What Is SHTF? Meaning and Examples

It doesn’t matter if you have been prepping for your whole life or just for a week you have no doubt heard of the term “SHTF”. Peppers wonder about when it will happen, how big it will be, and what they will do when it does occur. But what you might not know even if … Read more

Situational Awareness 101

crowded city

One of the most fundamental tenets for preppers and other self-defense minded folks is the reminder to “always keep your head on a swivel,” “stay Condition Yellow,” and “Stay aware.” All essentially mean the same thing: stay present, conscious and cognizant of who is around you and what is going on around you. Stay situationally … Read more

10 Ways to Get Free Wood for Your Stockpile

wood shed filled with firewood

Talk to any prepper living anywhere it gets cold that isn’t a complete green horn and you’ll invariably find they are passionate about maintaining their supply of firewood come Hell or high water. That’s for a good reason, since exposure to the elements is a sure and rapid killer. Fire is among the most primordial … Read more

Bushcraft versus Survival Knife – What is the Difference?

As preppers, proper gear selection is key for success and all kinds of survival situations. This maxim is all the more true when discussing the most essential and most important types of survival gear. The right boots, the right water filter, the right fire starter and certainly the right type of knife. Chances are if … Read more

16 Must Have Items for Surviving the Apocalypse

If you’re just now making your way into prepping as a lifestyle choice and a smart investment in your continued survival, chances are this isn’t the first relevant article you’ve come across on the internet. Even dipping your toe into the ocean of prepper lore available on the web can be a dizzying and intimidating … Read more

How Does a Rocket Stove Work?

rocket stove

Rocket stoves are efficient and hot burning stove concepts and products you have doubtless heard about if you’ve been involved in prepping these past few years. I say both products and concepts because rocket stoves are not just an item you buy over the counter to toss in your bob. Rocket stoves are pretty easily … Read more

How Long do Bic and Zippo Lighters Last?

Few are the preppers who will go without fire-starting tools as part of their bug-out kits or even their EDC. Lighters are usually on the frontlines of fire starting duty and among lighters there are two standout options for preppers: the ubiquitous Bic and the legendary Zippo. Naturally, the debate rages over which is best. … Read more