The Ultimate Guide to Raising Sheep

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Raising sheep will supply a survival homestead with not only meat and wool, but a money making opportunity. Selling the raw wool, dyed wool, or clothing and toys made from wool, can become quite a lucrative home-based small business. Sheep are typically extremely docile animals, making them a great way to introduce homesteading and self-reliance skills to children. Showing sheep…

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7 Plants Whose Leaves You Can Use As Toilet Paper

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Do you have enough toilet paper stockpiled to get you through a two month disaster? How about enough to last through a year or longer SHTF, power grid down, TEOTWAWKI-type of event? Before you can accurately even ponder that question for an answer, putting a few stark toilet paper roll realities into perspective is required. On average, there are roughly…

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What I Did to Prep This Week

What I Did To Prep This Week – Week 77: December 29th 2019 – January 4th 2020

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Hello Pack! Happy New Year and new decade! I hope you are all keeping warm and spending plenty of time working on perfecting your survival plan and preps. Because winter is such a long semi-down time on the survival homestead, we call this our “planning season” and have so much fun planning for the spring and summer … before all…

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