rocket stove

How Does a Rocket Stove Work?

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Rocket stoves are efficient and hot burning stove concepts and products you have doubtless heard about if you’ve been involved in prepping these past few years. I say both products and concepts because rocket stoves are not just an item you buy over the counter to toss in your bob. Rocket stoves are pretty easily made out of all kinds…

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Urban Survival

50 Urban Survival Skills You Should Practice

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Most preppers are a little too fond of gear and information gathering. What we all tend to lack is practical application of skills. Make an honest comparison of your ammo cache with the practical skills gained from applying half those dollars to training. Skill building does not need to be expensive. When was the last time you built a fire…

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lamb's ear

7 Plants Whose Leaves You Can Use As Toilet Paper

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Do you have enough toilet paper stockpiled to get you through a two month disaster? How about enough to last through a year or longer SHTF, power grid down, TEOTWAWKI-type of event? Before you can accurately even ponder that question for an answer, putting a few stark toilet paper roll realities into perspective is required. On average, there are roughly…

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baofeng radio
What I Did to Prep This Week

What I Did To Prep This Week – Week 77: December 29th 2019 – January 4th 2020

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Hello Pack! Happy New Year and new decade! I hope you are all keeping warm and spending plenty of time working on perfecting your survival plan and preps. Because winter is such a long semi-down time on the survival homestead, we call this our “planning season” and have so much fun planning for the spring and summer … before all…

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book safe
Home Security and Defense

10 Concealment Furniture Ideas to Hide Your Preps and Valuables

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You might be the best equipped, most decked-out prepper on the planet, but you definitely don’t want to let on that that is the case. Especially when it comes to valuables, weapons and other critical items, a conspicuous display of security in the form of a big, beefy safe, a lockbox or vault might only incentivize thieves and “honest” snoopers…

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