Clever Places to Hide Your Guns

gun safe

Securing your guns from unauthorized users is an integral component of ownership. A gun will serve hero or criminal, expert or fool alike with no prejudice. If an unauthorized user should find your gun, like a child, tragedy will be following shortly behind. If a criminal finds your gun while ransacking your home or car … Read more

On Defensive Handgun Ammo

Ammo, Remington Golden Saber +P

Guns are tools utilized for defense in the U.S. many thousands of times, both by police and citizenry. Guns are ubiquitous and omnipresent in most states of the Union, and guns are constant companions or bedside defensive tools for people from sea to sea. But for all their common use and ownership, most gun owners … Read more

How to Reload Ammo Step by Step


Disclaimer: neither the author nor shall be held liable for the injuries and other side effects resulting from applying the advice in this article. This article is for information purposes only. Reloading ammunition is a great way to save money on rounds now, when resupply is possible. Learning or honing this valuable survival skill … Read more

The 5 Best Shotguns for Home Defense and SHTF

remington 870

Shotguns are commonly utilized as home defense firearms and are further regularly chosen for indefinite term SHTF guns. Their versatility and all around utility make them attractive for the latter role and their decisive effectiveness against soft targets makes them highly attractive for the former. What’s more, everyone has a shotgun, or has a relative … Read more

Firearms Training for Survival and Self-Defense

people at the shooting range

Prepping is a lifestyle choice, one chosen and practiced in order to be ready for crises great and small. Life is a harsh teacher in that it so often gives the test first before it gives the lesson. By making the decision to understand, anticipate and plan to counter these tests, you increase your chances … Read more

The AR-15 Rifle

an ar-15

The AR-15 is by far America’s rifle of choice, the current and future king of the 5.56mm’s. Now a mature design since its inception back in the 1950’s, the AR is showing absolutely no signs of fading away or slowing down. There have been many contenders to the throne, and some more recent rifle families … Read more

What’s the Best Survival Handgun?

glock 19 3rd gen

There is no better way to start a fight on the internet than by declaring something the best at something. This truth is so prevalent it might as well be a law of nature. One can’t-lose topic among preppers is the subject of guns, specifically guns for long term survival. Survival means many things to … Read more

Beyond Dry Fire: The SIRT Pistol

sirt 110

Practicing for proficiency with a handgun takes more than just live fire at the range. Even then, live fire practice is logistically challenging for some and also expensive thanks to ever climbing ammo costs. Smart shooters will fill the gap and get good reps in with dry fire, but dry fire does not provide complete … Read more