How to Win a Street Fight

people fighting

Chances are you will have had occasion to talk to someone about fighting before in your life. Does it ever strike you as a little bit funny that everyone you talk to is a hardened fighter who knows just what to do, and if they were attacked like that fella was over there or this … Read more

How to Escape Being Followed

dark alley chase

We have all seen the scenario play out in movies: our protagonist, perhaps an everyman or maybe a trained agent of espionage is walking down a busy street or hanging around in a bar or café. He notices the furtive, sidelong glances being directed his way by someone trying way too hard to be inconspicuous. … Read more

When You Can and Cannot Use Lethal Force

woman using gun to defend herself

The subject of lethal force by civilians in a defensive context is absolutely riddled with hearsay, falsehood and outright idiotic opinion. There is little excuse for this among serious students of self-defense in light of the internet and the unfettered access to expert opinion, state statutes and legal precedent it provides. There is more than … Read more

Pepper Sprays for Preppers: What You Need to Know

sabre pepper spray featured

Pepper spray is an excellent and under-utilized tool for self-defense in a prepper’s bag of tricks. It is also one of the only true intermediate or less-lethal force options that are easy to carry and generally effective. Pepper spray may seem like a no-brainer, point-and-squirt implement, but like everything else we as preppers are concerned … Read more