The Mittleider Gardening Method


Simply put, the Mittleider System is the result of ‘Nearly six decades… of almost constant study, research, and field application on food production problems in many parts of the world’ by Jacob Mittleider, which produced ‘a synthesis of the best features of several major methods of gardening’ (quoting Mittleider Soil Bed Gardening). In practical terms, … Read more

Is Treated Lumber Safe for Raised Beds?

treated lumber safety featured

Over the years there has been a lot of talk about pressure treated lumber and its use in gardening, and specifically for raised beds. Like most things, the more people talk about a particular topic the more the truth gets diluted, and the myths and incorrect facts get shared as truths. In this article we … Read more

How To Manage Your Goats

three goats

Goats are perfect animal to have on a survival homestead. Even if you live in suburbia, you should have enough space to keep a Pygmy or Nigerian Dwarf goat – they are not any larger than a typical family dog. There are approximately 200 different breeds of goats. A goat will provide the family with … Read more

How To Raise Rabbits From A to Z

white rabbits in cage

Rabbits are one of the best survival livestock options. They are far less expensive to buy and keep than nearly any other meat source – and of course reproduce rapidly. You don’t need much space at all to keep even a fairly large colony of rabbits, making them an ideal source for a prepper who … Read more

Food Preservation Done Right

You work tirelessly for weeks and months to create a bountiful harvest and cultivating livestock. You spend countless hours hunting in the woods and at your favorite fishing hole, to ensure the family will have enough food to get through the winter and to stockpile for emergencies. All of those efforts will be for nothing … Read more

Watchdogs and Guard Dogs for Survival

german shepherd

No survival homesteading retreat or bugin home regardless of location, would be complete without a dog. Not just any dog will do. To protect your home/retreat, family, or livestock, requires specific breeds of dogs that are trained to enhance their natural watchdog, livestock guardian dog, or herding tendencies. During a SHTF scenario, keeping what you … Read more

Planting and Growing Moringa Trees

moringa oleifera

Moringa trees are not only entirely edible, but they grow rapidly and boast a gigantic amount of nutritional value. In typically only takes just a few months for a moringa tree to grow large enough to be harvested for food and natural medicine. The Moringa is a tree of many names, and even one highly … Read more

How to Free Range Rabbits

rabbit small

You can, and should, be free ranging rabbits. You neighbors, maybe even your significant other might think you are nuts, but the benefits to raising meat rabbits in this manner far outweigh the initial weird looks you will surely receive. Free ranging livestock is the most humane, natural, money-saving way to raise your animals. Keeping … Read more