Are Tree Tents Really Safe To Sleep In?

tree tent with mosquito net

Outdoor enthusiasts will gladly tell you that they fall into one of two categories: tent sleepers or hammock users. There is quite a split between those who like one or the other and it really comes down to personal preference.  Outdoor companies have capitalized on this idea and created a hybrid tent and hammock product. … Read more

How to Lock Your Tent at Your Campsite

tent at night

I used to belong to the group of people who inherently trust that others aren’t going to fiddle in your camping gear while you are out hiking or at the beach/lake. Not anymore. This was after an incident where every single tent in our circle of friends – there were six tents pitched around the … Read more

37 Camping Essentials to Bring With You


Bring these items and you’ll camp well without having to load up the whole household. We have all seen those campers that bring everything, including the kitchen sink. On a camping trip on the East Coast of Africa, I met an elderly couple that had arrived with a 5 ton Bedford truck, driven by their … Read more

Try These Tricks Next Time You Go Camping


Camping can be so much fun, especially when you go with your family or with a group of friends or colleagues. There are different levels of camping from survivalist/life off the land camping, where you primarily use what’s available from nature around you, to campground camping which has different levels of luxuries and activities available, … Read more