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How to Start Homesteading on 1 Acre

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Are you yearning to embark a self-sufficient lifestyle but can only afford to buy or maintain a 1-acre homestead? Well, pull on some work work boots and gloves, it is time to turn that dream into a fully-functional reality! Sure, the more land you own the more you can grow, raise, and hunt for your own food. But, it is…

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Sharps 4 barrel .22 Rimfire derringer

Shooter’s Remorse: Definitely Don’t Buy These Guns

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Not all guns are created equal. For every category-defining model there will be a handful of true competitors and a few abysmal also-rans. Guns that, if bought without knowing better, you’ll wind up regretting ever clapping hands on in the gun shop. These are the kind you don’t tell your friends about. The kind you’ll quietly sell and deny ever…

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A New Beginning for The Survivalist Blog

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Hi folks, As some of you may know, MD Creekmore decided to focus on one of his other websites. Since TSB was already very popular, I, Dan F. Sullivan, owner of decided to step into his shoes and continue to publish articles written by either me or my amazing team of expert preppers and homesteaders. Though he retained his content,…

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