What’s the Best Survival Handgun?

glock 19 3rd gen

There is no better way to start a fight on the internet than by declaring something the best at something. This truth is so prevalent it might as well be a law of nature. One can’t-lose topic among preppers is the subject of guns, specifically guns for long term survival. Survival means many things to … Read more

Beyond Dry Fire: The SIRT Pistol

sirt 110

Practicing for proficiency with a handgun takes more than just live fire at the range. Even then, live fire practice is logistically challenging for some and also expensive thanks to ever climbing ammo costs. Smart shooters will fill the gap and get good reps in with dry fire, but dry fire does not provide complete … Read more

Top 10 Places to Find Ammo Cans

ammo cans

Ammo cans and prepping go together like peanut butter and jelly. Like cheese and crackers. Like, well, you see where I am going. There is hardly a shooter or prepper alive that does not have at least a couple of these sturdy, reliable green cans around, packed with ammunition or loaded magazines. Ammo cans are … Read more

Best Guns to Have for SHTF

guns and mags

A major disaster, the kind that means life as you know it grinds to a halt and the lights will be a long time in coming back on if they come back at all, will upset the modern order of things. You will not be able to count on the police and other government forces … Read more

Overview of the Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle

Scout rifles are an interesting concept, and greatly adored by a certain segment of rifle enthusiasts. As a concept, scout rifles were first codified by the great Col. Jeff Cooper, founder of Gunsite and father of the modern technique of the handgun. Cooper laid out a set of design criteria that he believed would result … Read more

Where is Gun Control Heading Next?

gun control heading pin

Ah, gun control. If there was ever a beat-the-undead-horse political activism trope, it would definitely be gun control. The apple of their eye pie in the sky cause that unites all the fractious, cannibalistic Leftist rabble-rousers and elites from the poo-caked hills of San Francisco to the gleaming skyscraper turned supervillian lairs of New York … Read more

Pros and Cons of Shotguns for Home Defense

two shotguns

Shotguns. Boomsticks. Scatterguns. Gauges. The most ubiquitous, and one of the most versatile guns in the world, equally at home afield putting meat on the table, eliminating pests or digesting rioters and home invaders, the humble shotgun for all its modern trappings has not changed an awful lot since we took to cartridge ammunition. That’s … Read more

Read This Before Buying a Rifle Scope

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There is almost no task in which you might use a rifle that cannot be made easier by the addition of an appropriate optical sight. From the earliest primitive telescopes to today’s bomb-proof, technology-packed red-dot sights, the right optic is a huge advantage for any shooter. But just like the rifles themselves, not all optics … Read more