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Where is Gun Control Heading Next?

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Ah, gun control. If there was ever a beat-the-undead-horse political activism trope, it would definitely be gun control. The apple of their eye pie in the sky cause that unites all the fractious, cannibalistic Leftist rabble-rousers and elites from the poo-caked hills of San Francisco to the gleaming skyscraper turned supervillian lairs of New York City.

Thanks to the election of the 46th President imbuing the GOP with a little bit of backbone, calls for gun control, a perennial lance for the left in Congress and the U.S. Supreme Court, has fallen flat, even with the starch it usually carries in the wake of such tragedies as high school shootings and other massacres that receive constant media play. This is something that liberals are not too used to encountering, especially with their relentless and remorseless astroturfing efforts.

This backs up what a considerable amount of polling has been suggesting for a few years: America is tired of the gun control conversation, period. Statistically, and in the face of media coverage that would have you think otherwise, violent crime and deaths resulting from it are trending downward, as they have been trending downward for decades.

In light of that revelation, why wouldn’t liberal politicians stop, as predictable as Old Faithful, stumping on gun control? Why not stop pushing it in Congress, and instead try to come up with other, more practical solutions to prevent these kinds of crimes in the future? If you really believe that, joke is on you: it was never about helping the nation, or even honoring your constituent’s wishes.

It has only been about control as it always has. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at where gun control is heading as 2018 comes to a close.

The Year in Review

While gun control has been predominately a total flop at the federal level, state level initiatives and efforts have been more fruitful for gun control proponents, and that is the weathervane pointing the direction of gun control efforts going forward. Do not doubt for a second that anti-gun activists would see our rights stripped away nationally by totally encompassing legislation at the state level.

While nearly all federal level legislation infringing on gun ownership crashed and burned at that level, including the extremely odious HR 5087 “New AWB” bill, there were strides made and even outright victories at the state level: California, ever a hive of anti-freedom sentiment, has enacted a slate of new and draconian regulations on purchase of guns and ammo. Deerfield, IL was made famous by that town’s instituting of an unconstitutional total ban on the ownership of certain types of guns, with mandatory fees for failure to remove them in accordance with the new imperial edict.

Vermont successfully passed legislation restricting so called “high capacity magazines and bump stocks, along with a slew of other anti-freedom measures like mandatory background checks on private sales and raising the minimum age to purchase a gun from an FFL from 18 to 21 for all types of guns. Additional gun control bills in the forms of H. 422 and S. 221 are pending.

Other states besides these proffered and some passed restrictions on age of purchase, bans on types of guns, magazines and components and more. Even staunch pro-gun bastions like Florida saw serious pushes for new legislation. Legislation that would do nothing to halt violent crime or even impede offenders, but there it is.

As always, even when sailing into a political headwind, the Leftists are playing for keeps, and have drawn blood. I would here remind all patriots and 2nd Amendment supporters that it is not ok to simply tell our fellows who are living behind “enemy lines” to “just move.” That is not an option for many, and furthermore if we keep giving ground to the enemies of decency and reason they will eventually drive us into the sea, nowhere left to run to.

Current Gun Control Initiatives at the State Level

The new heat on the Left when it comes to forcing gun control on a prostrate and hapless populace is doing so at state level policymaking, co-opting financial and regulatory institutions that can hamstring 2nd Amendment-centric businesses and industry, and Astroturf efforts to see healthcare providers survey for and make judgment calls on the suitability of guns in a given “patient’s” household.

All of this is funded and backed by gun-hating mega-big bucks billionaires George Soros and Michael Bloomberg who would love nothing more than to see our freedoms stripped and every last one of us made into proper serfs.

The current model for sweeping gun control at the state level is Washington state’s I-1639 bill, a dreadful piece of legislation that has come to be known as the Gunpocalypse to Washingtonians. This egregious piece of legislation would define all semi-auto rifles as assault weapons, create a registry for them, institute special taxes on ownership, mandate storage regulations and even demand mandatory and periodic ongoing “safety” training. If this is not infringement then I don’t know the meaning of the word. Oh, and it also raises the minimum, age to purchase a long gun to 21, up from 18, and features a mandatory 10 day waiting period on new gun purchases.

That is not bad enough, as the method by which this insidious piece of legislative filth was gestated and propagated by liberal operatives in a scandal that is positively criminal: first, after the prerequisite gas-up on funds from our aforementioned Leftist extremist billionaires, the ballot measure was crafted with a deliberately misleading description, one that hid and obfuscated its true purpose: that of denying civil liberties. It was so bad a judge ruled the description misleading and ordered it changed.

Undaunted and flying in the face of law and ethics, the campaign railroading this bill ever closer to the tender loins of conservative Washingtonians paid a small army of signature gatherers to head out and lie about the bill in order to gather signatures. The forms used by the campaign featured the very same language they were ordered to change, and were additionally printed in a font far too small to read, this itself a flagrant violation of state laws governing the ballot measure.

