Situational Awareness 101

crowded city

One of the most fundamental tenets for preppers and other self-defense minded folks is the reminder to “always keep your head on a swivel,” “stay Condition Yellow,” and “Stay aware.” All essentially mean the same thing: stay present, conscious and cognizant of who is around you and what is going on around you. Stay situationally … Read more

How to Drive Through a High-Risk Environment

driving fast

It doesn’t take much imagination to see how performance driving skills can increase survivability on the highways and interstates of America and elsewhere in the world. Considering all the things that can go wrong on the roadways and all the surprises you’ll have to deal with, knowing how to handle your vehicle at speed while … Read more

22 Ways to Tell Someone Is Lying to You

liar featured

Deception is one of humanity’s oldest traits, and unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately depending on your endeavors, persists all the way up to today. Various interests throughout the ages have endeavored to stamp out lying, fibbing and pulling the wool over someone else’s eyes, but no matter if they are religious institutions or courts of law … Read more

7 Plants Whose Leaves You Can Use As Toilet Paper

lamb's ear

Do you have enough toilet paper stockpiled to get you through a two month disaster? How about enough to last through a year or longer SHTF, power grid down, TEOTWAWKI-type of event? Before you can accurately even ponder that question for an answer, putting a few stark toilet paper roll realities into perspective is required. … Read more

Here’s How to Survive an Armed Robbery

burglar with a gun

The stick-up is a crime nearly as old as time: a robber, sometimes more than one, threatens you with harm or death if you don’t part with your valuables. It is one of the first proper violent crimes many criminals commit, and one of the most common threats in many places, rural or urban, all … Read more

Thanksgiving Survival Lessons from The Pilgrims

Robert Walter Weir Embarkation of the Pilgrims

Thanksgiving will soon be upon us, fellow preppers. In our politically correct society, this honored tradition of sitting down to a massive family meal and giving thanks for all of our many blessings, will surely bring about controversy again this year. The liberal talking heads on television will be bickering about Christopher Columbus, the pilgrims, … Read more

10 Ingenious Uses for Sandbags

sand bags

Sandbags. One tool that is indispensable for dealing with rising water, be it from a river that has crested its banks or a biblical deluge that is turning a once dry suburb into a drowned wasteland. Sandbags are laborious to fill and take time to emplace, but there is little that can do what they … Read more