55 Delicious Open Flame Recipes

sausages on sticks on open flame

Cooking over an open flame is such a pleasure as you sit around the campfire or the barbecue, socializing and enjoying being outdoors. The grill master has to however pay full attention – the meal could be ruined if the person cooking over an open flame doesn’t take into account the temperature of the fire, … Read more

What I Did To Prep This Week: November 8th 2020 – November 14th 2020

horses in small pond

Hello Pack. I hope you all are weathering the political upheaval in our great nation well. Odds are we will be sitting on pins and needles possibly through at least the beginning of December. Until all the legal challengers to uncover and prove election fraud are done, the presidential election results cannot be certified. Fingers … Read more

Digging Your Own Well the Right Way

making well deeper

Water is the second most essential element required for human survival, placing second only to air. You can die in minutes without oxygen, and in just a couple of days without any water. Every human being alive instinctively understands and craves water on a deeply primordial level, and rural folks more than most understand how … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Recycling for Preppers

outdoor selective recycling bins

Let’s face it: We humans produce a whole lot of waste. Even if we’re quite environmentally conscious, it’s really hard to completely eliminate trash from our daily lives. So, whether it’s food waste, glass bottles, scrap metals, or single-use plastic bags, finding a way to deal with all of this garbage is of the utmost … Read more

Big Iron: 10 Tactical Double-Stack 45s

We are definitely living in an interesting era when it comes to firearms. While you might argue there has not been much in the way of legitimate, real-deal innovation, there has been an almost unbelievable amount of refinement and improvement going on over the past decade. Factory guns are more reliable, more accurate and more … Read more

31 Unusual Plants for Your Survival Garden

unusual plants featured

The whole idea of a survival garden is that it contains plants to enable you and your family to eat well when there may be no access to shops, that it is hidden from sight to discourage theft of food, and for food security it should include some plants that the average person would not … Read more

Rice Storage: How to Store Large Amounts

rice in Mylar bag in bucket

As the saying goes… Rice is nice! The world uses rice. The world needs rice. In some parts of the world, the majority of a person’s calories come from rice. This is their main food and they use extensively. Or it’s their only food. In times of need, rice is the first food brought by … Read more