81 Ingenious Uses for Paper Clips

Who would have thought that the humble paper clip could have so many uses? Like how to create necessary items, like a makeshift compass to find your way when you are lost. Put the paper clip to use in cleaning the hard to get at areas in the house; and keep kids busy and entertained … Read more

Can You Charge a Car Battery Indoors?

Anytime your vehicle’s battery goes dead it will require recharging before you can get back on the road. Sometimes this can be done safely outside, or even with the battery still in the vehicle. Other times, due to inclement weather or the risk of the charger and battery being stolen you might need to bring … Read more

Digging Your Own Well the Right Way

making well deeper

Water is the second most essential element required for human survival, placing second only to air. You can die in minutes without oxygen, and in just a couple of days without any water. Every human being alive instinctively understands and craves water on a deeply primordial level, and rural folks more than most understand how … Read more

How Much Would It Cost to Dig My Own Well?

digging a well

If you want to be truly self-sufficient living in a location that is far away from civilization, you will need a well. The process of digging a well is simple enough, but far from easy, and typical residential wells often delve deep into the earth, anywhere from 100 to 200 feet down. This will usually … Read more

How Long Does Gasoline Really Last?

Gasoline is one of those essentials that many preppers will choose to keep on hand as part of their survival stash. Considering it is absolutely essential for powering the vast majority of automobiles, smaller vehicles, generators and power tools this is prudent. Unfortunately, gasoline presents several challenges for the preppers who would store it for … Read more

30+ Small Cabin Plans for the Homestead Prepper

small wooden cabin

If you’ve been prepping for any length of time, you’ve probably realized that one of the best ways to be prepared for whatever life throws at you, is an off-grid location. As a prepper or future homestead owner, you have several options. You can try to find an existing home and pour money into it … Read more

How to DIY Powdered Milk at Home

dehydrated milk

Although many folks don’t think it is possible, you can dehydrate milk at home without the need for extremely expensive equipment. Dehydrating dairy products is often thought of as too arduous of a task, but I haven’t found it difficult at all to successfully dehydrate sour cream, cottage cheese, cheese, and even milk in my … Read more

How to Repair Small Appliances on Your Own

washing machine

If you’ve ever had a small appliance break on you just when you need it most, you know how frustrating it can be. If you’re like most people, you aren’t really in the position to just run and out and replace an appliance on a moment’s notice, or pay big bucks to have a professional … Read more

How to Make a Colloidal Silver Generator

You’ve heard of colloidal silver and may even have personal friends, relatives, or co-workers who have told you they are using colloidal silver with good results. As someone looking for alternative treatments to keep yourself and your family safe, colloidal silver is on your radar or at least is something you’ve heard about. You may … Read more

How to Make an Oven out of a #10 Can

no 10 can oven pinterest

The only hard part about making an oven out of a #10 can is finding a can actually still made out of metal. Once upon a time you could walk into any grocery store and buy a metal can of coffee, but plastic is king now and those days are gone. Boy Scouts have been … Read more