat better(more healthy), maybe drink less, become more patient with others, learn more skills , read more and try to be less grumpy as I grow older.

  36. MountainSurvivor says:

    New Year’s Day is just another day on the calendar.

  37. Tinfoil Hat says:

    This year I hope to continue to improve the homestead the Lord blessed the wife and I with. A chicken coop needs building, the barn needs insulating, the shop needs cleaning. Other than that, I resolve to spend more time with the people who matter in my life, and to be more thankful and grateful for what I have.

  38. i resolve to have a better garden and dehydrate or can anything i dont eat. i resolve to try and become more self sufficient and less dependent on the grid for my electricity and water.
    i resolve to pick a direction to go with my life. i dont want to drive a truck anymore and i can almost live off my you-tube ad-sense money.
    i reslove to choose another animal based source of protien to raise besides my chickens. happy new year everyone.

  39. I set goals for myself various times during the year, but rarely set actual resolutions. I saw this one; however, and I like it and I am adopting it: Resolution 1: I will live for God.
    Resolution 2: If no one else does, I still will.
    Quote from Jonathan Edwards

  40. Annie Nonymous says:

    Oh… my… God…

    I found a poster from my awesome stepdaughter. I also found a handwritten appendix to it on the back… it flat blew me away. I know this is a Resolution thread, but if this isn’t a resolution I can grasp… I don’t know what is.

    The poster in front of it was from the old group “Not In OUr Name”. This… is the “rewritten” version attached to the back of the poster. I don’t know who wrote it, but it IS a resolution to hold and to keep. 🙂

    Best wishes, and happy new years…

    – – – – –
    NOT IN OUR NAME – Pledge of resistance

    WE BELIEVE…That as people living in the United States
    Done by our Government, in our names.

    NOT INOUR NAME Will you wage endless war
    Against your own CITIZENS.

    There can be no more deaths
    No more transfusions of Blood for Tyranny

    Not in out name
    Will you circumvent our history…
    Bomb civilians, kill more children
    Letting history be written by your spinners of facts
    Over the graves of your citizens and your children

    Not In Our Name
    Will we allow YOU to erode
    The very freedoms you claim the right to fight for
    DEMAND our children fight for,
    yet spurn for your own nefarious plans

    Will we supply the weapons, the authority, and the power,
    For the annihilation of our Families, our Rights, and our Freedoms,
    That we, your children, have fought and died for, both on
    Foreign soil and that of our holy motherland.

    Not by our mouths
    Will we let fear silence us.

    Not by our hearts
    Will we allow entire peoples
    Or countries be declared “evil”
    For the expediency of those currently in power.

    Not by our will,

    We, the CITIZENS and CHILDREN,
    Pledge resistance to those who wish to undermine US.
    We pledge ALLIANCE with those
    Who have come under attack
    For voicing opposition to the degradation
    Of our Nation, to what it has ALWAYS stood for, and our way of life.

    WE pledge to make common cause
    To bring the return of JUSTICE, FREEDOM, and PEACE.

    Another world is possible,
    and we, the people, the citizens,
    those who have retained the faith in our country,
    an what it TRULY stands for,
    We, the children of the real patriots of days gone by,
    Pledge our names, our honors, and our lives,
    To make it real, and to return OUR country,
    Not to the values of the valueless,
    But to those principles for which our forefathers fought
    And to the freedom of All Americans.

    – – – – –

    • +20 trillion, maybe we need to start sending this to our senators and congressmen!!!!! Don’t sign it or they will come for you but if we flood them with them and sign it

      Your Free Citzens who may or may not vote for you!!!!

    • I think I’m going to make a flyer out of that and leaflet some places.

  41. To eat more blueberry pie.

  42. Rider of Rohan says:

    I need to do many things, but first and foremost is buying land for a BOL and retreat. That is my goal for the year.

  43. Sw't Tater says:

    I don’t make resolutions, they are meant to only last a couple of weeks..but I have set some goals I started working on these a couple of months ago… some of them are broad because they can be accomplished in a combination of ways.
    ..several of those posted were things I have been working on.
    …Reading, Study and Prayer..(increase in time and application)
    .. continue to assess and Fill the holes..
    .. add a couple of areas of storage, for cooler conditions.for longest storage of necessary items.
    …Planning a garden, Planting, tending and dehydrating ,storing it.
    …this will help me with the fitness goals, I also have a few pounds I wish to be rid of, taking care of health issues should make this possible.
    ….Removing the clutter, organizing things remaining.
    …completing the fiscal obligations from this year,( pay off the short term debts, incurred from helping the “drowning”.)
    … Make a list of projects to be completed to enable better use of what we have, and determine the costs out of pocket for each item, place those items in a priority list.

  44. Candy In Nebraska says:

    My New Years Resolution is to store more food more then 6 months worth. Been eating on our stores for 2 months now. Still have 6 months worth. Teach daughters to can and garden and also dehydrate so they can start storing for themselves as well. Spend more time with my family. Make more projects. Loose 10 more pounds.

  45. WIth the help of God and a daily desire to improve, I have resolved to not have resolutions ever again. No sense torturing myself for not being able to meet those ‘goals’ I’ve always failed at.

    And to have a better year than the last one. 🙂

  46. To get off my big butt and walk some of it off. Exercise more and get on my total gym. Good luck i the new year wolfpack..

  47. JR from AR says:

    Ummmm…I haven’t made any new year ILLUSIONS yet…I will look into this

  48. Goals always work better when you quantify them and come up with how you are going to reach them, and a time table to accomplish each step. Then you have to set time aside for doing it. It helps if it’s a specific time that is the same time of the same day, and then you have to act like you have an appointment for it, like you’re punching in for work.

    This might have to include getting out of the house and turning off your phone so people can’t interrupt you, or so you don’t interrupt yourself with the comforts and distractions at home. You can tell the people who usually call you socially not to bother you during that time frame.

    If people know you are pursuing a goal and still will not leave you alone during your alone time, you need to look at why you are associating with them. If someone won’t respect your time, they won’t respect your opsec either and they may turn and stab you in the back, especially when the SHTF. Same with people who are envious in general of others, even if they don’t appear overtly envious of you. If someone belittles your goals, they are envious. Beware of these people.

    It can be a real drag, making yourself work, but it sure feels good to reach the goal.

  49. I resolved to continue to put one foot in front of the other and to continue to always move forward.

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