How to Win a Street Fight

people fighting

Chances are you will have had occasion to talk to someone about fighting before in your life. Does it ever strike you as a little bit funny that everyone you talk to is a hardened fighter who knows just what to do, and if they were attacked like that fella was over there or this … Read more

Best of the Best Survival Gloves

work gloves

Sometimes the most practical and important items receive the least amount of consideration in our plans. Among these things gloves might certainly be a contender for the crown as they are vitally important pieces of personal protective equipment that will see more or less constant use in the aftermath of a major disaster. Our hands … Read more

10 Ways to Improve Your Bug-Out Bag

Paladin Bag

You might think if you have been prepping long enough that you have your bug-out bag and its load out completely perfect. Down pat. Ideal. Maybe you do, and will end up proving me wrong, but I will still go on and assert that there is always something you can do to improve your BOB … Read more

Is Rainwater Collection Illegal?

rainwater in galvanized recipient

Is the harvesting of rain illegal? The internet seems to think so, at least some parts of it. For clarity, when I say “harvesting of rainwater” I am referring specifically to the collection of rain falling from the sky before it hits the ground, not taking water out of an aquifer, reservoir or anything else. … Read more

How to Travel Post-SHTF

elderly hiking

It is one thing to plan and prepare for safe travels before and even during a crisis or a major disaster, but not too many preppers have a plan for how they will travel safely and in good order after a major disaster takes hold. Have you stopped to consider how long you might truly … Read more

Silk Body Armor: Fact or Fiction?

Soft body armor has been made from all kinds of fibers both natural and man-made since it was first introduced way back when. Our modern soft body armor, sometimes called bulletproof vests, are typically made from aramid family synthetic fibers, Twaron and Kevlar being two of the most popular. Utra-high molecular weight polyethylene as popularized … Read more

The Differences Between a Bug Out Bag and a Get Home Bag

ghb and bob side by side

If you have spent any amount of time looking around general survival and prepping websites, forums and in other readiness-centric communities I have no doubt you will have seen several terms tossed around on the subject of luggage, specifically terms like the ubiquitous BOB, or bug-out bag, and GHB, or Get-Home Bag. Oftentimes, these terms … Read more

How to Survive if You End Up Homeless

homeless man

Contrary to the beliefs of some, homelessness is not a cushy occupation for people who just don’t want to work and would rather instead rely on handouts. No, being homeless is hard, miserable, and is actually a major threat to your health and continued survival. You might not think that being forced to live out … Read more

How to Prep and Survive a City Lockdown

police car

A government-mandated lockdown order will definitely put a crimp on your week and your weekend plans, but it can also turn into a slow boiler of a survival problem. Aside from ever intensifying cabin fever, mandatory lockdown orders can bring entire cities, even entire nations to a complete standstill with citizens confined to their homes … Read more