The Ultimate Guide to Oxygen Absorbers

In a true emergency, having a substantial stockpile of food is critical for survival. Without food, it’s unlikely that we can survive for more than a few weeks, even in the best of circumstances. So, it’s essential that we have an adequate supply of food in our emergency stores for when SHTF. Unfortunately, simply having … Read more

A Prepper’s Guide to Financial Planning

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Natural disasters. Large-scale warfare. Global pandemics. These are just some of the many things that can upend life as we know it, which is why we preppers know that we need to plan ahead for when things get real. But, while many of us spend countless hours stockpiling food and supplies and preparing our homes … Read more

How to Make Your Own First Aid Kit

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Whether it’s a small scrape, a heart attack, or a broken bone, the last thing you want in a SHTF scenario is to deal with a medical emergency without a quality first aid kit. Long considered an essential piece of gear, a first aid kit is something that no prepper should ever be without. However, … Read more

Diarrhea? Here Are 8 Ways to Stop It

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We’ve all been there: One day, you’re just sitting at home or out on a walk and you get that horrible, grumbling, painful feeling in your stomach. You rush to the bathroom only to find that you’ve got the runs. As you prepare yourself to stay within close range of a toilet for the next … Read more