Growing Amaranth for Survival


If you’re looking to build a stockpile of food for “just in case,” amaranth is one of the smartest kinds of foods to have on hand. A grain crop, amaranth can also be harvested as a leafy green. In addition to serving as an abundant food source, it provides many other benefits in a survival … Read more

Jerusalem Artichoke – How to Grow Tons of It

Jerusalem artichoke

Many preppers do not know that the prettiest crop they can grow in their garden is also capable of producing up to 200 pounds of food. Jerusalem artichokes are not your mainstream or traditional farm crop, but they should be in every survival garden. Jerusalem artichokes are not really an artichoke at all. These plants, … Read more

31 Unusual Plants for Your Survival Garden

unusual plants featured

The whole idea of a survival garden is that it contains plants to enable you and your family to eat well when there may be no access to shops, that it is hidden from sight to discourage theft of food, and for food security it should include some plants that the average person would not … Read more

Is Rainwater Collection Illegal?

rainwater in galvanized recipient

Is the harvesting of rain illegal? The internet seems to think so, at least some parts of it. For clarity, when I say “harvesting of rainwater” I am referring specifically to the collection of rain falling from the sky before it hits the ground, not taking water out of an aquifer, reservoir or anything else. … Read more

How to Make Soil Fertile: 40 Easy Ways

gardening soil and trowel

It can be difficult to grow vegetables and other plants if your soil is lacking in vital nutrients. While most soil contains everything plants need to be healthy, over time, that soil can be overworked and the nutrients depleted, so that very little life exists. Here are some of the easiest ways to improve the … Read more

Botulism and Canning – What You Need to Know

shelves with canned food

Canning is a fantastic way to preserve food for when SHTF. While you can certainly buy pre-canned food, home canning can save you a whole lot of money, especially if you have your own garden. Unfortunately, canning can be quite dangerous if done improperly. Indeed, botulism – a rare, yet potentially fatal disease – is … Read more