homemade salsa

Homemade Salsa Recipe

Salsa is super easy to make and allows you to use of the odds and ends from your garden in quite a delicious way. There are many different types of salsa recipes floating around in cookbooks and on the internet, but this is my very favorite. Our prepping tribe member Matty came up with this concoction, and is is incredible…

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chickens hanging out in the barn

How to Raise Backyard Chickens from A to Z

Chickens are a perfect survival livestock, no matter where you live or how much land you own. They provide both meat and eggs, while helping rid your garden area of bugs that can destroy your crops. Most cities and small towns allow chickens to be kept, but may place restrictions on the number of birds, breed types, and the possibility…

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prep week 4 featured
What I Did to Prep This Week

What I Did To Prep This Week – Week 4

It has been a very sad week on our survival homesteading retreat. We suddenly, and without warning, tragically lost a member of our tribe – a man everyone would probably agree was the most valuable member. My husband’s childhood buddy Mark, although everyone called him Matty (and I never really grasped why) or Mad Dog, collapsed at the local pharmacy…

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baking soda and essential oils

59 Baking Soda Uses You’ve Never Thought Of

Are you stockpiling baking soda? If not, you should be. The incredibly inexpensive little boxes of sodium bicarbonate compound boasts copious amounts of medical, household, and outdoor uses. Baking soda contains nahcolite (a mineral) and is recovered from dissolved mineral springs. It consists primarily of organic oils and crystalline grains. Getting rid of refrigerator odors and stirring it into baking…

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gipsy pasta salad

Gypsy Pasta Salad – A Survival Meal In a Jar Recipe

This is a super simple and quick recipe that makes great use ingredients that come fresh from the garden, are inexpensive shelf-stable commodities – or even foraged from the wild. This dish might not look like the most delicious 1-pot meal you have ever seen, but just wait until you bite into it – the combined flavors over a bed…

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