The Best Types of Fuel for Preppers

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If you’re a prepper, there’s a high chance you’ll be using tools and gadgets that require liquid fuel to function. It might be a car, a generator, a power tool, even a stove or light source. Whatever it is, no fuel means no-go for anything. That simply implies that gathering, storing, and rotating your fuel … Read more

Here’s How to Make a Survival Plan

nuts, seeds, olive oil, and other long shelf-life foods

Are you prepared for a disaster? Many people aren’t, and that can lead to serious problems if an emergency or crisis hits. If you have ever seen footage of the aftermath of a major disaster or just a small-scale emergency you’ve probably noticed that masses of people are just standing around, sort of staring into … Read more

6 Spy Skillsets for Preppers


It’s pretty common to find preppers looking toward intelligence personnel and other government agency operatives for inspiration on the survival skills that they should learn. This is understandable; if your job description means going into harm’s way in the most extreme environments and situations, it makes sense considering they will be taught how to survive … Read more

These 15 Pioneer Skills Will Help You Survive

When we think of pioneers today, chances are you think of trailblazers and inventors in fields of science, engineering or even philosophy. We think of people who are going a different way and expanding the borders of a given discipline, or even our very thoughts about politics, society and culture. The term is a very … Read more

How to Prep Gluten-Free

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Gluten-free, gluten-intolerant, gluten-sensitive. It can be hard to keep track of all these different terms and even more difficult to know what they all mean. But, gluten is everywhere in our food these days. So, it’s critical that you understand exactly what gluten is and what it means for your prepping efforts. Here’s what you … Read more

How to Start Prepping FAST

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Being overtaken by events that you have absolutely no control over and no way to influence can cause a chunk of ice to form in the pit of your stomach. That feeling of powerlessness is indelible, and often leaves a lasting impression on people that experience it. This is rarely more true than when facing … Read more

Pandemic Preparedness: Full List of 21 Essentials

A pandemic is a major event, no two ways about it. On the lower end of the intensity scale, they can bring entire nations, and potentially even the entire globe grinding to a halt. On the higher end, civilizations can be severely disrupted, and it may kill a truly unimaginable amount of people; mountains of … Read more

How to Browse Securely Online


The internet is an amazing place. With just a few keystrokes, you can learn pretty much anything you want. Or, you can use the internet to connect with friends and family who live far away. But, every day, criminals around the world try to use the power of the internet to steal your information. If … Read more

A Prepper’s Guide to Financial Planning

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Natural disasters. Large-scale warfare. Global pandemics. These are just some of the many things that can upend life as we know it, which is why we preppers know that we need to plan ahead for when things get real. But, while many of us spend countless hours stockpiling food and supplies and preparing our homes … Read more