The U.S. Nuclear Power Map: What You Need to Know

The United States is the world’s largest commercial producer of nuclear power. As of 2016 data, 805 terawatt hours was produced by just shy of 100 reactors, a mind-blasting amount of power equaling almost 20% of the total electrical energy generated in the entire country. That is a truly monumental achievement and worth celebrating. Nuclear … Read more

The Single Most Probable SHTF Event


Most preppers are preparing for some specific crisis event. Just ask them and they’ll tell you. Most of the explanations you’ll get will feature some natural or man-made disaster of nation- or world-ending severity. You’ll be regaled with tales of EMP strikes, massive solar flares and other cosmic mayhem, a global Ice Age, economic collapse, … Read more

How to Bug Out If You Have Children

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When it comes to a SHTF situation, experienced preppers know that bugging out should be a last resort. Yes, there are some preppers out there who believe that they can simply pack a bug out bag and take off to live in the woods or travel hundreds of miles to a bug out location with … Read more

3 Tough Decisions You May Have to Make When SHTF


Every prepper by virtue takes measures against the worst possible outcomes when preparing for a disaster. After all, we are not really worried about the little figurative bumps and dents or even fender-benders out on the great highways of life; we are worried about the 12-car pileup, barrel roll and final, spectacular fireball. And so … Read more

Applying SurvivorMan’s 3 Zones of Assessment

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On T.V. plenty of survivalists, commandos, preppers and celebrity survival instructors have proffered all kind of advice for mentally processing the situation you find yourself in. From tried and true classic acronyms to conspicuously “branded” and patented methodology, the info these personalities pump out for the sake of the cameras varies wildly in quality, with … Read more

Sanitation Concerns and Procedures Post SHTF

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Cleanliness is an essential trait to maintain good health, in good times and bad. Sanitation is the most important precept of cleanliness on a societal level. Poor or absence of sanitation is a major killer worldwide today, and has been throughout recorded history. Improper or absent sewage disposal and unclean drinking water are the two … Read more

The Basics of Bug out Bags and Bugging Out

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If you are just coming around to making personal preparedness a routine part of your lifestyle, or are just tooling around on this site, you are bound to see the same terms pop up repeatedly. Like any other group, skill or lifestyle, preppers use their own lingo and nomenclature to easily and quickly relate common … Read more

What Are You Going to Do If…?

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When you stop and think about it, it is pretty scary and more than a little bewildering to consider just how much can possibly go wrong, and in all kinds of ways. It’s enough to make you button up the house and never come out. Ok, I’m exaggerating. A little. Not much, but a little. … Read more