How to Survive if You End Up Homeless

homeless man

Contrary to the beliefs of some, homelessness is not a cushy occupation for people who just don’t want to work and would rather instead rely on handouts. No, being homeless is hard, miserable, and is actually a major threat to your health and continued survival. You might not think that being forced to live out … Read more

How to Prep and Survive a City Lockdown

police car

A government-mandated lockdown order will definitely put a crimp on your week and your weekend plans, but it can also turn into a slow boiler of a survival problem. Aside from ever intensifying cabin fever, mandatory lockdown orders can bring entire cities, even entire nations to a complete standstill with citizens confined to their homes … Read more

What Is SHTF? Meaning and Examples

It doesn’t matter if you have been prepping for your whole life or just for a week you have no doubt heard of the term “SHTF”. Peppers wonder about when it will happen, how big it will be, and what they will do when it does occur. But what you might not know even if … Read more

Situational Awareness 101

crowded city

One of the most fundamental tenets for preppers and other self-defense minded folks is the reminder to “always keep your head on a swivel,” “stay Condition Yellow,” and “Stay aware.” All essentially mean the same thing: stay present, conscious and cognizant of who is around you and what is going on around you. Stay situationally … Read more

How to Drive Through a High-Risk Environment

driving fast

It doesn’t take much imagination to see how performance driving skills can increase survivability on the highways and interstates of America and elsewhere in the world. Considering all the things that can go wrong on the roadways and all the surprises you’ll have to deal with, knowing how to handle your vehicle at speed while … Read more

22 Ways to Tell Someone Is Lying to You

liar featured

Deception is one of humanity’s oldest traits, and unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately depending on your endeavors, persists all the way up to today. Various interests throughout the ages have endeavored to stamp out lying, fibbing and pulling the wool over someone else’s eyes, but no matter if they are religious institutions or courts of law … Read more

7 Plants Whose Leaves You Can Use As Toilet Paper

lamb's ear

Do you have enough toilet paper stockpiled to get you through a two month disaster? How about enough to last through a year or longer SHTF, power grid down, TEOTWAWKI-type of event? Before you can accurately even ponder that question for an answer, putting a few stark toilet paper roll realities into perspective is required. … Read more

Here’s How to Survive an Armed Robbery

burglar with a gun

The stick-up is a crime nearly as old as time: a robber, sometimes more than one, threatens you with harm or death if you don’t part with your valuables. It is one of the first proper violent crimes many criminals commit, and one of the most common threats in many places, rural or urban, all … Read more