“You Should Be Very Worried, You Should Be Prepared” Warns Jim Rogers

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  1. Crazy Joe in South Jersey says:

    Well the board are appointed by the President . Guess who appointed all the members in the past 7 years . About 6 or 7 years ago it changed banking rules . Progressivism does not work . Socialism does not work . Marxism does not work . Communism does not work . Somehow these 4 philosophies control the world governments . Whodda thunk it .

    • Victor Fox says:

      Unfortunately they work and very well giving a lot of power to tyrants over its people. It’s a civil duty to disobey and be prepared. We are living communism in my country and me tells you it sucks. A lot. Everytime we are spoiled and crushed. Please keep America as the yard stick of freedom.

  2. Crazy Joe in South Jersey says:

    PS .. CREEKMORE …. My philosophy beats all others … Jimmie Crack Corn and I don’t Care , I am having to much fun . I am reminded of lyrics from a Moody Blues song … from the ashes we will build another day .

  3. You know politicians lie. So government is different?, I think not. So be prepared to be taken advantage of if you want them to take turns like a Bangalore whore. If not prepare.

  4. Lets just borrow our way out of debt. What could possibly go wrong? Heaven Help US.

  5. Southern Pride says:

    I’ve been trying to find subject matter experts on financial collapse, and I was hoping someone on this site could assist. Anyone know of a qualified economist who backs up their conclusions about a looming economic collapse with facts and data and has had their conclusions and material reviewed by their peers?

    I’m spending a great deal of time and effort preparing for something that may not happen. Its a concern of mine that there are so few legitimate economists out there who have published anything about a coming economic catastrophe.

    I’m sorry I don’t see this guy as legitimate. I don’t see analysis or expertise here. To me it looks like they put him on the air because he can score points with viewers by calling people who run central banks incompetent.

    I will continue to prepare because I know politicians (from both parties) will not do the right thing in fixing the debt, and something bad will happen as a result. I don’t know when or what will happen, but I believe it will create hardship all around.

    • Jim Rodgers makes sense to me. The wild printing money to put off a depression, those who were “too big to fail” of 2008 only got bigger (no problems were fixed) and staggering debt (and debt to GDP) world wide makes the world economy look like a house of cards to me. I believe your “spidey sense” is right: “hardship all around”. The big players would likely put off a collapse for as long as possible or maybe wait until a scapegoat shows up to blame their failures on.

      • Southern Pride says:

        The one person I think that is truly non-partisan, is not making money from selling precious metals, and has amazing credentials is Laurence Kotlikoff. He’s testified before congress, and has the support of some 200 economics professors for his proposed changes to how the government manages debt issues.

        But I have yet to find any other Kotlikoffs out there. I know there has to be more economists out there that can give insights on how things will transpire as the country continues to dig itself into a hole. What is the most likely scenario given the current state of affairs? Will the dollar collapse? Will there be hyperinflation? What does an economic collapse look like? Lots of businesses going under? Lots of unemployment? How will the government raise the taxes it needs to pay its creditors in this situation? Will it come after my possessions? Will it invoke laws that will allow it to take my land?

        In Greece, didn’t the government pull funds from people’s bank accounts?

        I have my own theories on what will transpire, but I am no expert on financial collapses

        • Crazy Joe in South Jersey says:

          SOUTHERN PRIDE , Good morning . Most of Economics is theories based on what if’s . Probabilites based on past incidents . There is some that works but toss in one variable and the result is good or more often bad . Take the civil war in a certain African country a few years ago . It totally disrupted the cocoa bean growing and harvest – hence chocolate prices roses . Economists did not see this 6 months in advance . One drought wipes out a wheat crop so bread prices go up .

          My college friend , in 1975 , had a father who was a major investor and stock broker . He saw , in 1971 , the total collapse coming . He set up over a million dollars in assests for his wife and 3 children and killed himself . To bad , he missed out on the 1980 to 2000 run up .

          I happen to enjoy chaos as it proves the Natural Order . I do not care if the US ends up with a 1923 German economic situation – wheel barrels of paper money . People that WORRY end up with stress and they lose focus . This goes against Nietzsche’s Master Morality . Why stress out ?

          It is Master Moraltiy to be prudent , to be prepared to a good point . Not to go insane over preparing . Frugal is one thing but high blood pressure is another .

          My major concern in life is a better offense line and a good quarterback for the Eagles . Do not get me started on what the Phillies need . Spring training in a week . We shall see .

    • OhioPrepper says:

      Southern Pride,
      Jim Rogers is a financial expert and he is not alone in his thinking. I’m a bit of a political and financial junky, watching analysis by folks like Jim Rogers and Economist Arthur Laffer who was on the Reagan administration Policy Advisory Board and is famous for his simplification of economic theory with the Laffer curve. Shows on Fox Business and sites like zerohedge.com have tons of information available, and if you’ve studied economics or history in any depth, there are many lessons already learned that only need to be heeded. In my case it is sometimes easier, because my kid brother has his degree in economics with minors in history and poly sci. In any case, the prepping we do is just an extended insurance policy. We all pay premiums on those, and although we may sometimes complain, we also never want to file a claim. I don’t know anyone who prays and wishes for an auto accident or a house fire. Insurance is always a precaution you’re glad to have if you need it.

  6. My question is if everything goes total belly up and no one can pay a mortgage on a house, does everyone loose their home and get evicted? That is a scary thought. And who gets the homes? The banks which Hove no $?

    • Joe Mannino says:

      Morning SMM , if it is ” total belly up ” no one pays and just lives there for free . The Democrats put a halt to 30 day evicitions during the Depression . If children live in the dwelling today it can take forever .

      Not paying electric , sewage and water makes the home a bit less civil . Peeing outside would become the norm .

      Your ” total belly up ” in the USA would most likely do the domino thing around the world .

      This would be more like ” Road Warrior ” . In this case take the day off and go fishing .

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