The Easiest Peach Preserve Recipe

peach preserves

Canning jams, jellies, and preserves has become one of my favorite summertime activities. My husband, Bobby, was the canner in the family, and I was the dehydrating expert, until 2 years ago. Since we have a large survival homesteading retreat and are growing and raising the bulk of our own food now, he decided it … Read more

Sweet Zucchini Relish Canning Recipe

zucchini relish and zesty pickles final

Each summer most farmers, homesteaders, and backyard gardeners are blessed with an abundance of both zucchini and cucumbers. Sometimes you can’t seem to give enough of the green produce away before they begin to rot on the vine. Making relish is an excellent way to turn the high yield crops into tasty treats that can … Read more

How to DIY Powdered Milk at Home

dehydrated milk

Although many folks don’t think it is possible, you can dehydrate milk at home without the need for extremely expensive equipment. Dehydrating dairy products is often thought of as too arduous of a task, but I haven’t found it difficult at all to successfully dehydrate sour cream, cottage cheese, cheese, and even milk in my … Read more

How to Cook A Whole Meal In A Smoker

foods cooking in a smoker

It is not only possible to smoke an entire meal, it is easy and delicious too. I had extremely minimal experience with smoking until the day I got it into my head I would make the entire meal in our smoker to feed the 40 people coming over for a gathering. Prep Time The prep … Read more

Flu Soup Recipe

flu soup

This recipe has been handed down in my family for generations, which each woman who tucked it away in her cookout altering it slightly along the way – until complete perfection was achieved. This is a vegetable-soup based recipe that uses up whatever grew in great abundance in your garden and is therefore filled with … Read more

Homemade Salsa Recipe

homemade salsa

Salsa is super easy to make and allows you to use of the odds and ends from your garden in quite a delicious way. There are many different types of salsa recipes floating around in cookbooks and on the internet, but this is my very favorite. Our prepping tribe member Matty came up with this … Read more

Interactive Interview With Grannie Pam

grannie pam

Photo courtesy of Grannie Pam Peters Many of our longest The Survivalist Blog readers requested a recipe section be added to the website. Dan thought that was a superb idea and got busy creating a new section that would provide useful survival, homesteading, and off grid cooking recipes. The recipe section request sparked an idea … Read more