Memorial Day 2019

man kneeling next to tombstone

Memorial Day weekend is finally upon us. The unofficial start to summer is always filled with BBQs, gatherings of family and friends, adult beverages, and outdoor fun. While all of that is fine, “Decoration Day” as my grandmother always called it, should be about so much more than frollicking in the sun. It has to … Read more

Here’s My Chicken Coop [PHOTOS]

diy chicken coop

Chickens are a staple on nearly every survival homestead. You don’t have to live in a rural area (although every prepper should) to keep meat and egg birds as part of your food security survival plan. Self-reliant folks who live in a small town or even the suburbs can keep chickens or ducks – as … Read more

How to Cook A Whole Meal In A Smoker

foods cooking in a smoker

It is not only possible to smoke an entire meal, it is easy and delicious too. I had extremely minimal experience with smoking until the day I got it into my head I would make the entire meal in our smoker to feed the 40 people coming over for a gathering. Prep Time The prep … Read more

How to Reload Ammo Step by Step


Disclaimer: neither the author nor shall be held liable for the injuries and other side effects resulting from applying the advice in this article. This article is for information purposes only. Reloading ammunition is a great way to save money on rounds now, when resupply is possible. Learning or honing this valuable survival skill … Read more

Best Bug Out Vehicles Re-Imagined

bug out vehicles featured

Preppers can spend thousands to tens of thousands of dollars on bugout vehicles. Unfortunately, most of us do not have that kind of disposable cash – even for an item of such supreme importance. We live on our survival homesteading retreat and have no intention of bugging out unless completely forced to do so to … Read more

EMP Attack Survival and Preparedness

emp attack survival pinterest

Surviving an EMP requires diligent planning. While the basics of survival are all the same no matter what type of disaster you are most concerned about, planning to maintain as much functionality as possible after and EMP, does mandate taking a laundry list of specific precautions. Before you can adequately prepare for an EMP, you … Read more

Flu Soup Recipe

flu soup

This recipe has been handed down in my family for generations, which each woman who tucked it away in her cookout altering it slightly along the way – until complete perfection was achieved. This is a vegetable-soup based recipe that uses up whatever grew in great abundance in your garden and is therefore filled with … Read more

Taking Care of Dental Emergencies Post-SHTF

dental emergencies pinterest

Medical preps are the most difficult aspect of any survival plan – and toothache remedies are not exception. Actually, it is usually a bit more difficult acquire a quality toothache and SHTF oral care and repair kit than it is to buy or assemble an emergency medical kit. Growing your own apothecary should be a … Read more