What I Did To Prep This Week – Week 10 – Aug 26th – Sept 1st 2018

prep week 10

Harvesting and preserving time may be over, but there is still plenty of hot, sweaty, and dirty work going on here on our survival homesteading retreat. Our preps this week were primarily focused on moving downed trees that had been drying, chopping them up, and then splitting them to make firewood. Bobby and I had … Read more

What I Did To Prep This Week. Week 2: Hay Epic Fail, Historic Tomato Seed Success And Herd Expansion

Hello The Survivalist Blog community. This week on the homestead was another hot one mixed with the ill-timed brief yet, fierce storms. The wettest year on record continues in my beautiful neck of the woods. We are merely alternating between desert-like conditions and flash flooding. The ever changing weather has made it especially hard to … Read more