Thanksgiving Survival Lessons from The Pilgrims

Robert Walter Weir Embarkation of the Pilgrims

Thanksgiving will soon be upon us, fellow preppers. In our politically correct society, this honored tradition of sitting down to a massive family meal and giving thanks for all of our many blessings, will surely bring about controversy again this year. The liberal talking heads on television will be bickering about Christopher Columbus, the pilgrims, … Read more

How To Buy Your First Bow

bow and arrows

Even though buying a used bow would make learning the new survival skill cheaper, it could cause more problems during the training process. A used bow could have a hairline crack or other problems caused by damaged or poor maintenance that may greatly inhibit your ability to aim, draw, or release the arrow. You do … Read more

The Easiest Peach Preserve Recipe

peach preserves

Canning jams, jellies, and preserves has become one of my favorite summertime activities. My husband, Bobby, was the canner in the family, and I was the dehydrating expert, until 2 years ago. Since we have a large survival homesteading retreat and are growing and raising the bulk of our own food now, he decided it … Read more

Steps to Getting Your Federal Firearms License

guns and mags

Getting a federal firearms license (FFL) is not as difficult as many folks seem to believe, but it does require completing copious amounts of government forms, and paying a fairly nominal licensing fee. A federal firearms license is issued by the United States federal government to businesses, individuals, and partnerships. The FFL allows a person … Read more

Sweet Zucchini Relish Canning Recipe

zucchini relish and zesty pickles final

Each summer most farmers, homesteaders, and backyard gardeners are blessed with an abundance of both zucchini and cucumbers. Sometimes you can’t seem to give enough of the green produce away before they begin to rot on the vine. Making relish is an excellent way to turn the high yield crops into tasty treats that can … Read more

How to Start Beekeeping for Survival Purposes

honeycombs and beehive frames on top of open beehive

Beekeeping as part of your survival plan will not only provide you with sweet tasting honey, but a natural healing agent as well as sustainable and substantial bartering material. A beekeeper has ample bartering options when running a successful backyard operation. Honey can be used to prevent bacteria from getting into wounds and enhance the … Read more

How to DIY Powdered Milk at Home

dehydrated milk

Although many folks don’t think it is possible, you can dehydrate milk at home without the need for extremely expensive equipment. Dehydrating dairy products is often thought of as too arduous of a task, but I haven’t found it difficult at all to successfully dehydrate sour cream, cottage cheese, cheese, and even milk in my … Read more

Memorial Day 2019

man kneeling next to tombstone

Memorial Day weekend is finally upon us. The unofficial start to summer is always filled with BBQs, gatherings of family and friends, adult beverages, and outdoor fun. While all of that is fine, “Decoration Day” as my grandmother always called it, should be about so much more than frollicking in the sun. It has to … Read more