my bug out garden

Product Launch: My Bug Out Garden

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Hello Pack, over the past few months, Tara, Rebekah White (you may have read her gardening articles on Survival Sullivan), and I have been working on a container gardening e-course for preppers, with a focus on portability. You can access the presentation page here to learn more… But don’t hit the buy button just yet! Because if you’re a member…

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dark alley chase
Self-Defense, Survival

How to Escape Being Followed

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We have all seen the scenario play out in movies: our protagonist, perhaps an everyman or maybe a trained agent of espionage is walking down a busy street or hanging around in a bar or café. He notices the furtive, sidelong glances being directed his way by someone trying way too hard to be inconspicuous. Our hero pays his tab…

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man kneeling next to tombstone

Memorial Day 2019

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Memorial Day weekend is finally upon us. The unofficial start to summer is always filled with BBQs, gatherings of family and friends, adult beverages, and outdoor fun. While all of that is fine, “Decoration Day” as my grandmother always called it, should be about so much more than frollicking in the sun. It has to be, if our republic has…

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diy chicken coop
DIY, Survival

Here’s My Chicken Coop [PHOTOS]

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Chickens are a staple on nearly every survival homestead. You don’t have to live in a rural area (although every prepper should) to keep meat and egg birds as part of your food security survival plan. Self-reliant folks who live in a small town or even the suburbs can keep chickens or ducks – as long as you build the…

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fuel canisters

Which is Best: Kerosene or Propane?

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Although the answer may be different for everyone depending on the specific situation and heating needs, preppers may wonder which is best: kerosene or propane? Whether you’re preparing for a power outage or looking to supplement your main heating system, if this is a decision you’ve been wrestling with, there are several factors to consider when making your decision. We’ll…

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