How to Buy Your First Gun

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For seasoned gun owners and enthusiasts, there is scarcely a better feeling than that trip to the gun shop to pick up a new addition to the family. Everyone there knows your name, you can fill out the background check form upside down and backwards and you coordinated delivery of the latest object of your … Read more

What Makes a Quality AR Rifle?

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There is little doubt today that the AR-15 is the most ubiquitous of rifles in the U.S., and is the gold-standard that all other semi-automatics are measured against. Due to its overwhelming efficiency popularity, flexibility and suitability to shooters of all statures AR-pattern rifles are produced by dozens of manufacturers, from proud American institutions to … Read more

Weapons Safety: Rules and Procedures for the Real World

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Safety in both shooting and handling is a prime consideration when armed with a gun. Unless your first exposure to the firearms sphere is this article, you have hopefully been instructed in the Prime Rules of Gun Safety. They certainly pop up everywhere: posted at ranges, written in manuals, recited by trainers and shown at … Read more

Should You Choose the 1911 For a Defensive Pistol?

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The 1911 is among the most legendary handguns in history, and certainly the most beloved in the U.S. It has served the military through two World Wars, the Korean War, Vietnam, and countless smaller conflicts. It is the quintessential .45, and most enduring of the creations of John Moses Browning; accurate, dependable, potent and supremely … Read more

Shooter’s Remorse: Definitely Don’t Buy These Guns

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Not all guns are created equal. For every category-defining model there will be a handful of true competitors and a few abysmal also-rans. Guns that, if bought without knowing better, you’ll wind up regretting ever clapping hands on in the gun shop. These are the kind you don’t tell your friends about. The kind you’ll … Read more