31 Unusual Plants for Your Survival Garden

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The whole idea of a survival garden is that it contains plants to enable you and your family to eat well when there may be no access to shops, that it is hidden from sight to discourage theft of food, and for food security it should include some plants that the average person would not … Read more

23 Uses for Old Tires around the Homestead


Finding old tires to use for prepper projects is easy – people discard them all over the place. Left lying around they can become a health hazard, retaining water, and allowing mosquitoes to breed. Making them into something useful takes a bit of expertise, but there are many things they can be used for by … Read more

How to Lock Your Tent at Your Campsite

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I used to belong to the group of people who inherently trust that others aren’t going to fiddle in your camping gear while you are out hiking or at the beach/lake. Not anymore. This was after an incident where every single tent in our circle of friends – there were six tents pitched around the … Read more

37 Camping Essentials to Bring With You


Bring these items and you’ll camp well without having to load up the whole household. We have all seen those campers that bring everything, including the kitchen sink. On a camping trip on the East Coast of Africa, I met an elderly couple that had arrived with a 5 ton Bedford truck, driven by their … Read more