Thanksgiving Survival Lessons from The Pilgrims

Robert Walter Weir Embarkation of the Pilgrims

Thanksgiving will soon be upon us, fellow preppers. In our politically correct society, this honored tradition of sitting down to a massive family meal and giving thanks for all of our many blessings, will surely bring about controversy again this year. The liberal talking heads on television will be bickering about Christopher Columbus, the pilgrims, … Read more

10 Ingenious Uses for Sandbags

sand bags

Sandbags. One tool that is indispensable for dealing with rising water, be it from a river that has crested its banks or a biblical deluge that is turning a once dry suburb into a drowned wasteland. Sandbags are laborious to fill and take time to emplace, but there is little that can do what they … Read more

How To Buy Your First Bow

bow and arrows

Even though buying a used bow would make learning the new survival skill cheaper, it could cause more problems during the training process. A used bow could have a hairline crack or other problems caused by damaged or poor maintenance that may greatly inhibit your ability to aim, draw, or release the arrow. You do … Read more

Surviving a Nuclear Weapon

hydrogen bomb

Thanks to increased international tensions, rogue regimes and increasingly larger misplaced amounts of nuclear material, the old standby Cold War-era crisis situation is becoming a topic of some discussion. I am talking, of course, about the detonation of a nuclear weapon. The Bomb. The prospect of surviving a nuclear strike may seem impossible thanks to … Read more

95 Ways Preppers Can Use Duct Tape for Survival

duct tape

Whether you’ve always called it “duck” tape or “duct” tape, this waterproof adhesive tape has existed since the early 1940’s. First manufactured by the Permacel division of Johnson and Johnson, to meet the needs of the military, it was called “DUCK” tape because of its waterproof feature. But by the mid-1940’s, “duck” tape was being … Read more

How to Make a Basic Emergency Plan


If you pay any attention to the state of affairs in our world, it’s easy to see that there is danger around every corner and sometimes right in your own home. There’s really no way to avoid every single dangerous situation. Emergencies just happen, and to make matters worse, they are so often completely unpredictable. … Read more

The Best of the Best Survival Apps

apps featured

Nowadays, everyone takes their phone everywhere. With the advent of smartphones including high speed internet, GPS and even thermal cameras, our phones can become much more than simple contact machines. In each category in this article I have found the very best apps to improve your chances of survival in tough situations, and provide accurate, … Read more

Yellowstone Caldera Eruption: What to Expect


Mt. Vesuvius. Mt. Saint Helens. Krakatoa. Kilauea. Famous volcanoes, every one, and all have histories as great destroyers and disruptors of civilizations. Here in the U.S., the relatively recent eruption of Mt. Saint Helens is remembered for its severe local destruction and regional effects. But there is another volcano in the continental U.S., one that … Read more

Product Launch: My Bug Out Garden

my bug out garden

Hello Pack, over the past few months, Tara, Rebekah White (you may have read her gardening articles on Survival Sullivan), and I have been working on a container gardening e-course for preppers, with a focus on portability. You can access the presentation page here to learn more… But don’t hit the buy button just yet! … Read more