Is Keeping Chickens in My Backyard Feasible?

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If you’re new to prepping or if you’re a prepper who has been exploring ways to become more self-sufficient for an extended SHTF event, you may have wondered is keeping backyard chickens feasible?  The truth is that backyard chickens are a great way to get more prepared for a SHTF event and when managed correctly, could provide you with more…

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How to Bug Out in an RV

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When SHTF and it becomes clear that home is no longer safe, most people plan to bug out. If you are one of the lucky ones who has the resources to buy or set up a bug out retreat in another location for just such an event, all you have to do is get there. But if your financial resources…

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45 Survival Uses for the Humble Tarp

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Most people have had occasion to use a tarp at some point to keep firewood dry, temporarily patch a leaky roof, or in some cases for shelter. But when SHTF, there are a variety of survival uses for a humble tarp. We’ve listed 25 of these uses below. Temporary Shelter from sun and rain. Create a Windbreak to protect yourself…

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