Ok, pausing right here we have already run afoul of activity and open disregard for rule of law that would see any one of us bounced into jail on our heads or at least fined into oblivion. Luckily for smug Lefties, laws only apply to little people. At any rate, buckle up because this story gets worse.

After the signature gathering was completed, these turds submit all the forms to Secretary of State Kim Wyman, who was promptly beseeched by pro-freedom groups to rescind acceptance due to the aforementioned, verifiable violations of the law mentioned above. Wyman discloses, correctly, that at this stage in the legislative process she is not allowed to do that. She approves the ballot measure for November, which draws the ire, suit and accompanying war chest of the NRA, along with other Pro-2A groups.

Their basis for suit is that the ballot measure clearly violates state law due to non-compliance. A county judge agrees and rules in favor of the Pro-2A groups, and further claims that the ballot did not comply with the laws of the state.

Victory! Just kidding, it gets worse. The Washington state Supreme Court overturns the county judge’s decision, citing that it did not comply with state law governing how ballot measures are to be formatted. What?! Never mind that was never what the original lawsuit was even about.  As it stands, this draconian and sweeping measure will go on the floor for voting in November. Any of my Washingtonian readers living in Washington, you must get the lead out and beat this thing!

This bill more than any other currently circulating is a poison arrow aimed at the heart of the 2nd Amendment. Here’s why: Should Washington fall and this bill be passed, it will set an enormous precedent that will then influence other swing or so-called “battleground states” on the topic of gun control. That can have far-reaching effect on the national issue.

If Washington falls, you can bet your last copper cent that Oregon will be right behind them, as the particular strain of liberal bugthought infecting Washington is long established in Oregon and cultural the two states are close kin. Nevada and New Mexico have long been under assault by liberal transplants and growing Leftist sentiment in those states and the passage of I-1639 will set the political winds blowing against defenders of our gun rights there.

This effect can snowball, potentially giving the push to curtail our right on the national level the steam needed to get another all-encompassing gun ban moved through congress and made law.

Other Threats

As I mentioned above, there have been ongoing assaults against the rights of citizens and business owners that are pro-2A made by the very institutions that we should be able to trust. Bank of America, Amalgamated Bank and MetLife are among the huge institutions that are meddling in the affairs and rights of the people by their cutting ties with and refusal to service businesses that are affiliated with the National Rifle Association or manufacture, service or sell guns and related equipment.

This blatant political partisanship will only get worse as time goes on and the left loses power and influence in the sanctioned halls of our legal system, and so they have turned to the subjugation and co-opting of massive corporations to get their point across.  Chances are you do not sit on their board of directors but you can sure vote on their decisions with your wallet. Spread the word and take your own coin elsewhere. Make these whinging weasels rue the day they ever courted haters of our freedoms.

The other major tactic that is currently being floated by liberals in an effort to enable backdoor registration and stripping of gun rights is a push to see doctors and other health care providers interview their patients and inquire about the presence of guns in a patient’s home. Why a doctor would actually need to know this is completely beyond me.

It sounds innocent enough but there is the beauty of it: by roping guns and gun ownership into the realm of public health, the lunatic Left will make ready and bring to bear new and untapped resources, political and financial, that heretofore have been unable to contribute. Medical records would contain a list of type and number of guns in a household, and any trussed up “medical reason” why a person should have their guns confiscated would come with the counterfeit blessing of the most, ostensibly, respected professionals in the land.

Going Forward

The Leftists are illusive, duplicitous and persistent. Though they have been dealt hammering defeats at the federal level you can be assured they will not stop their inane quest to see us all disarmed of everything but pea shooters.

You must be active politically, and do so at the grassroots level. If you assume that someone else is out stumping, calling and voting in your stead the whole ship will be lost. Call your state and federal representatives, and tell them point blank that you expect them to vote counter to any and all proposed gun control initiatives no matter how innocuous or insane. Once our rights are nibbled away they never come back.

We have far too many of these odious, useless laws on the books already. It is up to us to see that no more get added to that listing and leering pile of legislative malpractice.


Gun control has been stymied at the federal level, but Leftists have hit the gear shift and are now seeking coordinated, sweeping restrictions installed coast to coast at the state level. You must be savvy and politically aware at all levels of politics in order to remain reactive and effective against their plans.

Charles Yor

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Charles Yor is an advocate of low-profile preparation, readiness as a virtue and avoiding trouble before it starts. He has enjoyed a long career in personal security implementation throughout the lower 48 of the United States.
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6 thoughts on “Where is Gun Control Heading Next?

  1. Those that long for strickter government control of our lives realize that their Utopian dream can not be had with private gun ownership. It does not matter what side of the isle they are on. Do not depend on any politician to preserve your right(s). When they get in the way of the pols expantion or retention of power they will try to dispose of them.

