Survival Food

Here’s the Deal with Expiration Dates

40% of store bought food in America is thrown out unused, according to the National Resources Defense Council. That is about $218 billion of food wasted every year. About ⅕th  of this is caused by 90% of Americans throwing food out prematurely, for fear of eating it after the safety dates. Having a sound understanding of how little these dates…

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The Full List of Bushcraft Skills You Should Know

The following list of skills is pretty exhaustive, but it will be of no use if you don’t approach things in the right way. A guide which is often used is Maslow’s ‘hierarchy of needs’. This starts with the ‘physiological’, in order: air (probably a given in any environment), water, food, shelter, sleep, clothing. Then come ‘health’ and security, and…

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starting a fire

Basic Survival and Prepping Skills you Need to Know

As preppers and bushcrafters, we all know that guy. The one with every new gadget, clever tool and toy, but no real idea what he’s doing. Don’t be that guy. Having good equipment is important, but enough practice with the right skills will always make much more difference and eventually could even replace the equipment altogether. If you can make…

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