How to Get Rid of Roaches Fast


No matter where you live in the world, you’re probably familiar with cockroaches and what a pain they can be when they invade your home. In a SHTF situation, cockroaches will thrive in abandoned homes and buildings which means they may become even more of a problem for everyone as they multiply unchecked Roaches carry … Read more

Full Review of Breathing Mobile Washer

We all know doing laundry at home certainly contributes to higher utility costs for water and electric or gas. Whether to save money, skip the dreaded laundromat trips, be more eco friendly, or simply as an alternative method of doing laundry during a power outage, many people are turning to low-tech laundry methods like the … Read more

32 Important Pieces of Survival Gear You Should Have

survival items

The items you carry in your EDC, your GHB, or your BOB can vary significantly from one individual to the next. Part of this is due to differences in knowledge, skill level, budget, and geographic conditions. Crisis situations, both minor and major, happen to people all around the world on a daily basis and I … Read more

30 Amazing Prepper Tips

starting a fire

Believe it or not, prepping has become more and more mainstream over the last decade. Increasingly more people are worried about what the future could hold. This fear is driving more people to look for ways to be prepared to protect their families and to survive if life as we know it is altered by … Read more

95 Ways Preppers Can Use Duct Tape for Survival

duct tape in various colors next to scissors

Whether you’ve always called it “duck” tape or “duct” tape, this waterproof adhesive tape has existed since the early 1940’s. First manufactured by the Permacel division of Johnson and Johnson, to meet the needs of the military, it was called “DUCK” tape because of its waterproof feature. But by the mid-1940’s, “duck” tape was being … Read more

How to Make a Basic Emergency Plan


If you pay any attention to the state of affairs in our world, it’s easy to see that there is danger around every corner and sometimes right in your own home. There’s really no way to avoid every single dangerous situation. Emergencies just happen, and to make matters worse, they are so often completely unpredictable. … Read more

The Real Truth About Executive Order 13603

truth in politics

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade, you’ve probably heard a ton of news reports and people talking about Presidential executive orders, especially executive order 13603, signed by Barack Obama in 2012. But what is an executive order (EO) and is it different than a law? How often do executive orders … Read more

Which is Best: Kerosene or Propane?

fuel canisters

Although the answer may be different for everyone depending on the specific situation and heating needs, preppers may wonder which is best: kerosene or propane? Whether you’re preparing for a power outage or looking to supplement your main heating system, if this is a decision you’ve been wrestling with, there are several factors to consider … Read more