How to Prepare for a Flu Pandemic

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Flu pandemics can affect a significant portion of the population before a government health agency even realizes the cases of a rapidly spreading illness are connected. Even a mild to moderate level pandemic can spiral out of control quickly during (or after) a SHTF event. During normal times, a flu pandemic has the capability to kill tens of thousands of…

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missy with friends and family
What I Did to Prep This Week

What I Did To Prep This Week – Week 57: August 11th – August 17th 2019

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There has not been a whole lot of active prepping going on this week, Pack. We lost a member of our tribe after a fierce battle with a rare cancer. Missy was sweet, loving, hard-working, kind to others, always smiling, dedicated youth and community volunteer, a fellow FD wife, and taken far too soon. The number of residents in our…

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zucchini relish and zesty pickles final

Sweet Zucchini Relish Canning Recipe

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Each summer most farmers, homesteaders, and backyard gardeners are blessed with an abundance of both zucchini and cucumbers. Sometimes you can’t seem to give enough of the green produce away before they begin to rot on the vine. Making relish is an excellent way to turn the high yield crops into tasty treats that can be stored for years to…

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bee pollinating a flower

How to Start Beekeeping for Survival Purposes

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Beekeeping as part of your survival plan will not only provide you with sweet tasting honey, but a natural healing agent as well as sustainable and substantial bartering material. A beekeeper has ample bartering options when running a successful backyard operation. Honey can be used to prevent bacteria from getting into wounds and enhance the time it takes for the…

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