16 Must Have Items for Surviving the Apocalypse

If you’re just now making your way into prepping as a lifestyle choice and a smart investment in your continued survival, chances are this isn’t the first relevant article you’ve come across on the internet. Even dipping your toe into the ocean of prepper lore available on the web can be a dizzying and intimidating … Read more

DIY Your Survival Electronics Kit

a blackout kit

Lions and tigers and EMPs, Oh My! The quintessential survival scenario is an EMP. Power’s out! No pesky fallout to evade! No foreign invaders on our shores (yet!). It’s just me, my family, and a metric ton of ammo. And not a working cell phone in sight. Who could ask for anything more? Regardless of … Read more

How Does a Rocket Stove Work?

rocket stove

Rocket stoves are efficient and hot burning stove concepts and products you have doubtless heard about if you’ve been involved in prepping these past few years. I say both products and concepts because rocket stoves are not just an item you buy over the counter to toss in your bob. Rocket stoves are pretty easily … Read more

How Long do Bic and Zippo Lighters Last?

Few are the preppers who will go without fire-starting tools as part of their bug-out kits or even their EDC. Lighters are usually on the frontlines of fire starting duty and among lighters there are two standout options for preppers: the ubiquitous Bic and the legendary Zippo. Naturally, the debate rages over which is best. … Read more

The Most Reliable Brands of Duct Tape Money Can Buy

duct tape featured

Duck tape, also known as “duct tape” has been in use since the early 1940’s. Believe it or not, it was first manufactured for the military and called “duck” tape, because it was waterproof. It wasn’t until the mid-1940’s that it became popular for HVAC use and thus was called “duct” tape because of its … Read more

Top Survival Items for your Wallet

wallet with survival items

When putting together your everyday carry kit, you need items that can easily be concealed. These are typically small, lightweight items that you can keep in your pocket. You also want to focus on items that you can keep with you 24 hours a day. If you are like me, you probably never let your … Read more

The “Perfect” Urban Survival Kit [PDF Checklist]

small toolkit

Surviving a short term disaster or a long-term crisis in an urban environment presents its own share of challenges and advantages. A towering hive of steel and concrete is a unique environment harboring things that can both help and hurt you, the same as any other biome, be it a dry, scorching desert or a … Read more

Full Review of Breathing Mobile Washer

breathing mobile washer

We all know doing laundry at home certainly contributes to higher utility costs for water and electric or gas. Whether to save money, skip the dreaded laundromat trips, be more eco friendly, or simply as an alternative method of doing laundry during a power outage, many people are turning to low-tech laundry methods like the … Read more

32 Important Pieces of Survival Gear You Should Have

survival items

The items you carry in your EDC, your GHB, or your BOB can vary significantly from one individual to the next. Part of this is due to differences in knowledge, skill level, budget, and geographic conditions. Crisis situations, both minor and major, happen to people all around the world on a daily basis and I … Read more

A Quest for the Perfect Get Home Bag

open get home bag

Most regular readers of this and other preparedness-oriented blogs will be plenty familiar with the acronym BOB, or Bug-Out Bag. Other classes of packed kit you have no doubt heard of are Go-Bag and INCH Bag (I’m Never Coming Home). One you may not have heard of or conceptualized is a Get-Home Bag, and that’s … Read more