What You Should Know About Prepping With Diabetes

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When we talk about prepping strategies, more often than not, we only talk about prepping for healthy adults without a pre-existing health condition. However, just because you have diabetes or another pre-existing condition doesn’t mean you can’t be prepared. Prepping with diabetes is inherently more complicated than prepping without the disease. Since diabetics often require … Read more

Diarrhea? Here Are 8 Ways to Stop It

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We’ve all been there: One day, you’re just sitting at home or out on a walk and you get that horrible, grumbling, painful feeling in your stomach. You rush to the bathroom only to find that you’ve got the runs. As you prepare yourself to stay within close range of a toilet for the next … Read more

Snake Bite First Aid from a Real Doctor

snake bite first aid

Snake Bites are a ‘Global Health Priority’! In May 2018 the World Health Organisation passed a new resolution that made snake bites a global priority. This international body says it is in response to the number of medical complications that arise in the aftermath of attacks. It is estimated that there are over 5 million … Read more

Elderberry Tincture and Cough Syrup

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Elderberries are a go-to- remedy for many herbalist families. These dried berries come from the Sambucus Nigra plant, and they contain natural, immune-boosting compounds. Evidence shows us that these compounds help us to beat colds and the flu easier and quicker. You can use elderberries to make your tinctures and cough syrups. The processes don’t … Read more