Is the Prospect of World War III just a Big Lie?

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World War III. The Big One. The (Presumed) End of Life as We Know It. There is no other prospective event that so captures the imaginations the public at large. The military plans and practices for it. Politicians bloviate about it. Hollywood churns out movies about it. Authors and game designers craft intricate narratives about … Read more

The New American Dream

The American Dream. That one fixed point on the horizon of possibility that all Americans, native-born and immigrant could believe in, and strive for. Though it looks a little different for all of us, you’ll see the same threads for everyone that yearns for it- soil, family, peace, plenty. For those of us who value … Read more

My Story of How I Became a Prepper

atv in the woods

My journey to become a prepper started in 2011. Until one fateful day in July, I had mocked my beloved husband’s survivalistic tendencies. I would roll my eyes when I walked into the root cellar substitute room in our basement to grab something and had to maneuver around his buckets of long-term storage food and … Read more