How Long Does Pemmican Really Last?

pemmican on a plate

Often touted as a “survival superfood”, pemmican has a deep history in North America as it has sustained populations for centuries. It is currently used as survival food or for preppers eager to bolster their reserves. It can be formed into bars or strips to be eaten as is or used in a variety of … Read more

12 Self-Defense Moves That May Save Your Life

groin kick self-defense move

For as long as life has existed there have been predators vs prey and evolution pushed what is now prey to evolve to defend themselves. Humans are no exception, and just like that, the first spear was born. They say humans invented war and fighting, however, animals fight and create war, monkeys have been documented … Read more

Bow Hunting Deer Tips for Newbies


Countless people enjoy hunting and going outdoors in search of game, all across America’s fields and pristine forests. Some do it for fun; others do it for food. Whatever the motivation, hunting has been a pastime that humanity has engaged in since time immemorial. The bow is one of humanity’s oldest weapons, and while the … Read more

Are Tree Tents Really Safe To Sleep In?

tree tent with mosquito net

Outdoor enthusiasts will gladly tell you that they fall into one of two categories: tent sleepers or hammock users. There is quite a split between those who like one or the other and it really comes down to personal preference.  Outdoor companies have capitalized on this idea and created a hybrid tent and hammock product. … Read more