The Best of the Best Survival Apps

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Nowadays, everyone takes their phone everywhere. With the advent of smartphones including high speed internet, GPS and even thermal cameras, our phones can become much more than simple contact machines. In each category in this article I have found the very best apps to improve your chances of survival in tough situations, and provide accurate, … Read more

The Mittleider Gardening Method


Simply put, the Mittleider System is the result of ‘Nearly six decades… of almost constant study, research, and field application on food production problems in many parts of the world’ by Jacob Mittleider, which produced ‘a synthesis of the best features of several major methods of gardening’ (quoting Mittleider Soil Bed Gardening). In practical terms, … Read more

The Full List of Barter Items for SHTF

full list of bater items featured defines ‘to barter’ as: “to trade by exchange of commodities rather than by the use of money.” In a true survival situation, money basically loses its value (because the most important of the items it can theoretically buy become so valuable), so bartering is much more use. Even so, there are some easily stockpiled, … Read more

Here’s the Deal with Expiration Dates

40% of store bought food in America is thrown out unused, according to the National Resources Defense Council. That is about $218 billion of food wasted every year. About ⅕th  of this is caused by 90% of Americans throwing food out prematurely, for fear of eating it after the safety dates. Having a sound understanding … Read more