    1. JP,
      Nice summation of a millennia of history. Back in 1096 the Roman Catholic Church, called for an outright ban on crossbows and Pope Urban II had an edict that banned the use of the weapon. Of course back then, the Church was 50% of the ruling body of the people. Kings and their minions ruled by divine decree and the church made the decree in exchange for protection and power sharing. In the modern world, only the players and what we call them have changed.

  2. Charles,
    I find it interesting that you mention California & Illinois for your examples, since they, along with NY, NJ, & Massachusetts are the perennial gun grabbers. While Ohio doesn’t offer the climate and weather of some states, or the tax advantages of others, it’s been a good state to live in from many perspectives. I grew up in Western PA and while I love those mountains, all in all Ohio has done a pretty good job in all aspects, with our gun laws getting better and better year over year. I think it probably helps that we have a large rural agricultural population, where guns & hunting are part of the culture from a young age. I trained my daughter to shoot when she was only 5 and my stepsons who were 10 & 14 when I married their mom, were already shooting. Being rural it’s also nice that we can just step out back and pretty much shoot any firearm.
    I’ve talked with my primary care physicians about firearm surveys and neither of them or any of my specialists has breached the subject, except one of my primary care docs asked what I carry. As it turns out, one of the guns I carry is the same as he carries.
    I have discussed this issue with a few friends who are physicians (interestingly physicians who shoot and often carry) and I told them that my attitude and comments if ever queried was rather simple. I’ve been a certified firearms instructor and training counselor for more than 25 years, meaning I have expertise in the area of firearms. I acknowledge that as a physician they have expertise in the area of medicine; but, unless they have specialized firearms training, broaching the subject and making recommendations would IMHO be tantamount to malpractice and several have agreed.
    When you mention Washington State, I forgot that both it and Oregon should have been included with the earlier perennial gun control states, so anything they do is not surpricing, and not likely to be exported here, although they keep trying.
    I don’t know how old you are; but, I’ve been fighting and mostly winning this battle since I was in high school when they passed the egregious gun control act of 1968, that IMHO used the tragic assassination of JFK as a stepping stone, using tragedy for political ends, often before the bodies have cooled. I’ve been an NRA member since then (50 years) and a life member for almost 25, and regularly do my part to educate people on the topic, as you are doing here; however, I take exception with one thing you stated:

    You must be savvy and politically aware at all levels of politics in order to remain reactive and effective against their plans.

    The word reactive indicates Defense and Offense needs to be a large part of the subject and practice. When my daughter was younger, I handed out the NRA program material for “Eddie Eagle” to preschool and primary school teachers, and I’ve been teaching Hunter Education as a volunteer for more than 25 years, where we often get to interact with teens and preteens, primarily stressing wildlife management and firearm safety with the occasional bit of light politics mentioned.

    1. Thank you for your endeavors! When I was a teenybopper in Ohio in the 60’s, I used to help my dad with lots of letters, etc. to battle gun control. He was USAF Reserves and those officers worked in many occupations, hence they had their ears open. One fave trick of the gun control crowd was to get a call-in set up on radio stations. The only people who were notified in advance were those who would call in against guns, i.e. garden clubs. Ha ha, their mothers or wives were members of those groups and would happily tell their husbands. So word would go out for the pro-gun people to call in.

  3. Gun control is dead and was effectively killed once we gained control of the U.S. Supreme Court. It looks like the Dems will take control of the House. This is not that significant, given the inability of Republicans to act even with control of both chambers. The important thing is that Republicans remain in control of the Senate. We’ve got some way old liberals on the Court. If Ginsberg and Beyer kick the bucket in the next two years, Trump can tilt the Court for the rest of our lives. I said earlier that I do not think Trump will win a second term. My fear is that Michelle Obama will run. But if Dems take over the White House in two years, the House will once again flip. I will argue until I am blue in the face that the U.S. Supreme Court is the most powerful branch of government because it is the only branch of government that is independent of the opinions of the masses.

    1. Heaven help us if the Dems take 2 out of 3 (Pres, Senate, House) in 2020. The Senate could agree to the UN Small Arms Treaty. The Supreme Court could have an increase in justices and the Court packed with left-wing / liberal justices.

      In the meantime, Alito and Gorsuch are really hot that liberal federal judges are ignoring Heller decision. They’re about ready to shout out to those loons especially now that Kavenaugh is in. Of course, the House Dems are hot to impeach Trump and Kavenaugh.

      We have our own heck on earth here in NJ. Liberal judges refusing to grant injunction re the new 10-round limit that could make a lot of firearms illegal (felony) on Dec. 10 if higher court doesn’t grant injunction. Hmm, that will make the gang bangers and other criminals better armed than the populace.

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