A New Beginning for The Survivalist Blog


Hi folks,

As some of you may know, MD Creekmore decided to focus on one of his other websites. Since TSB was already very popular, I, Dan F. Sullivan, owner of decided to step into his shoes and continue to publish articles written by either me or my amazing team of expert preppers and homesteaders.

Though he retained his content, rest assured you’re going to see lots and lots of articles here. So if you hit “404 not found pages” don’t freak out, give me a few weeks to start populating the blog with articles.

Stay safe!


Dan Sullivan

About Dan Sullivan

Dan has come into contact with homesteading when he was 4 years old, and would spend summers in the countryside with his grandparents. The skills and the mindset that he's learned now allow him in his mid 30s to better prepare for whatever may come.
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4 thoughts on “A New Beginning for The Survivalist Blog

  1. I had the site bookmarked and clicked on it ( I was about to remove the bookmark) and saw the dates of the new articles and wondered if it was indeed up and running.

    Thanks for keeping the site alive!

  2. Glad the site is still up. Had some great content b4 but I didnt like being asked for donations so often so he could buy himself a nice new whatever and tell us all about it. Seemed more like a scam.

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