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For How Long Can You Store Water?

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Water is one of life’s essentials, so it should certainly be part of your emergency stockpile, as well as your daily habit of staying hydrated. But, just how long can you store water for before it becomes dangerous? Purified water that’s stored in a properly sanitized container in cool, dry, and dark conditions can be kept for about 6 months.…

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What I Did to Prep This Week

What I Did To Prep This Week: September 6th 2020 – September 12th 2020

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Hello Pack. We have been making the most of the late summer cooler weather, and getting a lot of fence mending, firewood splitting, and other typical homesteading chores accomplished this week. We had to make our annual multiple pairs of work gloves purchase at Tractor Supply early this year. Either the gloves are less hardy than they used to be,…

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boy shooting a bow

The 14 Types of Bows and Which Is Right for You

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Learning how to shoot a bow should be one of the top priorities on your survival plan. For some reason, picking up a bow often tends to intimitate folks far more than learning how to shoot a gun. Maybe it’s because aiming and shooting a firearm seems like a less complicated process than figuring out how to load and release…

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How Long Does Gasoline Really Last?

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Gasoline is one of those essentials that many preppers will choose to keep on hand as part of their survival stash. Considering it is absolutely essential for powering the vast majority of automobiles, smaller vehicles, generators and power tools this is prudent. Unfortunately, gasoline presents several challenges for the preppers who would store it for the long haul, namely that…

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