A Quest for the Perfect Get Home Bag

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Most regular readers of this and other preparedness-oriented blogs will be plenty familiar with the acronym BOB, or Bug-Out Bag. Other classes of packed kit you have no doubt heard of are Go-Bag and INCH Bag (I’m Never Coming Home). One you may not have heard of or conceptualized is a Get-Home Bag, and that’s … Read more

The Best EDC Bags for Everyday Emergencies

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Selecting and equipping yourself with the perfect EDC load is a source of joy and frustration for many preppers, in equal measure. Trying to find the just-right combination of gear and small items to support you as you go about your daily tasks while at the same time keeping you equipped in an emergency is … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Having an EDC Kit

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The concept of Everyday Carry, or EDC, is currently all the rage among adherents on the path to self-sufficiency, and also an interesting distraction for another fraction of the population who enjoy getting a glimpse into another person’s life. You’ll see “pocket dumps” all over social media these days. The things that people carry on … Read more

Overview of the Holosun 403C Red Dot Sight

Guns used for any purpose, but especially for defensive use, will benefit from the addition of improved sighting systems, and in this era there is no better sighting system for fast and accurate shooting than a red dot sight, or RDS. RDS tech has come a long, long way from its inception, and where once … Read more

5 Ways to Get Cheap Prepper Gear

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Prepping takes a certain level of investment, in effort, time and resources. Those resources usually take the form of cash. Even minimalist prepping with an emphasis on skills is plenty expensive enough, and full-tilt end-of-the-world readiness can easily equate to an additional mortgage payment every month. But there are no two ways around it: for … Read more

The Full List of Bug out Bag Items

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In this introductory article in my Prepping 101 series, we’ll be exploring the contents of the average BOB in greater detail. The first article in this series was an introduction to bugging out as a tool in the prepper toolbox and examination of how bug-out bags facilitate that endeavor. If you have not read that … Read more

Maglites: Are they Worth It?

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Maglite (or Mag-Lite, if you are a pedant) is one of the most recognized names in flashlights. Around since  1979, their flagship light was and remains a gigantic multi D-cell monster that was a standard tool on the belts of cops, tradesmen and other blue-collar professionals from the 80’s all the way through the 1990’s … Read more

Pepper Sprays for Preppers: What You Need to Know

Pepper spray is an excellent and under-utilized tool for self-defense in a prepper’s bag of tricks. It is also one of the only true intermediate or less-lethal force options that are easy to carry and generally effective. Pepper spray may seem like a no-brainer, point-and-squirt implement, but like everything else we as preppers are concerned … Read more